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Target, Indianapolis, Illinois Complaints & Reviews - Fraud and scam!

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Posted:    Valerie

Fraud and scam!

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 6 votes
Contact information:
Southport Rd
Indianapolis, Illinois
United States
I'm going to say right away that I have never complained about a retailer before. I work for Walgreens and I know what it's like to be on the other end of retail. That said, I was still very upset with Target.

I've never had a problem with Target until I moved to Indianapolis about 6 months ago. The first minor problem was when the woman who waited on me in the dressing room was extremely rude. This happened numerous times with numerous different women. Then, I was shopping with my finance and he wanted to try something on, so I stayed halfway in the door way of the men's dressing room for him to show me his shirt. The lady very rudely told me that I could not be in the men's dressing room (which I wasn't) My finance even thought the lady was out of hand. After that, I made an large purchase (over $200 worth of stuff). $60 of that was used on a giftcard that we had received for Christmas. A couple of the items we purchased did not fit us properly so I decided to return them. The total of the return came to $80 and she told me she had to give $60 back on a giftcard and $20 back on my target credit card, which I use frequently. I was furious. I said 'Wait, I thought I spent way more than that. I'd like all of it to be put on my credit card. The total amount I spent was way more than $60. She said there was nothing she could do about it. So, there I was, with another $60 giftcard that I didn't need. I was fuming.

About 2 weeks later I received a 10% off card in the mail for being a Target visa cardholder. I decided to use both my giftcard and my 10% to buy groceries that we needed. (We never shop there for groceries because it's way overpriced but I thought it was worth it since I had the giftcard and 10% off) Of course when I get to checkout, the woman scanned my giftcard and the 10% off card and she said that the computer would not let me use both of them. I could only use one or the other. I was kind of ticked off by that but I decided to use my giftcard now and use my 10% card at a different time (it didn't expire for another 3 weeks)

At this point, I'm so fed up with Target that I don't want to shop there ever again but I decide to get groceries there because I still had my 10% off card. Of course, when I get to the checkout counter, the woman tells me that I already used the card and I could not use it again (It is only valid for one day of shopping) I was absolutely hot with anger. I told the woman the situation about how the other clerk had scanned it but it didn't actually go through. The woman said she could not do anything about it because I apparently already used it. Yet again, I was so upset. It only came down to saving about $6 but that's not the point. I feel like every time I go into that store I come out upset. It just really makes me mad because my finance and I registered at Target for our wedding and we are giving them lots of business that I don't care to give them at all. I'm extremely disappointed in Target.
Comments United States Department Stores
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 31st of Aug, 2009 by   summerj2008 0 Votes
Fiance-- stop spelling it as "finance'! The 10% card states that the purchase must be made with your Target credit card. That's a clue that you can't combine it with a gift card. The only valid part of your complaint is that last cashier would not try harder to help you get the 10% off when you went back with your 10% card.
 14th of May, 2010 by   MJ Heckler 0 Votes
Target Visa is a complete scam, I have been trying to resolve a billing issue with Target for years now. IMHO never do business with Target stores.
 14th of May, 2010 by   MJ Heckler 0 Votes
If you have a problem with Target call the CEO

fax: 612-696-6325

Denise May
 16th of May, 2010 by   wooda 0 Votes
Good comments, also complain to the FTC.

 13th of Oct, 2011 by   targetscam 0 Votes
Target store and its credit cards use scam collectors, such as Patenaude & Felix law firm. They will go to the sheriff, use any means to collect.

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