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Posted:    KiwiJas

Cancel Link Not working

Complaint Rating:  73 % with 59 votes
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Varied addresses worldwide
United Kingdom
I have discovered that while being a financial member of zoosk.com, an online dating company that I cannot cancel my membership.I have read all there instructions but find the links just dont work.I did read in the small print that they just rebill paid members untill you decide not to be a member.There Help centre states go into Settings at top of page then you will see a window with a Subscription link, click that & in that page will be a Add Credit Card or Cancel Membership link.There is but the Cancel link just doesnt work.Zoosk then claim to go to the settings page again & find the Account link, click this to close account & delete profile.This you cannot do as it reads - To delete your account you Must first cancel your membership.

I have 3 copies of email messages sent to zoosk via there contact link with again, No Responce what so ever.
I have also posted 3 responses via there technical Questions Forum & have recieved personal email notofication that they have been sent but still as of today there is no posting of my pleas for help in canceling my membership.I read a statment written by 1 of zoosk.com moderators that clearly states she check technical issues every evening & would reply if there was not an answer in there Q&A section.This now I no is a total round about, 1 just goes around in circles and it seems cannot get out.

I would really appreciate any help here in this matter as its getting me very upset & nervous.

Regards, Jason 26/02/2010
Comments United Kingdom Online Dating Services
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 9th of Mar, 2010 by   KiwiJas 0 Votes
I wish to advise all - Finally after threatening Police action zoosk has now replyed & cancelled my account - hoorray!!! Never Again!
 8th of Apr, 2010 by   harvey24 0 Votes
do what i did. delibertly violate terms of use and then they will cancel you themselves. unfortunealy all dating site are pretty much like this. remember their goal in life is to seperate you from your money and they dont care how they do it. they are all crooks, and should be avoided at all cost. they know how to take advantage of lonely people and that is the saddest part of it. bk.
 30th of Apr, 2010 by   RJJohnson 0 Votes
If you email someone you are interested in and they do not have a membership, that person will not be able to open the message until they lay out the cash. You can't tell if they have a membership or not or maybe that is the delivery conformation you must use earned coins to get but basically your love letter or flirt is used to bait someone else into joining.
With Plenty O' Fish the site is completely free but it seems that most people don't take the search all that serious. What has happened to us people! Do any of really communicate the old fashion way anymore? What have we become?
 22nd of May, 2010 by   ssssssssssssss +2 Votes
i want to remove my profile froom zoosk
 22nd of May, 2010 by   harvey24 0 Votes
these dating sites are all crooked. get out any way you can. they dont mind being unethical and operating illegally to get ur money, so why should you mind useing their own tactic back on them...bk
 27th of Jun, 2010 by   Libra96 0 Votes
I have a girl who is a member on zoosk who is using my picture. Her name is "Diamond Princess" I want this hoe to remove my picture right now.!!!
 1st of Aug, 2010 by   shagydo 0 Votes
my name is shagydo i have changed my profile ages ago and you have not yet changed it for me!! why is it taking so long!?
 13th of Aug, 2010 by   EmeraldCityGirl 0 Votes
Zoosk messenger continues to run on my system even though I've cancelled my subscription and Zoosk itself has cancelled me. WTF!!!
Also I cannot uninstall it! This is ridiculous! My fiance is furious--no mystery there.
 15th of Aug, 2010 by   bk2158 0 Votes
try going to ur control panel to add and remove programs. after list has populated click romove and then reboot ur computer, if you have to turn it completely off. simply refreshing page will not do it. this is how i got rid of the same thing, i had to do something, it was effecting all other systems on my computer. if this doesnt work, take it to a computer repair shop and have the system purged. if you do that it will wipe hard drive clean but zoosk will be gone.
 29th of Sep, 2010 by   sandra swag +1 Votes
I have been trying to cancell my zoosk and no response anywhere from anyone even phoned a number they dont take calls, messages . So upset WTF what's this about just want money not a membership person .
 1st of Nov, 2010 by   motherofjessy 0 Votes
I may be the only one but I am a former Zoosker who received a complete refund of membership monies paid when a company decision to change their Site left me unsatisfied after using their services for over two months. I was completely surprised by their refunding all monies paid instead of pro-rating the refund as most business do. Until their changes I had been a completely satisfied Zoosker and feel I received what I had paid for.
 28th of Nov, 2010 by   ballou1982 0 Votes
I want to cancel my subscription on Zoosk but I cannot find `` cancel my subscription`` on settings? please help me how I can delete it???
 28th of Nov, 2010 by   ballou1982 0 Votes
I did not find `` cancel my subscription`` on zoosk. please help me
 2nd of Dec, 2010 by   Jan Barry 0 Votes
How do I cancel this damn program? I need help, and I cannot find "settings" let alone cancel. Please send me some information as to how to cancel this unfair program. Thank you.
 2nd of Dec, 2010 by   motherofjessy 0 Votes
To cancel you have to log on to your account. Select "Settings" (top row after your coins amount) then select "Subscription" (left column) at the bottom of the subscription page is 'cancel my subscription'. After you do this, you must go to email to deactivate your account. I don't know how it would happen if you are not a paid member.
 11th of Feb, 2011 by   seek.serenity 0 Votes
Just so you know, should this ever happen to you or (anyone reading this) again... you are protected against things like this through your credit card company. All you need do is contact them, explain that it is not authorized by you, and they will take care of it. Including the very first "unauthorized" debit charged to your card. It really is that easy!
 14th of Sep, 2011 by   jmz1 0 Votes
Does anybody wants to share information about scams, fake profiles and use of unauthorized pictures at zoosk? Specially if you worked there, it will be more helpful.
 5th of Oct, 2011 by   aisedionedes 0 Votes
i never knew zoosk is a defruading dating site, after billing for my six months subcription on 27septm 2011, two days after which is 29 septm 2011, i had my membership cancelled from zoosks, for just no reasons.i need my refund or the fraudulent team of zoosks will face the dangerous judgement of God...shame on you zoosks management team.my id yahooo is aisedionhappyedeghonghon@yahoo.com.the whole world we know zoosks is a fruadulent dating site, once again, shame on u zoosks.frm happyedes, lives in sweden.
 16th of Dec, 2011 by   Limocruiser 0 Votes
I just want to know when my account is up for renewal.
 11th of Jan, 2012 by   babs conyers 0 Votes
zoosk is a MAJOR rip off merchant. approx. 12 hours after renewing my membership and paying a LOT of money, i saw an ad on tele for a FREE COMPANY called OASIS, 100% FREE. i joined them straight away, contacted zoosk several times in 2 days, even contacted trading standards. trading standards said they couldn't do any thing as it is an american firm, not british. they REFUSED POINT BLANK at zoosk to give me refund, saying they don't give refunds.---------------WHAT A MAJOR RIP OFF. even though my subscription eventually ran out, i CAN'T get them off my system.------------new to computers, not technical minded, struggle with any thing complicated

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