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Match.com Complaints & Reviews

Match.com - Texas, Dallas / Fake profiles

Robert on 2016-02-12
I decided to try Match.com and had no luck. I never received any emails from ladies. And when I emailed any of the matches they send me every day I never received a response! I believe that most of the profiles are fake. It is absolutely ridiculous. I have emailed customer care a many...

Match.com - Louisiana, New Orleans / Unwanted Automatic Resubscription

vinnythepug on 2016-02-11
Without any notification, MATCH.COM raided my account and took out money. Match.com did not alert me that my subscription was expiring but in a stealth like manner, just raided my bank account. While my online account showed the debit was "still pending", I cancelled my Match.com account and called them up. They still would not return my money.

Match.com - Texas, Dallas / Worst dating site online!

Fiiiz102 on 2016-02-03
A week ago I joined match.com. Free accounts are quite useless, so I decided to subscribe. When you purchase a membership you actually expect something special, but you still have to pay for all extra options. The most annoying thing is their customer service. I doubt that it even exist...

Match.com - Texas, Dallas / Never again!

Max on 2016-02-01
I joined Match thinking that it is free, but I have no idea what part of it is free. Yes, it is actually free to put your name in and that's about it. I joined the site, made a profile and then received a message stating that they need my credit card information and that I need to...

Match.com / website

Reviewer46236 on 2016-01-30
there uk site runs so slow keep getting long running script, cannot receive it on android phone just says opps an blue screen, totally bollocks and crap, I want my money back ducking poo a child could design a better website so many bugs in it.

Wmv*match.com / Dating site false charges

Raymond Wells on 2016-01-17
I enrolled on 9/6/15 and immediately that day canceled my subscription. I was billed $98.96 on my discover card. I would like the amount refunded to my credit card account. I called the number on my billing statement and the number is no longer in service.

Match.com - Texas, Dallas / Do not use this site!

Boris on 2016-01-11
I purchased a subscription to this website and they gave me a 7 day free trial. I tried the site, didn't like it and decided to cancel my subscription. But they refused to give my money back and ignored all my messages. When I tried to call their customer service the line was busy. I tried...

Match.com - Texas, Dallas / Stay away from this website!

Dons on 2016-01-07
Do not pay these people your money! I will continue to post bad reviews about Match.com to save people from them! I had a subscription, but cancelled it 2 or 3 years ago. Yesterday I decided to check the card I had used and realized they are still charging me for this! Today is January 7...

Match.com - California, San Diego / 6 Month Garantied

Reviewer57283 on 2015-12-11
They have charged my credit card for 6 month renewal even I was granted for 6 free month if I send to 5 member every month. I did that but still was charged for 6 month renewal fee. After calling their poor customer services they still did not want to tell me why i did not qualified for 6...

Match.com / George Michael Riley

survivor98 on 2015-12-09
http://44112news.com/?p=7010 To all who have been conned and deceived by this con-artist, George Michael Riley, please contact us. He's known to frequent multiple date sites as he grooms his victims. This story is currently being prepared for national coverage.

Match.com - South Carolina, Anderson / Automatic billing

Reviewer96254 on 2015-12-08
I signed up for this service nearly a year ago and was totally disappointed. Today I received my credit card bill and was charged for another three months! $68.97 of worthless service. I called the company and they said when i signed up I agreed to automatic billing. That's funny because...

Match.com / Unauthorized charge

Reviewer27949 on 2015-12-07
I want to try it for 3 months and then I found out this website was not good and they keep charging me every 3 months for $77 automatically. So I called my bank to stop the payment because they posted it 2 day ago. Then my bank set up 3 ways conversation to try to get a full refund of the...

Match.com / Subscription

LOWER154 on 2015-12-06
They are a con group and they know it and the Attorney General's Office in Dallas was advised. They have about 30 % of an active website - all others are former or made up profiles. This is proven by doing a search - say 100 people are returned - and then noting that but about 30 are still...

Match.com / Unauthorized Billing

Reviewer42139 on 2015-12-01
I canceled my subscription on 11/27/15, a day before it ended as I had heard that the company scams people and auto bills if there is any wiggle room in the cancelation details. I noticed I was continuing to get emails so I went back in the following day and went through all the prompts to...

Match.com / Daily emails

Reviewer19570 on 2015-11-20
I have the same complaint as a number of people: I have requested that daily emails be stopped. I have sent multiple requests. Not only do I not get any reply but the emails keep coming. I have not been a subscriber to match in a long, long time. This behavior on their part is totally...

Match.com / Billing

Tiffanyw1 on 2015-10-27
I have never been on the sight and I noticed that a withdrawal of 39.99 for math.com had been taken out of my checking account. I called them several times and they would just put me on hold. I finally called my bank and they credited my account but I had to cancel my credit card because of this. As far as I'm concerned this is fraud!

Match.com / Unauthorised payments

angelaf309 on 2015-10-25
Date: 20/10/2015 Customer number: 680282710. Continual cash withdrawals from my account from a company I joined believing it to be free for three months. The company without my consent has been taking monthly payments without either my knowledge or consent. This has caused me distre...

Match.com / Automatic renewal

Reviewer13300 on 2015-10-19
They stated that automatic renewal was a basic requirement for all accounts . I noticed a charge and the company was conveniently closed so I sent an email . They stated they do not offer an email and that although I was cancelling the membership my membership is required to continue for the month . It's a scam!!

Match.com / Account suspended

Reviewer69304 on 2015-10-17
I joined Www.match.com in the USA yesterday, I live in South Africa. My membership number is 190190906 . A few hours after joining, my account was suspended. NO E MAIL EXPLAINING WHY. NO ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS. I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED. I WANT OUT. This is a scam, and I'm not...

Match.com / False ID not who he says to be

Reviewer73540 on 2015-09-19
I joined match.com and was introduced to a man who I was interested in. We had begun emailing each other and started sharing things. He was slick with the info and how I was his the love of his life. Too good to be true. Did a background check on him including his military info. and it...

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