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J.C Penney Hair Salon Complaints & Reviews - JC Penney Hair Salon

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J.C Penney Hair Salon

Posted:    secret stylist

JC Penney Hair Salon

Complaint Rating:  17 % with 35 votes
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JC Penney Hair Salon
United States
I worked for JC Penney Hair Salon one time . The health benefits are great not a supplement, you get paid minimum wage or commission . When I got hired I had been working at another salon 13 years I was hired instantly. the same schedule each week. Eight years later I had not worked longer than ayear I was tould I needed a clintele to be hired, I needed to bring some thing to the table. A month later I was hired for store recovery part-time at $8.00 an hour, schedule was different each week. I got a call from the salon they where hiring full-time. I asked if I could split the hours between the floor and hair salon and was tould no it had to be one or the other. The only way was to transfer over.
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 7th of Feb, 2009 by   Vickie Norman 0 Votes

SB service awards - 9.95 charged to my debit card
JC Penny
United States

I was charged 9.95 on my debit card, they said it was through JC Penny's.
 4th of May, 2010 by   cocob79 0 Votes
I went to your saloon on 3May'2010.I have got a appointment ealier for 8:15pm, but when i reached saloon i had to wait till 9:00pm to get my haorcut done.I had spoken to your stylist (PATRICIA CRUZ) n told her what i want.she asked me to bring the picture.which i did.Anyways when i got my chance to get the haircut done, she started cutting my hair without wetting them (my hair were very wavy) & she dnt blow dry.To cut the story short she did mess up my hair.I m never gona come to your saloon ever & offcourse never gona recomend it to any one.I just hated the haircut & have wait for my hair to grow.if she couldn't cut what i was asking for she should have said so.
 4th of May, 2010 by   cocob79 0 Votes

I went to your saloon on 3May'2010.I have got a appointment ealier for 8:15pm, but when i reached saloon i had to wait till 9:00pm to get my haorcut done.I had spoken to your stylist (PATRICIA CRUZ) n told her what i want.she asked me to bring the picture.which i did.Anyways when i got my chance to get the haircut done, she started cutting my hair without wetting them (my hair were very wavy) & she dnt blow dry.To cut the story short she did mess up my hair.I m never gona come to your saloon ever & offcourse never gona recomend it to any one.I just hated the haircut & have wait for my hair to grow.if she couldn't cut what i was asking for she should have said so.
 17th of Jul, 2010 by   DiannaLC 0 Votes
Do not get your haircut in Tyler. I went in for a trim this woman got more than an inch off my hair and it is just messed up. One side is longer than the other. My hair is straight and very thick so you can see every mess up. Spend the extra and go somewheres else. I am calling to get a refund tomorrow and going some where else. I am sick over this I was letting it grow out. I am new to the Tyler area and have no idea where to get my hair cut.
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   KITTY20483 +1 Votes
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   VetoForBRs 0 Votes
Why didn't you say something to a manager while you were there? Why didn't you ask to see the back before you left? At ANY salon I've ever been to in my life, any time I've disliked something the stylist did, they are always open to fixing and correcting it then and there. And if their schedule is super booked, they will set me up for another day to come in and correct it. You were too passive-aggressive and they would have helped you, had you brought it up while you were still there.
 1st of Feb, 2012 by   jcp is horrible 0 Votes
I went to get my hair highlighted and my daughter was with me she wanted a hair cut too, so I went first to get my highlights done and it was horrible the stylist who did should not be working at a salon she needs to find another career, The manager their was horrible when I left the salon she stopped me and said 'I herd you were going to go some were else to get your daughter's hair cut", She did not care that I didn't like my hair and the service was horrible I will never go again! If your wandering what location its the fenton mo.
 17th of May, 2013 by   caroline mroz +2 Votes
I have been going to j.c. Penny's hair salon for about 5 years, in Tyler Texas. I have always had one girl cut my hair until recently she was injured and was out for several months. I was desperate for a trim, and made an appointment with Kathleen, BIG mistake! I hate-ed the cut no shape I look like I have a bowl cut! so I waited 6 weeks to try again (my bad) to see if someone could shape it, I got a man, can't remember his name, but he did not listen to me at all! it was worse than the cut before, they are very unprofessional there, and now its so short it falls out of my pony tail. I am 49 and this is the worst hair cut of my life!!! I will never go back to any J.C. Penny's for any reason. Not just because of the hair cut but they are also rude, When I arrived for my appointment with Kathleen I stood at the counter for several minutes with out any acknowledgement what so ever the problem with that is there was someone standing behind the counter on the computer and she never looked up to say I'll be with you in a moment! unfortunately it was Kathleen, I should have turned around and walked away. What a mess my hair is.
 19th of Dec, 2013 by   C.Dean 0 Votes
I had went to JCP salon to have my hair highlighted because I wanted to start the process to go blonde for my wedding in 5 months. When I called in to set up the appointment, I let the girl know exactly what I wanted done. She stated she understood and got me scheduled in. When I showed up to my appointment, the stylist I went to stated that I was down for a full, all-over color. I told her thats not what I had asked to have done. Now I know with the black color I had on my hair, that it was not going to be bomshell blonde, I expected it to be a little brassy. She instantly tried to talk me out of the highlights, she later revealed that she was supposed to get off work right after I got my service done and this was making her late. She did not ask me to sign a waiver, she told me my ends were pretty bad and that she would have to do a cut afterwards because it was going to damage the ends. She then proceeded to wet my hair down, which is a big no-no because water deactivates the bleach, and started applying 30vol and bleach to my bottom foils. After finishing the bottom she got 40 vol and bleach and started on the top, all the while wetting my hair down the whole time. She talked to me like I was a child the whole time and told me shes been doing hair at that salon for 12 years. She even stuck me under a dryer to expedite the process on my hair, which causes more damage to my hair, and left me under there for 20 minutes. When she was rinsing my hair, she was pulling clumps of my hair out due to overprocessing my hair, and toned it. When we got back to her chair she would comb my hair with a normal tooth comb and my hair was just combing out where the highlights were. we did a layerd cut to get alot of the damage out, she kept talking about how late she was on leaving work, and she stuck me back under the dryer to dry my hair. When she thought I was done she looked at some parts of my hair, did a trim or two, and was not even going to comb it out after letting it dry. I just flat out asked for her comb and combed my own hair. I was not styled and was told to leave it alone for a good couple of weeks due to the damage done. I was very unhappy but she stated that since she told me that it could damage my hair, that nothing could be done and we still had to pay. I will never go back to that salon in Terre Haute, IN ever again, nor will I reccomend it to anyone.
 21st of Aug, 2014 by   The customer is why you have a job 0 Votes
JC Penny in Midland Texas, what an experience, I booked the appointment for a children's cut for 8pm. I arrived at 8pm, I stood and waited for 20 minutes before either stylist even acknowledged that we were there. Once she sat my daughter down she asked what we were doing, I told her that we were cutting 4 inches off and layering the bottom inch. She was done in less than 10 minutes, she didn't dry the hair or check to see if it was even all the way around, when she was done she was completely rude and said, I'll be waiting up here when you're ready and walked to the register. Once we got home and dried her hair there were pieces up to an inch longer than the rest of the hair. This has got to be the worst customer service and hair experience I have ever encountered and will not be back!
 22nd of Aug, 2014 by   BenHad52 0 Votes
My mother went there to get a spiral perm once. She had extremely long, very healthy thick pretty hair. They ruined her. Ruined her. She had to get all her hair cut off. They didn't charge her. How could they after that? But they had little to say. Do not go there.
 6th of Sep, 2014 by   hairhottie317 0 Votes
I went to the JCPenny Salon in Peori, Il. First
I made a appointment for Wed. Sept3rd with a stylist named Micheal. I showed up for my appointment 10min early and waited the whole time standing at reception waiting for someone to greet me finally after 8min Micheal came around and I asked if I had been helped I said no I have a appointment with you and he said come on back. We go back then he asks me what I wanted I explained in detail what I had in mind. First he looked at me funny and said he didnt understand what I wanted, Iv been to cosmetology school so the detail of what I wanted was very crystal for anyone who had even been thru basics. So he told me to pick out a picture which I did and showed him and he says to me, you a lalready have color in your hair I dont understand what you want so maybe we should book you with someone more experienced with color. So he takes me back up to reception and I ask him if he was a Master because that is what I wanted. He said yes and said he wasnt that good with color! What the heck, how can you call yourself a Master if you dont know color! So I was irritated at that point and was not going to book again with another stylist, but I decieded to try one more time so Micheal books me on Sat the 6th with a girl med Callie. I came back today and waited and someone asked if I had a appointment I said yes with Callie so they go get her and be he she says this is prob guna be hard but we can do it. Mio cheal had basically triple booked her when he thru my appointment in her sched. Callie was nice I told her what happend and she said that was weird because Micheal does color all the time then back peddaled and said maybe he didnt feel comfortable and she was happy to do my hair I explained to her what I wanted she said she could do it, but she did it realy fast because she had other appointments she had going beside me and did not tke her time and left me sitting with a wet head for 1 Im 0min by the point she rinsed me I didnt want to stay for a cut so she dried me alil and needless to say I have grey hair now. Im so disgusted. Callie nwas nice, but I blame this whole thing on the stylist Micheal. I will tell all my friends in the hair community and clients and every1 who talks about hair never to go to that salon again
 15th of Oct, 2014 by   Customer_July 2014 0 Votes
I have been intending to write this for a while but due to lack of time it took me a while to write this to you. I had been a JC Penny customer for years now including the Salon services. I have been getting the CHI hair treatment for years now and I must say that the services are detoriating day by day. When I got it done first it was the best hair treatment I ever got done and my recent one which I got done in July of this year was the worst. My first observance of the downgrading happened last year. I made an appointment to get the treatment done few weeks ahead of time and just few days before the appointment I was called saying that my appointment would be cancelled as i need to get an evaluation done and then get another appointment for the treatment. So I went for the evaluation during which nothing was checked or done with my hair. The person assigned to do the work said that many people (specially of the race I belong to) make appointments and do not turn up so that ensure that people come in personally (in the name of evaluation) and make the appointment so that they are sure about the sincerity of the customer sticking with the appointment. This was humiliating but I still gave it a shot. On the day of the appointment, everything was done and at the end the hair dresser starting making remarks of how people from my race do not keep appointment and she went on and on and went to the extent of saying that she wasn't expecting me to keep the appointment either. Not to mention the way the whole treatment was done was not up to the mark as compared to all the previous CHI treatments I got done earlier. Now the episode of this year. I picked a different store this time with the hope of getting better service. The person was good to talk with and very chatty but rushed through the entire processing of treatment. I have long hairs and i was out of the salon in 2 hours which also included the hair wash and hair cut. I have never seen anyone applying the treatments this fast and she did not even wait for the 15-20 minutes that required before applying the heat with the iron. Not to mention, I did see any effect of the treatment after my first hair wash the next day. My hair was frizzy and just the same way it was before the treatment. This never happened before and my hairs used to be frizz free at least for 3 months after the treatment and quality used to be good up to six months when i used to feel the need of the next treatment. But this time it was not even a week. My hairs now break constantly and no one can make out from my hair that a treatment was done. This was the worst experience ever and I am never getting the treatment done in JC Penny again and would completely stop recommending this to my friends. I feel I have wasted $175 and it were better if I would have never got it done this time.
 23rd of Oct, 2014 by   amandabrutledge23 0 Votes
I got my hair trimmed today at jcpenney salon in sebring. First I was disappointed that a trim was $27, secondly, she cut my hair uneven. The stylist was very nice, however, she didn't even stand straight in front of me to see if both sides were straight! She stood on the side of me and looked around to the front. I didn't really examine my hair because when you go to a what I thought was a good salon like jcpenney and your haircut costs $27, you should feel comfortable enough to trust that what they are doing with your hair is professional! Not until I got home and looked in the mirror did I realize how uneven it really was and when I showed my husband the back he said "oh my gosh! "
 5th of Nov, 2014 by   MommaTT 0 Votes
I went to JcPenney at the Volusia Mall here in Daytona Beach, FL. The stylist did a lot of extra work on my hair & the color was out within 2 weeks. I called the center to speak to the stylist about it and she told me ok, when would you like to schedule your next appointment. I asked is there a charge for the service to fix the issue? She said NO, you would have to pay! I said I am not going to pay for a service when I just paid for the service and the color has already washed out & my gray is showing again!!! She said well, I will just have to go darker and get to know your hair. Well, I thought when you went to school that is what you do is learn hair and know what you need to use to cover the gray??? Well, I told her I am not making another appointment with your salon!!! She then hung up the phone on me. I called back & asked for the manager to contact me, but have never received a call from the manager. I complained to JcPenney and requested a refund. However, that was useless...they tell me that the manager has tried calling me!! Lie for sure, never received any calls or messages! They tell me that isn't something that they can do is refund! Not happy at all & will not RECOMMEND JcPenney Salon ANYWHERE from all the comments as THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THERE CUSTOMERS!!!
 29th of Nov, 2014 by   Studying the science of cosmetology 15yr 0 Votes
I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 15years and hold credentials in multiple states. Do to my husband's career, our family has relocated multiple times. Throughout the duration of my career, I have experienced working in independent owned salons, I have owned my own salon and have worked in corporate owned salons such as JcPenney's Salon. I must be completely honest, as far as opportunities to grow and expand anindividual stylists knowledge of our trade, JCP salon absolutely offers and requires their tylists to attend education classes that are designed to insure their stylists uphold high standards of performance. I am extremely impressed with the programs requirements and never have had this level of training opportunity available ! Not only is it required of EVERY STYLIST hired within their 1500 salons but they PAY us to attend! I have always been a believer in keeping upwith current trends and continuing to learn ...and am very grateful to finally be paid to continue my education considering one class can cost an individual stylist between $50-$600 to attend...I think out of 1500 stores nationally, they have been successful considering the very few complaints I found here... most of the issues I read about, have been an individual stylist not upholding the rules and standard of excellence JCP salon requires of their employees...I will personally apologize for their negligence! Those sylists do not deserve to represent our salons. as for the woman that her color faded. within 2weeks? There are many factors that can cause color to fade...the previous services performed causing excess porosity(hair is like a sponge, if the holes are enlarged, color will leak out...you can use a clear gloss over top to minimize the leakage...using too hot of water to wash your hair or over shampooing can cause color to fade..shampooing too soon afer service and not giving your hair a chance to return to its normal PH level can fade color(wait min of 2full days) using shampoo with sulphates(salts that make shampoo/liquid soap suds) will strip color and dry hair quickly! Also not using heat protection before blowdrying and hot tools will cause fading...among the formulation of the color application. issues that may have caused the issue...grey hair requires specific formulating inorder to penetrate the much coarser hair type...if this is the cause, you will see the issue with the first shampoo after service. That statement is based on science not opinion. This is why color services are guaranteed 2
 12th of Dec, 2014 by   Don'tBeAnIdiot 0 Votes

They did not flag you down and force you to accept the job. You sought it out and accepted the financial terms. Don't be recalcitrant.

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