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Ymax Communications, Corp Complaints & Reviews

Magicjack / Fraud

Reviewer16811 on 2015-09-16
I placed an order approximately 2 days ago for five years term restart my magic jack telephone number 613-800-2101 which I received confirmation for this event. I tried to use my magic jack will without success. I called magicJack for support only to find they wanted another $300 fix the...

Magicjack / Con activity

Reviewer15445 on 2015-09-01
On Wednesday Sept 29, A man from this # 215-550-5902 called me from N.Y. City and was acting and sounding like my Son, He told me he was in Jail and needed money to get out and that he had a car accident and he was crying and begging to borrow some money He had help another man claiming to...

Ymax Communication / harassment

TanyaReed on 2015-03-25
I was harassed for 3 days straight! First they would call and hang up. Then they pretended to be from a Educational center. Then they said they were calling about a Federal law suit that as being filed against me and that they needed to deliver documents to my home or job, and if I had any...

Ymax Communications - Illinois, Chicago / harassment calls fraudulent request for money

tammy ikonen on 2015-02-24
update we call my phone constantly and then leave voicemails on my voicemail and tell me to paris st might get anywhere from the lost firms ended with write me that I would have to pay them with colleen player and tax myself to security and use my phone legal name

Magicjack Usb Port - Indiana, Indianapolis / billing

catfish56 on 2015-02-22
I have had my magicjack for 3-4 years and usually do not have problems renewing my subscritptions. This year however, I have and continue to not only not recieve responses back from mj. But, they in return keep sending me vm's asking me to renew my phone number when upon renewing my...

Magicjack - Florida, West Palm Beach / Money not transferred

Mark Will on 2014-12-22
I bought prepaid minutes and applied it to my magic jack app and was using it on my cell phone. I upgraded my cell phone and retained the same phone number but when I tried to use the magic jack app. it said that there was no available funds and that I would have to purchase prepaid...

Magicjack - Florida, West Palm Beach / Para recomendarlo

Claudio Murillo on 2014-12-20
Los MagicJacks funcionan perfectamente. Actuamente resido en Costa Rica. Mantengo Mi MagicJack acå, para comunicarme con Parientes y Amigos en USA. No he tenido ningun problema. Es increible, Su eficiencia. Los que se quejan, es porque no estån familiarizados con el aparatito...

Magicjack - Texas, Dallas / Product doesn't work as advertised

CharlesLeggette on 2014-12-06
I bought the new MagicJack USB pluggable VOIP system from Best Buy and installed it on home computer. I am a very savy IT guy. Immediately I noticed that calls were going to the MJ Voice Mail system, even though no one had been on our phone. They advertise caller ID, but its a lie. The...

Ymax Communications - New York, New York / total harassment

signmanj on 2014-11-14
This am my 93 yr old father answered the phone and some horrid guy with a accent told him hes in major trouble for something in his back taxes and a lawsuit is pending with the IRS. He gave the phone number to reach him and wanted my fathers accountant to call him. This guy harassed my...

YMax communications Seattle, WA - Washington, Seattle / mark Smith

John G. Hopkins on 2014-10-16
A man with a foreign accent called my cell phone, stated he was an IRS agent, and we owed money and a warrant for my arrest would be issued if I didn't pay $3, 980. He had all my personal information and threatened to send the sheriff's Dept to my home.

Ymax Communications - California, Rialto / False Pretending to be the IRS

Roland15 on 2014-10-15
I received a call from Edward Siliman stating that I am going to jail because I owe the IRS back taxes for 2009 & 2010. It appears that Edward has several alias; Kimberly Jones, Edward Siliman, and Matthew . The purpose of the call is to collect / settle debt. They want you to go out and...

Ymax Communications Corp / Scam

KDForr on 2014-10-14
I had a call from 239-300-6975, from Publishers Clearinhouse. Telling me to go straight to my bank to get the cash for the taxes I will owe for the money I have won. I was puzzled at how rude the caller was and how he would stay on the line with me until I got to the bank. The accent wa...

Ymax Communications Corp In Dc / Threatening call

JanNC on 2014-10-14
10/14/14 10:38 am from 202-280-7071 in Washington DC: Female strong foreign accent, very hard to understand, sounded like she said she is Mrs. Elon and I'm a suspect in a case filed by the IRS! She gave a case number and the call was threatening. She phoned my cell phone!

Ymax Communications Corporation / harrassing phone calls to my cell

Kitty Hollis on 2014-10-08
I have been receiving phone calls on my cell and they say they are from the IRS and also that I have received government grants. I am tired of receiving these calls and even when I tell them I know they are scammers they will wait awhile then start calling again. Someone needs to locate them and stop the madness

Ymax Communications Corp. Dc / IRS Impersonation/SCAM

Black and White on 2014-09-30
These individuals are calling with a "time sensitive" message. They are with the Internal Revenue Service saying that we must call them to avoid legal action against us. I was alerted by our attorney of the scam so called them back. A man with a heavy Indian accent answered "Internal...

Ymax Communications / harassing me with false stateme.ts

Donna J. Brown on 2014-09-19
This company called me and said I won the Las Vegas lottery and wanted me to send them $399.00 and when I told them I thought it was a scam they got nasty and hung up on me, but continued to call.

Ymax Communications / Scam

Amanda1985 on 2014-09-10
This company called my phone saying they were with the Department of Federal Grants and said that I was chosen to receive $8, 000 for a college grant, in which I did not have to pay back. First I needed to put $190 on a green dot refill card and take it to western union with me, so that...

Magicjack - New York, Nyack / Bad Service and Poor Quality

Accioli on 2014-09-04
I have had MagicJack for many years and accepted the poor quality of the service because it was at the beginning of a new product thriving on the market and offering a cheap service. However, they have increased the prices but not the quality of their services. I had my device with a...

YMAX COMMS CORP. DC / phone scam

Lauren Lamoureux on 2014-09-02
Just called this number back - 2022411178 - was told that this was John Jordan with the IRS. He wanted to speak to my husband to get the name of his attorney for his case. We have no case with the IRS, so whne I pressed and asked what this was in reference to, he hung up.

Magicjack / Deception

Sandy Doss on 2014-08-24
I posted this to Facebook this morning please read, copy and paste, and share!!! This deception has to be stopped we all need to have our voices heard. If I have to I'll send this info to all of the Dallas, Texas media! Sandy Doss Today at 12:16pm Is it protocol that when someone want...

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