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Zoosk Complaints & Reviews

Zoosk / Dating service fraud

Nancy Baxendale on Nov 28, 2016
I subscribed to your site at one time but have not been a member for quite some time. I asked that my profile be REMOVED, Male friends of mine who were also members at one time are still getting messages from Zoosk telling them that I want to meet them and using my picture. This is an out...

Zoosk / Zoosk dating site

Dave Mantripp on Nov 18, 2016
In the last two days I gave been receiving e-mails from this dating site plying me with female contacts for whom I have no interest at all as I am happily married. You can imagine my wife's reaction at me receiving such spurious communications. I want to be removed immediately from the...

Zoosk / Dating site

zoosk member on Oct 11, 2016
I have been a member for long time and your site is not a site to count on, has a mind of its own and sending messages that one is not even aware of, you and your business is just a fake. I try to cancel services and have no luck to do so. When trying to get in contact there is a long run...

Zoosk / Zoosk paid membership???

Yafa on Sep 26, 2016
I'm a member in Zoosk right now. Zoosk is just another terrible scam dating website. They generate all messages you receive and you don't know if people talk to you really or not. Then they ask you to buy more coin to continue the "conversation" with the partner. Waste of the money and...

Zoosk / Let someone use my credit card

hholt81 on Aug 22, 2016
Someone signed up with a membership. They used my credit card and opened an account with their name. I called to see why this fraudulent transaction occurred. They said they could not release the name of the account that used my credit card. They said it could only be released to the...

Zoosk / Zoosk

Lynne Doyle on Aug 11, 2016
I subscribed to ZOOSK for a 3 month membership and what a load of tripe this site is. Whenever I logged on there was never more than 3 or 4 people online regardless of the time of day, so after 4 boring days without even so much as a "wink" ( how lame is a wink for God sake) I decided to...

Zoosk / Dating Website

RacquetMan on Aug 9, 2016
Signed up for one month. Sent hundreds of messages and not a single date. But that is not my real complaint. I subscribed for one month and then was auto-billed against my will for a second month. Please stay away from these thieves and frauds.

Zoosk / Dating Service

stildreamm on Jul 21, 2016
I'm on Zoosk now. But I would never advise anyone to join. About half my messages get kicked off and have to be rewritten from Zoosk pop ups wanting you to spend more coins. Spend more money. Go to another dating site. It just isn't worth it...

Zoosk / Classic scam

Brian on Mar 3, 2016
Zoosk is just another terrible scam dating website. Stay far away from it! When I signed up they spammed my mailbox with tons of messages from some really attractive women. I'm 45, just a regular man, there is nothing special about me. But all these ladies were about 25 and looked like...

Zoosk / Avoid this horrible website!

Betsy on Feb 26, 2016
I joined back in December 2015. I never met a normal person there! People I received messages from are horrible, rude and impolite. I got many dirty messages with some disgusting photos attached. I just wanted to find some friends or some normal guy to go on a date with, but men on Zoosk...

Zoosk / Absolute scam!

Omar on Feb 22, 2016
This website is an absolute scam! When I joined the site I had to pay $140 only to subscribe. They actually charge you $30 per months and it does not give you anything. The only thing you get is that now you can check the profiles and wink at people. Zoosk is just taking peoples money for...

Zoosk / 100% fake

Mike on Feb 19, 2016
Unfortunately for me, I didn't read the reviews before I signed up. By the time I realized that all pictures and profiles are fake, it was too late. Most of the pictures and profiles are photo shopped or stolen from Facebook. People there are too perfect to be real. Once, I received a...

Zoosk / Be careful

Tatamm on Feb 17, 2016
This site is absolutely a scam! I joined Zoosk just to have fun, because I had nothing to do. When I completed my profile I received some messages from handsome men. Pretty strange, but they all were very attractive and rich. Anyways, when I wanted to read the messages, I realized it wa...

Zoosk / False advertisement/fake practice

D556677 on Feb 15, 2016
Complaint The online dating service site provides false information to consumers when joining about the price of subscription. Hidden fees, even after subscribe I joined Zoosk and immediately noticed that you need to subscribe to do ANYTHING in Zoosk. So I subscribed, I started to try to...

Zoosk / Scam alert!

Nick on Feb 4, 2016
I texted over 50 women on Zoosk and only one was a real person. This website is full of girls and they all look perfect like models. They all claim that they are 30-40 years old but according to their profile photos they are only 18-25 years old. All of them having master degrees, are...

Zoosk / Dating site

Wicked Outdoorsy on Jan 25, 2016
A problem has occurred with the site Zoosk on about the 25-2-2016 that I can no longer contact my alerts. My name is Jeff Hopgood. My site name is wicked outdoorsy. I Have tried to contact Zoosk, but all I get is a list possible problem solving questions . Can you please help me.

Zoosk / taking money from my account for a service i did not sign up for

KathleenL on Jan 16, 2016
I keep finding a bank deduction on my bank statement from ZOOSK yet I have no account and when I contact the site to email me any proof that I signed up for a service provided by Zoosk, they do not send anything and when I put my email in for this info to be sent to me, they say it is not...

Zoosk / Scammers

Reviewer36931 on Dec 15, 2015
I joined Zoosk dating site and met two men that I got chatting with. From the beginning I was quite suspicious of these individuals. However, I played along and then finally both of them asked me to lend them money. Fortunately I did not. I feel that this dating site should be investigated...

Zoosk / Fake people

Nadin on Dec 7, 2015
This is the worst dating site ever! It's full of liars and fake profiles. I am a single girl and wanted to try finding someone using dating sites. But I totally shocked about Zoosk. I get tons of messages everyday from dirty men, risky and dangerous individuals. I don't reply on these kind...

Zoosk / Its impossible to cancel authorized charges to my credit card

Reviewer75938 on Nov 5, 2015
my e mail is jeffyray@yahoo.com and i wanted to cancel 2 months ago even though funds were not available at time of renewal they waited and took it out when there was I want to cancel my substitution and would like a refund for October not a lot to ask after spending hundreds on...

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