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Lowes Service Advantage Complaints & Reviews - Lack of service

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Lowes Service Advantage

Posted: 2011-10-15 by    Jasst

Lack of service

Complaint Rating:  50 % with 8 votes
Contact information:
Lowes Service Advantage
United States
I purchased a refrigerator from one of your stores (#0482) back on 24 Oct 2009. I also purchased a 4 year extended warranty within. Back on the 14th of June 2011, the ice maker quite. I called the extended warranty number a filed a clime. As of this date the problem is still not repaired. I have records where I have contacted the warranty people and your executive support office. I was set up with an appointment date and time for them to out to repair the unit. When they contacted me to confirm the appoint, I was told that they could not come out then. This was because the appointment was set up VIA their web page and it was not current. I was told that it would have to be sometime the next week. I call the warranty people back and provided them with this information. I requested another company to service my unit. I was never contacted by this company. Si I called them back and this time they gave Jim Whxxxxxx repair service, who I know of. This company contacted me, but took some time to come out to look at the unit. I was informed that on the 8th of July 2011 the parts were placed on order. I then was informed Mr. Whxxxxxx had received the parts on 13 July 2011. For over a week we talked to Mr. Whxxxxxx and his office asking when they would come out to replace the parts. We were told several times they would be there, but they never showed up. I contacted your executive support office and asked for their help. After I provided them with all of the information I had, I was told that they would get back with me. The following is a copy of their response.

From: Exec Cust Service [mailto:Exec.CustService@Lowes.com]
Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011 3:48 PM
To: MrED@xxxxxxxx.xxx
Subject: Repair:

Mr ED,

Mr.xxxxx, I did contact NEW and was advised that the service tech has been out of the office sick for over a week. I was also advised that your part should be replaced one day this week. I do apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and I will follow up with you on Friday, July 29, 2011.

Lowes Executive Support

I waited until around 2pm on the 29th of July 2011 and tried to contact them back. But the phone number of 1-866-900-4750 is NOT a number for your executive support office, it belongs to another company. I found another number and called. I talked to xxxxxx and was informed that xxxxxx was out to lunch and did not know when she would return. I requested to talk to you sir and was told that I could leave a message for you with them, but that you would NOT get back with me. I asked numerous times for this and was given the same answer. I stayed on the phone for quite some time waiting for xxxxxx to get back from lunch. I was also informed that only xxxxxx could help me out as she was the only one that had all of my information. But I was also told that I could provide them with all the information again and they would try to contact all parties again. I was then informed that xxxxxxx was back at last from lunch. First I asked xxxxxx about the incorrect phone number, and was told that she had mistyped it. Most people have their signature set up to be inserted automaticity. I informed xxxxxx that as of this time I have not heard from Mr. Wxxxxxx. She info mend me that she would get in touch with him and get back with me. I told her that I had been waiting all week for this and that I had other things to do. I left the house and was going into town when she called me back and said that Mr. Wxxxxxx would be there that night or on Saturday mooring. Well this never happened. Sunday afternoon at 2:31 pm I received a call from Mr. Wxxxxxx asking if he could come by and install the repair parts. I informed him that I was at a close friends home for their 50th wedding annaversy and I was not about to go back there at this time.
I have since gotten rid of the refrigerator and bought another new one.
In short sir I find that both your warrant service and your Executive support office are lacking in any support of good customer service!
Comments United States Consumer Electronics
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 15th of Jul, 2014 by   David L Webb 0 Votes
I purchased an extended protection plan on my Husqavarna mower. The transmission went bad in it. Lowe's arranged for a repair place to pick it up, which was very nice. They have now had it for four weeks and so far I am out $210 on getting my lawn mowed. Every time I call they tell me they are waiting on parts (first it was a belt, that I am going to have to pay for, and now it's a transmission) . Today I called for an update and when I told them that it has been four weeks and I needed my mower they told me that they could bring me my mower but it wouldn't have a new transmission. She said she had no way of knowing when they might get the transmission (when I order something, I sometimes have to check on it) and that they were so busy and backed up it was impossible to know when I could get my mower back.

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