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Posted:    faisal_555

bad service

Complaint Rating:  67 % with 15 votes
Contact information:
Saudi Arabia
i have been applied for dsl afaque internet connection since more than 2 month and still i have not get any response from stc, daily i am complaint regarding the connection but no effect at all...not good service and i think they need to make more improvement in their service ! my hatif # 044500206

Comments Saudi Arabia Internet Services
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 12th of Dec, 2009 by   mansoorbaig +1 Votes
they gave me a temporary wiless modem till i get my land line...and the so called wireless internet never worked for even one second..15 days later they gave me a tel line with dls i subscribed for SR 249 Jude broadband package i washappy only for 3 days 4th day today and the phone is disconnected saying taht i have a due bill of 1300 riylas...

They are assholes...technical guy form STC doesnt know the T of technical and the customer service is as if they are doing a big favour by talkig to us..
SO please keep away form STC and try other services to be safe..
www.stc.com.sa (SAUDI TELECOM) is the worst service in the world...
 29th of Dec, 2009 by   reyan 0 Votes
i bought it 5GB internet package for a months but last 12 days i m complained that stc your internet is not woking i comp. many times in stc outlet but uneducated persons are sitting there they cannot help me then i comp.902 here i m also find uneducated persons are sitting there i m thinking that they dont no english who select him also can say that stc is open shop for collecting money he is not abel to provide services so be cureful that about internet connection.one time i faced not more ...bewere of STC.
 30th of Jan, 2010 by   stalwart 0 Votes
STC is the wrost of all... they are BULLSHIT... they just have an attitude that "WHAT THE FUCK THE CUSTOMERS CAN DO?" ... and they always neglect customers... i have loads of worst experience with them ... space wont be enough to put them all ... jus avoid STC as for as possible ... mobily is good ... they give a very good customer service ...
 15th of Mar, 2010 by   STC Victim 0 Votes
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
 15th of Mar, 2010 by   STC Victim 0 Votes
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
STC ... Saudi Top Criminals
 8th of Jun, 2010 by   neish 0 Votes
I applied dsl afaq last august 2009 and their promo was 1 riyal per day for 2 mos. with free modem etc. and then pay after 3 mos. for the minimum of 295/month, supposed my bill was 295 for 3rd month and 60 riyal for previous two months promo! but OMG! my bill goes up to 1, 499 riyal! HASBIALLAH HU 'WANIMAL WAKIL! they are haramiyah...and I complaint a zillion times..they said call 907 and 907 said go to the main office and vice versa..I told them to disconnect but they didn't disconnect it after we pay.. and now my bill goes up to 1500sr without using it!! THEY WILL PAY IT IN THE HEREAFTER! VERY BAD SERVICE AND CORRUPT!!
 17th of Nov, 2010 by   marian656 0 Votes
the regret of my life. promise quicknet 1gb in 1 month but cut in 3 days, subscribe 24sr unlimited service for 1 day and has deducted my load without the service. loaded again unli for 1 day, cut after 3 hours. unprofessional customer service like we are doing the favor speaking to them and felt i need to beg them, talking as if meter is working every seconds they speak. lastly, you must put your mobile in loudspeaker in calling 902 and then go back to your daily task, surely you will finish your household and notice, the customer service is not yet there to serve you. motorola go and mobily are the best!
 19th of Dec, 2010 by   CrazySaadoski 0 Votes
I so agree with the above.

Although I have not been overcharged... atleast not yet but I got afaq jood broadband 5 months ago, first the technician who came to install the service did not know shit abt anything related to computers or networking or routers. he did not know how to access the router's configuration page and explained that the configuration page came from a remote stc office and most probably the server there is down... so anyway I showed him how to access the router after correcting him ofcource and did the whole setup myself. 5 months have past and I have not recieved anything near 4Mbps infact at the most (and which is not very often) I get 50 to 80 kbps and for the last one week it feels like I am paying 250 for a dialup.
calling customer service is no use as there is no one to pick up the phone (ever).
the nerves these people have to bring out Xband jood service when they can't give satisfactory if not great servce to regular jood broadband customers.
 19th of Dec, 2010 by   CrazySaadoski 0 Votes
as a after thought here is a screenshot of a speedtest I did right now to prove my point I am getting 4kbps for paying 250SR... you know what I think I am the idiot here for paying that much for such a service.

 25th of Dec, 2010 by   nytrydr 0 Votes
@CrazySaadoski: i agree, i upgraded to Xband Jood and speedtest says im getting 10-15mbps but my download speed only gives me 150 kbs, thats shit!
 17th of Sep, 2011 by   M. ALI 0 Votes
STC OFFICE. two cell no, s 0551151287 - 0557596072 r calling peoples and saying u got sr 100000 come and get but brig 300 sr voucher of stc card . please check these frauds and cheaters . i wuold like to inform stc office on every stage about these .thanks
 25th of Jun, 2012 by   Kharjee 0 Votes
Those who favor Saudization must call 906 of STC for technical support. I bet you would not get any reply even you hold the line for one week. This is how Saudi Arabia is making progress in every field of life. What quality do they have except for money GENERATED / MADE by expatriates for them. The total oil they have today was discovered and extracted by others, what is their role in it. Let them take over all the Govt. and private sector. I assure you Saudis will be fighting with each other in the streets.
 15th of Nov, 2012 by   sam777777777777777777 0 Votes
this stc sucks. i have taken only one mobile number from stc. but some days back, i found out that there are some 12 connections in my name, immediately i contaced stc office where they promissed to disconnect all those numbers, even after one week many of those numbers are still active, what the hell...
 25th of Mar, 2013 by   Radhakrishanan 0 Votes
Dear Sir,
Before one month I am give on application for the DSL . After one week they give this number and give message. 063238145 & and technician number also. After one day technician visit my house, they check the DB, here full and no cables coming from my house, cannot given the line and Telephone set. After more time going to this office no take action, then i told him cancel the line, they are told me ok cancelled the line. After one month one message is coming my mobile your telephone bill is SR.388.62. how can pay the money, no telephone, no line, my mobile number is 0500852363. Please take necessary action for this complaint.
 1st of May, 2013 by   mohammad javed akhtar 0 Votes
my name mohammad javed akhtar
my number was027344690
i disconnect this number beforee 20 months ago . i was go to stc industrial aria and tell the i want disconnect my dsl and telephone permanently . and he give me bill and tell me pay this bill and come to me . i go to bank pay the bill and returned to the stc office same day. i show the paid bill and then he tell me OK i closed your dsl and phone permanently .
but now today call me the 907 and tell me your connection not disconnect permanently therefore your bill is 800 and something.
then i told him my conection is disconnect before 18 months permanently then he tell me complain on 907. and today i complain the this problem .
 11th of May, 2013 by   eladdie 0 Votes
Currently I subscribe Jood2 for 4Mbps ( they install broadband 2 months ago )but until now I have only 524 kbps for download speed and 135 kbps for upload speed I call 907 but they say this is not there task call 906, I call 906 for almost everyday and I send also emails regarding my complaint but still the connection was so very very poor...this is not acceptable at all I think they did not know this sayings" The Costumers Priority First."
 24th of Jul, 2013 by   NamNamreg 0 Votes
Please check and investigate a group of people using STC facilities in cheating/defrauding people. The tel. no. 0532023720 is being used as their tools. They inform the prospective victim that he win an STC draw and because they are using STC, they can easily acheived their intention in tricking the person. STC is a reputable company and it is time now to apprehend those cheaters/racketeers/swindlers behind these scam and clean up your premises by removing these unscrupulous persons conniving with the syndicate in committing frauds.They should be held liable and be punish in accordance with the law. The reputation of STC is being damaged because these people. They are using STC as their instrument. Again the mobile no. 0532023720
Your immediate action will be a great help in stopping these people to victimize another person.
 4th of Apr, 2014 by   GM.i 0 Votes
Is really the STC giving the accurate customer monthly billing statement? The scenario is, if i received my bills today thru SMS and i paid it on that day. After a couple of weeks, they sent again a new bills. What the H...ck is that..!

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