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Santander Consumer Usa, North Carolina Complaints & Reviews - Join in on the class action lawsuit

Santander Consumer Usa Contacts & Informations

Santander Consumer Usa

Posted: 2013-01-19 by    Okay123

Join in on the class action lawsuit

Complaint Rating:  94 % with 69 votes
Contact information:
North Carolina
United States
Join in on the class action lawsuit against santander consumer us!!! It will put a stop to this madness and unfair charges that they are charging people due to taking over a loan from hsbc, citifinancial auto, etc. Santander charged me interest on deferred payments that i had with cifinancial before they accured the loan. They will not show me documented charged and the amount that they charged me, they just told me i owe an addtional $6, 000 after my loan is payoff on 5 / 13 / 2013. This is unfair to many americans today. We seriously need to put a stop to this company!!!
Comments United States Auto Insurance & Loan
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 24th of Jan, 2013 by   22Denise 0 Votes
I agree they are getting over on everone.
 12th of Feb, 2013 by   concernedgranddaughter 0 Votes
How can I get information on this lawsuit? This company has been preying on my Grandmother for years now. I have had suspicions about them for along time now but after recent health problems I have been responsible for her checkbooks and bill payments and have come to realize she is being ripped off by this company and I feel this company needs to be shut down and the thousands of Americans out there that they have been over charging need to be reimbursed. This crooked company needs to be STOPPED!
 19th of Mar, 2013 by   Melissa L J C 0 Votes
My loan was bought out by santander w/out my knowledge or consent!!! the interest that they keep charging on my account, I will not be able to pay it off on the maturity date! my payments are not late. I called for a pay off quote, 03/14/2013 was told that it was good until march 28. In the meantime I had already put my march payment in the mail. when I called to get the pay off amount on 03/19/2013, I was told that it was 3002.93. They received my payment and had applied it on the 16th of march! and was told that it was good until'(3308.93) pay off amount was good until March 28th. if you subtract 309.13 from 3308.19 the total of 3002.93 is wrong. Tried to call and talk to them telling them that I was told that ballance (3308.19) was good until march 28. But since I had made a payment that changed everything and more interest had been added!!! Help close this way of bussines down!!!
 30th of Mar, 2013 by   lamar17 +1 Votes
i had a deferred payment once, but dont know how they come up with this high interest and charges, i now owe twice of what the vehicle is worth and i keep getting callls before payment is due, fixing to let them have car and do what they want to with it im tired of being ripped off
 10th of Apr, 2013 by   Tina Lawson 0 Votes
Hello, I am having the same issues. I have contacted consumers affairs and seeking legal assistance. I have paid to much for this car and ready to be done with them. My car pay off date was March 2013, now they are saying I owe 2000 for payments behind, that was not true and got a call Monday stating I owe 14000.00 three more years. Oh No!!! that would be a total of 39000.00 payoff.. No one pays for a vehicle for 8years.
 17th of Apr, 2013 by   Ktuck86 0 Votes
I need info
 17th of Apr, 2013 by   Ktuck86 0 Votes
I need info on this lawsuit because this company is a complete rip off, please contact me ASAP
 20th of May, 2013 by   1stcarrippedoff 0 Votes
Please send me details on joining this lawsuit as I have a similar situation.
 12th of Jul, 2013 by   Len bendolph 0 Votes
How Santander continually get away with ripping off there customer?
 14th of Jul, 2013 by   laurielewlew 0 Votes
Please tell me how I can get in on this! I'm going to have to surrender my car back to them because I can't afford it because of all the fees they've charged... my loan has only gone down about $1, 000 in almost 3 yrs and my is only worth about $6k and I have $15k remaining on the loan!!!
 21st of Jul, 2013 by   Lindag 0 Votes
Same boat, It's unbelievable that they get away with this crap. Looking for the names of the attorneys who are handling the class action and if they are taking clients in New York. Please post if you know the firms who are filing.
 23rd of Jul, 2013 by   Tony Puczylowski 0 Votes
I have paid $520 a month for the past 24 months, and my loan is only $1000 less than when I started. I am tired of giving this company my money. How can this be legal?
 23rd of Jul, 2013 by   Nikki Wilson 0 Votes
I got a $16, 940 loan in March 2010, 3 years and 4 months later, my payoff amount is $17, 300.00. Even with late payments there's NO WAY $10, 000 I've paid them in 3 years is just interest and late fees.
 12th of Aug, 2013 by   D Traser 0 Votes
We are in the same boat. We had a loan originally with Citi Financial Auto that was bought by Santander. During the course of our load I asked for two deferments extending the maturity date of our loan from July 2013 to September 2013. We are down to the last two months of our loan and still owe $8, 500! After researching what our original loan contract stated what the total interest to paid over the 60 months, I asked for a detail of all activity on my account. Adding it all up, I discovered we have overpaid the exact amount we have left on the loan in interest. When I asked them about this, they told me accounting would have to look into it and get back to me. Nothing has been done. I have an interest in joining this lawsuit as well. Does anyone have any information on how to get in on it?
 14th of Aug, 2013 by   regina d. 0 Votes
This company is a fraud. Every time I think I am caught up on my car loan I get a bill saying that I am a couple of months behind. I even did a deferral, paid a month passed due and they still said I was behind. When I spoke to someone there I was told that they bill a month a head. They even tried to repo my car. These people need to be stopped.
 19th of Aug, 2013 by   D Traser 0 Votes
I just found this regarding a class action suit being looked into against Santander. http://www.findjustice.com/cases/consumer-protection/consumer-investigations/santander-consumer-usa
 6th of Sep, 2013 by   Lindag 0 Votes
There seems to be a lot of confusion about law firms that are or already have filed class actions or who are willing to represent consumers regarding Santander. If you have representation already or if you have joined a class action, please provide links.
 13th of Sep, 2013 by   Blondi9370 0 Votes
Someone please me info about class action lawsuit. Nov. 2012, they said my loan was going to be paid off August 19th 2013, when I called, they said I owed over $3000.00. I have asked several times for a detailed copy of my acct before and after they took over the loan and they will NOT provide it, saying they will send it. I have seen several charges they applied and then removed, applied again...but what about the interest on these charges???? THEY ARE RIPPIN PEOPLE OFF.
 28th of Jan, 2014 by   cware8769 0 Votes
I have been ripped off on 2 vehicles. I let them go back because I would never pay them off. Please let me know what you all did? They are doing the same thinhg to my daughter.
 29th of Jan, 2014 by   Shanta H 0 Votes
They have over charged me for a vehicle that should be considered paid off and now they have repo'd my truck stating that I still owe over $7, 000.00 for the truck which untrue no matter how many time you add it up.

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