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Zoosk Complaints & Reviews

Zoosk - California, San Francisco / Scam alert!

Nick on 2016-02-04
I texted over 50 women on Zoosk and only one was a real person. This website is full of girls and they all look perfect like models. They all claim that they are 30-40 years old but according to their profile photos they are only 18-25 years old. All of them having master degrees, are...

Zoosk - California, San Francisco / Dating site

Wicked Outdoorsy on 2016-01-25
A problem has occurred with the site Zoosk on about the 25-2-2016 that I can no longer contact my alerts. My name is Jeff Hopgood. My site name is wicked outdoorsy. I Have tried to contact Zoosk, but all I get is a list possible problem solving questions . Can you please help me.

Zoosk / taking money from my account for a service i did not sign up for

KathleenL on 2016-01-16
I keep finding a bank deduction on my bank statement from ZOOSK yet I have no account and when I contact the site to email me any proof that I signed up for a service provided by Zoosk, they do not send anything and when I put my email in for this info to be sent to me, they say it is not...

Zoosk / Scammers

Reviewer36931 on 2015-12-15
I joined Zoosk dating site and met two men that I got chatting with. From the beginning I was quite suspicious of these individuals. However, I played along and then finally both of them asked me to lend them money. Fortunately I did not. I feel that this dating site should be investigated...

Zoosk / Fake people

Nadin on 2015-12-07
This is the worst dating site ever! It's full of liars and fake profiles. I am a single girl and wanted to try finding someone using dating sites. But I totally shocked about Zoosk. I get tons of messages everyday from dirty men, risky and dangerous individuals. I don't reply on these kind...

Zoosk / Its impossible to cancel authorized charges to my credit card

Reviewer75938 on 2015-11-05
my e mail is jeffyray@yahoo.com and i wanted to cancel 2 months ago even though funds were not available at time of renewal they waited and took it out when there was I want to cancel my substitution and would like a refund for October not a lot to ask after spending hundreds on...

Zoosk / Online scammers

Reviewer84206 on 2015-10-18
This site is full of male scammers who use fake pictures from other legit guys. If they look to good or say they have money RUN. They will text, call, email and sweet talk for a while until they need some money. Don't send anything and block them.

Zoosk / Blocking access to my account

Reviewer26198 on 2015-10-17
The dating/social site zoosk is blocking me from accessing my account. This then keeping me from deleting my pictures and profile. You have to login in to do this and they say my account has been blocked by a zoosk administrator. No other way to contact them to delete or cancel the...

Zoosk.com - California, San Francisco / Dating Website fail, no customer support

Reviewer80713 on 2015-10-15
When I tried to sign up, it "assigned me" the location of Dubai. I was unable to change this to my actual location. When I checked the FAQs, I was told that to change country, I would have to contact customer support. The catch is that there is no way to contact customer support. No...

Zoosk / Inactive account

Reviewer81856 on 2015-10-06
I am trying to make a complaint about Zoosk and for some reason the website wont let me. I met someone online and he asked for my email address and he emailed me, then I emailed him back but never received a response. I realised that he spent a good amount of money to send me an electronic...

Zoosk / Methods Regarding the Dating Interactive Process

Eric T Martin on 2015-10-01
To Whom It May Concern: The Zoosk company provides a dating platform for senior citizens that is very misleading and deceptive. They have taken my money after I had sent many complaints regarding the methodology being utilized in their dating platform. The Zoosk Company never responded to...

Zoosk / Scam

Reviewer75475 on 2015-09-28
Hi, i submitted my subscription on 11th September 2015, i just followed the instructions there but up to now i don't have access to my messages and i have sent numerous emails but still they don't respond and they have no contact numbers so what must i do or how do i get my money...

Zoosk - South Australia, Adelaide / I have been blocked by administrator

Ngoc Anh Nguyen Thi on 2015-08-26
I have 2 profiles a named Anne on my profile - and an email is: hjeylia@yahoo.com - and I was paying member profile for 6 months and I have to pay about $ Zoosk, 00, 90 -AUD - and I also have an additional email but email is not a paying member -have: hphiatruoc@yahoo.com I totally forgot...

Zoosk - South Australia, Adelaide / My profile has been blocked

Reviewer55821 on 2015-08-26
Please help me - I has lost my acccount with my profile on Zoosk with my name Anne - I had put a visa with, 00, 90 $ UAD than, and I had used one months than on Zoosk, I have many my friends on Zoosk . Sincer your Zoosk has blocked me I can not go in Zoosk see my friends in there This i...

Zoosk / Filled with Nigerian scammers

SweetPea1975 on 2015-08-23
A year ago I was a paying member. I came across so many fake profiles! One man seemed to really be predatory so I wanted to see what would happen.First, he used stolen photos, second, fake kids photos, uses prepaid phone to hide what country he is from. Says he is an American but come...

Zoosk / Playing games

Reviewer59140 on 2015-08-20
Fake 'views'. I was actually with someone I had met through Zoosk and had been with that person for a few days. When I logged on whilst that person was with me, it said that I had been 'viewed' by that person about 20 minutes earlier!!! Actually showed it to the person...

Zoosk - California, San Francisco / Fraudulent activity & website function defective

RomanticGuy on 2015-08-05
I've been a member of the online dating website, Zoosk, for 5 months. The website is constantly shutting down every time I use it. They claim that the problem is only with android devices but it's been a few months and the problem is still not fixed. Also, Zoosk claims that a...

Zoosk - Alaska, Anchorage / Illegal services

ed175 on 2015-07-02
I paid for zoosk dating service because i though the messages i was getting were from real human beings, but the profiles were fake the pictures were fake or stolen and company made it seem that real people were sending messages to me. I will be reporting this to the cyber crimes unit of the fbi

Zoosk / Money scam

janburnett on 2015-03-14
Have paid to be on zoosk dating website. Met a guy on there we started talking in the chat room after a couple of days he asked for my e mail address, then we were sending each other e mails on a regular basis. Until recently he was telling me about his work in contonou in the Republic of...

Zoosk - California, San Francisco / Total scam-consumer beware

Mario C. on 2015-03-12
It cost $29.95 to join this site, but when one is purchasing the membership, this site hits you with an activation fee of $24.95. If you go through paypal, then you don't have to pay for the activation fee. The search feature has been crippled lately and the grid view is no longer...

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