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Straight Talk, Miami, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Extremely Poor Customer Service

Straight Talk Contacts & Informations

Straight Talk

Posted:    JasonColerain

Extremely Poor Customer Service

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 9 votes
Contact information:
Tracfone Wireless, Inc.
Miami, Florida
United States
Straight Talk is a provider of prepaid cellphone service.

I bought service and a phone from them. Because there was not a participating retailer in my area, Straight Talk would ship a phone to me via FedEx.

While the phone was in transit, I noticed that the shipping address that Straight Talk had on file for me was incorrect. Only the city and ZIP code were incorrect, so the needed change was minor.

I called Straight Talk, and I was told that it was company policy not to change addresses. The representatives indicated that my only possible recourse would be to contact FedEx to make the change.

Accordingly, I called FedEx. Of course, FedEx says that it cannot change the address because the shipper (i.e., Straight Talk) had placed special restrictions on the shipment. However, the rep from FedEx did say that if I could get a Straight Talk rep to call FedEx, then FedEx would change the address nonetheless.

I called Straight Talk back. Of course, I tell the rep to call FedEx. The rep indicates that she cannot do that because some "upper department" (whatever that means) has said she is not to do so.

For the second time, I call FedEx. Again, the rep says that all I need to do is get Straight Talk to make a 5-minute phone call to direct the address change. the change would be extremely simple if a Straight Talk rep would just make the call.

I make one last call to Straight Talk. This time, the rep indicates that changing the address isn't even possible. When I indicate that all he has to do is give FedEx a call, he simply repeatedly says, "That's not possible. " When I asked to speak to the rep's supervisor, I was put on hold indefinitely.

In addition, the reps were extremely difficult to understand because they knew little English.

For anyone who is thinking about cellular service, I would not consider Straight Talk. Avoid it at all costs because if you ever have a problem, you'll just be screwed with no recourse.
Comments United States Mobile & Cell Phones
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 1st of Dec, 2009 by   Me!!!!! 0 Votes
When I placed an order via their website, I was given a specific delivery date. Once I was given a tracking number, I logged onto Fed Ex's site only to find that the date I was given was incorrect. Per Fed Ex, I was to receive my package 3 days later than what was quoted by on of Straight Talk's representatives. Because I needed the phone quicker, I purchased the same model from a local Wal Mart. When the phone was delivered, I simply refused the package and had it returned to sender. Well, they received the phone back today and I called to see when the refund would be processed to my debit card.

The first call was no help at all. Although I had tracked the returned package and saw that it was delivered back to Straight Talk at 10:14 am, I was told by a representative (that I could barely understand) that they had no record of the phone being received. I made a second call and was told that this particular representative was unable to handle my request and transferred me to a different department. I was on hold for nearly 20 minutes.

Finally, a representative from this different department comes on the line. Once I explained the situation to her, would you believe she asked me for the serial number of the phone that was RETURNED?? I advised her that I didn't have this information because I returned the package. She continued to ask me questions about the package that had been returned. Finally, I asked to speak with a supervisor. Now, mind you, each person I spoke with was extremely difficult to understand and this alone is utterly frustrating.

After another long wait, the supervisor comes to the line. She advises me that the phone was received but, it would take 30 days to process the refund. I simply asked her why it would take so long to process the refund. She states, 'Ma'am, this is our process'. Again, I asked a simple question: What does your process entail that would cause me to have to wait 30 to receive my refund? Once again, she stated 'This is our process'. She continued to repeat this over and over again. I only wanted to know why it would take so long to receive a refund. In all my life, I've NEVER heard of it taking a month to receive a refund for returned merchandise, NEVER!

By the end of the call I was a bit livid because a SUPERVISOR couldn’t answer one simple question. I wouldn't suggest that anyone utilize this company for mobile service. DO YOUR RESEARCH as I should have. After disconnecting the call, I Googled the company and found that there are SEVERAL complaints regarding their poor level of customer service. The fact that I manage a customer service call center made me more sentient to the way I was being treated. Honestly, I could have handled the fact that I wouldn't receive my refund of $160.00 for a whole month a lot better had I been treated with more regard.
 5th of Dec, 2009 by   jimmycombs newport kentucky 0 Votes
My browser has not worked since I bought the phone at WALMART. I've called twice to try and get it working. Their english is SO BAD that I had to hang up on the lady the second time around, and could barely understand the first guy I talked to. Way to go Walmart! Instead of employing Americans, you've contracted with a company halfway around the world because they pay their people even less than YOU DO, and they don't speak english. What a joke straight talk is.
 5th of Mar, 2010 by   j rigney 0 Votes
Poor customer service is totally the name of Straight talks game. I bought the phone to use when i go out of town and what a surprise to me, i can't even use it 30 miles away. Next month i am going to have my number transfered to boost mobile. At least i will be able to phone people in a different county.
 25th of Jan, 2011 by   bob h. 0 Votes
straght talk billing is a rip off the do onperpus so thay tink you wont katch it and thay can draw intres on YOUR MONEY ! and even then you dont get your mone y ! thay rip you off dont use them ever it will happen to you too!

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