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Z57, San Diego, California Complaints & Reviews - Deceptive Business practice, Scam/ Horrible Service

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Posted:    dpayne1

Deceptive Business practice, Scam/ Horrible Service

Complaint Rating:  80 % with 20 votes
Contact information:

San Diego, California
United States
Phone: 800-899-8148
ATTENTION BUYER BEWARE!!! WE HAVE BEEN QUOTED ON PRICE AND CHARGED A HIGHER PRICE ON OUR CREDIT CARD!!! Z57 WILL NOT REFUND!!! This is fraud now! 11/17/2010 I had an appointment to set up my website, I missed their phone call, I called them back 2 minutes later and was told, sorry, we will call you tomorrow to work on your website since you missed our telephone call! So after being so rudely spoken to, I told them I had already paid and expected help with building my website after already waiting 1 whole week so far, she said sorry, we will contact you back tomorrow, we are too busy. I'm trying to get my money back from Z57 in which you can tell its a boiler room atmosphere there. In any honest business, when you ask for a refund when you are not happy with a product or service within the specified time frame, you get your money back, NOT at Z57. They keep on repeating their scripted speech and give you the run around. I have no website, I paid them a week ago, now after being so rudely spoken to with help with my website, I no longer want to do business with them. I was told 299.00 and a 49.99 monthly fee over the phone, I just checked my credit statement as of yesterday and I was charged 583.00!! I called back to speak to my sales rep and he denies telling me a different number. ALSO, after they found out I wanted my money back and I was so unhappy with them, I started getting phone calls from tech reps wanting my password to Blue Host so they could work on my site, I would not call them back. I wake up this morning with an e-mail from Blue Host that someone was requesting a PASSWORD CHANGE to my own domain site!! Since I will not give Z57 my password now, they are trying to get it another way!! I'm now going to contact Blue Host and see who is trying to get a password change since it was not me. My credit card company has been notified, numbers changed, BBB contacted, etc. Next step is filing a report with the local police in San Diego, Ca for fraud. Save your money, find someone local. I hope other people read this and save themselves the time, grief, and money.

************* You can also tell, they all these people work in the same small room, they impersonate themselves as being this big company, but this is just another BOILER ROOM full of sales people and a few techs in one room. ******************************* 11/17/2010
Comments United States Hosting & Web Design
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 17th of Nov, 2010 by   truthandhonestywillprevail 0 Votes
Use register.com They are reputable and half the price. I have used them several times.
 17th of Nov, 2010 by   jcDirofServ 0 Votes
I see two separate concerns in your post. First, with the Quick Start appointment, we have 6 dedicated reps that hold an hour long appointment for every new client that comes on board. We’ve found that if agents new to their site with us do just the 3 things that we talk through on the call, they will be wildly successful with our site and I have some of my best reps working on these calls. We have one rep on the team that serves with USMC Res. and his team was held over and we found out that morning that he had not returned as planned from his assignment. On that morning when your wife called in, her assigned rep had given her a call and when he did not reach her, he attempted to call the appointment for the rep that was still on duty. When your wife called back in, all 5 of the reps were on their hour long calls and were unable to take her at that time. The Quick Start appointments are usually booked a few days out, but the Service rep that she spoke with was able to book an emergency spot for her on the following day. I apologize for the frustration, however these folks are limited by their calendar and that responsibility lies with me.
In regards to the service you received, there are two parts to discuss. First, there is no excuse for the attitude that the rep took with you when I listened to the phone call. We work hard to give great service to everyone, and in no way benefit from treating some one poorly. You have my sincerest apologies for the tone the rep took with you, and have my word that it is being taken care of on my end. In regards to being hung up on, I work diligently with my staff to create a professional environment. If one of my reps were to curse at an agent, they would let go immediately, and when a client on the phone curses at one of my reps, I’ve worked with the team and the managers to deescalate the situation. However if the person on the phone continues to curse at the rep, I have authorized them to disconnect the call. The responsibility for the rep hanging up on you again rests with me and the policies that I’ve set up.

**Since starting this posting response, your wife (L) and I were able to talk and come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

We also covered the specifics of the start up cost and she agreed that the $583.00 was accurate, with the exception of a $35 domain set up fee that should not have applied as you were transitioning your old site.

In regards to the last line of this post, we have nearly 200 people that work for Z57 and were rated the #3 Best Place To Work by the San Diego Union Tribune. We work hard and we love helping agents be successful, and although we might not be the right fit for every agent, we work hard with thousands of agents to help them generate traffic and leads with their site and we’re good at what we do.

Again L, thank you for taking the time to talk with me and working to resolve your concerns,

Jeremiah Cole
Director of Customer Service
Z57 Internet Solutions | www.z57.com
W – 1-800-899-8148
 23rd of Nov, 2010 by   dpayne1 0 Votes


As of today's date 11/22 we have yet to receive our agreed upon full refund from Z57(11/17--morning)--- Jeremiah called me again after we had agreed to this and was very concerned regarding my husband's posting to these sites to warn potential customers of the hurdles that may await them. He asked that we amend these comments--i thought it only fair to make amendments when we had resolution--he agreed and assured me this would happen in the next few days---4 days at the most. Jeremiah also at the time apologized for his customer service rep., Neisha, and her less than appropriate attitude, he said that had been handled and he could not elaborate, he also told me he had listened to the phone call and if he had been in our position he would have been more than perturbed with her sharp attitude also.

I did receive my call from Ralph for my Quickstart appointment, unfortunately he called my cell phone even though it was noted for him to call my office phone---by the time i scrambled to get my cell phone from my purse at the other side of the office the call had been lost---i waited for a voice-mail to come through---and sure enough it was Ralph, unfortunately I could not understand the number that he left for me to call back---at this point I googled the number and called in----it had prob. been a total of 6 minutes from the time my cell phone rang to the time i called in to Z57---Ralph was indeed on another call already, even though the customer service rep that I talked to said they did not know why he had taken another call with out waiting their customary 15min---so in short I drove an hour out of my way to make this appointment and b/c of people's inability to pay attention to detail and instruction I lost that time and have nothing to show for it.

This, as I know anyone in my shoes could imagine, including Jeremiah himself, knows how important time is. There was no attempt to console my loss of time and planned schedule--no apology or "please let me get that correct # again and let me have one of the reps call you just as soon as they finish the call they are on.

Now as I check my Visa account day after to day---hoping to see my promised "full refund" sadly, it is not there---I feel I am left with no other choice than to continue with the Visa dispute resolution department--I have wasted so much time and energy to get what is only fair---my money back for goods not rendered---no work was ever done on my site it was feeble and to show the level of effort I was dealing with: my hometown was spelled incorrectly, as well as my name and numerous other mistakes in information---they did not even so much as put fair housing logos or equal opp. ----this is illegal in itself--so I am glad it never went "live" b/c my reputation would have been compromised---

I am hoping that Jeremiah will tend to this like he promised! he said 4 days at most--we have passed that mark--so stay tuned-- I think we are going to have more luck with my Visa disputes department--I have saved very detailed notes and info. on everyone I have talked with and all communication that have passed back and fourth---- The Better Business Bureau currently has over 70 complaints on this company, 71 now including mine.

In addition---my original sales person quoted completely different prices and the ways they were broken down---it was supposed to be $400 plus one month at a time and no contracts.

Liza (Realtor)
 15th of Dec, 2010 by   YelenaT 0 Votes
 24th of Dec, 2010 by   Ranking Realtor 0 Votes
Stay away from Z57. I am contacting the Florida Attorney General regarding their business practices. Others should do the same.
 26th of Jan, 2011 by   Holbrookcanhelp 0 Votes
Please see my blog and the accompanying comment... I think you'll appreciate it. (and feel free to add on, we're on the same page)

 7th of Feb, 2011 by   CalCon17 0 Votes
The most terrible part of the Z57 experience is that they do not know anything about marketing real estate! I asked them why did I hire them if I had to tell them what to do at every turn? I cancelled it. They wanted me to give them my Brokers web site and password so they could help me (!) The only emails I ever got with them were from Z57 spamming me for more service and more money.

With all current general disrespect of Real Estate agents in this economy I do not need a firm I have hired to help me telling me it is OK to be fraudulent.

If they know so much about real estate marketing why dont they know what I need and provide that service? Because they do NOT provide any service at all. They know marketing, but not service. No Product equals no customers. Much thanks to my Credit Card company for declining the charge! Back at ya Z57!
 24th of Feb, 2011 by   cherib67 0 Votes
I had a similar horror story. My credit card co. charged it back then Z57 gave their lingo to the bank from their charge back dept. yeah they have a dept for just that. So I was able to then give my side although the bank felt that I had been scammed and they shouldn't do that to people. But the fine print says if the web page is up OR 10 business days. Because they put up my bare bones sight no refund. I think it should then say or which ever comes first. They make you think you can cancel and get a refund if it is cancelled within 10 business days. So I guess (or) is up for interpratation. So they stole my money and I got nothing for it! I did turn this into the california attorney general and they are investigating, so feel free to contact them too.
 2nd of May, 2011 by   J. Howley -1 Votes
Z57 is the best company out there. It is a shame you people can't understand how wonderful the company is. Steve Weber is a genius and when the rep calls you up just shut up and listen because you are lucky to get a call from such an amazing company. I think some of you don't understand how to read a contract if you are having issues with Z57. I think they should charge even more for their amazing service. If you just shut up and let them lead you, you will have many more leads and sell more houses. If you are not doing well with the best real estate website provider out there, then you must just be too stupid to actually sell a house.
 2nd of May, 2011 by   Holbrookcanhelp 0 Votes
moron. idiot. dumb ass. I hope your post was tounge in cheek otherwise you are definitely tounge in cheek(s).
 3rd of May, 2011 by   J. Howley 0 Votes
Holbrookcanhelp...When I call you I promise my 60 visitors in 60 days will be the best deal you will get. Don't be a moron. Come on back to Z57...
 3rd of May, 2011 by   Holbrookcanhelp 0 Votes
Hire a director of product marketing. You've been advertising for one since 2007. Nuff said.
 4th of May, 2011 by   Z57 Inc -1 Votes
Dpayne1 –

We know your issue was already resolved with a refund, but we saw a new posting today that we felt we must address.

First off… we do NOT agree with the opinions of J Howley. We’ve looked through our files and Howley is not an employee (past or current) or a customer (past or current). Howley’s comments are inappropriate, rude and completely uncalled for. Howley - we don’t know who you are, but please stop with the name calling.

The Complaint Board is set up for customers to share their opinions - good and bad. And while it hurts to hear the bad – we needed to hear it. Frankly, we have taken everyone’s feedback very seriously and are rolling out new changes at Z57 that we hope will be the first step towards improving your perception of Z57. While we cannot repair all of the mistakes of the past – we want to improve and are making serious changes here. And we welcome your continued feedback as we strive to improve. Hopefully we can win your business back. But regardless, we want you to know that we heard you and we are changing.
Here’s what we are doing:

Our Cancellation Policy
We want to apologize. Sometimes policies get in the way of offering good client service and it appears we are guilty of that. Z57 prides itself on successful working with thousands of Realtors to grow their Internet marketing for past 12 years. It wasn’t our intention to make it this so challenging to cancel our services and we don’t want to force Realtors to continue with a product if they have changed their mind after hanging up the phone.

Therefore, effective immediately, any new client can cancel their Z57 services within 3 days of purchase – for any reason – and get a full refund. If it’s after 3 days, a client may cancel at any time with 30 days notice. Simply call us at 800-899-8148. Yes, we will still ask you why you want to cancel. But understand that’s only so we can improve our product and services to better suit your needs. We want to offer Realtor’s the best service possible.

Beyond cancellation policies, there are several other programs and activities that we are working on to improve at Z57. But in fairness to your post, we don’t want to dominate the conversation. However, we did want you to know we heard you, we are making changes and we are grateful for the feedback.

Lastly - J Howley – we don’t know who you are, but please stop insulting people who simply want share their opinions. If we didn't get feedback, we couldn’t improve.

Z57 Client Development Team
 4th of May, 2011 by   CalCon17 0 Votes
T0 the Z57 Client development team:

Good job of presenting us with Good Cop-Bad Cop routine. I bet you know full well who J Howley is. Either way it is nothing that any one can prove short of hiring a fleet of lawyers. How convenient.

Z57 ripped me off and I still have the emails from Paul Lamotte suggesting I should give him my log-ins. Only an idiot would give up their MLS LogIns. The MLSs prohibit members from doing that specifically. As if you guys didnt know that - well maybe you dont if you catch my implication.

And I quote Paul Lamotte
"are you able to give me the user and password for that agent long in section so i can look around to pull a link off of that?"

You got plenty of feedback from me and yet you NEVER privided me with any real service. Everything I said in my preivious post in this thread still stands. Offering up an apology for past bad conduct does not make up for that conduct. It only shows me how despicable and unethical you people really are. I can walk outside and get clean hot air.

 24th of Jun, 2011 by   tsj 0 Votes
My accounthas been closed with them for 3-5 years and I just looked at my bank statement and they have 4 different charges in the past 3 months. I hope this is something I haven't missed in the past years. I am calling the bank and z57 in the morning.
 24th of Jun, 2011 by   Z57 Inc 0 Votes
tsj - Please ask for Henry Phillips at Z57 and he will look into this for you immediately. Since these boards are anonymous, I cannot look up your account by just 'tsj' but we want to resolve any mistakes right away. Henry is in the office all day tomorrow. Thanks for telling us.
 19th of Jul, 2011 by   melip 0 Votes
7/19/11 I am very upset with Z57. I have tried getting in touch with you all since March. Everything I was told did not happen. I was told NO contract. I don't pay I don't get a website. I was also given a 60 day 60 visistors guaranteed. Which I did not get. I pulled all the stats and have records. The last 2 weeks before the 60 days there were over 30 hits for 2sec each. All within business hours. None of the other months even till now have had very much activity. There was minimal activity which is fine but don't say you'll 60. And that I will also have leeds. I had 2 leads. One being myself 1 being bogus. I also was put on some craiglist advertising which got me in trouble and a fine and barred from the site for illegal use. All thanks to Z57 for not doing there homework. I have left emails and gotten a call back but not from the correct person I need to speak with just the rep saying who I need to speak with and transfering my call which no one ever gets back. I want them to take the website off i do not use it. But I'm told I have to cancel. I shouldn't have to since I wasn't on a contract. So I take the steps to talk to someone and NO One can help. Now I'm being told I owe all this money WHICH I DONT. Im very upset with this process. They can try and collect money but they can't help with a refund for a guarenteed service they scam and can't provide and now a no contract which i never received. I was charged incorrectly to begin with. I was told 199 for the websit and 99 per month. My card was charged 426.00. Apparently there was a domain fee that they didn't mention and I got charged 299 for startup. Which I told them in the beginning I counld not afford that price. And they do probably have alot of people working for them. That way they can use all there computers to make you have the 60 visitors. VERY BAD COMPANY. I'm posting with the BBB and If anyone is doing a Class Action Please let me know and I'll call you. I'm looking to recope what I lost in the mess and hope to be rid of Z57. ANd Z57 should supply a good number to actual get in contact with someone. Melissa
 18th of Aug, 2011 by   jbeckerrealtor 0 Votes
Z57 is no good. They say you can cancel at anytime but then want to say it's a 30 day notice meaning they will cancel 30 days from the day. So if your regularly scheduled payment is within those 30 days they will charge you even though your website will be shut down.
But they can shut it down right away, but they will still charge you. Also they weren't compliant with my MLS board so I had to pay a separate fee to have idx on my website. I had to create all my own property websites and add all the info because it wasn't able to pull from the MLS.
Don't waste your time. There are others out there that are better. Just ask around.
 20th of Sep, 2011 by   JustMyTwoCents2011 0 Votes
Well, having been an employee I can attest to the "Boiler Room" atmosphere of the sales floor at Z57. There were sales teams set-up to compete with one another and the competition does get fierce (sales bonuses are substantial) to the point that selling takes precedence over actually determining if the real estate agent really needs a website (some don't). I can also attest to the utter stupidity of real estate agents when it comes to marketing. They'll spend a thousand dollars on business cards and then somehow believe that a $9.99 website will do in today's online world. Z57 does have a myriad of tools that do deliver prospects to your website, but they aren't cheap. Just like in real estate, you get what you pay for. One thing Z57 does not do well is to explain that the website really is just the start, not the end of online marketing. Some "internet consultants" at Z57 did play fast and lose with what the website actually did by itself, but an outright lie? Never heard an outright lie. Either invest the money it takes for a full-on online marketing campaign, starting with a Z57 website, or don't spend a dime. You can't do it halfway or on the cheap. Will a $299 website make you millions? No. Will a $299 plus a few thousand dollars in online tools and advertising make you tens of thousands? Sure, now that I've seen.
 21st of Sep, 2011 by   DontUseZ57 0 Votes
Don't do it. My experience was like "JustMyTwoCents2011". I was told I could cancel at any time. But wait, they sent an email changing the terms and conditions at some point after I had service for some time. Not to mention, I had agreed to a certain price per month and then they raised that amount "to provide better service to me". I had asked a couple of idiots in our office that use Z57 and they had not experienced this increase. I guess I was special. I tried to cancel a few months ago and they promised me they would credit my account for a month and provide me with $400.00 worth of website upgrades. Like an idiot, I thought I would try because the promised that my traffic would increase. The big change was them making everyone register to search for homes. Wow, they can do this for free anywhere. So they billed me for September two times. They said they tried to bill in October and it did not go through and then again to restart the cycle. I had not had opportunity to check my bank account. I have cancelled but with this 30 day notice that is now required. I get to pay an additional month. I guess it will make a difference to Z57 to have everyone upset to get this additional month. If this is happening to all Z57 clients that are cancelling, that is lots of extra revenue that they are not entitled to. These are just the most recent nightmares with Z57. My advice, DON'T DO IT.

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