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Direct TV
361 Burke Street
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
United States
Phone: 570-295-2395
I just moved into a new home. I had the floors shampooed and all the walls painted and the gentleman who installed my tv services tracked mud and dirt onto my freshly shampooed carpets and he also left behind black dirt and greas smudges and fingerprints all over my freshly painted walls. When i cleaned the walls it took a layer of paint off because i had to scrub so hard. I then had to repain that section of the wall and also clean the floor again i am very disappointed in the services i received.
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 9th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Mr. Carey, My name is Bruce Snider & I have had DTV for about 3 years. I have had 4-5 problems losing the signal of 1/2 of my channels on one tv. Every time it has been the multi switch that the techs replace. They have all told me that the problem is the multi switch & they not only change it, they give me another one for a spare. Once this spare goes bad I have to call DTV & go through all of these tests that I do before I call. I also do one test that they dont ask about. I go to the multi switch & I can move the problem from reciever to reciever. The problem obviously isnt in the recievers its the mulit switch. This evening I talked to a gentleman that I felt kept trying to make me feel foolish. I asked to speak to his supervisor & he told me it would take 2-3 minutes to get one. He asked more questions & then put me on hold for a few minutes. He came back with the same questions again. I asked for your name & he told me he could not give me that information. I then asked again for a supervisor & he told me to hang on for 2-3 minutes again. I asked him how big was this place that it takes that long for a supervisor when you have talked to him with a problem customer already. He told me that wasn't information he could give me. I then got to talk with John ID#255107 & he started the whole thing over again. I shared with him that I have had this problem numerous times & that I would like a tech to come look at this problem. He wanted me to get my cell phone & go to my garage to do these tests that I have already done. He wanted me to do them again. I shared with him that the garage does not have a telephone in it & that it was about 100 yards from house. Mr Carey, I know you are a busy man & so am I. I would like to spend my off work hours with my family, & not running back & forth from my garage to do tests that I have already done. I pay $81.22 per month for my DTV with TiVO & 2 other recievers & the equipment protection plan. I feel that I do enough for your company & should get the services that I pay for.I have one other complaint & that would be my TiVO unit. When a storm comes & disrupts my service thats OK. I understand weather affects the signal. But the TiVO unit locks up & must be reset. This started happening a few months ago. I have had a tech out to look at it. He told me the dual LNB was bad. I have never seen one go bad & John told me this evening that is very rare. The tech called his boss & was told that if the TiVO unit still worked they couldn't replace it. It has now gotten to the point where it doesn't record all of the programs it is programmed to record. I have to manually set it to record or it will miss shows from the season pass. I only record first runs. Sir, I & my family really enjoy our DTV when its working properly. But for the money I spend I think we should get a little better service when we have a problem. It has gotten to the point where I truly hate to call in with a problem. The service people act like I am a bother to them. Maybe I'm interupting them with my trivial problems. I left DISH network because I liked the DTV set up that my father in law had. He said he had had both systems & liked DTV more & it cost less. I have to agree with him, it costs a little less, the programing is a little better, but lately I have been very disappointed with the service. I thank you for taking the time to read this. I wont bother you or your staff with my trivial problems anymore. If you can help me out & get my system fixed great. If not, whenever my contract is up I will have to move on. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 614-316-4449 cell during the day. Or my home 614-833-4486 my home in the evening. You can also email me at raceoffical@yahoo.com. Again, thank you for your time in this matter, Bruce Snider9490 Salem Church RdCanal Winchester OH 43110
 10th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
over several weeks we have tried to contact someone in the customer service department!!! We have been unable to get anyone to answer..could someone please call us back when you feel like providing service!!!
 2nd of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
 7th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
When calling your "Technical Dept." they knew about the so called engineering problem with the local Fox channel. The offered no apology, no estimated time of repair, no compensation, and no understanding of human compassion. Most of all no understanding of business! I told Debbie to make a phone call to find out when it will be repaired and she said she can't! Ugh! Why, does she not have fingers or a phone or a professional expertise to call the engineers of is the problem that she knows it will never be fixed and this is what she is being told to say? When I said I would find another carrier if you can't give me an answer she replied " That's up to you". Wow what is a CEO going to do if the customers all leave because of this "go @*&%$# yourself" attitude. I wish I could afford to throw away paying customers like you do! Oh well, I guess the taxpayers money will bail you out when you go belly up. For now Verizon-Direct-tv package is on the outs for timewarner cable with the magic jack.
 8th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
My employer transferred me from Tennessee to Florida in July 2008. I canceled my service with Direct TV in July 2008. (Early termination)

I wanted to return the equipment but was told they would send return boxes. I gave Direct TV a local address as I was leaving the state shortly.

In September 2008, (two months later) a Direct TV charge turned up on a credit card which I had paid off and thought was closed. When I called Direct TV they informed my my service had not been terminated. They contended that I had accepted their offer of a transfer the account and I was still being charged!! By now I had service in Florida with Comcast for two months.

Three calls in October, two in November they finally sent the boxes and I had their equipment back by November 21, 2008.

By December 2008, I was told I would have a credit for the equipment within 72 hrs of the equipment being checked out. (When might that be - they had it for 2 weeks.) Ultimately, I proved to them that they had the equipment and in December a credit was made to my account. Yeah - Right!

In January 2008 I was told I would get a check in 6 to 8 weeks. (There policy is that they can't credit the credit card where they put the charges in September, because it wasn't used on Auto Pay".)

I have had 12 telephone conversations thus far and written two complaint letters and they still have my money. My credit card keeps accruing the interest for the 8 weeks it takes to get a refund.

Six months to close out my account, 4 months of interest on unauthorized charges, 12 phone conversations, two letters and they want early termination fees!!!
 24th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thanks for the (310) 964-5000 Direct TV corporate office phone number IT WORKED they waived the contract termination fee!!!.
The Story>>>
My daughter had nothing but problems from day one with her service, she had it for a total of about 5 months.
She couldn't watch one thing while recording another...she spent about $50 of pay per minute phone charges talking to Tec? su??ort...she finally just gave up and lived with it...after about 4 months, her DVR started giving her a "Hardware Error" message and it would format itself at random, she lost everything she recorded...she spent more cell phone time $$$s with Tec? Su??ort...they finally sent her a new DVR and charged her $20 for shipping...this was a little less than 1 month ago...after hooking it up, she could not watch Live TV, she had to record something and watch it later... She tried Tec? ?u??or? again ...finally gave up...decided to just live with it...
I just learned of all of this a few days ago and I told her I would handle it...Yep, I raised hell with them, they said they could send someone out, but it would be 5 to 7 days and it would probably cost her for the service call...I told them Bull Shit! and demanded that she be let out of her contract (Cu?tomer ?ervi?e said no, She would be charged $380)...I canceled her service anyway and had Dish Network installed the next day (yesterday). I told the Dish installer about her problems and he said the reason she had the problem was because Direct TV never ran the second line to the dish when they installed it!!! (he also installs for DirectTV)...I called DirectTV again and told them the contract was null and void because it was never installed properly, and she never received the service promised in the contract!!! I got no where with them at the 800 number...
I ran across the corporate Phone number on this post and told them the whole story...it took some time but it worked, "Steve" also noticed that when they sent the second reciever/DVR...They put my daughter on a NEW TWO YEAR COMMITMENT!!!...He finally said he would waive the $380 charge...Still I told my daughter to watch her credit card for charges...because I don't trust them...she should be getting a refund for a some of the service she just paid. I still have my fingers crossed...
Again thanks for posting the (310) 964-5000 DirectTV corporate office phone number IT WORKED !!!
 28th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Direct TV is the biggest scam on the planet. If you are looking for great customer service, accountability and an overall great product direct tv is not the service for you.

First, their tech's are perhaps the WORST ever. DTV fails to let their customers know that they "contract" their services out to installation companies so if the job is not done correctly and you find out after the tech has left your premises--shame on you because it's your fault not theirs. When I questioned the tech's about why I could not receive HD service each one of them had a different excuse. I had at least 3 tech's come to my home and the last one showed up dressed in a button up shirt, jeans, loafers AND he used his personal Lexus SUV as his work vehicle !!!??? In the end, the reason why I could not get HD service was because the tenant who lived in my residence previously had satellite service (before HD was available), so when the initial tech came to install my HD services he decided to be lazy and use the old satellite dish that was on my roof instead of installing a new dish in a different position that could gain the services that I initially ordered (the tech in the Lexus SUV finally told me that), but he did not have the tools to install a new dish for me (surprise, surprise) so when I tried to reschedule through DTV's customer service line they said I had to wait 4 WEEKS!!! So in the end, be careful to not let the technician walk out the door until you fully KNOW what you have...if needed go on the roof with them to make sure that they are telling the truth.

Second, check their customer trial periods. Usually a company will give a customer 15-30 days to try out their product without incurring any disconnection fees, BUT since I live in the District of Columbia this rule does not apply because D.C IS NOT CONSIDERED A STATE. I inquired about this with 4 DTV representatives and all of them could not give me an answer until I finally reached a rep (#5) who was fully vetted about DTV policies, but by then it was too late and did not matter for me regardless.

Third, DTV bills customers for EVERYTHING--even services that they do not have. During my brief 3 month stint with the company I had to call them at least 9 times to get my billing taken care of. Since they have call centers all over the world their main communication is through their electronic "note" system. So pray that the representative writes everything down because if they don't then it's like you never called in the first place.

Overall, DTV is not all that it's hyped up to be. Their commercials are overrated as well as their services. If you are looking for accountability and a great service definitely look elsewhere!
 2nd of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
There customer service is the WORST ive ever dealt with.
They switch you from one agent to the next, then after there done relizing no one can fix a simple issue you get the dial tone. Trying to contact them is a absolute joke.
I would never reccomend them ever to anyone.
They suck...
 16th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
Not only is Direct TV one of the worst companies to deal with in terms of service- they are rude on top of that. When our receiver stopped working (after 5 months) we had to PAY for shipping for a new one. When I asked the customer service rep why I would have to pay when I was renting their receiver she simply said that "it was very hard to understand if I didn't know how it worked." She also told me that she could see how, "it is frustrating to people who cannot afford it." It was not that I couldn't afford it- just that I didn't understand their justifications for making me pay. They are THE WORST!
 22nd of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
This was my letter to direct Tv after the worst customer service i have ever received.

I have been a direct tv customer for about five years now. I have enjoyed my programing and have had no complaints till today. Just to give some background information... i had a regular DVR receiver and called to upgrade to an HD DVR receiver. When the service technician arrived he had a work order that was wrong. It was an order for a regular HD receiver and a relocation of our other receivers. While the technician was here i called to have the work order revised to make sure it was correct. The technician spoke to the customer service representative and had the order changed. He began to do the instillation of what i believed was an HD DVR receiver. Turns out it was only an HD receiver. I didn't realize this till the next day when i tried to program the receiver to record a show. So i called back today and spoke with a customer service representative who informed me that it is my responsibility to make sure that the technician was installing the right equipment and took no responsibility for the error that was made. I was then informed that if i wanted to receive the HD DVR that i would have to pay the full price of another instillation and full price for a HD DVR. I asked if that meant i would be refunded for the services and HD receiver that was wrongfully installed in the first place, i was told that they couldn't do that. So they want to charge me for HD DVR upgrade, instillation, shipping and handling of the new HD DVR equipment and will also be charging me for the wrong HD receiver, instillation, and shipping and handling from the receiver that was installed less than 24 hours ago. I had asked to speak with the supervisor who reinforced that it was my fault that i let him install an HD receiver (which i believed was an HD DVR receiver at that time). He was extremely rude and demeaning. I have never felt so disgusted with any customer service experience as i had been today. I got off the phone in tears because of the treatment i received. This doesn't reflect the customer promise that i feel you would like your company to be know for.

We strive to deliver the best television experience for you every day.
Committed to the principles of honesty and integrity, our employees are determined to provide you with prompt, courteous and excellent service.
We promise to do our best to resolve any issues that might arise as quickly as possible. And we will continue to develop the unique, innovative programming and services that you have come to expect and enjoy from DIRECTV.

I feel very taken advantage of right now by individuals who claim to share your views on customer satisfaction but clearly do not. I hope that this is not a reflection of how you want your company to treat individuals, and that it merely just a few bad apples in the bunch. I hope you get back to me in regards to this matter. Currently there has be no resolution to the matter. Thank you for your attention. Please get back to me as soon as you can.
 3rd of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
The worst customer service department I have ever had to deal with! They will lie and not fulfill their obligations. I would definitely recommend never using Direct TV.
 8th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
You are not being very informative on what you mean. You have no facts supporting what you are saying. Making it impossible for anyone to understand the why. If you are just upset that you got into something that you didnt understand, then dont slander a company
 17th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
This is the worst company that I have ever did business with, any time that I call there to speak with a rep back to back someone is always hanging up in my face. By the customer service and managers. If you tell them that you do not wish to speak with them b/c it sounds as though they have an attitude they get up set and tells you to hold on and then hang up. I had one rep tell me he was going to make a example out of me and then hung up in my face, If there was anything that i could possibly do to get rid of this pathetic incompetent company i would. I don't understand why they hire people to do customer service that can not handle constructive criticism. I have had better customer service while my 4 year old daughter plays tea party. You have to be really pathetic to be a customer rep for direct tv. And then when you ask to complain about them and or who or where can you do this, they will give you some bull crap excuse that they don't have anything or any one and ask you is that all they can do for you and then disconnect before you get a chance to say anything, but hey its a business that only see dollar signs first and customers dead last, go figure...
 17th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
wow I cant imagine why someone would hang up on you, since you sound like a complete ass!! If you want good customer services be NICE to the people who are looking at the address in which you and your PRECIOUS DAUGTER sleep. They also have you social sercurity number (if you had to give one to open your account) Your credit card number, oh and not the mention the tv in which I am sure you find so damn important because hell who else is going to babysit your child other then the boob tube. Dont you, or anyone out there who abuses customer service reps in a call center have any idea how bad they could ruin your life if they really wanted??? How do you know that you are not talking to some phsyco who is going to flip out because you treated them so rude, fly to your town get play by play directions on how to get to your house and slaugher your whole family ( I mean thats the worst that they can do for sure) But there is always damaging your credit beyond repair. And all because you felt the need to be an ass over the phone, so lets treat the people a little nicer over the phone, they are doing thier job, and you have no clue of what is going on personally with them, why do you have to make things worse by being an ass??? Really you get more flies with honey then you do vinager, if you want them to REALLY help you, help yourself and treat them with kindness. They talk on the phone all day, they can HEAR the attitude in your voice, they are no as stupid as you treat them.
 16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have been a Direct TV customer for over 8 years. I have had problems with reception for over a year. Their techs told me they cannot find a "line of sight" to get reception for my dish, so I need to cancel and find another provider. Comcast can fill that need. I called Direct TV to take back their dish, cables, etc. They told me tonight that they will not remove any equipment for me--or even help me identify Direct TV cables that are strung all around my house so I can remove them myself. Although I am still paying for service and pay extra for their "protection plan, " they will not send a tech over to help me identify their products for removal. They told me to hire someone myself and pay for it myself. BUT, if they don't get their HD receivers back, they are going to charge me for anything I don't mail back. They refused to tell me the address of the local affiliate so that I can work with them directly. William, Tech #1828, refused to send me an email to confirm our conversation, tell me his full name, tell me his location or help me in any way resolve these issues. I did not want to cancel Direct TV, but clearly they do not want my business.
DO NOT BUY DIRECT TV SERVICE if at all possible. They screw you on the front end and the back end. Hmmmm.
 7th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
i hadTHE WORST experience ever. these people cussed my mom out and had the nerve to call her back and shove a pen up her- when she asked for the name of the sales agent and after he treated her like crap and told her she was dumb for the questions she asked then he called her back. We spoke to 2 people who did absolutely nothing to solve our problem- finally i got to speak to a so called supervisor who did NOTHING yet insisted on me still getting their service. Apparently therude and insulting agent kept the number of our home because he later called and made a sad case of some kind of prank call talking about us being retarded for the exact questions we made.
 29th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
If that's roughly what that person said it's very condescending.
 31st of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
THE WORST customer service ever! their outsourced non-english speaking consultants lied and convinced me we could get high speed internet through direct tv - WRONG! I didn't believe it was legit and began investigating the very next day. I was right - they didn't know what they were talking about. They billed me $39.95 for equipment AFTER i cancelled the service and then they really started a mess with at&t (their internet partner). They sent me equipment too -- and the customer service through wirefly is worse than direct tv (if that's possible)
i have been on hold with these idiots for over 20 minutes now - do not ever use them!!! GO TO DISH NETWORK - they all speak english and don't lie to you.
 18th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have received 10-12 auto generated collection calls from Direct TV's billing department within the last 48hrs for a bill that I already payed via their online service. It's annoying to be bothered by these continuous unwarranted calls in the first place, but add the frustration of Direct TV's "high tech" system that auto dials you and then hangs up in your face when you try to answer... each and every time. I spoke with three separate phone handlers when I called back, that assured me that the problem would be handled and I wouldn't receive any more phone calls. SEVERAL calls later I demanded to speak to a supervisor as the problem was obviously not being handled. I was denied speaking with a supervisor, but was assured by the phone handler that the problem was corrected and that the supervisor would call me back in 10-30mins to explain the correction. 1 1/2 hr later, I phoned for the supervisor again, as he failed to call me back. Again, I was denied speaking with him and was given a message that the problem was handled. This has now turned into a "Harassment" situation on the part of Direct TV as I advised them to stop calling on 3 separate contacts. Finally upon request, I was transferred to "Customer Service" who advised that the reason I was still receiving calls is that the system wouldn't update the new information(that my bill was paid and to stop calling me after my several requests) for 7-10 days, not within 24hrs as told to me by the other associates. When I inquired if I would have to endure the harassment for another week, the Customer Service Manager replied, "yes." To add insult, she was less than helpful, less than caring and less than willing to compensate me for being mistreated and now victimized by a situation that, may I remind you, was a DIRECT TV error!
 21st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Direct Tv applied our Aug 09 payment to someone else bill, we were harassed and treated poorly for non-payment, they refused to look into the possibility of there mistake. Had to go to our bank ( take time off work) and ask for research.
Found Direct Tv payment cashed by them but after fax still had to pay bill as they said it took 10 days to put in the system ( ridiculous!)I faxed finance department, emailed the CEO and finally, through calls reached a woman who supposedly was head of these matters and sent copies and letter to Office of President P>O> Box 6550 Greenwood Valley Co. 80155 as she requested. That was over one month ago and have heard absolutely nothing! Direct TV had our payment (irregardless of what they did with it) for over 3 months . They merely credit our account without any acknowledgment of the mistake after we faxed the cxl. check in there own sweet time/delay. We had to pay twice for services until credit and prove at our own cost that we paid. I felt we should have been given one month free service for the horrible treatment and lack of any communication. Anyone who opens a Direct TV account will find out that they are dealing with a company that is faceless and you are nothing more to them but $...

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