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Posted:    Upser

The truth about UPS

Complaint Rating:  81 % with 182 votes
I have seen a lot of complaints about UPS and I have no doubt in my mind that they are correct. I work for UPS. They are the most self-centered, dishonest and discriminatory company as far as I know. As with lot of companies, the phrase “who you know is who you blow” applies here too. Having the unpleasant experience of being in the “pool” for part-time management promotion, it seems that all the candidates that are hired are young, inexperienced and should we say... less intelligent. And these people are managing the real people who are handling your packages and making the money for the upper management who decides where it is wasted... upper management of course!!!

It is funny to see when they are pinching minutes from the occupational (i.e. hourly employees) in order to save money and shoveling it to the management. But hey, that’s free enterprise procedure.

After having the experience of several years at UPS, they have literally liquidated my loyalty. I use to be loyal to UPS and do my job to the best, but today work is still done to the best, but the loyalty is gone. And this is due to the discriminatory and dishonest way of dealing with people. I got screwed in the process and I’m sure there are more to count. If I may say something that UPS did right, was the color they chose. It is brown, and it reflects the color of bullshit. BIG bullshit.

The troubles at UPS are endless. Employee turnover is horrible and since they are treating the people as they are, word gets around and eventually you run out of employees. But that is something that they are not concerned. Also, UPS wants to be the “safety organization of the world” but anything that is unsafe is usually ignored and even if acknowledged, it takes forever to fix it. So when you say UPS, might as well say “ooops...” .

So for all the people out there, you are NOT stuck with UPS. Use FedEx, USPS (United States Postal Services) or DHL. I was actually shocked to find out that FedEx “ground” is CHEAPER than UPS after they bought out a low cost package carrier. FedEx is more reliable in my mind and I cannot remember having complaint about them. Postal services have more alternatives than ever before and you can always check DHL references on-line. I am personally applying a job at DHL just for the challenge. I know that I can contribute to them or any other company more than I can to UPS. Knowledge increases the pain they say, and now I know what they meant by that. So please be noted that I do not like UPS just for the reason that I do know the truth.

Peace, Upser.
Comments United States Movement & Delivery
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 1st of Jul, 2010 by   Claudio H. O. Vasconcelos 0 Votes
I had problems with UPS too and they are terrible as a company. They destroyed a lot of things in my packages and their excuses are that packages are not well packaging:

"PARA LA GUIA 1Z3X2F326709640655 donde su contenido era SNOWGLOBE LOTION BOTTLE/ CHOCOLATES, ROPA, la respuesta fue la siguiente:

When a damage occurs, UPS inspects the package and evaluates the packaging according to our packaging guidelines which include the Int'l Safe Transit Assoc. (ISTA) 3A Test Procedures for small parcel delivery shipments, published by the ISTA.

UPS is not liable or responsible for damage to any package from improper packaging.

We are not liable for damage resulting from the perishable nature of the commodity shipped.

PARA LA GUIA 1Z3X2F326742974303 donde su contenido era ROPA y su reclamacion es por la maleta, la respuesta fue la siguiente:

When a damage occurs, UPS inspects the package and evaluates the packaging according to our packaging guidelines which include the Int'l Safe Transit Assoc. (ISTA) 3A Test Procedures for small parcel delivery shipments, published by the ISTA.

UPS has identified deficiencies in External Packaging for this package.

UPS is not liable or responsible for damage to any package from improper packaging."

I have paid USD $2.052, 00 for three packages. It was an absurd.

Follow attached the products photos.

They are terrible.


Claudio H. O. Vasconcelos
 19th of Jul, 2010 by   Riooge 0 Votes

Ups - My first package was delivered and sat on my porch with no signature
United States

My first package was delivered and sat on my porch with no signature, when anybody could have came on my porch and picked it up right after the UPS man lefted. My second package was stuffed in my mail slot on the security door with my ups next day air saver tracking # was ripped all up.
 3rd of Aug, 2010 by   UPSET FAMILY 0 Votes
UPS lost our family vacation tickets!! UPS offered NOTHING for the obvious mistake!! I appreciate the lesson. I will NEVER use them again!!!
 10th of Aug, 2010 by   ScrewBrown 0 Votes
Please note that your UPS delivery driver can't put the wrong time down for delivery attempts! All deliveries are prerecorded into his/her computer (Diad) and tagged via GPS satellite when each delivery is attempted. I read so many posts of angry and disgruntled customers who claim the driver never attempted delivery of falsified delivery time. This is impossible because every mile & step of a driver is tracked via GPS...
 16th of Aug, 2010 by   jamesash 0 Votes
UPS= Ultimate suPer Slow

I was paying UPS 80 dollars for 2 day shipping, and it took one week to reach the state next to mine. Do they deliver with bicycle?
 16th of Aug, 2010 by   jamesash 0 Votes

Ups - slow shipping
United States

UPS= Ultimate suPer Slow

I was paying UPS 80 dollars for 2 day shipping, and it took one week to reach the state next to mine. Do they deliver with bicycle?
 20th of Aug, 2010 by   Ramires26 0 Votes

Ups - UPS main power button not working properly
United States

UPS main power button not working properly. Button is do not perform onoff operation due to the damaging of button.
 24th of Aug, 2010 by   Really Dissapointed 0 Votes
I am surprised to find out problems with UPS are normal. I can not begin to list all the problems we have with them. We shipped some art and was told UPS can only ship it if they provided the box. Same jiffy Box I had but cost 3x as much and instead of our logo it had UPS logo. I declined and was warned they will not insure it if we didn't buy the box from them. We sent hundreds of these so I though this was polite ignorance. The customer received the box with a footprint in the center of it. He refused shipment and it was sent back. Of course the UPS agent gave me the "I told you so" speech. I asked him what size shoe he wore but he refused to tell me.

I moved my office from a rented office complex to a residential area walking distance from our chamber of commerce. We are now 1 mile from the highway. I thought it was a smart move. The city recognizes us as a business. So does fed-ex and our internet providers (they charge more for same service because we are a business.) We have posted business hours on both entry doors. UPS only delivers 1.5 hours after closing time. Normally no one is here to receive the shipment. Corporate office claims this is not their policy. They apologize and say they will fix it. Regional office told me they don't care what corporate office says they WILL NOT deliver during our posted business hours. I asked why they answered because your office is in a house. Corporate seems nice and caring but they don't deliver packages. Our Driver is very good also. He told me he drives by us almost every morning but his supervisor will not allow him to stop until the end of his route.

We just paid USPS $5232 in postage, FED-EX $625.72, UPS last month got $0 from us. Many of my suppliers still use them which is my problem.

I do wish UPS would start to do their job better. I would hate them to disappear and leave no competition for FED-EX. But as for our business, if it needs tracking it will be sent Fed-Ex. If not USPS. Who would believe the post office is better than private business?
 15th of Sep, 2010 by   vince_12134 0 Votes
Doing business with a company that uses UPS services? Big mistake!!! In Toronto they have 1 centre for the entire city (!!) which is located outside the city limit but have hundreds of UPS stores. Of course they say they can't leave your package to one of the stores for you the pick it up. Why not?! Why is it possible with Canada Post but not UPS? They are retards!
 2nd of Oct, 2010 by   mach 2 0 Votes
i worked for ups part time they make you bust your ass for little money and they overwork you as much as possible to waste less money, they try to cut money on employees by making them do work in less amount of time by kicking thier asses with all that work.. ups are cheap bastards fuck ups, fucking supervisosr talk shit, only help when they want to.
 8th of Oct, 2010 by   nycgrrrl 0 Votes
My experience buying the Manduka Mat and Mat Sak was so painful that if I tell you all the problems you may not believe it happened. But, it did.

The package was to be delivered on Friday October 8 to my work address. I don’t work on Friday’s but I went to work especially to get my new mat. I kept checking the tracking and it said “package out for delivery.” At about 3:30pm I called UPS because our regular driver is usually there by mid afternoon. Also, I had noticed that the address of my shipment looked strange on the invoice from Online Fitness. For whatever reason someone had put the street number on the same line as the name of my company. The UPS representative said, “Oh, it’s OK. He’s a trained professional; he’ll be able to read what address it is supposed to go to. It will be delivered by 5pm.” At 4pm, the update on the package was “driver couldn’t read address, delivery rescheduled.”

I was livid. I phoned UPS and demanded my package be delivered to me. By now they mysteriously had the correct address as they did when I spoke to the first representative. They told me that the driver is at 144 Montague St. delivering packages if I wanted to run after him and get it. This address is a 15-minute fast walk from where I was but I said OK. I told her it would take me about 15 minutes and she said he would wait.
When I got to Montague St., I stood by the truck waiting for the driver to come back. My cell phone rings. “We’re sorry ma’am the package has never been with the driver. It is in our warehouse in Mayspeth.” I was dumbfounded. Why these people don’t know what they’re doing is beyond me. She said, “If you want to come get it, you can get here by 8pm.” I asked her if she was looking at the package. I also asked if it was TWO packages and she said “no, this is the only tracking number you gave me.” I tried to explain that on the system it showed two boxes with the order. She assured me no it was only one box.

So, since I live in NYC and don’t have a car, I took two trains, a bus, walked about a mile and waited in line for over 20 minutes but I got my package. As I was leaving the UPS warehouse and waiting for the bus that would take me to my two trains for the ride home (3 hours round trip) I decided to take the mat out of the box and put it in the mat sak for easier carrying. Oh, wait though--there is no mat sak!!!
I paid for the mat/mat sak package and only got a mat. I wrote the seller immediately. I have no more fight in me. It is the incompetence that is always shown with UPS and the bad luck of Online Fitness. The Online Fitness guy is always kind but that is starting not to mean anything to me.

I filed a claim with UPS because their computer system still says there were two packages! I also filed a claim with Amazon. I hope to get my mat sak next week once they figure it out. But, from now on I will order directly from Manduka (I’m a yoga teacher and will order a lot) and I will insist they send it ANY way but UPS.
 5th of Nov, 2010 by   upsshit 0 Votes
my package is to be delivered on the 4th of November 2010 in the tracking information page it says the updated delivery date is on the 3rd of November 2010.I spend my whole day at my home on the 3rd and the 4th of November but no package was delivered. even send the C3 document on the 3rd of November.Is this the way they treat for their costumers?How can anyone trust their service?I paid $ 283.1 for my package but I'm getting a very poor service from them.
 6th of Nov, 2010 by   Never again for me..... 0 Votes
Here is a new twist from UPS. My daughter was on vacation and needed some files from her computer to fill an urgent request from a client. I sent it Next Day Air, with delivery before 10:30 AM the next morning. She did not receive it until 5:09 the next afternoon. When I called the UPS Store where I mailed it the clerk told me to come in with my receipt and they would refund my money. I went to the store and was told the delay was from an "add'l security check by gov't or other agency-beyond ups control." They would not refund my shipping. I called UPS customer service and got the same story. NO ONE could explain why it took 6 and a half hours to make a security check. I do not believe this to be true, but a very timely and convenient way for UPS not to take responsibility for an error in their delivery process. Look for the "security check" excuse in any of your late deliveries. I will be anxious to see how often this excuse is used. Never again for me...
 17th of Nov, 2010 by   dana bee 0 Votes

Ups - liarr
nicks auto
New York
United States

there nothing but liars they put down that i refused the package because it was damaged meanwhile i neva even received it they must have damaged it and put down i refused it for damage gave me nothing but a run around this company needs to hire better drivers
 4th of Dec, 2010 by   John UPS hater 0 Votes
Waited all day for a baby bed that we really needed and was garanteed with diapers.com to delivered within 2 days on friday. Friday night at 8.55 pm UPS calls and is asking for our street address even though diapers.com had it in order to finalize the payment. Aparently UPS tried to find us at 11 am but for some reason the driver was to stupid to call us or find out where it is. Why did they call at 9 pm?? Retarded !!!
UPS tells me that we have to wait until monday for our baby bed. Well, I canceled the order of course.
Rediculous service by diapers.com and the retards from UPS!
 8th of Dec, 2010 by   reeniewhalen 0 Votes
We live about 2 miles from one of their hubs. They land at our airport which i regularly see pass our house and YET it takes them nearly 12 hours to deliver! I had monitored a package on their so called Tracking Information. It left their depot for delivery at 7:53 am and its now 6:30 pm and STILL no sign of the delivery guy. Excuses, Excuses. "Its Christmas so we're gonna be delayed". This happens no matter when it is. I just wish Amazon and other online companies gave you the CHOICE of courier.
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   upsdriver74 0 Votes
working for ups makes me wanna die
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   P.......sed Off +1 Votes
I need a job I ll take yours when you expire.
 17th of Dec, 2010 by   Champaign1-IL +1 Votes
UPS training policies and their management's complete disregard for CUSTOMER SERVICE combined with employees who don't give a damn appears to be the problem with UPS.

A new UPS Driver in Champaign, Illinois has ruined my YEARS of previous excellent satisfaction with UPS services. The regular delivery person for my neighborhood is outstanding. But, the new driver, this week demonstrated a side of UPS that left me unsettled. The new driver rang the doorbell, and I immediately answered, I could see the UPS truck, but the driver had gone next door. I didn't see a package at my door and assumed that he rang my bell by mistake. As the driver is returning to his truck, he says that he threw the package in the bushes. I asked why he would do that, the driver asked if I'd rather have the package stolen. Tough call- package left at the door or thrown into the snow (in a cardboard box)? It's a no brainer. The driver confidently defends his training of placing items in the bushes and snow because the snow was not melting.
Watch the UPS driver defend his actions on YouTube: http://www.browncafe.com/forum/media.php?do=details&mid=137
A manager or supervisor (Sarah) from the Urbana, Illinois office somewhat defended this position stating that he should have placed the package in a plastic bag before putting into the snow and bushes.; search for "Moronic UPS Driver Leaves Package In Snow." I am highly disappointed that UPS allows this. Electronic items are NOT cheap and it's simply not right to place cardboard boxes containing electronics in the snow. Big Brown let me down, today.
 28th of Dec, 2010 by   UPS Newport Beach 0 Votes
I ship from USPS almost daily for the past 3 years. I had to ship from UPS for the first time last week...they ruined the item being shipped and denied my insurance claim blaming the damage on "improper packaging". Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me...no shame on me because I will simply never use UPS again.

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