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OkCupid - New York, New York / Stolen pictures

Frank on 2016-05-20
Decided to try OkCupid and there was something wrong about this website. I was chatting with three girls and their behavior and questions and texts, everything was strange. I felt like I was talking to a robot. Then I made a little research and found out that there are many fake profile...

OkCupid - New York, New York / Very sad

Tumka on 2016-03-04
This dating website was great for love but ended up just being a bunch of people who just want sex. I signed up a long time ago and really enjoyed spending time on this site. No one really wants to make a connection or do the work or relating. It's just people who want to make a small...

OkCupid - New York, New York / Don't waste your time

Mila on 2016-02-17
This website is pretty creepy. When you join OkCupid you have to answer some questions and questions are quite strange. There are several questions about bullying at school and victims of abusive relationships. I wanted to skip that part, but could not do that. I don't know the reason...

OkCupid - New York, New York / Terrible service

James on 2016-02-09
I had a profile on OkCupid website but only later I realized how horrible and disgusting this site was. I received very abusive emails from some lady. That was an old lady, about 70 years old, looking for young partner. How disgusting is that! I told her that I'm not interested in...

OkCupid - New York, New York / Horrible!

Borjo on 2016-01-14
I was a member for about 3 years. I have some problems with OkCupid customer service. I uploaded a new photo, but it got banned. I tried one more time, but was banned again. I was pretty sure was aligned with their terms of service. This was my latest photo and I use it on other website...

OkCupid - New York, New York / Scammers!

Lola on 2015-12-17
I joined this site and even before completing my profile I many messages from men. I thought they just liked my photo, because there was still no information about me. When I finished my profile I answered all the messages. I met five men there. And they all looked like fakes to me. All...

OKcupid.com / What is OKCupid.com's corporate phone number?

kim0321 on 2015-10-04
no phone number available on website. I spent over two hours jumping from one deep hole to another, never getting a phone number. Asked specifically for OKCupid corporate phone number to report a scammer. NO PHONE NUMBER !!! Just run around to nowhere for nothing, in and out if "support""...

OKcupid.com - Michigan / SCAMMERS

JoniObserver on 2013-08-17
Daily scammers with unpaid monitors... could easily prevent with NEW profile date started and highlighted as "NEW" or charge men a one time verification fee?? to warn the woman... I report to "unpaid" monitors DAILY, and with 24-48 the profile is gone... this happens 2 or 3 times a day...

OkCupid - District of Columbia, Washington / Fake Profiles

SmurfNinja on 2013-03-16
About a month ago, several users messaged me regarding a profile that had verbatim copied my profile, but used different photos. I verified that they had indeed copied my profile and submitted reports daily - sometimes several times a day - to OkCupid using their "Report" feature. I also...

OkCupid / Deletes you account

BLBonds on 2013-02-14
OKCupid is so automated that they just delete accounts without warning based on some computer-generated flag. There is no instructions provided on how to use the site (signing off or multiple browsers) and there is no customer support to help you after you have invested time into creating a profile. This is the worst dating site ever!

OkCupid / Deleted account

mexichick47 on 2012-11-29
I have the same problem with okcupid as another person here. They seem to have banned me from the site with no apparent reason after about one week. I cannot access the site from any browser, with or without cookies. The message i am given is "we're having technical difficultie...

OkCupid / Account Deletion

Let me tell you about OKCupid... I've had a dozen different profiles on there, basically because, well, the a!*#$le "moderators" keep deleting them! They last between 3 days to 3 weeks then you Can't log in for "technical difficulties" I've never violated their rules. In...

OkCupid / Oppression of Unattractive men

rob783 on 2012-09-12
They design the entire site around females and attractive men. They only enforce their "rules" against men they deem unattractive. They make it as hard as they can for unattractive men to find people. If you break even the most minor rule they ban you on the spot but they don't even...

OkCupid - Illinois / Scammers!

Ontheball61 on 2012-08-09
I joined OKCupid last week. Within a day I had met 3 different men who all seemed nice and genuine! One said he was a Major General in the Army, 51 years old, sent me some really nice pictures, and said he would be retiring in 2 months. I felt suspicious at this dating game, so I googled...

OkCupid / Low quality

Barkode on 2011-08-25
OkCupid is a strange name for a site, like some Russian or Nigerian not so comfy with English would come up with. And it's not quite free: you have to pay for the best features – IM (Instant Message) included -- that are free on other sites. It has alot of ghost members: the...

OKcupid.com / Fake/False profiles

Jason.D on 2011-07-19
Fake user profiles should be exposed! I have lodged a complaint with screenshots as evidence, but so far the admins from the site have not contacted me or acknowledged my complaint. The user "Jollily" on OkCupid recently (up until a few days ago) used a fake photograph of a different woman...

OKcupid.com / Harassment cyberbullying hackers

MIrton B on 2011-03-10
On january 26, 2011 on okcupid.com i was surprised with an email stating my photos were reported and deleted off the site…i couldn’t understand why i followed proper guidelines…to my next surprise i received an email from a mature woman stating, “my profile i...

OKcupid.com / Harrassment

Runico on 2011-03-09
on january 26, 2011 on okcupid.com i was surprised with an email stating my photos were reported and deleted off the site…i couldn’t understand why i followed proper guidelines…to my next surprise i received an email from a mature woman stating, “my profile i...

OkCupid / Continuing cyberstalking

Josiejojo on 2011-03-01
As you all know after joing the dating website www.okcupid.com i have been having some ongoing issues and i just want to make everyone aware some more of what you can go through...users from the dating website okcupid are still stalking me and now took my youtube video after i disabled...

OkCupid / Cyber stalking and hackers

Marrycanary on 2011-02-25
To all that use www.okcupid.com, let this be known that there are some hackers and cyber stalking people on that site...stalking is a crime...okcupid moderators do not remove these stalkers, therefore, letting these hackers take over the site...how would you feel if you were violated in...

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