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Posted:    Jeff

Bait and switch

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United States
My name is James and I have lived in the downriver area for 2 years now, very close to the K-mart located in Woodhaven, Michigan. Every time I would drive by that store location, regardless of day or time, the parking lot always appeared near empty. I found out why today.

During my 45 minutes in the store I found one shirt for $9.99 and a bonus 7-pack of men's briefs for $8.99... when I got to the register, I was told my total was $23.19 which seemed very high since sales tax in Michigan is only 6%. I was expecting the total to be around 20 bucks and change. When I inquired what the shirt rang up for, I was told $12.99, contrary to what the sign read. I paid anyway with my credit card like a fool and started walking out of the store when I realized on the bill, the briefs had rung up at $9.99, contrary to what the sign said. I turned around and went right back intothe store to look at the signs. Sure enough, for the Davis something rayon shirt, there was a sign on the display advertising $9.99... and in very small print for the cotton Davis shirts. There were no less than 4 styles of Davis shirts on the same circular rack with one sign. A person would have to read like a hawk to see the difference. I went to the briefs display. Same thing. A sign advertising $8.99 for briefs with boxer briefs in very small print with at least 3 styles of packaged briefs in the same display. The briefs did not even have a price on them. The price of the shirt was $16.99 on the tag which brings me to my next point.

I check most every item I but to make sure it rings up correctly. EVERY CUSTOMER BAR SCANNER IN THE STORE HAS BEEN REMOVED! How convenient is that for the store?? The when I get to the register, THERE IS NOPLACE WHERE THE CUSTOMER CAN SEE THE PRICE OF THE ITEM RUNG UP! Again, I have no way of knowing what the items scan for, I am only told a total. I was so infuriated I went back to the samecustomer service kid since it was the only register open on a Saturday night in an empty store and I returned both over-charged items. Of course, being a teen, he didn't care or bother to ask why I was returning my purchases 3 minutes after I checked out with him. What a scam! No wonder nobody is shopping at that K-mart!

Trust me, I will NEVER step foot inside a K-mart again as long as I live! Think I am kidding? Just ask me about Burlington Coat Factory that stole $8.47 from me and refused to give it back to me. They lost a customer for life. That was back in 1995 and I have never stepped foot inside that store again and I never will.

I don't really care what you do about my complaint, but I am contemplating sending a copy of this e-mail to the BBB for further investigation of Bait and Switch at that K-mart, which is illegal.
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