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Long John Silvers, Cumberland, Indiana Complaints & Reviews - Food Poisoning

Long John Silvers Contacts & Informations

Long John Silvers

Posted:    Mel3

Food Poisoning

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
Long John Silvers
East Washington street, Cumberland
Cumberland, Indiana
United States
Phone: (317)-
Yesterday we went to go pick up dinner at the Long John Silvers fast food restraunt on East Washington street for the whole family, then, two or three hours later, we all get nauseas and vomit for at least the next 48 hours. We all had either fish, shrimp, or lobster bites. UNDERCOOKED!!! FOOD POISONING!!!

AFFECTS: diarreahea, vommiting, naseua, headache, fever, cramping!

Long John Silvers Long John Silvers Long John Silvers Long John Silvers

Comments United States Food
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 22nd of Feb, 2009 by   Barb 0 Votes
Please disreguard this letter. It was made my my neighbor who is always scamming to get free meals from restaurants. As a matter of fat Mel poisoned his own wife's cooking before going out to a restaurant just so that he could get a free meal.
 22nd of Feb, 2009 by   Helen Jones 0 Votes
@Barb: I was just thinking it's very odd that people would post photographs of themselves and family members barfing, on the internet -_-'
 23rd of Feb, 2011 by   LJSneveragain 0 Votes
On Saturday afternoon we ate at Long John Silvers for lunch- the first batch of chicken that came out came with a long black hair on it... I of course returned the food, and they gave me a new one. I ate 2 bites and felt queezy- that same night 3 out of 4 people we went with were vomitting and sick to our stomachs all night.. My boyfriend was so sick we took him to the hospital for dehydration- he could not keep anything down and had pains in his neck, and stomach (Common systems of dehydration) I still do not feel right 3 days later and I have no appatite... We all ate the chicken planks. NEVER AGAIN.
 6th of Dec, 2011 by   angela tungett 0 Votes
I went to Long John Silvers three days ago.I ordered the lobster bites and ate them on the way home I could tell they were undercooked but was hungry and continued to eat them anyway, buy the time I got home I was severly naseus I would not allow my children to touch any of the food and took all the food back with receipt later that night.The manager was very rude, never apolized and wouldnt even refund all of my money.I was just wondering how many other people has had the same thing happen to them.
 5th of Mar, 2014 by   foodie79 0 Votes
I had the Lobster bite meal for dinner the other night, and by noon the next day was vomiting and had diarreahea. Nothing tasted weird at the time, but it wasn't very warm when they served it to me. I was just too hungry at the time to care =/ Never again!!! uugghh!

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