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Team National, Layton, Utah Complaints & Reviews - COMPLAINTS

Team National Contacts & Informations

Team National

Posted:    studz311


Complaint Rating:  65 % with 127 votes
Contact information:
Team National
Layton, Utah
United States






Team national seems to have found good deals and is charging a ridiculous amount of money for the convenience.
Team national Is a MLM multi level marketing company that provides savings off the msrp In almost all cases you would be able to find the same discount from a printable internet coupon or by looking around. Team national Scam is what the company should be called. Team National complaints are all over the internet . Team national website doesn't provide people with information because they know that that the only way that they will be able to make people sign up is to put people in the pressure situations in which they feel like they are helping out their family and friends. 800 dollars plus is a lot to help out family. When I search for information about them asking for a list of discounts I notice that it really Doesn't tell you much. every term that I've searched to know about the experience of other people by searching team national scam, team national complaints, team national pyramid scheme, team national review, team national mlm scam and have found that nobody seems happy with the company. The discounts that they provide aren't exlusive to being a member of Team national.
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 29th of Mar, 2010 by   Travis H. 0 Votes
Team National is an incredible company with strong business sense and Godly morals. On the business sense side...they strive everyday to figure a way for its members to pay less. They are not into products (i.e. furniture, jewlery, cars, communications, etc.) which allows its members to buy these items at very low low prices.

On the Godly morals side...it is very important to me to see a company incorporate its morals into its standards and strategies. TN does just that. Their founder, Dick Loehr, always talked about God being first. They don't just talk this way, they actually live this way. From thier very lucrative, yet equitable way compensation program all the way down to the way its members save tons of money on things they're already spending money on everyday, this company is truly transparent, integrous, and worth everybody at least taking a look at a presentation.

The worse thing that will happen is you will save some money. The best thing that could happen is that your dreams will be inspired, you will be on your road to financial freedom, and you will be on your way to the lifestyle (which includes "time freedom") that you always dreamed about.

Time is gonna go by anyway so you might as well find an addt'l income stream (savings or earnings or both) and enjoy the time as it goes by.

Don't take my word for it, just listen to a presentation.
 3rd of Apr, 2010 by   objective opinion +1 Votes
Travis: Be careful. Have you ever heard of Affinity fraud? Look it up. I didn't realize TN was using those tactics as well! I attended a TN presentation with an open mind. Immediately I was put off by the deception, and rah-rah cult-like atmosphere! I did a lot of research and I also do financial analysis. The discounts you can get anywhere else such as Bigcrumbs.com, so THAT has NO VALUE whatsoever! So, what is your $2100 paying for? There is no product and no viable service being provided! It's simply deceiving more people to join a club with huge fees that offers nothing tangible or intangible of value! This IS a pyramid scheme if I ever saw one! You can make $$$ if you are a very deceptive SALES person, who could sell ice to an Eskimo or fire to the Devil! Can you live with that? Simple mathematics ... an equation must balance, and the ONLY way those higher in the pyramid make $$$ is because MANY others in the downlines lose their "membership investment $$$ to an equal degree! Again, there is NO product or service of value that you cannot get for free!
 22nd of Apr, 2011 by   roycenator +1 Votes
I have a family member who just bought in to team national for $2000 and just by buying her suv through them she saved almost 4000 I want to know more about all this
 28th of Apr, 2011 by   eric b. p 0 Votes
I am very pleased with team national. The discounts are real as we have saved over $3000 on furniture, printers, and toner. The discounts are real, therefore I can recommend it.. anyone I recommend It to who is not fully satisfied, I Wii refund their $.
 11th of May, 2011 by   daybyday3 0 Votes
We purchased a two year membership 3 months ago. To date we have saved more then half of that membership fee. We purchased Verizon cell phones. Verizon, with a contract wanted $99.99 per phone and a $25.00 activation fee per phone. We then checked to see what our Team National membership would do for us. $0. cost per phone with the same contract, no activation fee, and then we received a commission check for $50.00. I did not have insurance that covered my prescriptions. I am now paying $61.00 per month for Garbapentin that use to cost me, before we signed up for Team National, $134.00 a month. Are these comments tangible enough? I can supply more specifics of our cost savings if you like. Team National has been featured three time in Success Magazine, it is a member of Dunn and Bradstreet, Chamber of Commerce, and their rating with the BBB is A+. We will be converting to a premium (life time) membership at the end of our two year membership. FYI, a premium membership will cover you, your parents, your children and your grandchildren. I don't know where the negative comments are coming from. It is not a pyramid scheme, and the benefits of membership are real.
 6th of Jul, 2011 by   jdee 0 Votes
Many uninformed people speak of "pyramid" as though it is something evil. Henry Ford built a car and sold it. That concept caught on and thru the pyramid of factories, dealerships, and people buying the cars, it has become one of the worlds largest discounts if you businesses. The Pyramid is the strongest structure know to man, and it's use in business is well documented. It is perhaps the only business model that has withstood the test of time.

While you can sometime find equal discounts by laboring thru the internet, Team National consolidates your search and makes on-line shopping extememly easy. Saving me time is saving me money. Their Factory Direct is truly that. We saved $989.00 on our flooring.

Our life time membership of $2195. has been recouped several times over, and we are not embarrased at all to share this idea with family and friends who shop in many of the same places we shop, and Team National makes internet shopping much easier for our family. Plus, you can get rewarded for referring a friend to Team National.

Most of the people who complain about Team Nation have purchased a membership and expected someone else to do all the work for them. They loose in most other things the do also. Just remember, the only way for some people to make their candle shine bright is to blow someone elses out.

When companies like Sears, Home Depot, Target, Bass Pro, Cabelas, Wells Fargo Bank, to name a few, associate themselves with Team National, there is not much more due diligence I need to do. Last I checked, most companies like the one mentioned above, have a room full of lawyers to help them make business associated decisions. I you find something they collectively have missed about Team National, and why it should not be considered a leader in the Direct Selling industry, get back with me. I wouldn't waste much time...
 25th of Feb, 2012 by   KimHD 0 Votes
My name is Kim D. I have been introduced to TN by my best friend. When he first told me about TN I thought the same as most people. This is a scheme that will come to a bunch of nothing. I took the time to examine TN and realized that there are similar things between TN and team concepts. The only way a team is successful is when the team is working together to reach their common goal of being successful. You will find this same concept in many cultures, ie., the Mormans, the Jewish community, the Espanics, the Germans, the Irish, the Italians, etc. What these cultures have in common is they work toward reaching success by investing their money and time with each other and their own communities. These communities work as a team to grow as a people. I see TN using the same concept to help anyone help themselves become successful. I believe that as Americans we owe it to ourselves to strenghten our economy and not wait for the government to come up with the answer. I have heard all my life that I can be part of the problem or part of the solution. I choose to be part of the solution which excites me. I see creating my own business with TN is the way to go. Investing $2195 to start a business with a team concept that incorporates saving enough money to recoup my investment makes sense. This a win situation. Also, being able to make money by helping others start their business is icing on the cake. This makes it a win-win situation. We as a people either live life as a spectator or a player. Which are you? Through TN I see the oportunity as a country to save money while growing the economy and working as a team to help each other be successful and live the good life. Am I a dreamer or do I see the American Dream being reached by each of us helping each other live the good life which effects the economy first hand. As Americans it is our duty to help each other be successful.
 28th of Apr, 2012 by   Larrys1977 0 Votes
All I have to say to this complaint is obviously the person who wrote it only thinks with a narrow mind, can't think outside the box, and obviously didn't have a resourceful enough mind to be successful. Bigcrumbs.com?????lol is a joke. Ok so i have a house i need to roof and the cheapest bundle of shingles i could find at any local hardware store is 24 dollars per bundle and by the time I buy all my supplies it will cost me 5, 000 dollars which is a lot of money for me. Now lets see I can buy a 2 year membership at team national for about 800 dollars and go through my Bign market place to buy my supplies and even if the supplies still cost me 5, 000 dollars I get a percent cash back of almost 500 dollars buying it from that same hardware store and i don't pay any shipping and can take my order number from the purchase i made through my Team National business down to the store and pick up my supplies without waiting for them to be shipped...5 hundred dollars is over half what i spent on the membership already and i still got 24 months left to save more than i spent ? Bigcrumbs.com won't do that for me. And that was only one example of many others just like it. Not only do i get discounts and commissions back on local stores but also on services like lawn services, tree service, construction services, realty services and so on and so on. can i contact Big crumbs.com to find a construction company to come fix the leak in my roof at a discounted rate ? Or can i contact Bigcrumbs to come do some light maintenance and plumbing on my house so i can sell it ? how about siding ? No I didn't think so ! So My question is WHY are you writing a bad complaint about a company you really obviously know nothing about ? Nothing Better to do ? And WHY on God's green earth do ppl keep talking about pyramid schemes ? Just because it is a member based program that the more members it has the more it thrives doesn't make it a scheme. Can someone look up the definition of a scheme for me ? If it's members get back the commisions they say you will and if they pay you the money they say they will if you hit certain goals then it's not a scheme. Corporate American Is a Pyramid Scheme...Atleast with Team National Our Prsident and CEO will come down off of her perch and over look all her members and ask every single one of them, "What can i do to help you grow, How can I help you succeed?, " You won't ever see the president of our country do that with honesty in his heart.I mean really, It takes a real close minded person not to see the possibilities with Team National without judging them based on passed bad experiences with other network marketing companies. And that all I have to say about that. lol
 30th of May, 2012 by   Lester The Cat 0 Votes
So, if this is so fabulous, why are the participants (Companies) not disclosed until you have purchased a membership. I make purchases based on quality as well as knowledge regardingthe company or business I am dealing with. I wouldn't dare join something without knowing the details of thier services. Can anyone give me a legitimate answer to all this?
 13th of Jun, 2012 by   MMichael 0 Votes
Hi lester the cat. I'm Michael. Just going through this forum so that I can share my experience because I just bought a lifetime membership for the savings alone. Here are some examples of where to save: Walmart, Kmart, Samsclub, Staples, Verizon, T-Mobile, HomeDepot, Lowes, MacMall.com, CarrotInk.com, Restaraunts.com(I may have misspelled that), Discover(I'm getting mine this week with $90 credited just for signing up no annual fee, 0% balance transfer fee on balances transferred to the card including 0% APR for 15 months on those balances), JoanneFabrics(I think that is the official name), and the list just goes on. If I got this for my wife before she got pregnant two years ago we could have saved $780 on Juice Plus a prenatal vitamin/supplement for the 9/10 months she took it. Yes the label is changed from the Juice Plus for sale to the public to another label only for Team National members, but it is made by the same company. What peeked my interest in the company was the amount of savings that can be taken advantage of, and the savings potential on all kinds of products grows significantly every year. I just renovated a property that I inherited and spent a whole lot of money that I could have saved on. The idea is if you are going to go spend money at the places above (and those are just a few by the way because I am STILL finiding awesome deals the more I look in my member website) then why not pay the fee to try it out. As a matter of fact I think you can buy the smaller package to just save for a couple of years, and if you decide to buy the lifetime membership before your limited membership expires the money you spent on the limited membership will be applied to the cost of the lifetime one and you just pay the difference. I think that everyone should at least do some research on the company, ask questions, ask questions, and again ask questions because that is what I did. As a matter of fact I interrupted the sales pitch to get down to the nitty gritty, and after about an hour of searching on the site I was sold. The savings alone is worth it, and the referral program to get paid to get more members in is strictly optional. Anyway, that's all I got for you, but I was VERY skeptical. I actually practiced my no speech with my wife before seeing the presentation, and I WAS CONVINCED!!! Anyhow, I gotta go, and again you should continue to scrutinize as I did until you finally realize that you are missing out on some awesome savings potential.
 17th of Jul, 2012 by   Charliehorse88 +1 Votes
Well here's the deal. Long story short...a smart person would do the research and watch the presentation and find facts...after you find your facts see if it can help you if so why not do it right? You don't buy a car before you test drive it unless you have a big G on your forehead for gullible...do the logical thing and find out how it can benefit you first. That's with anything you do. I'm a member but I don't have to persuade you to know it helps me. Good luck and God bless
 17th of Jul, 2012 by   Charliehorse88 +1 Votes
Here is one more thing to think about for people that say its way to much money to spend on a membership that I may or may not use...well I think paying high taxes and spending thousands of dollars on sports cars is crazy myself. But if that's what you want is it worth it to you? Of course taxes we cant do anything about but cars? To me tn is worth paying the money because not only will I make it back in savings but commissions as well. Why do people buy expensive toys like sports cars knowing they depreciate in value as soon as you drive it off the lot? Tn doesnt do that... It's just the opposite. It will only add to your wallet and is smart business move. Working as a team only keeps the process flowing smoothly. That's why it's called tn. How hard is it to be sitting down with someone and ask them for a few minutes of their time? All they can say is no.
 17th of Jul, 2012 by   Charliehorse88 0 Votes
Also let's say you make enough off tn you quit your job and let's just say eventually it stops rolling in...well if you were like anyone else you would have been smart and invested that money and or saved some of it back if something like that were to happen. That's what we do anyways when we retire if we even get to. We have 401s and retirement. Invest and that's what backs us until we depart this world. So ultimately what Im saying is you would have saved enough back to live off of just like you would do when you retire. So even if something happens save sone money back to fall back on. Now days its harder to retire. This would be a great extra income that seems to be growing every day.
 12th of Oct, 2012 by   joan H 0 Votes
I know for having so much money, that company only pays their VPs and their "heavy hitter" members the money...everyone else gets paid squat. And a friend was fired for no reason..but they go on about "helping"..doesn't seem like help to me. :(
 13th of Nov, 2012 by   elizabeth J. 0 Votes
Joan H, I heard the same thing about that company! They have mostly kids basically in their 20's who work there because they aren't worried about health insurance and 401(k) - - what company doesn't offer health insurance and 401?! That's absurd. And they give those that are already making the money (at the top of the pyramid) more money and call it "profit sharing" but the employess get a $40 gas card..really?? They should be ashamed of themselves.. firing someone for no reason ?? That person should contact the department of labor!
 14th of Jan, 2013 by   Craig from Louisiana 0 Votes
We have saved over TEN times what our membership cost since we joined in July 2009. My wife and I have been multiple "traditional business" owners for over 25 years and have never been associated with a Direct Selling company prior to TN. We can honestly say that joining TN has been the very best business decision we have EVER made.

Real. Honest. Integrity. Solid. Values. Customer Focused are just a few words that come to mind when I think of TN.
 14th of Jan, 2013 by   I dispise apathy 0 Votes
So... let me get this straight. Everyone who has praised TN has contributed only 1 post on complaints board, with KimHD posting twice, both a copy and paste of the same post. Looks like the most blatant sales pitch I have seen on this website. Having done some research and spoke to a few people who have actually dealt with TN... bottom line is AVOID AT ALL COST. Just another typical pyramid scheme with false promises and a few rich guys calling the shots.
 14th of Jan, 2013 by   Joyann 0 Votes
My neice and her family joined Team National. Both familes paid out $2, 100.00, which sums up to $4, 200.00 total cost. They did buy and saved a "small" amount of money on a Left chair for their grandparent. Bottom line here is that "if" YOU want to make "HUGE" amounts of money$$$ start your "VERY" own business with your VERY own name. Get other's (like Team National) d to buy into your business. STOP! buying other people's company or business. Start your very own!!! Use your wisdom. Hint:
"Follow the WEALTHY businesses, and YOU to will become wealthy". At one time I wanted to buy a maid service franchise. Back in the 80's it would of costs me 15, 000.00 and 5% percent royalties.I then decided to meet with the owner ofthe maid service, and I "picked" his brains, and then came home, and followed his ideas of business and started my very own "maid service". Now, I am just like him. "Very WEALTHY!!!" Remember: "Follow the WEALTHY!" The WEALTHY NEVER buy someone elses business, they start their own. "This is what YOU ALL need to do!' GO FOR IT!!! WHAT IS STOPPING YOU NOW???? Good luck TO ALLTHOSE THAT FOLLOW ME!!!
 1st of Apr, 2013 by   the amazing J 0 Votes
I tried to use my "huge insurance discounts" through TN. ALL FIVE QUOTES came back MORE than I am already paying. I looked for a recliner at their "Factory Direct"...and found several overpriced models at brands I had never heard of. The cheapest shipping charge was 138.00. A family-owned store, less than 2 miles from my home, has a comparable unit in their showroom, 325.00. I could put it in the back of my truck and head home. I thought that I'd get a break on shipping if I used TN factory direct buying multiple items, so I shopped for a mattress, sofa, and recliner...and when the shipping was calculated, the freight came out to 595.00!! OMG!!! Then I logged completely out of the TN site, went straight to Overstock dot com and found everything for MUCH less, and the shipping was FREE. Walmart: TN pays you a 5 percent commision for shopping online at Walmart, so I went to the site to look at everyday items I need. Toothpaste? Online, 5.88 and in the store, 1.97. Deoderant? 6.97 online, 3.96 in the store. Shampoo? 5.76 online and 1.97 in the store. 9.00 for shipping? No thank you, TN, I'll just pop in to Walmart on my own. And let me make sure I understand: TN wants me to get excited because they will pay me a commission back for shopping at Walmart online? Gee, with those purchases and the privilege of paying 9 bucks for shipping, let's see, that's a check for 50 cents. Better call an armored truck for that one. FLOORING is another product they claim to save thousands on, so I priced 550 sq ft of flooring. The cheapest I could find on the TN site was 3, 074.21 PLUS 215.00 for tax and 474.00 for freight. And this does NOT include installation! A local store, in business for many years, can do my den and two additional rooms for 2600.00. INCLUDING installation. I called my upline to come see for himself, and he explained that the quality of the merchandise was a factor in the higher prices. I remain underwhelmed and more than a little dubious. (Wonder what the excuse is for the higher online prices for deoderant at Walmart? Top-shelf odor control?) TN just won't work out for me, and there is no way in good faith that I can sell a membership that will COST people BIG money, especially in today's rather challenging economic climate. I'll never recoup my 795 membership, and this was money I could ill-afford to lose. Life is full of expensive lessons, and this one is a LuLu.
 2nd of Aug, 2013 by   Powerex 0 Votes
Complete BS... The truly sad thing is all the people that got roped into this. Do you really want to pressure your friends, family and coworkers into something like this... When a sales pitch has more to do with recruiting people than the advantages of being a member run for the hills. My brother got involved and has regretted it ever since, the few people that bought in from him no longer talk to him and they were loyal customers at his business. One thing for sure, I like to sleep at night so I do the right thing during the day.

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