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Jan-pro is a BIG SCAM. They will be very nice to you up to the point that you give them your money, then it all changes from there. This is not a business you are basically working for Jan-Pro like an ill treated employee. The contracts are underbid and the operation managers lie to franchisees all the time. If Jan-Pro cannot find a contract for a new franchisee they will take it away from an existing franchisee, this means they make money (sales and marketing fee) more than once on the same contract. I know some people who make less than minimum wage on some contracts they actually have to take money out of their pockets at the end of the month. If you want to sign up with Jan-Pro say goodbye to your money and hello to a headache.
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 19th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
Please Do not buy a Franchise with this company of Augusta, GA. They promise you things and don't stand up to it. From a friend of mine they lost a lot of money with these people. This company is nothing but a scam and give people jobs that not worth working. The list of numbers they give you to call sometimes don't be the right numbers to other franchisee.Basicially, Jan-pro(Franchisor), is like a general contractor, who gets you accounts to clean for anything from $200.00 dollars a month to $1000.00 and up, ( alot of under bidding goes on as well)you the franchisee(self contractor)goes out and cleans the under bid account(s) for much less then you think you are getting paid, first off jan-pro charges a big percentage for royalities, insurance, management fees, etc...(trust me they don't manage nothing)

also, since you are basically a self-contractor, when you receive your check no taxes are taken out just jan-pro's cut, so that way they send you a 1099 tax form at the end of the year, which means you have to pay a sh-t load of money for taxes, while they use you as a tax write off, also jan-pro has a form of modern day slavery going on...what I mean by that is if you worked the whole month of January, you wouldn't get paid until the end of febuary, and by then you would be getting utilities cut off, and you would be behind in bills, etc...

Also, even though they market that they grow your business for you they don't once you get your accounts that you signed up for they send you out a certified letter stating that they have 'FULFILLIED' their legal obligation..even if you lose some accounts, they still won't give you more accounts to replace those accounts, even if you lost them and it wasn't your fault.

Also let's say you think you are making $5000.00 a month, your nor, because they are taking their cut out, and ' uncles sam' will take his, remember that and if you do the math on that type of income you will owe the irs more than $10, 000 in taxes, even if you have all of your business receipts... IN A NUTSHELL, ... DO NOT INVEST IN A SO-CALLED COMMERCIAL CLEANING FRANCHISE...

 13th of Apr, 2009 by    +1 Votes
5000.00 Per Month if this is the number your working with there would be aproximatly 20 to 25% the company would take for its services and 15% would be a resonable amount to withhold for taxes leaving about 3800 remaining monthly. You had mentioned 12 accounts and I am not sure of the frequency of visits or the size of each account that would determine the hours invested into each account. It sounds like a fair amount of money and you really don't have to worry about the accounting aspect of the business. Please believe me that the collections, bookwork and accounting is a real bear to keep up with.

I plan to look at the The Uniform Franchise Offering Circular and in that circular thee is a list of other franchise owners that will share with me or anyone else their successes, likes and dislikes are for Jan Pro and its operation including bidding practices. The dicision to make this work really needs to be base on all the facts and some old fashoned research. I apreciate your input and I will take it to heart but I will also contact many of he other franchisors to get their take on the business opportunity offered by Jan Pro. I am sorry you had what seems to be a very frustrating time.
 9th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am very happy with Jan-pro It is not the place for glorified employees but for business owners. That the diference beween owners and employees.
 18th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree totally, when I signed with Jan-Pro from the 1st check until now, I've had problems that nobody can seem to answer for me. I also noticed that everything done with them should be in writting! Better yet, don't fool with Jan-Pro, if your looking to build a foundation under youself. The biggest problem that I had with them is that I was told that 10% would be taken out of my payment, but in fact there was an extra 10% taken out of my check when I received it! Further more, I had no problems with any of my account til it came time for the contracts to be expired!! Last, but not least, it seems to me as if Jan-Pro has personal relationships with the customers even before the contract is being service.
 29th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I worked for Jan Pro for over 2 years. It is an organized maffia or at least that is what it feels like. You as an account holder have no say in anything, and if you make a mistake, they will confiscate your account only to sell it to someone else. You have no say in, no options to rectify any problems. There are always fees they invent that you have to pay and you have rights to argue, differ because that can result in losing your account. I lost two accounts and I wasn't even allowed to have a meeting to discuss the problems! Hate Jan Pro..they will rob you blind and you work for nothing.
 21st of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
i hate jan pro. i agree with a lot of people on here. when they want you to sign up with them they lie to you and all are nice and then once they take your money its a 360 turn...they treat you like shit and never take your side for anything. i have to agree that they have personal relationships with the customers. i believe they took one of my contracts on purpose and gave it to someone else and they didnt pay me for one month of work becuase they said i provided poor service even though i never recieved ANY complaints!!! BULLSHIT. I dont even feel like a franshise owner to be honest just a reagular cleaner and they make you feel that way too, they put you down and treat you like dirt. I HATE THEM!!!
 25th of Jan, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I agree with all of you I hate JAN PRO that is the worst mistake
In my life I gave them Money and all I have gained is stress. WE should do something to make them stop and avoid that others give them money.
 14th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
Wow, it's crazy how so many of us have the same exact problems with Jan Pro! I lost 2 accounts as well shortly after the accounts were paid off! With no explanation from the client, only a call from Jan Pro asking for the keys. They say you're the Franchise owner, but they are sneaky. They go behind your back and talk to your clients and if a problem arises, the client contacts them and not you so you're left blind sided! There has to be something we all can do about there scam because people are going to continue to loose money with Jan Pro' s scam!
 24th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
jAN PRO IS nothing but a scam. I have gained nothing but stress from these people (headoffice). I have even developed mentail illness (severe anxiety) because I feel like I am always walking on eggshells. I work so hard and i know that my services are good yet for some reason my job is not good enough. I feel like I am always threathened by them and this is no way to live. we have invested so much money into this business and that was the worst mistake becuase we have lost contracts due to stupid excuses that could have been easily resolved. Also, my husband is on the business licese and they told me they did not want anything to do with him. this is because he is more agressive with them and blunt. Also, they told me that they do not wish to speak to my husband. they have no right telling me this. he is on the license and he can talk to them if he wishes to do so. Jan pro is always looking for weak owners. once they find your soft spot they will try to bring you down and take full advantage of you. If you are aggressive then they don;t like you. Ive had them even take money from my paycheck to pay another franchise owner that took over the account due to a transfer. their reason was beucase the owners spend extra time cleaning the facility so they took it out of our hard earned money. DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY with them them becuase it is not an investment. BEWARE!
 28th of Mar, 2016 by    0 Votes
Stay away from Jan Pro, the office of 1148 Ambassador Rd services the Baltimore metropolitan area are like vampires. Once they get into your property they don't want to leave. We were told we would be able to cancel a contract yet later they tried to hold us by stipulation in the contract. After they failed to execute the terms of their contract their reply was it was a typo. The business practices are unethical, aggressive and based off of company profits. After further investigation it turns out the whole franchise operates this way while abusing its franchisees they fine them based off of promises that they can't deliver and create great hostility. They state they will continue to bill us, a church, even though we are now cleaning are own facility. Our interaction with them has been most unpleasant so before you fall for their false claims of state of the art equipment, medical grade products and customer satisfaction think twice, pray and stay away from Jan Pro.

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