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Vizio Complaints & Reviews - Defective product, poor customer service!

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Posted:    Robert Andrews

Defective product, poor customer service!

Complaint Rating:  78 % with 74 votes
Purchased a Vizio L30 TV from Sam's for $1,298.00. Remote control quit working. Sam's "repaired" it (said poorly soldered connections), lasted 2 months and quit again. Sam's has promised 6 times to repair it again but never does. Wrote letter to Sam's in January - they don't bother to reply!!! Purchased a new remote control from Radio Shack but need the proper code to program it. Vizio CANNOT come up with the code that will work with their TV.

So, I'm stuck with a $1300 TV that you have to get up and press a little button every time you want to change the volume or channel - just try going from channel 2 to channel 75 ( 73 presses of the channel button). Don't buy a Vizio TV and don't buy any TV from Sam's Club.
Comments United States TV, Music & Video
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 17th of Jun, 2009 by   Stephanie 0 Votes
We purchased a vizio 50'' less than three years ago. Last night it made the dreaded popping sound and now it no longer works. We've contacted vizio who sent us to two different companies they contract to fix it. One will not call us back and the other doesn't have any service in our area. We called around several other techs don't even fix vizios. When I spoke to the people at vizio they told me they were surprised my tv lasted almost 3 years and that most plasmas don't even last that long. They are aware of the problems that have been happening with their tv's but they don't seem to care.
 20th of Jun, 2009 by   dan101dan 0 Votes
what is the CEO William Wang and CTO Kyle Wescoat email address?
 23rd of Jun, 2009 by   Ronniep 0 Votes
We bought a Vizio 47" LCD at Costco (3 hours a way) for $2, 000. When we got it home we found it to have grey areas in the black. we loaded it up and returned it...3 hours away. thinking no prob to return. NO! they said we had to call Vizio. We did. After days of fight they said to take a pic, and send it. We did and no response. We kept it. 2 years later it suddenly went dead. we called to find that our 2 year warranty was up 1 month ago. They said our light went out and that is not worth the $ to repair . What suckers we were. Defective and they will not stand behind! We thought we would support them as they were supposed to be for the people (as I heard, anyway) We are just sick about this. disgusted! and saddened with humanity.
 24th of Jun, 2009 by   EBA 0 Votes
VIZO sucks. Spent 1000 on our first Flat screen 42" Vizio. It broke- No Video No Sound 16 months later!!! It only had a 12 month warranty and after calling Vizio and talkling with 3 separate customer service people (two managers) -they wouldn't stand behind their product or do anything for us because it was a couple months past warranty. Our TV was literally smelling like smoke- could have been a fire- and they wouldnt' do anything. THEY SUCK. NEVER BUY FROM THEM!!!
 24th of Jun, 2009 by   Ronniep 0 Votes
It seems that many have had the same problems with picture and sound. And many just after factory warranty is up. We complained right after we got the set and lived with the sound being low and grey areas in the black. now it has died after 2 years and 1 month. The cust. service has not changed one bit. unhelpful and at times just rude. 1, 800.00 dolars we have to eat. I contacted the Better Business Bureau. It may not help but at least I fell like I did SOMETHING. You are welcome to follow suit. @ www.bbb.com good luck.
 29th of Jun, 2009 by   minojmz 0 Votes
same here. i purchased vizio 60 exactly 2 years and 2 months ago from Costco. (well, then it was $3000) yesterday, i noticed a black line going from one side to the other in the middle of the screen. of course i called vizio but they say i am SOL basically. Wow. 2 months after warranty expires... i believe in Karma... would never buy vizio...
 10th of Aug, 2009 by   TWheeler 0 Votes
Vizio is a company that takes the money and runs. We brought a 42 in flat screen and it went out in 6mos. They replaced it with a refurbished one and it also went out. Now they want to replace it with another refurbished one and no warranty. When it goes out in 6 mos, we will be without a TV. You can bet I won't buy another Vizio.
I will never by another VIZIO, the company sucks.
 23rd of Aug, 2009 by   Timetraveler 0 Votes
Wow, it seems like most of these complaints are from people who never made a decision to cover themselves AFTER the warranty expired.. Geez people.. What part of 1 year warranty do you not understand..? We are all consumers and we all have to decide who repairs or replaces the item when it breaks, whether it’s a TV or a toaster after the warranty expires and over 50% of these complaints are from these people..? Most of these stupid complaints are from people who are unwilling to accept any responsibility for their own issues and then try to make them someone else’s..? I just do not get it... Every company I have dealt with always takes care of the problem if it is within warranty... It is not their issue people when the warranty expires... Get it..? Do yourselves a favor and do your homework before you buy and then you can only blame yourself if something goes wrong... As for those that received Refurbished units.. Look around - every electronics company does it so please don't tell me this is the first tv you have ever owned..? It happened to me with a GPS unit and a Samsung.. No company gives you new units unless you are still under the vendors return timeframe.. God, do some research first before you start bitching...
 27th of Aug, 2009 by   Bill in NC 0 Votes
Ok one thing for sure, Timetraveler is really the CEO of Vizi-crap. Listen idiot, I bought my 46" Vizio and it started acting up on my wife while I was out of state for a funeral. When I got home and saw the problem, a hideous black gradient shadow covering the entire screen, I got on the phone with Vizio. I got some pimple faced kid Scott who told me this was a known issue and he could replace the set with a new one under the warranty. The he put me on hold, came back and informed me that my 1-year warranty had expired, YESTERDAY! He went on to say, and I quote... "basically all I can do for you is ... nothing. You have to buy a new TV."

So as far as I am concerned, according to Vizio Quality Standard's every American should have to replace their $1, 479.00 television annually without fuss.

Hey Vizio... EFF YOU!

 12th of Sep, 2009 by   viziostinks 0 Votes
Well here's a complaint from someone who is STILL UNDER THE WARRANTY, not that it's helping resolve my issues mind you.

4 months after getting my Vizio (22") I noticed the colors were muted (everything looked like a shade of gray) when feeding in from the component cables. I called to lodge a complaint and was told they could send someone out to fix it. That's fair I thought but I would be out of town for a spell and told them I'd contact them when I could schedule a repair. Shortly after my tv developed a brand new problem. It turns itself off! Sometimes after 5 mins, sometimes after 10 or 15. It's different each time but consistent in turning off

I called Vizio again. The man was very helpful and gave me instructions on what to fax to the company in order for them to set up an exchange thru my local Costco (the store of purchase) Within a week they had received all documentation. I called Vizio to confirm this and was then given the bad news that "the person you originally spoke to does not work here any longer and we will not do exchanges or refunds"

Since my tv wasn't large enough (or expensive enough) they won't do an in house repair. My only option was to spend my own money to ship it back to the company (insured with tracking) and wait A MONTH for them to send me a refurbished tv back in the mail.

My disappointment was evident. Vizio customer service then reminded me that I was lucky to be working with a company that even offers a warranty 'so many months' after purchase. So many months after purchase!?? The thing stopped working after 4 MONTHS! My dad still has a tv he bought in 1980 and it works great. Now I was not expecting this tv to last 30 years but a 4 month life span is ridiculous

I'm currently battling with Costco to override Vizio and give me an exchange thru the store. If this does happen, I won't be replacing it with another Vizio thats for sure! Shame, I had heard good things about the company but after my experience and reading all of yours, this is the last time I'll be dealing with them!
 25th of Sep, 2009 by   L. Fred 0 Votes
Horrible T.V./Horrible customer service. I got scammed too! Just 3mo. after I purchased this tv the picture had a large green vertical line thru it. I too called custtomer service, I too was told to take a picture of the problem, I too was on hold forever, I too am frustrated. Then, they said they needed me to take more pictures of the piece of junk and email them...and I did, and still nothing. So, I called again and they said they would call me right back . Guess what? I am still waiting.

It is painully obvious that this is a widespread and pervacive problem with this company and with their T.V.s and I have not yet begun to fight.

Another Angry Vizio Customer
 8th of Nov, 2009 by   glock443 0 Votes
Same problem. Bought a Vizio 50" plasma at Wal-Mart. Soon as the warranty ran out, POP. Someone PLEASE bring a suit.
 28th of Dec, 2009 by   Ypardo 0 Votes
I also purchased an expensive Vizio T.V from Sams. The sound is poor and the remote quit working almost immediately. There is a major design flaw. The remote is made of cheap thin plastic that makes the remote prone to being defective unless you store it in a glass case and not touch. Vizio should take responsiblility for replacing the remote if the company wants to have me as a customer again!!! I am stuck with an expensive T.V. and have to mannually change the channel. Shame on you Vizio!!!
 1st of Jan, 2010 by   Pa Pa Mac 0 Votes
My problem is that the picture turns green and no sound on at least 2 stations. Vizio has had 2 boards replaced and now after less that 24 hrs the problem is back, I cant wait to here what they tell me today when I call again. Mine is a 47 1080p new in Sept 09. problem started 2 months after purchase.
 25th of Jan, 2010 by   hilong2 0 Votes
Customer Service sucks!

Vizio 47" XVT472SV - Slide program won't work. Put in a usb thumb drive with JPEG images (edited in photo shop and saved as JPEG).. the VIZIO slide program creates a separate folder for each photo on the thumb drive. Execute the slide show program and whenever the program attempts to view one of the phantom folders that slide show created you get a photo file error message. Customer service is worthless at conveying to proper source for a fix . Engineers blew validation on this one. Samsung has a slide show that works just fine using the same images.
 15th of Mar, 2010 by   zack7636 0 Votes
I'm just posting this info. wherever I find people who hate their Vizios. I too have experienced the dreaded black screen. Here is a law firm exploring a class action law suit:

I know nothing about the firm, but I figured it couldn't hurt to report to them that I have had the same issue a lot of folks have. Might be worth writing a quick note.
 25th of Mar, 2010 by   Jeremy Idaho 0 Votes
I recently purchased a vizio 26 in tv. got it home and plugged it in and the screen had a red dot on it. called vizio to see what the problem was they said it had a bad pixel but unless it had at least five red dots they would do nothing to relace or repair it.. maybe im wrong but when you buy something new it should work and the company should honor their warranty... should of bought a sony and for sure will in the future, vizio will never get another dime of mine...
 29th of Mar, 2010 by   tarynsmom 0 Votes
I purchased vizio 42 in on Aug 2008, i did purchase the extended warranty. my tv make a loud crackling noise and wont shut up and cannot hear the tv programs on until i turn it off and on again, and that can happen 3-10 times a day. i had repairman come out, and he told me the problem with the vizio is that there components are not comprable to all the cable networks. i had comcast cable and it did it all the time, and now have att uverse and it too does it all the time. when i had standard apartment cable it did not do it at all. i think the parts inside the vizio tv are poor quality and they burn out due to the use of cable companies and vizio should direct more attention to that problem.
 11th of May, 2010 by   elmanue 0 Votes
CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT CONTACTS: I think these two lawyers are trying to do something about it? Happened to me too!


or call a lawyer named Steven Weisbrot at 973-467-1060

Hopefully this helps! I hope they get the ball rolling FAST!!
 26th of Jun, 2010 by   Vizio Sucks 0 Votes
Yes, apparently Vizio decided to install a "self-destruct" port without any warning to their consumers (neither in the manual or on the actual port itself) as to the potential outcome of accidentally utilizing this port...Complete B.S...
Customer service was a complete waste of time as well...apparently now they put a piece of tape or something over this port on the newer models and a more thorough description in the manual...A lot of good that does us...Unfortunately, the improvement of this product comes at the expense of the consumer that decided to take the risk on a relatively new product back in 2007...I will badmouth Vizio to anyone I see contemplating a purchase of one of their products or rolling around Costco with one in their cart. Something as simple as this should have been considered by the engineers, or maybe it was as a ploy to sell more replacement components. Either way, I am done with this janky product. $1200 hard earned bucks down the drain!

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