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Team National Complaints & Reviews - You can get the same discounts anywhere

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Team National

Posted:    Disgusted in Georgia

You can get the same discounts anywhere

Complaint Rating:  40 % with 110 votes
Avoid this company. YOu can get discounts even without this company. I spent 2000 for nothing.
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 24th of Mar, 2009 by   cribhead2 0 Votes
Having attended two presentations to join Team National, I can tell you that the only way you can make any money is by recruiting new members to plunk down their $795 or $2195 (depending on which plan you choose).

The video talks about how much people are saving, but they only use MSRP amounts as their basis for the savings. They say if you save a dollar a day you will recoup your membership fee. But every question I asked regarding savings they admitted I could probably find elsewhere.

I'm sticking with Big Crumbs http://home.bigcrumbs.com/clayc
It's free, easy and works.
 10th of Jul, 2009 by   shelbina94 0 Votes
We have been with Team National for right at one year and are very pleased. I have received several commission checks from normal purchases, recently took bids on painting our house and then got a bid from a company involved with Team National and saved $1, 000 over the next lowest bid! Best of all, we are seeing that other people see the value and the opportunity that we see and are signing up to be part of our business. We are very excited to help them achieve their dreams as well as ours.
 19th of Sep, 2009 by   go team national +1 Votes
If you watch the video, then you know you have to work at it, just like any other job! I have been with them for 2 months and have found no hidden clauses, everything is out in the open. And the savings are great. I haven't found the same savings at a furniture store and we have been shopping for awhile for new furniture! It is like with anything else you have to work to make money! You know that you are supposed to recruit new members to make money(duh)!! I love this company!
 8th of Feb, 2010 by   chasetop +2 Votes
Been apart of Team National since November 2009. Received my first progression check in my first month. Signed a friend of mine up and he was able to save $500 a month on home owners and health insurance! If you are not saving you are not looking and if you are not earning your not working...that's all there is to it.
 22nd of Mar, 2010 by   teamnational 0 Votes
We have been with Team National Since June of 2009 and have saved big. We built a house and saved over $3, 000.00. We also have received several progression checks simply by sharing with others about our savings. I love this company and enjoy being a part of it. It might be for you and It might not but take time to see the presentation and decide for yourself.
 3rd of Apr, 2010 by   objective opinion -1 Votes
I attended a TN presentation with an open mind. Immediately I was put off by the deception, and rah-rah cult-like atmosphere! I have also heard some members are using Affinity fraud tactics as well! I did a lot of research and I also do financial analysis. The discounts you can get anywhere else such as Bigcrumbs.com, so THAT has NO VALUE whatsoever! So, what is your $2100 paying for? There is no product and no viable service being provided! It's simply deceiving more people to join a club with huge fees that offers nothing tangible or intangible of value! This IS a pyramid scheme if I ever saw one! You can make $$$ if you are a very deceptive SALES person, who could sell ice to an Eskimo or fire to the Devil! Can you live with that? Simple mathematics ... an equation must balance, and the ONLY way those higher in the pyramid make $$$ is because MANY others in the downlines lose their "membership investment $$$ to an equal degree! Again, there is NO product or service of value that you cannot get for free!
 9th of Apr, 2010 by   MattPoma +1 Votes
Those people that complain about TN are Lazy and just want a handout anyway. TN is putting Hope, Savings, and Income infront of you. And it all makes sense and works. Wake Up!
 12th of Apr, 2010 by   Euphrates 0 Votes
I have been approached about TN. I was approached 3 years ago and did not. I am really on the fence about this. I am a Christian and there are 2 other Platinum (highest bracket) members in my small little rural community who are Christians. These people were chicken farmers and now they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. These are good people and I just wonder if they know what they're doing.

My thing is I need to see numbers. I need to see the savings that TN can get and then see if I can get my own. If I can't then I have a substantial product to offer people. If I can, then I am asking people to pay for an intangible good that they can get on their own. I personally, nothing against any one who disagrees, can not live with that. To me this is the reason the dollar has no value anymore. Too many people paying for intangible goods that provide nothing. It just seems a little unethical if that is the case. Does anyone know if this company has a money back guarantee?

Just wondering about all this.
 14th of Apr, 2010 by   T24 -1 Votes
Wow! Are you nuts or what???
 18th of Apr, 2010 by   objective opinion +1 Votes
Thank you very much for proving my point of TN with your short, pointless statement!!! :-) I have researched TN and supported my opinions in my post with sound, educated reasoning! You're post shows the arrogance and attitude that many TN members possess! You say "I saved this much $$$ or made $$$ by signing more people up". But none of it is supported with facts! It is all a deceptive sales pitch to support the runaway train that will crash! The savings CAN be found anywhere else, period! Let's put it this way ... The first pitch I was given that you can joing for just $30.00/month! Being in finance and having analyzed financial statements, my 1st questions was, "How can people in the upline make the $$$ they say you can make up-front selling memberships, if they only take in $30/month per downline member??? The math didn't work!!! Then I find out it's a $795 up-front fee (which they really didn't seem to push), but moreso the $2195 "lifetime" fee! Then it made sense! That's the ONLY way TN stays in business. They take you're money up front to pay the upline for selling a non-viable service!! If it was such a great service ... why not collect the $30 monthly through ACH withdrawals? If the savings are so great, people would not want to cancel, right??? That would not work! TN has to take you're money up-front! The ONLY way TN members make $$$ is by the decepetion of signing so many people up who lose their money! Unless you are a great sales person who has no conscience, avoid TN at all costs!
 19th of Apr, 2010 by   Johnnie Positive +1 Votes
Team National is an extremely simple program, all the companies that offer discounts are grouped into one location, allowing all to benefit. Who wants to search the entire World Wide Web whenever you want to purchase with a large discount. Team National offers all local companies an opportunity to join and offer their community a discount. This helps both the consumer and merchant. Anyone can join, save on major purchases, save much more than they ever spent on membership and never say a word to any other person. Also, the membership allows all of a members chidren, grand children the same highway to lifetime discounts without having to spend a dime on membership. When a company joins, they can allow up to 5 employees to shop and save without any membership cost. I could list several more benefits that members and their extended family has. Please consider all before making a terrible and negative decision about a company that is simply offering a service that allows others to benefit at whatever level of prosperity they choose. Team National has helped others for over 13 years, if this was a pyramid or unethical company they would have perished long ago. In the future please distinguise between a bad product or something you simply don't care to do. Most people attack things they don't like or don't truly understand. Johnnie
 6th of Sep, 2010 by   BirdDawgFan +1 Votes
Avoid this company. YOu can get discounts even without this company. I spent 2000 for nothing.

Complaint above ^^

OK, I'm guessing your sitting on the couch and waiting for your 2k to turn around and make your 1500 progession check come next week?? Don't blame anyone or company because your too lazy to get out and work the business. This is a proven system and with any MLM - Networking..business' you must go out and recruit. Team National is not a scam!! How much money can you make with "bigcrumbs"? This business is for people who WANT it, you and the others on here that are bashing this Company are LAZY! This Membership fee renews itself by simply keeping a website up and running! (75/yr) With the lifetime membership it will allow even your children to get involved for FREE! They can build a business and it only helps whom--YOU. Show me a company that can get you paid by 6 different ways, no products to sell, (unless you wanted to..), no monthly "required" purchases, No quotas, work at your own pace, Time = Money!, Spend No Time get NO money. Some people say TN is a "pyrimid scheme", well it looks like one, but "I" can make more money than some of the people above me!! Can you say that in most business' in the world today? I can easily see where a normal person can make the investment back in a short period of time when saving 50 to 150 a month on things your buying anyway!! Go ahead and include - If you enroll 8 people you would make your first check of 1, 500!! (A comma check!) That is not including IF your 8 people started working this as hard as you did. YES you have to find people to buy into the 795/2195 but I see ZERO cons here! Good Luck TN workers!! Coop from GA
 10th of Oct, 2010 by   objective opinion 0 Votes
BirdDog ... You refer to the TN membership as a "business". Yet, TN Reps DO NOT market it to people as a business! Their top priority is to "sign-up" as many people as possible to build a downline, and most of those people ARE NOT business people and do not know what their getting into! I've researched TN thoroughly and attended two presentations and was turned off by the rah-rah sales tactics and deception when I asked straight forward questions! Yes, there are sales people out their without a conscience who have a knack for selling anyhting to anybody at anyone's expense. They market the huge savings, yet you can find those same savings in many others places without forking over $2195. With so-called everyday purchases, you save NOTHING! I've found you can save some $$ with mutiple big-ticket items, so if you need to furnish a new house & buy two cars, you might recoup your membership fee. Funny thing is, my brother-in-law joined and was all gung-ho about TN and certainly NOT lazy, as you put it! He spent a lot of time, away from family, w/presentations, but has made NO income, and saved very little. He wanted to buy a new car. Most models are not available though TN Dealers. The nearest GM Dealer through TN ... over 2000 miles away! He found the little bit a savings was not worth it, and saved more working out a deal with a local dealer. Your assumption that people who don't make $$$ in TN are "LAZY", just shows the arrogance of many TN members.
 21st of Nov, 2010 by   SANDRAJTUTTLE 0 Votes
 4th of Jan, 2011 by   Gaitedmules 0 Votes
I went to a meeting and have listened to the negative and positive comments. I know that no one has ever made a buck doing nothing (except maybe if your Kim Kardashian). So, obviously it takes work. There seems to be two levels to this company, those who buy in for the daily savings and those who buy in to promote the company and profit by doing so. To be a true pyramid those above you would have to always make more than you do, this doesn't happen all the time with this company. Those who buy in for the savings really can't be compared to other online discounts because you don't receive commission checks back from Kohl's by using other discounts or coupons. I think the negative comments come more from those who bit off more than they could chew. The $$$ amounts of the top sales were like bait for those of us who have no sales ability and no desire to sell but bought in to the $2195 level. If you don't like sales you shouldn't commit to the sales part of the company, stick to the personal savings and networking for services. I personally am drawn to the company for the co-op type of networking for services and advertising for my own business. Just my thoughts...
 19th of Jan, 2011 by   teamgal 0 Votes
I have been involved a little over a year. While I havent been doing a lot of work, I did get one progression check (1500.00), I bought a 1000 applicance for 650.00, I got a 600.00 cell phone for 40 bucks (and then received a 35.00 commission check back). I got a mattress for a friend (cheapest she could find was 800.00, we got it through TN for a little over 400.00). I could go on...but I won't. Basically what I am saying is that the 2100.00 ONE TIME, LIFETIME membership has more than paid for itself and I will never have to invest another penny. If I wanted to, I could go out and make money promoting this to others, and I may decide to do just that. I have several friends who are involved and they are making BIG money because they are WORKING!!! The key here is like anything else, you HAVE to work. But if you work I can assure you that you will make good money.
 20th of Apr, 2011 by   weene +1 Votes
What a scam We got into it & regret it now...Talk about hidden costs
It's totally a pyramid scheme
 7th of Jun, 2011 by   emattjordan +1 Votes
This is an honest company, but every company has dishonest reps. I'm seeing where people say they did research, but I don't believe that. I've been a part of Team National for 3 years and have witnessed and experienced substantial savings.

There will always be some deals that can be found elsewhere online, but that is a fact with any company.

One fact that no one can discredit is the Team National Business Exchange. This is where businesses have signed up with Team National and offer discounts to other members. I got $5, 000 off a car through the Business Exchange.

I'm sure someone will try to rival my statements with some BS about how anyone could have gotten that discount, but that just demonstrates how closed-minded some people can be. I don't care if you sign up, and I promise no one else on here cares, but don't bash our company.
 18th of Jan, 2012 by   lucky1876 0 Votes
I'm sure you did get a discount on your car purchase, I got a $4, 000 discount of my new Honda and i did not get it thru this "honest" company. You say you have been with the company for 3 years and that it's a great company. Like you say every company has disnonest reps and from your comments there are also rude ones. Having an opinion about this company based on a personal experience is not bashing the company the company is doing that to it self by having dishonest and rude reps. If as you say " idont' care if you sign up" and " no one else on here cares" THEN WHY SHOULD ANY ONE BEING APPROACHED CONSIDER JOINING A COMPANY FULL OD DISHONEST, RUDE people who dont care about those looking into the company they might invest into. You shoud really think twice before making your statements. You just did a really good job at making this company sound worst than it already did. GOOD LUCK to all who consider joining this company.
 21st of Feb, 2012 by   KimHD 0 Votes
My name is Kim D. I have been introduced to TN by my best friend. When he first told me about TN I thought the same as most people. This is a scheme that will come to a bunch of nothing. I took the time to examine TN and realized that there are similar things between TN and team concepts. The only way a team is successful is when the team is working together to reach their ultimate goal. You will find this same concept in many cultures, ie., the Mormans, the Jewish community, the Espanics, the
Germans, the Irish, etc. What these cultures have in common is they work toward reaching success by spending their money with each other within their own communities. These communities work as a team to reach success. I see TN using the same concept through the membership fee which promotes success for all members. The businesses involved offer not only discounts to members, but members will receive commissions on what they buy at a discount. It seems to me that a true home business can be created through TN which can give all members the good life. With gas reaching $5.00 per gallon and we as a country are facing an economy that can only rebound if we make it rebound ourselves. Through TN I see the oportunity as a country to save money while growing the economy and working as a team to help each other be successful and live the good life. Am I a dreamer or do I see making the 2200 investment an investment in helping turn the economy around. After all, we must work together as a team to get our economy headed in the right direction.

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