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, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Uverse equipment returns

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Posted:    Lynn

Uverse equipment returns

Complaint Rating:  79 % with 38 votes
Contact information:
United States
Disconnected our U-verse account 0n May 26, AT&T required to send boxes for the return of receivers and gateway but these boxes were not received until late July. The equipment was sent via UPS with tracking number on July 26. Received a bill for missing euipment for a total of $648. Have talked to just about every department at AT&T and they have the record of equipment being received in Laredo however we still have outstanding bill. Don't know what it will take for this correction. Waiting on yet another call back from them telling me what the problem is (August 22).
Comments United States Telecommunications
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 24th of Aug, 2008 by   Amy +1 Votes
I disconnected service with Uverse on 11/2/07 and returned all equipment with UPS tracking # confirming equipment was received in Laredo on 11/13/07. I received a final bill in December 2007 with a $0 balance. In June 2008, I received a bill stating they never received equipment. I have confirmation of UPS shipment and called Uverse to report this when I received bill in June. I was told someone would call me back, no one ever did so I assumed the error was found and corrected. Two months later (August 2008), I receive another letter reminding me about the outstanding balance and threatening to charge my credit card. I have made several calls trying to get this straigtened out. It's crazy because I have confirmation equipment was received. Also, why would they wait 8 months to contact me if equipment was not received. So far, no resolution to this matter. Their system is screwed up!
 24th of Aug, 2008 by   Mark keyworth 0 Votes
colonsmartcleasner Complaints - froud
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Posted: 2008-08-24 by Mark Keyworth [send email]

Complaint Rating:
I to was a dumy. i was on a survey, took the trial offer and got scamed. there were no phone numbers on the offer but i thought there would be with the trial shippment.NOT, only a web sight. when i went to bring it up, all that would come up was a picture of the bottle of colonsmartcleasner, when i clicked on the bottle it would take me to another sight. i tried several times the same thing kept happening. So there i found a phone number so i called it. they kept saying they had nothing to do with colonsmartcleasner.needless to say i was very angry.then i thought well when it comes in i would just put on it return to sender and wait for a refund. well it never happend... my bank said they couldnt do anything for thirty days from the day i sent it back. so i waited filled the dispute and waited four days for the results.. well then i get the results from my bank... NOT HAPPY my bank sends me some copys off the internet from colonsmart stating there is only one way you can receive a refund.you have to follow four steps. one of thoughs steps are they do not except Return to sender packages as a way for refund. what they dont say is that package i sent back is theirs now and you get nothing for $88.98.now it said nothing about ANY policys when i ordered the free samples.and when i got the free samples it had nothing of any policys either. so im out the money and the FAKE product(COLONSMARTCLEASNER). OH DID I MENTION YHE PRODUCT DID NOTHING... I TOOK THE SUPPOSEDLY FREE SAMPLES AND HAD NO REACTION !!! if there is anyone out there that can help me get my money back.i would be very happy... oozman.com@live.com TO EVERYONE------ STAY AWAY FROM COLONSMARTCLEASNER !!! THERE A RIPOFF !!!

1 minutes ago by Mark Keyworth [send email]
i forgot to mention the paperwork my bank got off the internet was dated july 10th 2008 REVISED. this was 2 mth. after i sent mine back. when i got my (FREE) sample.i couldnt get on their web site to cancel nor did they have a phone number... COLONSMARTCLEASNER IS A RIPOFF...
 7th of Sep, 2008 by   rita 0 Votes
I had AT&T U-verse for about 2 months when I decided I would be transferring to a new apartment in my complex. When I called to transfer the service, they said that they do not "transfer" service, and that they would need to create a new account with all new equipment, and send back the old equipment. They said they would send shipping boxes and UPS labels for the old equipment in 14 business days after the old service was disconnected. That was March 31st.

The installation this second time around was absolutely horrible. The installer left wires hanging out of the phone jacks and never put plates over them, ripped up my carpet in my bedroom, and put a whole in my wall to run the phone wire from my bedroom to my living room, and said he would be back the next day to finish things up. He never came.

I called AT&T to report the damages to my walls and carpet, and to let them know that i had not received my shipping boxes for the old equipment. They said they would "note my account" and that I wouldn't need to worry about getting charged for the equipment since I called. 2 weeks later I called to let them know I had not received the boxes, nor had a technician been scheduled to come repair what the first installer had left. Of course, they did not have a record of the call I had placed before, but not to worry...they were definitely making a note of this and the shipping boxes were being re-shipped. And on and on this went.

So on July 24th, I finally received my shipping boxes and and UPS shipping labels. I returned my equipment and have my UPS receipt.

Today is September 7, 2008. I recived a bill from AT&T for $649.52 for non-returned equipment. I tracked the order, and AT&T received my equipment on August 4th. I had a sick feeling this was going to happen. Today is Sunday, and of course there is no one to speak with regarding this matter until Monday, which I will have to take care of at what, and I have a feeling this phone call I make is not going to be pretty.
 15th of Apr, 2009 by   nate22 0 Votes
Hello, I am having the same Uverse problem. In December 08 I cancelled Uverse and returned the equipment using the boxes they sent. I checked online and saw that the equipment was delivered to a Laredo, TX address, so I assumed all was well. I threw out the tracking #! (Big Mistake) Now they are sending me to collections for an unreturned equipment charge of over $800!! I tried calling AT&T to no avail. I will not pay this fee. I'm trying to put together paperwork in order to state my case. Does anyone happen to have the address that Uverse equipment is shipped to in Laredo, TX? I could use that to retrieve my tracking #. Please let me know.
 1st of May, 2009 by   nate22 0 Votes
Thankfully, I was able to get this resolved with a little help from Amy above. I called UPS to get my tracking number, and the UPS CSR saw the name and number of the company the returned equipment went to. He put me on hold, called them, and they called me back about an hour later, confirming they recieved the returned Uverse equipment. They also said they would send a note to AT&T stating that the equipment was located. I called AT&T a day later and sure enough, my account now had a zero balance. What a joke! Thanks UPS, and suck it, AT&T.
 19th of May, 2009 by   Monica 0 Votes
I am currently experiencing an issue with AT&T uverse in which they are trying to charge me $477 for missing equipment because it was not returned within 30 days. It took me over 6 months and a dozen phone calls to even get the return boxes sent to the right address, as I had moved and told them my new address, but they continued to send the boxes to the old address of the account. When I resubscribed to the service, I couldn't hook up the old equipment, nor could I give the old equipment to the person who came to set up the new service at my new place. I was told on several occasions that I had not waited long enough for the boxes to come and so I waited again. After I finally received the boxes, I dropped them off at a UPS store immediately. During the 6 months that I was awaiting boxes, I had received several notices from a collections agency, and every time, I would call AT&T. I was assured several times that as soon as the equipment was returned, the bill would be altered to reflect the returned equipment. Then, five months after I returned the equipment, I received another notice from a different collection agency for the same amount. I called AT&T, was assured that if the equipment had in fact been returned then the collection should be rescinded. I was also told that I would hear from AT&T within 2 business days. 10 days later, I took it upon myself to call them back and was transferred to several different departments (which often occurs in a typical phone call with AT&T) and was told that the only group able to change anything was the collection agency. I was transferred to the collection agency who told me he has spoken to at least 20 different people with the same problem. He offered me a 35% discount, which would total roughly $320, for me to pay for equipment that was returned to them. He also informed me that the fee I was paying was considered a late fee. How can they charge a late fee when such an awful system has been implemented for returning equipment. I disliked Comcast to great extents, but at least they had a place I could physically drop off any equipment. The collection agency also informed me that AT&T are the only ones who can call off the request of payment from me, which seems to conflict with what the AT&T representative told me. The AT&T representative also informed me that I could have gone to UPS and they would have given me boxes to return the equipment, however, upon contacting UPS, I found that what the representative meant was that I could have gone to UPS and purchased boxes and packing material and pay to return the equipment myself. I had never been told of a 30 day return policy, and that 30 days should technically not begin until the boxes are received by the customer. I believe that this is terrible customer service on their part and if they do not clear my account, I plan to cancel my current service and never do business with them again. So disappointing.
 18th of Jun, 2009 by   zartosht 0 Votes
I moved and disconnected my uverse about a couple of months ago. I returned the damn equipments (two receivers and a gateway) a couple of days after I moved. Did it via UPS as instructed. Two months later I got a check for about $85 (credit on my account) from ATT so I assumed they had received the equipments and threw away my receipts (I know, MISTAKE!). But about a couple of days later these idiots emailed me a bill for about $487! I called them multiple times; some of them are rude and really dumb and couldn't even locate my account in their system. Finally someone was able to find my account#. Even though I had tossed the UPS receipts I was lucky enough to find the tracking# by calling back UPS store. I gave them the number and they have told me to check back next week. I hope this get resolved fast and painless.
There are a lot of rude, stupid people at their customer service; they even hanged up on me! My advice is that keep calling them back until you find a helpful person.
 30th of Jun, 2009 by   Upset AT&T customer 0 Votes
I experienced this exact same thing. UPS confirms receipt of 2 receivers, but, get this, AT&T says that they only received the "smartcards", and no receivers! How can I prove I put the receivers in the box too? Impossible without videotape of me doing that in the UPS store. Absolutely frustrating!
 9th of Jul, 2009 by   kyslas 0 Votes
I am also going through this exact same thing with Uverse. They are stating that I owe them 645.16 and have now sent me to collections. I advised them that I have already sent in the boxes last year and they said they never received them. They even sent me a bill in October showing a zero balance due. But I sent the boxes in November last year and right after that they sent a letter stating they did not receive my boxes. I did not keep my tracking number with UPS as I figured they received it. I contacted UPS and they were not able to find anything showing I shipped those boxes back. They said I need a shipping address. Does anyone have that address?
 15th of Jul, 2009 by   sirupate 0 Votes
We had U-verse cable and internet service for about three months. After many service quality issues and several at-home visits by AT&T repair persons, we decided to cancel U-verse service in March 09. AT&T instructed us to return their equipment (gateway and receivers) via a UPS Store. We did so and within a month received a billing credit. Then, about two months later we received a bill for about $600 from AT&T claiming we did not return the equipment.

Fortunately we did keep a tracking number that was provided by the UPS Store. The package was tracked as being received by AT&T at Laredo TX on 3/25/09. We have a date and name of person receiving the package. Two calls to AT&T have not resolved our billing problem. Their customer representatives claim that we are correct, but say that they can not do anything to resolve our problem either. Yesterday we received a call from a collection agency about this matter...AT&T turned us over to collection without even investigating our legitimate concern.

I strongly advise against any business dealings with AT&T. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. We will be cancelling our AT&T local phone service ASAP. BEWARE AT&T!
 29th of Jul, 2009 by   Kelkc 0 Votes
This EXACT thing is happing to us. After several months of our not hearing from AT&T after we returned the equipment, I tossed the tracking #. Big mistake. A few weeks letter they sent us a bill, and we're getting a HUGe run around, including now dealing with collections.
 31st of Jul, 2009 by   zartosht 0 Votes
I believe it is in LAREDO, TX. You can call ATT and ask them what their shipping address is.
I had the same problem and I gave them my UPS tracking# and they found the receivers and gateway.
 17th of Aug, 2009 by   nate22 0 Votes
Here's the address for the equipment return:

AT&T U-Verse Returns
(866) 351-6364
Operational Technologies
805A Union Pacific Blvd.
Laredo, TX 78045

Thanks to Amy, who got me this information. AT&T found my boxes and credited me back the $800.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   magnanimousfool 0 Votes
My boyfriend and I are in the same situation as all of you. Except we tried getting the tracking number from UPS and they said they don't keep tracking numbers from prepaid postage. How did you all manage to get your tracking number from them? I am so frustrated and few up, I don't know what to do anymore.
 21st of Oct, 2009 by   Mark K. 0 Votes
I am so glad I googled this and was brought to this site. After reading the stories I am certainly going to try to get extra tracking #'s on my boxes if I ever get them. I am canceling Uverse as of this Friday 10/23/09. We'll see what happens. I think I'll take pictures of me putting the equipment into the boxes with the tracking #'s. In additional I will make sure I take pic of serial #'s I am sending back also and maybe a pic of a dated newspaper.
 27th of Oct, 2009 by   AT&TSUCKS 0 Votes
Same thing is happening to me. I returned my boxes in May of 2009. I am just hearing about it now. I hate them.
 10th of Aug, 2010 by   attisaliar 0 Votes
Dishonest staff. They quote you a price to steal your business from competition. They gave us a 30 day trial peiord during which one box didn't work and 2 remotes didn't work and the user interface is awful. I cancelled within 30 days but they want to charge me for the 30 day free trial period. In addition, the sent me a bill for much higher than they quoted me. I'm going back to comcast, I found out that they stole comcast amplifier out of the box. I'm going to drop off their boxes at the nearest ATT location and it's their problem how they get it to the right dept. Someone should file a law suit and get them to stop cheating people.
 27th of Sep, 2010 by   TRAN DAI TY PHU 0 Votes
i have order 5 iphone, cancel service within 5 days and return to att, i recieved bill from att for $1100 for monthly services charge, i never get my refund for $1800, i got an email from att that said they reciceve my package return, i call att, they said they don't recieved any thing from me, i go USPS with tracking number, USPS said att already recieved package, i call att again they said they didn't recived any thing and nothing they can help, i lost my refund $1800 + service charge $1100, can someone help me please, trandaityphu@gmail.com . Thank a lot
 8th of Oct, 2010 by   BEWAREOFATT 0 Votes
Same issue. Can anyone say class action? This is ridiculous. AT&T is infamous for their collection practices. They follow their own laws. I initially joined AT&T in January 2009, after being with Comcast for five years. The promised me they could beat their competitors rates by charging me $169 for the uverse service. They would also send me a $100 check for switching and if I maintained the service I could go to this website and claim another $100 dollars. I received the $100 check, but for the website, it never worked. The confirmation number the rep provided over the phone would not work. Not to mention, the rate the rep quoted was $169 but when I got my bill it was $196. The rep quoted the rate backwards, whether it was an honest mistake or legitimate disability, I was robbed with no gun. I have requested on several occasions for them not to solicit me: they do it anyway. I discontinued my cable services back in February of 2009. Now, to take the cake, they have put me in collections for their cable equipment that was sent to Laredo TX in March of 2009. First they sent my account to Collections Bureau of America. I disputed the account and AT&T never validated the debt. Six months later they sent the account to a collection agency CBCS. Disputed the account again. I was told because AT&T never responded, the debt was not validated; therefore the account was sent back to AT&T October 5, 2009. It is now October 2010, and I have received another collection notice from the third collection agency AFNI. For a third time I have to dispute the same damn account. I am tired of this and I was reparations. What can I do? This practice should be illegal and it needs to stop! AT&T IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO PAY!
 3rd of Dec, 2010 by   Leo K Francis 0 Votes
I took an ATT U verse connection, and I specifically confirmed with the sales agent that there is no contract. But when I am cancelling the service, I am told that there was a contract (and that the contract was sent via email) and that I need to pay cancelling charges. This is absolutely rediculous. Could someone please advice me on how to take these cheaters to court? Please advice all your friends to keep away from AT&T, they make money by cheating customers.

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