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Posted:    Valerie

Scam and fraud!

Complaint Rating:  84 % with 25 votes
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United States
I really just wanted to let everyone know what kind of business Vonage is and how horrible their costumer service really is. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would pass this on so everyone will know. I do not have Vonage, nor have I had Vonage since January. On May 6th I got a charge on my debit card from Vonage for $30.73. When I called Vonage the first person told me they could not help me, the second person refused to help me and when I asked to speak to a manager the man told me 'if you can't talk to me then your not going to talk to anyone'.

I called back and I spoke to a woman who said she did not see any charges on my account and transferred me to another woman. This woman also told me that she did not see any charges coming out of my account for the month of May. She then proceeded to ask me for my debit card number and told me that was the only way they could find out what the charge was. I refused to give her my debit card information and she said that she could not help me, so I asked to speak to a manager. She told me that there were no managers on the floor right now and she did not know when they would be available then she again asked me for my debit card information.

I hung up and called my bank and told them the situation and was told to file a fraudulent charge report, which I did. I also had to cancel my debit card so it would not happen again.
Comments United States Telecommunications
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 31st of Aug, 2009 by   Blaquanese 0 Votes
I called Vonage to see why my account had been suspended. I was told that my account was suspended because a woman from named Melissa vontage wanted to talk to me about my phone call usage. Some Man told me that She tried to contact my home phone before wich is UNTRUE because there was no vontage number, or any lady that left a number or contact message for me on my voice mail. The guy then told me to take her number down and call her, I got impatient with the person because he knows that phone hade just been suspended and the only number I was able to call was Vonage. He insists that I call her on a Pay phone or someone elses phone at 7am. I told him no, this the only way of contact i have is my home phone.He finally agreed to send her a E-mail stating that I called and for her to contact me as soon as possible. Later on when she does call the phone Rang 1 time and before I hade the chance to answer She had already hung the phone up. She left me a message telling me to call her, when it's plain to see once again I cannot make outgoing phone calls besides the vonage help line. so Now I'm calling vonage for the seventh time today on august 31, 2009 and I went through the same conversation that i had before with the other vonage specilist, with another for the 7th time today. They sent her more E-mails to contact me tommarrow morning, and now i'm stuck without a phone. I was thinking about changing phone services, when I stumbled upon this web site about Vonage fraud, and it says something about a deactivation fee of $40.00 and now i'm really upset, because even before the suspended account accured I was experiancing alot of difficulties with my vonage device. somethings like the phone reception going in and out while on important phone calls, wich I know is vonage because I have a few phones in my house and it is impossible for them all of a sudden to be doing the same thing, and have reception problems because there not all wireless phones.Another thing would be the fading out of a persons voice whil they were talking and it sounded like they dissappeared into another Astro Plane, Also the Dropped calls like I was on a cheap Cell phone like revol (rovel has better service!) and not only those annoying things but the vonage Box makes my Internet service go really wild. I'm FED UP!
 22nd of Sep, 2009 by   vonage 0 Votes
International calling is not unlimited, its only LIMITED(i, e 5000 Minutes/month)...What is this?????????????????????????????
 22nd of Sep, 2009 by   vonage 0 Votes
Its so fraud, not unlimited!!!
 22nd of Sep, 2009 by   vonage 0 Votes
vonage is fraud
 22nd of Sep, 2009 by   vonage 0 Votes
 2nd of Jan, 2010 by   deepaka +1 Votes
Yes, Vonage is not a company I would ever want to do business with again. their customer service is very rude when you try to explain how the unlimited advertisements are misleading. As a customer you see an advertisement for an unlimited call service when you go to sign up and then you get an e-mail with the subject of fraud and a fee for going over 5, 000 minutes per month, this is definitely fraud. Especially since there is a discontinue fee as part of the contract, it is unfair that people are being mislead into thinking its an unlimited calls service when it is not. However, people usually do not research before they sign up so all the people that will read the warnings will have already fell for the misleading unlimited ads.
 6th of Feb, 2010 by   VONAGE CUSTOMER +1 Votes
All of u r Absolutely right. VONAGAE has that big banner going across the website it's unlimited international calling buti t's really not. they are expecting u to uses ur phone for only 2.5 hrs a day. i started calling my wife who is in india, she got sick for a week so i was on phone for at least 3 hrs a day and my family would talk another hour. by using all the massive minutes i got a email and a messege on my phone saying my minute usage is unconsistance. my calling pattern are not suitable for the plan i am on. and she told that she watch my acount for 7 days and see if my usage is any lower, but i had no choice my wife was sick and i tried just using 3 hrs day phone but next thing i know my account was suspended and i call vonage and they put me on business plan which is 49.99 and still loccal calling and international calling is not unlimited beside that i would be paying 18 cents per minute to call india. But anyway then i also try talking abt dicontinuing my service she told me that i would be paying 140.00 to discontinue and i asked the website only says 40.00. she goes the equipment is 100.00. then i told her what if i returned the equipment then she tells me we don't accept the return equipment . so that's my story. i suggest everyone please be advised that if u r looking to get unlimited internation calling or u.s, VONAGE is not the ser plus it's so rude...
 16th of Feb, 2010 by   Josh_12 0 Votes
I have the same issue.. This is ridiculous. And the customer service was horrible
 17th of Mar, 2010 by   Naveen Dhar 0 Votes
I was using Telcan earlier and they were giving 5hrs calling a day to india limit, that is 9000 minutes to india.
then i saw vonage advertisizing unlimited calling to india, so i opted for vonage, and today i got an e-mail saying they dont expect me to use my qouta for more than 5000 minutes a month or else they would start charging me per minute charges and i have to twice what i was paying for Telcan.

This is shit, how can these people run such scams so easily and keep on showing advertisements everyday on TV.

I have even pai 1 yr full in advance when i was charged about 30 bucks a month and in a month the rates went down to just 14 bucks a month.

I am asking for a refund, or else they are just going to eat up all my advance in just one go someday saying u went above ur limit and we charged you business rates.

Bloody @$$h^&%
 30th of Mar, 2010 by   freqa_caller 0 Votes
Vonage unlimited - international calling plan is false advertised. it is not really unlimited.

the max # of minutes you can use depends on how other people use vonage service. when the vonage representative told me this .. I burst into laughs ..

Poor call quality .. False advertisiing .. = Vonage.

Apparently, you cannot got to court against Vonage. I just learnt that from their terms of service. haha .. I do not recommend Vonage to anybody.
 28th of Apr, 2010 by   lagoprile 0 Votes
At least some of you got through on international calls . . . . I have been trying for 4 days,
(Russia, Italy, Engand - hardly out of the way places!), but all I get is "Lines are busy - please try again later". . . . . . . . so is this the way they "limit usage" and their costs, by not having any of your calls go through?
Then I get on to Vonage customer service, & after the robot merry-go-round, get a Vonage rep. who has been able to "patch" me through . . but if they can get through, why can't I? do they just put that "Lines are busy - please try again later" recording on to save themselves the probably tiny amount
it actually costs them for us to complete a call
 5th of May, 2010 by   Nicole White 0 Votes
Victims of Vonage go to Google type in MSNBC contact click on contact us look to the right click on MSNBC investigates wait for email box explain briefly how Vonage scam you tell MSNBC to please expose Jeff Citron for his fraudulence
 24th of May, 2010 by   mickey15 -1 Votes
Once you get out of this mess, you still need a phone service. You'll find a straight-up VoIP provider in these folks. Good value, great service, http://bit.ly/95fy53
 24th of May, 2010 by   Nicole White 0 Votes
If you need help getting a refund I got mine back email me
 10th of Oct, 2010 by   fooledbyvonage 0 Votes
i totally agree. they are advertising for unlimited use. but they are capping international call to 3000 minutes.
 20th of Jan, 2011 by   Grandma Merc +1 Votes
Vonage service is the worst ever. It does not work most of the time. I have called so many times. I had to call on my cell phone because their land line is so bad. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office.
 26th of Jan, 2011 by   Obfuscated +1 Votes
Jan 2011: Vonage is still up to their DECEPTIVE marketing commercials on TV. Here's the FINE PRINT which they conveniently included in TINY TEXT and on top of a complex background thereby making it difficult to read .. during the 2 seconds it remained on-screen:

$14.99/month for the first THREE months and then $25.99/month thereafter. EXCLUDES certain call types such as CALLS to CELL PHONES depending on destination. HIGH-SPEED internet is REQUIRED. Calls NOT INCLUDED in vonage world will be charged at our low international rates. ALARMS, TTY and other systems MAY NOT be COMPATIBLE. Vonage 911 service operates differently than traditional 911.

It reminds me of most new medicine commercials - where the list of disclaimers will nearly kill you.
 16th of Apr, 2011 by   vonage1 0 Votes
Be aware it is true, no free international calls or unlimited calls, as they mentioned in their adds!!!
they send me a large bill last month,
VONAGE should not be doing business . they are stealing people's money
 5th of Jun, 2011 by   Vermont 1971 0 Votes
My wife and I cancelled our Vontage back in April 2011. When we cancelled, Vontage said they would give us a free month of service so if anyone called us at our votage number it would transfer them to our new land line number. The lady at Vontage never cancelled the account in April like we asked and they just billed our bank account for over $60.00 for the months of May to June 2011. We told them they will credit our account or there will be a law suite. Because of their actions I will never go back to them after there little sceam. Heads up if you cancel Vontage call your bank and have a stop payment to Vontage put on your bank account so they cant do this to you. Banks charge a small fee to do this but it is worth all the aggrivation that you will deal with in the end.
 15th of Jun, 2011 by   zJustMe 0 Votes
Vonage is a scam! I was a customer since 2004 and recently made the decision to cancel based on the way they have decided to redefine "unlimited". If you use more than 3000 minutes a month (basically a little more than 1.5 hours a day) you are classifed as a business and will have to take a business line and pay twice as much. If you have a teenager you know this is easy to burn through ... besides it's supposed to be UNLIMITED.

I have reported them to the FCC, NJ Atty Generals Office and BBB ... let's see what happens.

If you are thinking of switching to Vonage BEWARE. Lastly, once you port a number to them - good luck getting it back ... it's like pulling teeth!

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