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Cox Communications Complaints & Reviews

Cox Communications - Georgia, Atlanta / Internet Service

My internet service was shut-off today. Because my credit card was recently replaced I though it could have been an issue with the auto-pay. After spending 15' in the phone with a clueless CSR (he asked my phone number twice and after I asked him to repeated back to me -since he couldn't...

Cox Communications - California, San Diego / Cable TV DVR

Gabe L. Gador on 2016-05-15
Tomorrow will be third time that I will return and replaced my Cisco DVR from Cox cable. This stupid machine has been a headache for us and our family for a long time but no one at Cox cable has been able to figure out on how to fix this problem. For several times a day, the DVR without...

Cox Communications - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / TV package

Loyalty56 on 2016-05-14
My name is Matthew im disabled and on a fixed income. I was wanting the sports package special you advertised for $7 a month added to the package i already have but im told i cant have it unless i go up a level that means i have to pay $46 a month more to get the package everyone else i...

Cox Communications - Arizona, Phoenix / Billing and customer service

LaurieCampbell59 on 2016-05-04
Just realized I have been charged since August for DVR service I never ordered. Cancelled those services log time ago Nov 2014. Theft and deception. I have made many, many payment arrangements and have been shut off anyway. April 2 Man assured me I would not get shut off see payment...

Cox Communications - Nebraska, Omaha / Poor internet speed and high charges

281982 on 2016-05-02
I complained cox many times that I have been having problem of very poor speed (3-5mbps) for three months which should be 15mbps. For the 15mbps speed I initially paid $34.99, it worked well. Then after one year they increased it to 54.99 and again after two months $56.99 for the same...

Cox Communications / Poor service and excess charges

Keyser Soze2 on 2016-05-01
I had Cox services for six months in Tucson. They were the only game in town until Century Link came in with their fiber optic grid. I endured six months of lousy service. Pixellated TV screens, Internet slowdowns and random outages, being on hold forever, talking to someone who didn't...

Cox Communications - Virginia, Norfolk / Internet

Scott DeBock on 2016-04-26
I have been calling and complaining about very slow internet speeds for over three weeks. I pay for high speed service and I'm supposed to be getting 150mbps and when I first called cox I was only getting 4mbps. They came to my home and changed every cable in my home and the service tech...

Cox Communications - Arizona, Phoenix / COX is creating fees and says I did not pay my bill

constanzelabest on 2016-04-17
So first of all, about 10 days ago, my internet got cut about a week before my bill was due and the only explanation I received was that if I wanted it back, I had to pay $50.99 that were due immediately (total bill $93.49). I had no choice but to pay these $50. Then I went to my bill to...

Cox Communications - Nevada, Las Vegas / Upgrading my service without my consent / Rude customer service

deseon on 2016-04-04
I ordered my service online and selected my custom package I ordered 4 mini boxes and 1 contour cable box no DVR. Basic phone service and internet service. My package was 119$ and change plus additional tax, surcharge etc. When products were installed all the boxes were the same but I...

Cox Communications - Florida, Gainesville / Cable Internet Service

Cheryl Lipsey on 2016-03-24
I have been contacting the technical services department for over a year. One of their techs told me the stump outside my rental needed to be replaced and I am still fighting with Cox to get them to fix their cable issues. There is so much feedback I loose telephone service and internet services routinely and it is unusable.

Cox Communications / Technical Support

Reviewer42461 on 2016-02-24
I've already submitted a complaint to COX over a week ago and have yet have heard a response from them. Since I got COX installed I have been turning my TV to where TV Land will come up as 'Unavailable at this time' or 'Temporarily off air'. If I'm watching for over a certain length of...

Cox Communications - Florida, Gainesville / Continued interruption of cable TV service

Reviewer33145 on 2016-02-23
I have had Cox cable and internet for a few years but the most recent service has been terrible. It seems to be a routine thing for my cable TV service to be interrupted. I believe that the company accesses and resets the cable box. This happens every few months and will occur for a few...

Cox Communications - California, Chula Vista / TV cable

Grkcub on 2016-02-22
I have a contract with Cox for the TV for 2 years. Now Cox is discontinuing stations that are not in HD unless I rent boxes for each of my TV's. So in the middle of my contract they will cut station selections unless I rent their special receivers for each TV. They want me to honor my...

Cox Communications - Connecticut, Glastonbury / Bundle

Reviewer45885 on 2016-02-20
On 02-20-16 I was quoted monthly price while speaking with sales agent. She did not advise me until after bill discussion that there would be $10 a month fcc charge. Then account specialist advised me my monthly bill would actually be $18 more than what sales specialist quoted. Very sneaky and dishonest. Forget it, I'll stick with what I have.

Cox Communications / Poor Customer Services

George Mancuso on 2016-02-19
I been having issues with COX customer services... In the past I had to deal with rude person (laughing at my frustration - during a college basketball game, I had few friends over to watch the game but the cable signal keep dropping, saying signal lost, so I called their tech service...

Cox Communications - Nebraska, Omaha / Cable and internet - Poor service

Reviewer57214 on 2016-02-14
Have had Cox cable at this address since 1983-had major problems for years until they removed the temporary lines and yes I did complain then also. Now we have had to get the mini boxes (have 4) and have had nothing but trouble with the signals going out ever since. Got tired of calling...

Cox Communications - New York, Phoenix / Response time to emergency call of downed line

Reviewer39952 on 2016-02-08
We have all Cox services; phone, Internet, and cable TV. The phone line to our house went down during a storm on Friday. It was on our car, across the driveway and sidewalk. We called Cox five times; Friday (2/5)morning and afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon, and again on Sunday...

Cox Communications - Arizona, Peoria / Internet

Reviewer97894 on 2016-01-29
I have Cox Internet. I have had a bad rash of internet issues. They keep telling me it is my modem or router. I have a bag full of new routers and modems. They are all good they just do not want to tell me they cannot give me speeds I am paying for. I have to reset my router at least once...

Cox Communications - Nebraska, Omaha / Service install set up

Reviewer96339 on 2016-01-15
I recently moved and set up an appoinment over a month in advance of the move to have cable/internet services installed. The first day of the appointment no one showed. Called customer service and the said the technician said he didn't have the correct bit to intall the cable. I was home...

Cox Communications / Bundle/ Bait and Switch

niki_blondy on 2016-01-08
I sign up with cox in the beginner of December 2015, a month ago. As so many of their customers out there I have been promised the moon and the stars, based on their wonderful promotion they had at the time and end up with weeds. I asked the agent over and over to assure me about their...

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