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US Cash Advance Complaints & Reviews - Bogus Collections - Scammers!!!

US Cash Advance Contacts & Informations

US Cash Advance

Posted:    yodasmom

Bogus Collections - Scammers!!!

Complaint Rating:  97 % with 764 votes
Contact information:
US Cash Advance
United States
I received a call from 888-296-4293, or at least that is what I was told was the return call #. I hit *69 and was given the message the call could not be traced. I was told I was speaking with Nathan Davis and the call was regarding a legal matter. I told this "Nathan" that I was not able to receive personal phone calls at work...he then stated it was not personal. I asked for a number where I could call them back at and was given the above referenced 888#. I told this "Nathan" that I would have to call back but I wanted to know what it was in reference to. He said he would transfer me to his office because he was not able to give me any information. So he transferred me which seemed like he handed the phone off to someone else who was named Rachel Williams. "Rachel" told me that the call was in regards to a payday loan I had not paid from US Cash Advantage that was taken out in July 2008. I have no idea if I took this loan out or not so I asked for her to email or fax me some information. SHe said they already had and the only way I could obtain any documents was for them to send to my attorney and asked for my attorney's name. I told her I did not have one and I would check in to this matter. I have received calls like this before supposedly from other payday loan companies and been threatened many times. If I owe $ I will pay it but this harassment has to stop! The people I spoke with have an middle-eastern accent/dialect and would not provide me with enough information to check the validity of this. Based on past experience - I plan on disregarding this call UNLESS they can provide information in writing that I can verify from my end. It is ridiculous that people can harass hard working persons with scams like this.

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 30th of May, 2008 by   LuSonia Carson 0 Votes
I applied for a loan and no one ever mentioned anything about taking money out of my account for identity theft. I called my bank to find they had did a withdrawal without my permission.When I called them they proceeded to try and fast talk me and tell me to go online to get my money back.
 1st of Aug, 2008 by   thomas mahn 0 Votes
i want my money back. $31.98 plus $20.00 overdaft.
 18th of Sep, 2009 by   Shelby197 +1 Votes
I have been receiving several calls over the last few months first they werec alling my elderely mother demanding she pay my debt ot they were going to arrest her then they stopped calling her finally thank goodness but they call me several times a day now claiming to be officers if the buureau of crimanl identification. that he gonna hve me arrested he refuse to send me proof that i owe thiis loan as well he will not send me a physical address to send money to got very hostile when i told him i was calling police to turn him in for pretending to be a officer and threating to arrest me. still continued to call until i call police on the called them the number was un traceable and one number they called from was outside the country.
 24th of Sep, 2009 by   Fighting Back Now +1 Votes
I have been getting these same calls for a month. They have even went so far as to tell me the name they are calling me is the correct name and I have never had the last name they are addressing me as. They call my daughter-in-laws and tell them that I borrowed money and didn't pay it back. When I talk with the the man never would address himself and neither would the woman. Tonight he left the message with my daughter-in-law and told her that his name was Justin Jones. When I asked him where this loan waas suppose to have come from he told me that it was with a Cash Advance. Third time I have busted this group of scammers, they did not know that I do deal with this company and you can not get a loan from them online in our state. The first company they told me was CashNet USA, of course I contacted them and got proof that I did not owe them and they had not called me. The second company was Advance America and that is Cash Advance's aka. They have made a few slip ups also, because I raddle them because I recognize their voices when they call. I have been screamed at, cussed at, threatened, and out right told to just give them my information. I have starting researching some of the numbers they are calling from when they make the mistake of letting their number get into my hands. One is for a residence in Anaheim, CA. These people are ruthless and will do anything possible to get your personal information. If anyone is able to get more information, lets post it so they can be eported to the proper authorities.
 30th of Sep, 2009 by   Fight Right Now +1 Votes
Well I have gotten some more calls this week and when I told them I was to sick to play with them (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) and try scamming me on another day, He called me a *itch!!! I asked him was he for real. To get a job and stop trying to swindle people out of their hard earned money. He got even madder and startedd screaming and hollering at me, I could barely understand him from the beginning. But, once I got him upset you couldn't understand anything. Today a woman called and I told her the same thing and he got back on the phone and I told him not today it was not a good day to play games with them, I was hurting way to bad to go away. I have them giving me numbers saying it is my social security number, telling me my name is something else, and even telling me my mothers name and it is all wrong. Then they go off because they say I am lying and I will not tell them the correct information. They gave my daughter in law a number 714-333-2942 for Justin Jones. I asked him if his name was Dustin Jones from one of the post here and he told me yes. So, I told him that it must not be because he told the young lady that his name was Justin Jones and he started cussing me out asking me what my problem was, I hung up. These people can't be real, I wish they would move on and find jobs or will somebody find them and arrest them PLEASE!!!
 26th of Jan, 2010 by   51 pinky +1 Votes
Pinky 51, I just rec. a call from an Officer David Cooper stating back in 2008 i took a loan out for $250.He now tells me i owe $2242 and i can settle for $1245.I don't think so .He told me to call my attorney and have my attorney call him tomorrow.Ok( I think not).What a scam, he would not send me any info.until i paid this amount .and said i would receive the documents 14 to 21 days after he received my money.I don't even know what the loans if for or what company, i have had payday loans before but everyone is paid.Beware people, i get calls everyday from all the scammers out there, stick to your guns, if they can't prove what you owe, do not send them any money at all.I am calling the FTC tomorrow and filing a complaint, you all do the same to these idiots.PLEASE
 10th of Feb, 2010 by   Julia12345 +1 Votes
My husband has been getting the same calls. I finally got on the phone with "Hector Boyd" who advised me that this was for a payday loan in 2008. I asked him why they didn't just take the funds out of my checking account if it was a payday loan and he said he didn't know why. I asked him who the loan was through and he gave me this website. When I advised him that this was a scam, he told me that they have many companies but could not tell me which one he was collecting for. He also told me that he was not a debt collector and that he was with the legal department. What damn company?????? I still don't know. They kept leaving threatening messages on my husband's voicemail which is illegal. I asked him if he was familiar with the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). I advised him that under the FDCPA you cannot leave detailed messages on someone's voicemail which does not identify the person whom you are calling and that you cannot leave more than one message per day. They were leaving five or six messages per day. He didn't want to hear that. He continued to argue with me. I advised him to not call ever again but he would not let me get a word in. He finally hung up on me. I will be going to the bank as soon as possible to change my account number.
 17th of Feb, 2010 by   kjimbrough 0 Votes
I received a similar call as posted above at work today, and I had one in July regarding a payday loan that would be heading to court if i did not make payment immediately, and i will be arrested. I could not get information about what load, when it was taken out, how much etc. He could not forward me information, but he did know my email address. He finally gave me the name of the company as usacashadvance.com. I finally hung up on him, but I have no name or phone number.

The same threats were made seven months ago and no one has come to arrest me, I've received no court documents, etc.
 17th of Feb, 2010 by   Miss Suspicious 0 Votes
Today (Feb 17, 2010) for the 1st time I received a phone call from this number (646-224-9884). It was hard to understand what he was saying because of his extra thick indian/middle eastern accent. I kept making him repeat himself because I couldn't understand. He informed me that I was being taken to court for delinquency on an internet payday loan taken out in January of 2008. He recited all of my personal information to me as if to "prove" that he was a legit company, it was all correct from my SSN down to the checking acct number...He even had the names of my references that I used. He kept saying he was calling from the parent company of whatever the loan company was that I had taken this loan through. He said the original company I took out the loan through had probably gone out of business but he couldn't tell me which one it was. So I asked him how come the first time I hear anything about a delinquency on this account is when I'm being sued for it. he supposedly transfers me to his manager by putting me on hold and playing a ringtone in my ear to simulate music u hear when someone puts u on hold. The "supervisor" comes to the phone and this butthole proceeds to tell me that this "loan" that I signed a "contract" for states that if I become delinquent, the company doesn't have to contact me to collect, they can just sue me for it. Then he has the audacity to say he doesn't know how the account ended up in his legal department and that "someone may have stolen your identity". So I asked him if he had a phone number for the "company" he says yes and gives me the name of the company ("Advanced Cash USA" which, remember, he didn't have any record of before because it had supposedly gone out of business) and gives me a phone number to call which was (202-379-2317).

So, I hang up from him, call this 202 number and low and behold..it sounds EXACTLY like the guy I just got off the phone with. Then he says, since I won't pay, he's gonna tell the legal company to go ahead with the proceedings and if I had paid off the loan then I could prove it in court and I wouldn't have anything to worry about. Or I could just go ahead and give him a payment now and be done with it. Then I went off on him and told him I feel like I'm being scammed and he says "well since you're being concerned, I will tell the ACS not to contact u" and then he just hung up on me.

So I call all of the payday loan places I had ever borrowed from just to make sure that they had all been paid off. And one company was hard to locate...MTE Financial, which did in fact fold, and another company called Instant Cash USA took over their accounts. (I suspect MTE Financial is where this person got my personal information since they were the hardest to contact and the only company which had transferred my loan to someone else).

I found an old email from 2008 which told me that MTE would no longer be debiting my account and that Instant Cash had taken over. The email also said I could call MTE to verify. The number it gave was 866-859-6129. I called that number and the representative had no clue who MTE was, but instead transferred me to her company's collections manager (Tracy) who apparently new more about MTE and the aquisition and was able to help me a great deal. She showed all of my accounts had been paid in full before the loan was transferred. She informed that the call i received was probably a fraud and that MTE was somewhere in California, not in the DC Area. Then I started putting the puzzle pieces together.

After I hung up from her, I decided to do a reverse phone lookup on Google for the 646 and 202 (which is the area code for Wash, DC btw..I live in the DC Area) numbers and VOILA!! I found all kinds of people complaining about the exact same thing...a payday loan that was supposedly delinquent and they were getting threats from some middle eastern jackass claiming his name was Brian Smith or some obvious american name with an extra thick accent saying that they would supposedly be sued and/or arrested.

I have since closed my accounts and put security alerts on the new ones. I've also called all of the 4 major credit bureaus and put security freezes and fraud alerts on my credit reports.
I also called the 646 number back, which turned out to be a fax machine and then I called the 202 number back and informed Mr. "Brian Smith" that he and his "company" along with his "legal department" was under investigation with the FBI and my local police agency for suspected ID Theft, Wire Fraud and Scams...He of course hung up in my ear.

KEEP THIS GOING FOLKS!!! Hopefully some other unsuspecting consumer will read these and not be fooled!!!
 5th of Mar, 2010 by   Kristyw 0 Votes
I too am in the same boat. The "Legal Department from USA Cash Advance" has been calling my home and my job harrassing me. They got very ugly with me and and the secretary at my job. This is bogus. I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN A CASH ADVANCE loan. I don't believe in them so I know for a fact this is a scam. Same middle-eastern accent as listed in the posts above. Terrible, terrible attitude. A meek person would break down under the durress of these phone calls. My question is this: What is my recourse as far as the harrassing phone calls at work and home?
 8th of Mar, 2010 by   Bryan_Mack 0 Votes
Yeah...I got one a few hours ago...saying exactly what they needed to to try and scare a half asleep person...saying the loan was $600...but owe $4000...they just have my social securrity # a really old bank account number...and a really old street address...saying in July of 2008 I took a payday loan out in grand junction Arizona...the street address was right, but the city and state were WAY wrong. In 08 I was unemployed, and in California...so I knew right away that was wrong. But half falling asleep decided to hear him out...then realizing how wrong he was cussed him out. Told him to get his habibi ass a real job...and other phrases not suitable for a forum...he told me that I needed to get a better job, and a more respectable job...and they continue to call...but the police don't want to do anything until the transfer of money takes place...
 8th of Mar, 2010 by   JessD +1 Votes
My husband and I just recieved this call a few minutes ago saying we owed money. They said they deposited money into our account and that we applied online. We looked up U.S. Cash Advance after the guy we talked to refused to even tell us how much money we "owed". He said that papers would arrive in a couple of weeks and then gave a bogus law firm. Cooper Law Firm in Dallas, Tx. Yeah...except there isn't any listings for that law firm except in South Carolina and Berkely. We are currently speaking with the FTC and they have told us to go the consumer complaint agency in our state and they were going to look into as well. I'm so glad people are letting others know what a scam this is ( us cash advance even posted a warning about these phone calls people are getting) I can't believe these people haven't been caught yet. The guy on the phone was not only trying to scam us, he is telling us to just "wait and see when you have to go up in front of a judge and jury, this is a criminal offense...blah blah blah." Of course we have continued to try and call him back but he only picked up once after he originally called and told him we know he's a fraud and he should be put in jail and now he's not picking up... hmmmmmm...
I wonder why...
 9th of Mar, 2010 by   RoxieLox28 0 Votes
So glad I found this complaint site. I just received a phone call exactly like all of these. A guy with a thick middle eastern accent, american name and threatening to sue me, arrest me, have me investigated. Would not give me what it was in reference to, had to dig it out of him. Finally got a call back number with a 646 area code. I called them back and they said they were a legal avidavit department. Said the same thing, that I had an outstanding payday loan with US Cash Advance and that I had been sent three e-mails concerning this, which I had not. I asked for it to be sent to me in black and white, either by e-mail, fax or fed ex and they said that since I was refusing to pay that they would file the legal notice and send private investigators to my home and place of work. They had all of my info including my references that I had used. They kept asking me my intent and I said I would pay my debt only after I saw it in writing and had proof it wasn't paid off prior too. I did get an amount out of them, $300, which is the normal amount of any payday loan. After talking to them three times, I kept trying to call them back and they wouldn't answer the phone. I wish them the best of luck in persuing me in the good ole state of Texas!! These are the people who need to be arrested and put on trial in front of a jury. Talk about a scam and a way to make millions of dollars off of people.
 9th of Mar, 2010 by   rmarie 0 Votes
I receive a phone call from this Henry Scott saying that i barrowed a loan from US Cash Advance the sum of $500 to $550, he said i must talk to my Lawyer and have my Lawyer called them because they do not see my Lawyer number assign to them and i will loose the battle in court, so i said to him i did not barrowed any money from US Cash Advance he said yes i did, i asked him can u give me the number for US Cash Advance he told me no i must have my Lawyer called him, he said he is calling from the Legal Department, he asked me did you barrowed this money not to paid it back ?, i keep repeating myself i did not barrowed any money from any place, he said they are going to issued me a court order for me to go to court and if i go to court the court fee is $2160 and he can break it down if i dont want to go to court i can paid $1444, i pee on myself because when the man said to me if i go to court i will pay $2160 + i will be sentance for $5000 and a maximum of five years in prison, i was so scared so i ask a church sister from my church to act as if she is me and called these people and they told her the same exact thing that they told me, so she said to them she dont have $1444 she only have $900 and she dont have a visa or master card, they told her to go to Wal-mart and buy a one time card and put the money on it and they will take it off, because they was asking her if she dont have a visa or master card, so she started to curse them out telling them to go back to India and rob their Indian people they are a thief and God is going to make the Law catch up on them and put them on trial for what they are doing to poor people and they will be tried and put away for a long period of time, so happy i found out about these people, they have a thick middle eastern accent, they said they said they are from Florida, i am begging people watch out for those scammers they are out there, and they will not stop, they are trying to catch as much people as possible unless the law step in and take those people off the street the number they gave me is 1888-785-4479.
 11th of Mar, 2010 by   Office Entertainment 0 Votes
I just don't understand why these people haven't been caught yet! They are harassing me at my job and it's turning to a Circus act because they happend to catch me on a boring day. My co-workers and I have entertained this ridiculous scam long enough. I've even called US Cash Advance and was told they are fully aware of the scam and regret that their name is involved. They also told me that the loan can only be done in person and is only located in KY. I live in Texas and I've never been to KY. It's the same as all the other complaints, the caller is from India, the call back number is 877-219-6032, and all he's asking for at this point is my attorney's name and number. He refused to tell me any information regarding this so called loan, and he refuse to send me any proof of it. So I asked him, "So, let me get this right. I'm suppose to hire an attorney for an unknown reason, because some random guy from India called me up and told me that I should?" He hung up on me but called my phone 15 times again.
 11th of Mar, 2010 by   AMarine07 +1 Votes
Thank god for all these, this haji told me i owed 2800 from a 300 dollar loan, then threatened that i would lose my job. Im a united states marine i told him, i cant lose my job, he then called me every name under the sun including haji which i couldnt understand. Anyways my CO will be informed in the morning and maybe our military legal system can do something about it. oh by the way the hajis "name" was peter williams. yea okay habib.
 11th of Mar, 2010 by   Concerned in Colorado 0 Votes
March 11, 2010 - I just received a call from someone named "Alex" - he left a message and advised that I call him immediately. The telephone number he gave me to return the call was 1-877--219-6032. After a 20 minute discussion and him trying to get my debit card number / credit card number / checking account number to pay this $3, 478 (settle for $1, 786) or to pay 5 installments of $600 every two weeks, I asked if I could call this "US Cash Advance" and verify this to be accurate . The man quoted me my social security number, my mom's name, and a cousin of mine. He offered to give me the telephone number to the US Cash Advance he said he could provide it at 321-221-002. Here is the website for US Cash Advance which advises users of the scam - http://www.us-cashadvance.com. He gave me a fax number to fax the documents to, it was 877-348-5184. I called the FTC and after gathering information, I called them back not 15 minutes after I hung up with this other guy named "John Matthew" - it was his voice but he had zero idea who I was and why I was calling. then after a few seconds of who? who? he said "Oh..." I advised I knew this was as scam and all of the information, numbers, etc were reported to the FTC. The calls have stopped.

 12th of Mar, 2010 by   doe-eyed 0 Votes
I received the same call and they left a nasty voice message said his name was Leo Hernandez with an indian accent. I called back to tell them they had the wrong number but apparently the call was for me. They handed the phone off to Adam Scott who was Leo's supervisor. They had almost all of my information and they kept saying I committed bank fraud and that I was going to go to jail. I kept saying I had no idea why they were calling so he finally read me a statement and acted surprised I was just now finding out about it. They said maybe I should contact a lawyer or I could pay 473.99 today and it will be resolved. I refused to pay and said I wanted to know who put this law suit on me. He told me United States Cash Advance. I asked what date this so called 350 dollar loan took place and he refused to tell me, and said are you trying to get me for entrapment. I was then given a 3 hour time limit to pay and I said I would have to call them back. I got home and looked online and found all of your complaints and which helped me. I have contacted the FTC, put a 90 day Fraud alert on all the Credit Reporting Agencies and Ran all 3 of my credit reports to make sure no one has taken any un authorized loans out. I plan on telling my work about this Scam, for fear they may not stop calling and call work instead.
 12th of Mar, 2010 by   MMadi 0 Votes
Today I received voice mail stating that I was going to be sued and arrested for a loan taken out by an unknown company and that I had to appear in court in San Diego, California where charges were filed or pay 545.30 or be sued, he never gave the name of the original company or an account number. I spoke then with a man with a heavy accent named Kevin Petterson aka Marvin Morris and I could barely understand him. I asked him to repeat himself several times. He purported to be an attorney for INSTANT CASH USA working out of their Federal department. Mr. Petterson stated that this was a serious matter and that they were willing to settle out of court if i paid the entire balance immediately. When I asked for documentation to be faxed to me, he immediately hung up. I called again at which time Mr. Petterson's voicemail picked up however the man on the voicemail stated his name as Daniele Martinez. I then hung up and called again, Mr. Peterson answer rudely and advised me that he did not want to settle anymore just be at the San Francisco superior court on Monday, March 15th @ 11 a.m. and to bring the balance due, $6000-7000, court fee & bail money. He then continued his threats by stating that someone would be coming to my work place and contacting my supervior. I feel threaten, I believe this is a scam, and this company needs to be investigated. I am scared for myself and my family. These people have all my information. I have reported this incident to the FTC, Attorney General and plan to report it to BBB. They called me from area code 530 & 714.
 15th of Mar, 2010 by   TooSmartforthisshit 0 Votes
I have been receiving these calls for the past couple of days at my job. This guy with a thick indian accent by the name of Charles Smith claimed that I took out a payday loan back in May 2009 and that I have not paid and my account has been sent to the legal department for US Cash advance.. he claimed that if I didnt pay at least 479 dollars today that they would file court papers on me tomorrow morning..I have repeatedly asked them to send me documents on this loan that I supposedly taken out but he told me that he could not provide that information..Soooo basically i asked, you are suing me for taking out a loan but you have no documentation showing that i actually signed for and received a loan? And also your name is Charles Smith with a heavy indian accent?? Right..I told them to stop calling my job..and so did my supervisor. they still keep calling..these ppl wont even give me US cash advances phone number...they are crazy if they think im going to pay 3000 dollars to some random indian guy who calls my job and says i should

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