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Myler Disability Complaints & Reviews - Scam

Myler Disability Contacts & Informations

Myler Disability

Posted: 2011-06-15 by    Pennylashay


Complaint Rating:  87 % with 60 votes
Contact information:
Myler Disability
United States
I am 26 and I suffer from BiPoler One disorder. When I was a child, I was on disability. I have been going to therapy since I was 13. When I reached the age of 17 I took myself off of disability to try and work, you know, like normal people. I never was able to keep a job for longer than 3 months..

Two years ago I started to try and get back on disabiliby/. No one can say I didnt tried to work!. I hired Myler Disability to be my lawers/. After many different changes to the staff, having to explan it all again to each one, and two denials later, I went to court:. The lawyer I was assigned never called me intill the day before.. Then he rushed me off the phone".

I Live in a small area and this lawyer drove from Atlanta to be in court with me. He held the whole court system up for 3 hours till he was ready. Then he called me back to this little room to make me sign some stuff. He rushed me and wouldn't give me time to read them. I did try to read one but he took it from me when I was half way through the page, not even saying anything to me. This is when his attuted started to show. The judge got pissed off and took it out on me and my lawyer sumitted all the wrong evidence causing me to look like I shouldn't even be in court that day, but out looking for a job instead.

After coming home, I remenbered what I read before It was jerked out of my hand, It said I had to pay them even if I lost and if I changed lawyers I would still have to pay them if I won or lost. The contract is worded in away where you cant understand it and thats how they get you. I am waiting on my decion right now, but I know what the judge would do when I left the court room and thats to throw out my claim. The lawyer was rude and as we were walking out of the court room, he turned to the judge and said "not every one would be as nice as you." making it look like I was doing the rude talking. I couldn't even get a word in the whole time because the judge was pissed off from the lawyer.

Do not hire myler disability. Its the worst thing I have ever done.
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 28th of Jul, 2012 by   skx2013 0 Votes
I've had the same problem with Myler. I was represented by them for 3 years. i have a bad chronic illness which causes my joints and muscles to become extremely enflamed and swollen. It also affects my energy levels drastically, making it so I have to sleep at least 10 - 12 hours a night and I still wake up feeling like a truck hit me. I'm 33 years old and I've worked hard as a farmer all my life. I have chronic fatigue with immune system dysfunction and sever chemical sensitivity. Also, I have fibromyalgia and a major anxiety dissorder. There were times when i went 4 months without a call from them. I would call and leave messages and nobody would return them for quite some time. I have spent over $3, 000 USD in blood tests and other tests proving that I am indeed disabled. I actually seee a specialist for what I have, on a regular bi-monthly basis. This specialist has performed an additional 2 $500 USD test on me, including a rather expensive narrative explaining my dissability in full, as well as explaining why I cannot work at all. Myler is, for some reason, always giving me a new case worker. So, i have to explain myself over and over. I've done this 5 times so far. I went to court in front of a ALJ (administrative law judge) in my first hearing in 2009, and the female attorney I was assigned didn't even know what she was doing. Finally, this year (2012) Myler tells me everything is looking great and says social security wouold probably crack under the pressure before a second hearing would take place. Then, out of the blue, on 7/27/12 I recieve a letter from them telling me i had a great case, but they were withdrawing from my claim and would no longer be representing me. Complete bullshit. Now, I'll have to start over.
 19th of Mar, 2013 by   Total bull 0 Votes
Something similar just happened to me except, they won't send a waiver of fees even though yesterday, I was told by my rep that the papers would be faxed by the end of the night. When I called back, another woman told me that my rep DID NOT tell me that and I would be responsible for fees even though all they did was the first initial claim. I just filed my own appeal today but now gonna play hell finding another attorney to represent me without that waiver of fees. They don't return phone calls in a timely manner and when you do get your rep, she can't answer very important questions you have. I wonder if Brad Myler knows how bad of service is being issued. I told the girl I had talked to today that she needed to play her tapes of our conversation back and she just told me again that it never was said. I have reported them to BBB for what that's worth but will put out the word that they are no good.
 24th of May, 2013 by   jennifer hunt 0 Votes
They seem to be shady i don't trust them either so if anyone has a complaint please notify the attorney generals office at (801)538-9600 and the bar association at (801)531-9077 since they are from utah these are the people to contact i was informed (LETS BAN TOGETHER AND PUT THESE CLOWNS OUT OF BUSINESS I HOPE LET HELPS EVERYONE ! IM VERY P!@@ED @FF AT THE MOMENT AND IM GOING TO FIGHT THEM TOOTH AND NAIL UNTILL I PUT THEM @-HOLES OUT OF BUSINESS THEY ARE DISRESPECTFUL TO CLIENTS AND THEY WANT YOU TO DO ALL THE WORK UH EXCUSE ME THAT WHY WE HIRED YOU
 20th of Sep, 2013 by   glen a. walker 0 Votes
I hired myler for my ssi and received a book of paperwork to fill out.about a week and half later I received basically the same book of paper wprk from s.s. I contacted myler and asked the lady that was handeling my case what did I hire you people for.i called them a number of times to fire them but they never returned my calls.i personally think myler is the biggest scam going and if they try to take one cent of my money I will bring fraud charges against them.
 17th of Oct, 2013 by   lovelylibra 0 Votes
I hired Myler to handle my disability case i got denied three times and finally went to my hearing a couple of weeks ago from the way my lawyer presented my case to the judge i believe i will get denied once again i haven't gotten my decision yet because of the government shut down. But in my hearing my lawyer acted like she didn't know what she was doing or how to present my case. Before my hearing they kept asking my to request medical records and basically everything they needed they asked me to get for them isn't that what i hired them for. Worse of all i kept getting denied because they wasn't submitting my complete medical issues to SS. I would call them and they would never return my calls or emails. These people are full of bull. They are a scam.
 22nd of Aug, 2014 by   dee dee 4426 0 Votes
Just about one month ago a women name kyli whom was my case worker, have all her emails telling me that she has fax over my work, just yesterday for some reason another case worker calls me up telling me that he going to be my new case worker, name mike, called him up this morning he told me he fax over a whole report and thank god took copies of the paper work I even had a gut feeling also, today now I am waiting on the phone to speak with ssi for my daughter's disbality, now which they never done the paper work, fishy it seems now I am worried sick for something that I sign for this now I know for a fact that I am hopefully now I can sue them for scams and fake con artist. So now we all need to do something about this now didn't pay any money, which my story will help you all for returning your money. Now just am scared now wow thanks Myler Disability Service great job on setting up fake information for us. Something told me to see if they're were any reviews about this company listen to your gut and heart. I will be also filing BBB to now.
 26th of Aug, 2014 by   OregonLady 0 Votes
I sent my paperwork to a lady name Jeci, and waiting for a "case worker" in their office. SS says that they never got papers from them and made an informal decision to close my case. We will see what happens. I have called her and sent her emails too and have not heard back from them. I am waiting until noon tomorrow my time which is later Utah time (their time) and if I don't hear from them I am giving them notice that they are no long representing me! I will keep you all informed of the outcome.
 27th of Aug, 2014 by   OregonLady 0 Votes
Well in the course of the day I have found out many new things about Myler Disability. DON'T GO TO THEM FOR HELP! The lady I was dealing with, her name is Jeci, she told me that my paperwork was sent to SS and that they received it back because of some problems with the dates. Jeci told me that SS sent back the paperwork. I talked with SS today and any representive or lawyer is now required to apply online not through the mail so it is just one lie after another with them. DONT USE THEM. it will hold up your case, and God only knows what they will do with our SS numbers. Scary!
 3rd of Sep, 2014 by   shaye32 0 Votes
im doing my case with myler as well and its funny i seen alot of the same talk on the internet but not once have i expierenced any of such things that are talked about. im just saying because its the truth. there helping me out alot i dont even call them they call me all the time. sorry for others problems but i have none such as you all wrote. shaye nunez phoenix arizona.
 3rd of Sep, 2014 by   OregonLady 0 Votes
I am glad to here that you are not having problems, why did you come to the complaintsboard then? I was told again that my paperwork was submitted and talked to SS again today and they still say same things, nothing has been submitted for me. If was was submitted by electronic it would be immediately known by SS that it was submitted. So I don't know, I am waiting until my SS phone call and if none of my paperwork has been received by then will get another rep. I want to believe that all is going to go ok, but it is doesn't oh well, will just Lawyer that I can just go into the office. I am a fair person so I will make sure that if things go well with Myler I will post all the way along to what is happening so to be fair. From beginning now to end of what happens with my case so anyone here can read what really happens, if they handle my case right or not. I hope so much that they do.
 1st of Oct, 2014 by   OregonLady 0 Votes
Well to be honest, they finally got me transferred to the "case manager" and then I got an email from her, then I emailed her back and called and today got a call from a different man. He said that the girl that was given to me no longer works there and he is filling in. He listened to me and answered a few questions. They did file everything and now I guess I just wait, but wanted to let you all know that they did file my application finally. I hope that things go smoothly for me. I will keep updating on them. I can't imagine them being as bad as some of the reviews I have read even from the employees in one place. Anyways I think they need an honest review so I'll keep this up to date. So far, things are moving forward finally.
 11th of Nov, 2014 by   OregonLady 0 Votes
Update: I told you all that I would continue to update so I am . They got me this new case manager, she is very nice, her name is Ashley and she seems to be very much on things and very caring person too. I am please at this point. I think maybe just the beginning is a mess getting it all started, but now things seem to be moving along and they always call me back and email me, they have taken care of my paperwork for me and that is so wonderful for me. I can't think to do all that stuff right that I am so not knowing how to do and feel so intimated so it is really nice to have Ashley get back in touch with me when I call or email. So I will update again, through the whole thing I am going to update you so you have a fair and honest review of them.
 9th of Dec, 2014 by   Hmms 0 Votes
I filed March 2012... (With Myler) Denied quickly... Denied again.. I think a third time before it went before a judge. March 2014. I spent 5 minutes with my lawyer. Did everything I was asked to do. Which basically was don't speak. Yes and no answers. Denied again. Question then was do I appeal it or start all over again. He advised I appeal it.. Another 15 to 18 months to get the answer to that. Which will put me at Dec 2015... Today is Dec 2014 and the only income I get is child support for a child who will be 18 on one month. If I make it another year, what happens if they deny it again?? Since the appeal has been sent in already am I now trapped in it? I can't help but feel like I have been taken advantage of. Me and my daughter are about to have no way of support. A woman in another state who is my friend had nearly the same reasons for disability and she was approved within 2 months with her first claim. (Different lawyer) I am in a pure panic now.
 9th of Dec, 2014 by   OregonLady 0 Votes
I think Myler is working on my case, they have told me they have several people working on it. I hope so, I WILL NOT be homeless. so if SS deny's me ...whatever.
 12th of Dec, 2014 by   BernadetteS 0 Votes
Has anyone figured out a legal way to fire these jerks? I was denied for the second time, no one will return my calls to tell me if they will do a second appeal, I spoke to another lawyer who said they can not take the case unless I am willing to start over and it could take another 2 years OR I have to let Myler appeal for another hearing. I would prefer to use a local lawyer from NY but apparently am stuck...any suggestions, I just want Myler off my case so I can move on!

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