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Psychics and the like?!

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psychic medium
United Kingdom
i am not actually complaining, but i just want to know if tara is a real psychic as i cant find much about her on the internet other than the fact that she seems to want to help.so, in this sensitive area i would like your opinion.tara asked at first for around 139 pounds for help on blocking negative energies and the such, i didnt answer, so as time passed, the figure got lower, which is absolutely fine, i am thinking of going for it.it is reasonable at 20 pounds.hoever, this s tarted as a free reading, the problems being that in the reading appears ominous occurences etc, do u think this strange, such as scam.i can check it a s scam in my toolbar or unsubscribe in anycase, bu twondered on youropinion if this is scam or just a real psyschic hotline? many thanks.
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 23rd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
the same thing, i was "pestered by tara too" saying i was in real danger, and she could do a ritual to remove the bad influences... i don't believe in this..it was just for fun so i only paid $18... but haven't heard anything since... we should all put our faith in God instead...ya think... ;0
 23rd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
i also was "pestered" by tara, ..because i would not respond, then she said i was in real danger, she could do a ritual to protect me and rid the bad influences. i'm not into this ...just did it for fun, only paid $18 ... but really, ..i think we should all just put our trust in God to work things out in our lives, ...ya think! and he doesn't charge.. ;0
 23rd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Sorry - something seriously wrong and missing from your basic common sense, to even give out your bank card details to some charleton, with no address to do something about it should the charleton decide to empty your bank account.

Put your faith in your own common sense, would be the advice I`d like to give to you and countless others, but it is painfully crystal clear that the world is full of dim-witted and totally gullible lame-brains who attract the likes of the mysterious Tara to feed off.
 25th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
i need a help...
 1st of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes


 5th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I got exactly the same mail from her but my situation is a bit different from anybody else. All the mail she sent to me is positive, about my life is going to be brilliant and change everything goes wrong to go right - finance and love... I thought it was a scam since there are so many scam mails coming to hotmail box, but then I read her mail in details and read her page and started to trust it until I saw all the comments here.. She asked for 19 ponds for the first time...
 5th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
Tara the con artist will normally send you very positive things to start with...however, if you don`t reply and give her money, she will than start sending you more negative, threatening type emails in the hope that this method will work and scare you into sending her money to find out how she can prevent the big disasters from happening..

Whoever the person or persons are behind this scam, they have developed their scam method to an almost fine art and have multiple ways of saying things and baiting their victims in to parting with money...they do not take no for an answer and must be making hundreds of thousands of dollars from their efforts.
 12th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi Tara,
I wish to cancel my order which I purchase recently.
I am not comfortable with it.
You said no questions asked.
Yong Fatt Chan.
 13th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
The first 'analysis' is always free. You provide an email address and it comes in 48 hours, probably to make it seem like it's been done manually by a real person. If it's computer generated it could come in seconds. Other sites do that and they create things in seconds.

That email with the first 'insights' then has at least 12 exhortations to buy the 'next thing', which in the UK was £79. They ask a lot of questions of a yes/no answer type about you, your feelings and even if you play the lottery! You get one date (9th August 2012 in my case) which is the start of a 'wonderful 3 months for you'.

For £79 you get something which tells you which days are good, which not so good, but no specific instructions. You get some 'pentacle' you are told to colour in red and blue and keep in your wallet after reciting some ritual about it. It won't work if you tell anyone about it. All this is fairly non-specific so you get told that for £399 you will get specific instructions about what to do or not to do. The whole email is about how you must completely trust Tara 100% and do everything she says (presumably that includes handing over money!) What you get for £399 who knows. A 97% chance of winning the lottery but you being one of the unlucky 3%???

You are then put on a mailing list to receive 'offers', which you can opt out of. However, if you do, you lose all the other advice you might have got for your money (which sounds like fraud to me).

The company in Hong Kong is called Astro Way Ltd, whereas there is also a company listed in Cyprus for 'operations'. Seems strange for someone who was brought up in the US to base their company in Hong Kong and Cyprus, isn't it?? If Tara actually exists and is real of course. No details on the internet can be found on the Cyprus company.

One does sometimes wonder whether the CIA and KGB are involved in things like this - they enjoy mind games, don't they?? So many variants, tarot, astrology, numerology, occult, you name it.
 14th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi i got the same email also from her, i dont get bother to response any of her mail because i was thinking if she really want to help me why she is asking for money, thats the first thought comes up to my mind, so i dont get bother to all her bullshit, if anyone really want to help you, they should not ask for money
 14th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
hello, i am progress porbeni i want a horoscopic reading on money for me plz to this e-mail; HELP.RO@HOTMAIL.COM
 18th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I'm shocked to hear this. I forwarded my credit card details to start taking money on 26th July for the first sessions. How can I effectively prevent the deduction without changing banking details.
 18th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
possibly contact your bank and instruct them to block it
 6th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Is anyone else 'about to receive £7700'? I am up to email number 3 now and have been told, as so many of you have, about the dark, satanic forces that are reaching out to me.
What utter rubbish this person talks, I have no intention of paying her anything and would love to see her and all those like her who are making money out of vunerable people.
 30th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
unistall tara she`s a scam years of crap to stupid for words
 3rd of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
ive also had these emails from tara they are computer gemerated.and keep coming up in your email.your best not to part with your money.and keep looking for somone who is genuine..i live in northern ireland.and found a person called colin fry he is genuine.he has a web site.
 17th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
hi my name is Chris and over The last 4-6 months I have been in touch with Tara well I Think I was, well The same Thing was said to me about The dark shadow and over These months I have paid out about 800 pounds with her for different types of help and to tell you The truth nothing has come true, I have also been in contact with someone called Maria and spent 1000 pound over The same time sending me spells telling me Things will change and still nothing has, my hopes was built up so much I Thought at last my life is going to change after everything I have gone Threw. a few years ago I lost everything and i mean everything I hit The bottom of The pit and since Then I have wanted so much to have my life back and stand back on my own two feet. I have struggled all my life for what I had gained a few years a go and Then lost everything Then 1 day I had a message of Tara about Friday The 13Th will it be lucky for me but by The time I replied back Friday 13Th had gone and I was lucky I won money That day so after Thinking what she had wrote me i contacted her and at The same time another psychic mailed me and decided to go with her as well to see what she had to say to see if it was The same Thing what Tara had said, like I said her name is Maria, for months on end i put my trust in Them wanting my life back but over time nothing has changed and still now I have mail coming to me from Maria saying she needs to get a message to me and I need her help I have got to The point now were I told her no more I have not got The money and believe me I have not I put all my trust in Them just so They could take what little money I had left, well its my own fault I can not blame anyone but myself for being so stupid but I guess am just like you lot you have had The same problems only look how much I spent just for wanting my life back, do not be stupid trust yourself as we are all gifted we just need to learn to trust how we feel
 17th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Emma, my reading is almost exactly the same as yours with a few words switched around here and there. Unreal. I had paid her as well and when it came to the lucky numbers to play the lottery, it was a mathematical equation you had to figure out to get your lucky numbers. The numbers used in the mathematical equation you also have to find those numbers by figuring out how many times a certain number came up in the lottery over the past 3 months for example. So you would somehow have to research all these things in order to put together the mathematical equation to get these so called "LUCKY NUMBERS" guaranteed to win the lottery. See this way she can say "You must have figured it out wrong. That's why you didn't win the lottery." So she can cover herself against being fraudulent. She also didn't tell me anything different than she did in the first reading so basically I paid for nothing and I never received my pendant of protection that was included in that price either! SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER
 17th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
It amazes me how people give money to "psychics' and then express their shock at being scammed. Are you also surprised when you go to the grocery store and they try selling groceries to you?
 28th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
OMG! i can not believe what i am reading, so it's just not me who is going to win this large amount of money, in her words JACKPOT. and the rest is all the same, that she has to perform some ritual and just like from many other people she asked me to pay some money, it was around $279, i did no reply nor send any money but she coninued to write to me and each time he amount of money she was asking was getting reduice and today i have another email from her asking only $14, i did no pay her or want her service only because i feel bad o go against God, even hough i was a litle upse to read that some dark force is behind me and i can never have this same luck fro a very long time i prayed to God and asked for a sign and while browsing the web for somehing else i found this site. i think i will continue to pray who can Tara be more powerful than God, i should never have visited her for a reading.i am glad i did no go o her for any service.

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