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Tara <tarasigntara-medium.com> Complaints & Reviews - psychics and the like?!

Tara <tarasigntara-medium.com> Contacts & Informations

Tara <tarasigntara-medium.com>

Posted:    anthea

psychics and the like?!

Complaint Rating:  80 % with 955 votes
Contact information:
psychic medium
United Kingdom
i am not actually complaining, but i just want to know if tara is a real psychic as i cant find much about her on the internet other than the fact that she seems to want to help.so, in this sensitive area i would like your opinion.tara asked at first for around 139 pounds for help on blocking negative energies and the such, i didnt answer, so as time passed, the figure got lower, which is absolutely fine, i am thinking of going for it.it is reasonable at 20 pounds.hoever, this s tarted as a free reading, the problems being that in the reading appears ominous occurences etc, do u think this strange, such as scam.i can check it a s scam in my toolbar or unsubscribe in anycase, bu twondered on youropinion if this is scam or just a real psyschic hotline? many thanks.

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 9th of Mar, 2012 by   Mimi_ 0 Votes
I dont know what to belive she sent me an email saying amirah are you going to make the same mistake you did 3 years ago, did any of use get this.
 11th of Mar, 2012 by   David Rayner 0 Votes
The messages in the emails are sent out automatically by computer and are all generic (which means that everyone gets the same messages, with just their first name added).
 16th of Mar, 2012 by   Anrew Hayes 0 Votes
Hi to all people contacted by Tara the Medium, i was also contacted by her via e-mail saying that i had alot of evil influences around me and that i would be coming into alot of money, and that to find out how i was going to have to pay her 3 installments of £28 of which i agreed. she then contacted me again saying i could have a special ritual but it would cost a total of £300 which would be taken in three installments of £100 or in full. they say you dont get anything for nothin which she proved to be true so please BEWARE!!!
 20th of Mar, 2012 by   mark jackson 0 Votes
well tara you should remember me. My name is mark jackson. You sent me a letter saying i would get a ring and a check. So i sent it back to you with the $55. And now i have not herd from you since. why is that. Have you used me. I was looking forward to getting it from you. Y have let me down.
Hope you read this. you have let me down

get back to me
 21st of Mar, 2012 by   David Rayner 0 Votes
You'll be lucky! She's had yer money and now sod yuh! How did she send you a letter, anyway? You don't give con merchants like that your postal address. It just ain't done!
 23rd of Mar, 2012 by   rudyb7777 0 Votes
This Tara fool is sending me information that she knows the lotto numbers and she'll make it all possible... for 3 easy payments of $14.99... What a load of CRAP!!! Im trying to get a hold of her and make a deal that if she gives me the numbers, and I win... I'll split the winnings 50/50... guaranteed!!! She don't have a contact us page though... So sad...
 27th of Mar, 2012 by   josipa 0 Votes
wow i wish i saw all this before i pay 20 Australian dollars, i feel like such a moron ...:(:(
 28th of Mar, 2012 by   Cranky Old Lady +1 Votes
Good One rudyb
 2nd of Apr, 2012 by   sloggernobber +1 Votes
I knew this was a scam as I put my name as Scrotum Breath and now I get emails addressed as Dear Scrotum. Its a computer pulling off this stuff and I believe its a guy. Ahahahah I guess he won't be going to heaven, dumb ass.
 6th of Apr, 2012 by   Bufster 0 Votes
Rewards Central in Australia http://www.rewardscentral.com.au/ use Tara Medium in the offers they provide to members. I have informed Rewards Central repeatdely that Tara Medium is a scam without success. I responded to an offer from Tara Medium for a supposed free reading that would have ended up costing me quite a lot of money. Same scare tactics as other people have mentioned.
 6th of Apr, 2012 by   English Ian 0 Votes
If you believe this shit you will believe anything... get with it pedro. I could tell your fortune as well as this person... don't be a sucker...
 14th of Apr, 2012 by   Stuu007 0 Votes
Tara, it seems, is a p.o. box number in the U.S.A. Very easy to get this person or persons back if they've scammed you - email the serious fraud department of the American tax people, the I.R.S. and give them all the details you can and also say you believe they well may be defrauding the Government out of tens of thousands of undeclared dollars and need to be seriously investigated. The powers the tax investigators have are awesome and Tara and the likes, would be in for one almighty shock when their door gets that heavy knock.
 14th of Apr, 2012 by   Stuu007 0 Votes
Report this person the the U.S.A. serious tax fraud dept of the I.R.S.
 15th of Apr, 2012 by   fireon 0 Votes
The more you enterain Tara the more this is going to cost you.
 27th of Apr, 2012 by   poorme33 0 Votes
also was conned by this person, same old blah! should have known if it sounds to good to be true that's coz it is, if emailing to get money back etc use urgent@tara-medium.com
 27th of Apr, 2012 by   Stuu007 0 Votes
Tara is a total scam. You`d have to be a half-wit to hand over any money at all to this polished con-person or even to seriously consider paying one penny or one cent.

There is no such thing as a person who can see the future...what certain people definitely do have is gifts of telepathy, some with more developed telepathic abilities than others, but no one on the planet can see the future...plenty can give a damn good educated guess and accurately forecast possible developments etc., but that`s about it.

Mediums and all the rest of these chancers rely on working their cons on the gullible people of the world, of which there are multi-millions and most, like yourself are ripe for the picking.
 29th of Apr, 2012 by   samaya 0 Votes
She is so full of it. I sent her an email back asking her to help me for "free" and if and when i win this HUGE lottery sum of millions, that I promise i would give her 15% of my winnings. Lets see if she replies :) !!! Highly, highly doubt it. Haha.
 1st of May, 2012 by   Pene 0 Votes
OMG I cant believe how many items are on here about this TARA. I also just got a FREE reading blah blah...ironically I nearly fell for it as I have had a real psychic tell me some of the things she did for the same time frame. Luckily I have done a search on TARA before I give over any money. EVERYONE should put a ling to these posts on their facebook pages to help save people losing money. Love, light and blessings to everyone x
 6th of May, 2012 by   Scamer on 0 Votes
The address - PO Box is a golf course!!!
I hope this person is caught and punished!!!
 12th of May, 2012 by   ms. jay w. 0 Votes
I got the same emails. The first thing that made me wonder were the bold type words. I thought it might be a form "letter" with the blanks (bold type words) filled in to suit me. The second warning was the second email saying I hadn't read the first email, which I did read. So I knew this was an automatic process. The next questionable detail
was when she asked for $69. (USD) - marked down. - but I could only pay with a credit card. There was no phone # to call. or link for help and questions. So I decided to research this person. That's how I found.this site. I'm so glad I did! Thanks to all!

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