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It's Just Lunch (Scam!)

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It's Just Lunch
Chicago, Illinois
United States
I wanted to let everyone know about this dating service that I recently was a part of and why NOT to sign up for it.

I signed up for the year membership which costs $1, 800. Pretty extreme, but you can take it however you want. When I first began I decided this would be a good investment into my future to find a wonderful woman to spend the rest of my life with. The dating world is not easy here in Chicago and the typical "bar" women are far from the best. So this was another option other than the online dating scene.

Anyway, throughout the year membership I went on over 25 dates with different women, so I feel I am experienced on how this works. IJL leads you to believe that they have the perfect matches for you, which they don't! They call and tell you about the new match: What they like to do, their looks, their activities, their travels, etc... After hearing basically the same description for each woman, I eventually told them to not waste their time in telling me about the details. Every one sounded fantastic, until you went out on the date! Out of these 25+ dates, I would say that only 2 were good looking. Only a few (6) could hold a conversation, and many had completely different views/likes etc...and weren't even close to a match. It is very frustrating to go through that many dates throughout the year and not find 1 woman that I would like to date. This service had no idea of what I was looking for, after several conversations stating what I was in search of. They only meet with you once and somehow they "know" you. You have to explain your likes/dislikes over the phone to someone you have never met. Supposedly, there are a group of people who sit in a room and go over all the different profiles to match you up. I think they just grab the closest match and that's who you will be meeting. There was never a good match and then after complaining several times, IJL had the nerve to ask me to sign up for another year! Crazy! I haven't even spoken to the woman who interviewed me initially (Since I signed up). You would think that she, being the one who "knows" you, would do her best to advise or help in any way possible. She explained that she knew exactly what I was looking for, and I believed her. Unreal. IJL doesn't even show you a picture of the person you are about to go on a date with. If they did that, it would have saved the woman and I a bunch of time. There were very few good looking women, and the ones that were good looking, couldn't hold a conversation or didn't have the same likes/dislikes as I. And I'm sure that everything is vice versa as well...if I wasn't the woman's type, it would have saved her time/money. I wanted to let you know that I wasn't the only one. Several dates (10) that I went on said they hated the service as well and they weren't listening to what they wanted. Some tried to cancel the membership, but IJL wouldn't let them. Throughout the 25+ dates, there wasn't 1 compliment about IJL. Only complaints.

Anyway, to make a long story short:

So, in conclusion, if you are considering this service, take my advice and don't waste your money. IJL has been more of an annoyance than anything else. No one seems to know what they are talking about and they are just reading profiles...you could do that online for much less than $1800 + all the food and drinks that you have to spend when you go on these dates. Back to the real dating world...in fact, already have 2 dates lined up WITHOUT the service! Good luck.
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 24th of Jul, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I'd rather have spent the money on a root canal.

Despite what they say, it doesn't matter what you tell them you're looking for. Every date I went on was not even close to a match. They don't have nearly enough men to match the number of women, & I know this from asking the men I went on dates with. Men are called for dates several times a week while women are called for dates once every 4-6 weeks.

The dates kept getting worse, so I got more vocal about the criteria I outlined during my initial interview. To think this actually mattered was my first mistake. My second mistake was answering the 7 (yes 7) phone calls I received asking to renew my membership despite (1) a horrible experience & (2) telling them I was in serious jeopardy of losing my job (which has since happened). Their response: "You can't put a price on love.", "No one wants to be alone.", And my all-time favorite: "Let's be honest. We're not getting any younger."

I wish I would have listened to the reviews before I signed up. Ladies, do yourself a favor & take yourself on a nice vacation before even considering joining It's Just Lunch.
 25th of Jul, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I agree with everything! My experiences were identical to all posts. Save your time and money - do NOT join this service - IJL is a scam!
 14th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I had a HORRIBLE experience with It's Just Lunch. I advise anyone to put your money elsewhere. Take yourself on vacation or throw it out the window... either will benefit you more.

I was coerced into joining IJL by a lovely woman who promised she had the men of my dreams in her "file." They were just waiting to meet me, all I had to do was pay $1, 700. She called and called, and made me feel like if I passed this up, I would be alone and lonely forever. As soon as I paid, I never heard from her again.

I went on 2 dates. TWO. The first was with an uninterested guy, who acted like he was being paid to be there (I think he might be their 1st date guy, because he was cute). The 2nd date with with a short, bald, divorced man, the age of my father (I had specifically told them NO to all of these qualities). After, I put my membership on hold, because it was going so poorly.

After a year, I wanted to take it off hold and use it up (since I paid for it). I called IJL and they informed me that my membership had expired. I asked why I never received notice or a phone call to that effect, and they said they don't do that. I requested that they reinstate my membership and they HUNG UP ON ME.

If you're reading this, you might assume I'm an ugly, uninteresting person, and you'll be different. NOT TRUE. I thought that too when I read reviews, before signing up (about other people/bad reviews). On the contrary I am a 25 year old, pretty, slim, attorney - I'm just saying. If you think the bad reviews are only from un-datable people, think again.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
It's Just Lunch is a horrible service. I joined It's Just Lunch for a year and when my membership was up they automatically put me a month to month - CHARGING MY ACCOUNT $100, which I never agreed to. I cancelled the month to month, but they still charged my account. On top of that they were claiming to match me with at least 1 match per month, but they never called after I cancelled... just kept charging my account. I sent emails, left voice messages... no return. The office in Birmingham had closed (without telling clients) and our accounts were transferred to somewhere in Florida. I found out later the representative I had been speaking to had left the company and she never stopped my membership. I havebeen fighting with It's Just Lunch for two days and I still don't know if they are going to refund my money. They keep telling me they owe me two more matches... not no, BUT HELL NO!!! One match I had the guy was as least 20 years older, we look like father and daughter having lunch. After the Florida office took over my membership not any of the matches met what I signed up for. They didn't care, just wanted to match people up. I even had a match with a married man going through a divorce, I specially said no separated or going through divorce matches.

Take my advice, no one is that bad off to have to resort to this service. You can find better matches as your local grocery store. Save your money, time and effort. This company is not worth it! P.S. I will get my $100.00 back one way or the other even if I have to hire a lawyer and it costs me more, companies are not going to SCAM me like this again.
 30th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
wow I thought it was just me...

I have just gotten off the phone with someone from Its just Lunch, I called because I have been trying to become active in this group since the end of last year but have not had any luck getting dates although I have been repeatedly told that my membership was good until I had completed all of the dates agreed upon by my contract.
After I joined in 03/06 I became a primary care taker of my mother who was terminally ill This became a full time commitment especially the last 6 months of her life. After her passing 6 months later I suffered with back injuries and a nerve that had burst in my neck from stress. My recovery was not quick or easy. I was accused of wasting my membership and being on hold…. Sorry, life happens these are not the kind of things we plan on. I was always assured my membership was good and I had dates to be had. I was in shock today when I called to follow up on a meeting that had been scheduled but told would reschedule later. I was treated harshly and coldly told my membership was terminated and would not ever be renewed. I was belittled and put down . My contract clearly states 12 months or 14 dates which ever comes later. I am shocked by the behavior of this organization. they obviously have no matches for women they are just scamming for money and have a contract they do not honor., buyer beware! its just lunch is just another scam...
 28th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
thank you for posting this...i was interested in signing up, but i have heard way too many complaints about this company...i have always been a sucker for people taking my money, and i thank you for letting me know of your woes before that could happen to me again! I would much rather spend the money on law school, so i can stop these morons from victimizing people!!! Thank you!!!
 16th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Wow there are so many complaints about this dating service that are 100% valid. I too just had a horrible experience with this company. By the way they treated me and looking up and seeing that they had 4 complaints with the California BBB, it lead me to believe that there had to be several people unhappy and mislead by this company. I would like to get a hold of every one and file a class action suit against this company. Companies like this need to be shut down.
 22nd of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am so sorry I didn't research this service before I joined. I spent three days last week trying to get in touch with my It's Just Lunch "consultant", but her voice mail was full and she didn't return my e-mails. I have been set up on two dates - the 1st date phoned and cancelled, the second date was a "no show". Although I was told my second date was confirmed and that reservations had been made so I could meet my date "discreetly", the restaurant had no reservation and told me that happens all the time with It's Just Lunch clients - "no shows" and no reservations made as promised.

You bet this is a scam! I will be going to the BBB, local consumer watch television programs, and anyone else who will listen. $1950 Canadian Dollars is a lot of money, and for some this monetary loss could be devastating. The service, in theory, is excellent. But this scam is not without it's victims. What a disgrace.
 3rd of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I echo all complaints posted here...I'm in a bustling metropolitan city in North Carolina and was ripped off $900 for services that IJL did not deliver.

Like many of the postings, the local consultants closed shop (without notifying members ) and moved offices to Florida and South Carolina. In a span of nine months I dealt with 3 different reps who didn't seem to communicate with each other or had left the company and of course were oblivious to your needs because they matched you with just about anybody on file--in my 9-month painful contract with them I only went on 4 dates!!! Phone calls are not returned, voicemails are always full, scheduled dates are canceled without notice and the bottom line is that its a lousy dating service.

So please save YOURSELF the heartache and don't sign up with this scam of a company!
 12th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ripped Off! I went out on no dates because nobody met my criteria and they kept all my money. There is a Pro-Rated Refund on page one of the contract that is not honored! The service did not have anyone to match my criteria and I refused to go out as an escort or be escorted. I asked for my refund based on the Pro-Rated Refund and was laughed at. I was told to be open to dating. At the interview I specifically said I was not open to dating various people, I had specific criteria and I would not agree to being forced to go out on a date against my will with my own money. There are consumer protect laws against misleading statements on contracts and there are laws against bait-and-switch schemes to make money!
 27th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
This company is a complete rip-off! They were quick to take my $1, 900, and promise me 1 - 2 dates per month. Now it's 8 months later, and I've been on exactly TWO dates! And to make matters even worse, the second date was a gentlemen of a different ethnicity than I had specified in my criteria! These people do absolutely no screening. They just take your money and make empty promises. They obviously do not have a pool of candidates with which to match members. I have been trying to cancel my membership and get a refund for the past 6 months. They refuse to even take my calls. I am quite frankly surprised that the are allowed to continue to operate such a deceitful operation.

Interestingly enough, I got fed up with this service, and paid $34 for a month on Match.com. I went out on several dates within the first two weeks, and then met a wonderful, professional guy who I've been dating for awhile now.

PLEASE do not sign up for this scam! Save your money. I guarantee they will not have any suitable matches for you!

I saw an earlier comment where someone mentioned filing a class action lawsuit against IJL. Please count me IN!
 10th of Feb, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I am actually trying to sue them in small claims court. If someone organizes a class action law suit - I am definitely in. One of the "in-person" meetings I had was with a nice girl who said she hates this company but she needs to keep working because it supplements her paycheck. She said it is really sad when she sees that this company takes advantage of older people who are widowed or widower. There has to be something criminal in what they do. I cannot believe they have been getting away with this for this long.
 19th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Consider this my gift to you all!!!

I know that all of you are frustrated & this is the same for 95% of the members at one point or another...

IJL Policy doesn't allow the Dating Directors to answer the phone EVER!!... THIS WILL HELP YOU REACH THE PERSON YOU SHOULD SPEAK TO:

VICE PRESIDENTS CELL NUMBER - Julie Novotney #608-381-0642
(This is the 26 year old who is running corporate into the ground)

Other persons of interest at IJL:
Eishaln Boyd office number# 954-602-0432, Jessica Baer 954-602-0400
 8th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
It looks like my damage is small in comparison. IJL sold me $500 introductory 6 months-or-3-matches contract and didn't provide service. They lied that they had 10, 000 members in Portland Oregon area. THen the first match they came up with was an hour outside of city to meet at rush hour. I refused to go during rush hour and offered to meet if the time was later in the evening past rush hour. THe coordinating person never got back to me. After a month, I called back and stated my complaint as I suspected that 10, 000 membership was a lie when they couldn't even keep a physical office in Portland. They refused and offered another match. They were running this from Tamapa Florida and pretended know their members well. I decided to take my money and get out but they refused to refund or respond to me since. THey have Portland area code phone line, but the person answering is in Florida and stated they have a follow-up person after the date. THey just have a local stand-in person. The service is skimpy and they reaping profit on what little data base they have, running it remotely.

I had a reasonable personal service with IJL in Austin, Tx in 2000 and expected the same. Now it seems with poor economy and harder competition with online dating services, IJL is bought and sold at high price on past reputation but run skimpy now as a reap-off without delivering service. I regret getting involved with IJL. Stay away as far as you can.
 7th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Last June, I was pursued by a newer coordinator of IJL, that was a former dating Agency I tried. She was raving how much they needed guys 35 - 45 for all their women.. She was very aggressive (desperate) with me. Their supposed regular fee was $1200 - $1500 for up to 6 intros because she was trying to break into the niche of my city. Because she knew me, she tried her crazy sales pitch of 1 year and I negotiated to "at least 6" intros for < $900

Well, I did give it a shot regardless of letting IJL know how incredibly picky the women are in my city. IJL tried so hard to convince me how they had the "secret of finding the right one in ANY city"
Mid March the next year, I had a talk with one of their coordinators and suggested to them to introduce me to women where I wasn't the lady's first date when they joined IJL, rather, to have the lady go out at least once before meeting me. This way I wouldn't be the "break into IJL" date for them. Well, for some reason, I no longer had any dates since then.

I got a call from the newest IJL coordinator, strangely enough, 2 months before my membership aniversary wanting to talk to me.. I thought it was another date setup.. hehehehehe.. well, she wanted to "re-recruit" me into IJL. I told her that she might want to read my membship agreement and profile. She got back to me on the phone and claimed to have talked to head office and that I was the one who misunderstood the IJL contract and that I was "lucky" to get 10 dates... We debated the point on the phone for 20 min because I knew she was wrong or mearly misinformed (at least I'll call it that). I continued to tell her that IJL was miscommunicating the whole situation or just trying to screw me out of the rest of my membership because I negotiated a far better deal than they would usually give..

She was REALLY looking to see my contract I had... translation.. she was playing poker with me and trying to see if I could prove my position against the BS she was trying to give me.

When I e-mailed her back with my copy... she had NO choice but to retract what she said, appologize and admit I was right...
Even though I'm right, I would be surprised to get any further dates from them regardless. Bottom line.. even though they are a business and make money off professionals in the crazy dating scene, write EVERYTHING down, e-mail them your understanding of the interview, READ their contract so all wording matches the discussion.. don't trust IJL otherwise
 12th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
July 12th, 2010. When IJL sell me the membership, they made it clear that if I found a girlfriend or am not happy with their service, I can quit and get refund minus $200 setup fee. Then after they read their contract, they send me a link to pay. After I paid, they send me a contract to sign which I didn't find that promise. I contact the people enrolling me, no response.
My first date changed her schedule. Second date never show up. Third and actually first date was not the kind of girl I was looking for.
This is a company determined to control its clients. Their marketing scheme is to guide the customer to sign a contract totally hurting customer's interest. Any new updates from you guys?
 14th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with everyone as to what my experience has been with this sham of company. Thanks to the person who left the contact information. Now all I need is an address to have my attorney send a letter!

Matchmaking did not exist in their vocab...more like mis matching...no customer service, rude, lied about dates interests just to get you out on a date...it's just utterly disgusting and a shame.

I hope & pray that anyone thinking about utilizing this company will not be as hasty as I was. They are liars, scammers and they prey upon the busy professionals who don't want to think they can't have it all. The entire operation should be shut down
 29th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
wow.. thanks guys for all those experiences about IJL
I thought I will join it next week, bcI got info from airplain magazine, sounds perfect.
then it's turn out :it's all same.
I had experience with the other dating service, they never match me with someone my creteria.
if yes, that guy looked reluctant to show up (seems it's been set up?)
anyway, I won't join this kind dating service anymore.
 3rd of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I signed up with Just for lunch (JFL) on December 15, 2010 for a 14 month/14 date matchmaking service. To date, I have been scammed, embarrassed, lied to, and left hanging by unprofessional and non-responsive staff members who could not care less about whom they set you up with or whether that person ever shows for the scheduled date. Specifically:

1) At my initial consultation with I was enticed into joining on the misrepresentation that they had the perfect match for me, a lovely 35yr old Jewish girl name Mira. Upon joining I soon learned that Mira either didn't exist or was not longer available. What a scam.

2) First date scheduled and confirmed for December 7th, 2010 was canceled by the other party 1 hour before the scheduled date.

3) Second date scheduled and confirmed for January 12th, 2011 was a no show by the other party. Three hours of my day wasted not to mention the embarrassment of sitting in a restaurant by yourself for 45 minutes and having to walkout with your tail between your legs.

4) Third date scheduled and confirmed for the evening of January 12th, 2011 was a total mismatch. We had nothing in common and the young lady seemed totally burnt out on the JFL process. I can only assume they use her for every available male match since JFL bench strength must be very limited. .

5) Fourth date scheduled and confirmed for Friday January 28, was canceled by the other party 1 hour before the scheduled date.

6) Fifth date scheduled and confirmed for February 2th, 2011 was a no show by the other party. Three hours of my day wasted not to mention the embarrassment of sitting in a restaurant by yourself for 45 minutes and having to walk out with your tail between your legs. I was later told by my dating coordinator that the other party had never confirmed the date. When asked why I was still sent two emails asking for me to confirm, which I did, wasn't the date wasn't postponed or me notified by JFL that the other party hadn't confirmed. I was told by Marcela the South Florida Dating coordinator that this is Standard Operating Procedure and that they send people out on dates all the time even when both parties haven't confirmed and that their clientele often get stood up.

My outrage with the service and my bad experiences generated absolutely no concern or apology on the part of Marcela the South Florida Dating coordinator for JFL and my emails and calls to the salesperson who signed me up, Carrie, have gone unreturned to this point, which for me was insult to injury. How could a service firm care so little about the service they provide or their clients.
 25th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I experienced similiar problems with IJL; however, I only went on 2 dates before calling it quits. IJL ignored my various requests for a refund so I threatened them with a small claims suit (which only cost $22 to file the paperwork in my County) and within days, IJL refunded my money (at a pro-rated amount). I would recommend to anyone who has experienced problems that they get legal assistance.

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