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Match.com Complaints & Reviews

Match.com / Don't want to be sent matches.

deuceofbaringo on Nov 29, 2016
i've telephoned Match.com worthless, incompetent customer service FOUR times. i've repeatedly asked that no "match's" be mailed to me. it's so disturbing. upsetting. aggravating. CAN SOMEONE STOP THIS CRAP FROM COMING TO ME? I pulled my profile and told Match not send emails, "she'...

Match.com / refund not received

Julia White on Nov 21, 2016
I had cancelled my subscription with Match.com but the next 3 months payment was withdrawn from my bank account. I first contacted them on the 31st Oct and was told I would receive a full refund. We are now on the 21st November and I am still waiting. I have phoned on numerous occasions to...

Match / Hackers and scammers

Slipslide on Nov 15, 2016
I'm starting to feel match is the biggest scammer of all. Someone has hacked into my account and taken over it. So some lonely soul will be scammed and match will do nothing about it. I have asked match to close my account and send me a refund. And the response is nothing. Since someone...

Match.com / Can't access my account that I paid for today

Candy Bisson on Nov 12, 2016
I reactivated my account today using my same email and password that I've always used, and paid for a 3 month subscription. It opened my account, allowed me to change my profile and change pictures. Then it locked me out and said I could check my email for the problem. I never received...

Match.com / Scams and hackers

Slipslide on Nov 11, 2016
I have complained several times and will continue until I get a response. I was having fun util my account was hacked. Since then I have complained with no response. You would think someone would want to help you but no, no way. I guess they do not care about their customers. Someone...

match.cm / Cancellation problems

TammyPauschMason on Nov 9, 2016
I subscribed 8/8/16 and within hours had seconds thought and tried to cancel my subscription. Since I had sent one message, I was told that I could *not* cancel, but my subscription would *not* be automatically renewed. Incident: 160808-006884 Response By Email (Neal B.) (08/10/2016 11:36...

Match.com / Not being able to get into match and when I did someone else was in my profile

Slipslide on Nov 8, 2016
On 11/7/2016 I could not get into match it said email or password was in correct so I finally got in after changing password. My profile had been hacked with photos of someone else. I deleted the pictures and put mine back in. Later I deceided to close my account out and could not get back...

Match.com / I tried to cancel and the system still processed an auto renewal

LaurieI on Nov 2, 2016
I went thru the cancelation process and the computer never sent a confirmation. The web site gives nothing stating a confirmation is needed. The day before may end date 1031 I changed my profile stating I was no longer a paying member. On 11/2 I received an auto renewal receipt. I called the...

Match.com / Unauthorized charges and fraud

Lexee13 on Oct 27, 2016
I signed on for the service in April 2016. One month later, I met someone (not on this site, which seems to only have inactive members). Since I already knew how sneaky match.com is with their auto-renewals, I wanted to make sure I don't get charged again in 6 months, so I MADE A POINT to...

Match.com / I cannot stop daily emails

Stephen Marek on Oct 15, 2016
I am not a member for years now and yet I get constant emails. I do not want to create an account to complain bc I'm afraid it will get worse. I am happily married and would like to stay that way. Please help!!! I took a snap shot of just 2 of the emails and I get at least 2-5 everyday.

Match.com / Auto renewal is a fraud

LlWw on Oct 5, 2016
Match.com's auto renewal is really a fraud. Most customers don't even realize that they signed up for auto renewal. It's hidden in the terms and agreements. And the only way to turn off the auto renewal is to CANCEL your subscription. Otherwise, your credit card will be charged. When I...

Match.com / Auto renew is deceptive

lambertc455 on Sep 20, 2016
IF you want to stop auto renewal charges from match, I strongly suggest you delete your profile from their site. I thought I stopped the auto renewal, I clicked the ‘auto renew’ button to stop auto renew. But when I looked at my bank statement, match had automatically withdrew the $107. I...

Match.com / Instalments still taken after cancel

Sarah Hardy on Sep 13, 2016
after joining match while they had an offer on i was not interested in continuing so i logged in and cancelled my subs in time. or so i thought. match have continued to take a ridiculous amount of $44 gbp a month of my card??! this is crazy, i hadn't logged in to my account as i suspended...

Match.com / Unauthorized paypal charge

Beth Swyers Pompey on Sep 12, 2016
I had a paypal payment to Match.com 4 days ago. I contacted match.com today and told them that I had not authorized automatic renewal of my subscription. They refused to refund the payment saying that my account was set up for auto renewal. I know that I went in to my account when I first...

Wmv*match.com / Fraudulent charges

Nicolé Welch on Sep 9, 2016
I have never been a member or had any account with match.com. On 8/29/16 @ 5:28pm est i called the (800)326-5161 regarding fraudulent match.com charges made on my check card. I was insured they would be refunded. No refunds have been received. Match.com deducted a total of $73.98; deducting...

Match.com / Online dating

Dagny2016 on Sep 5, 2016
Company can bombard you with purchasing BUT refuses to give credit when cancelling I am living out of the country and just received my statement. Called to cancel and get credit and was told they don't give back credit. What a ripoff ! How can this continue? Why isn't there a class action...

Match.com / No refunds even if it's their fault

jessilynn on Jul 19, 2016
Id like to express how unprofessional and unhelpful this company has been. I tried canceling my profile two months ago and then a few days ago saw they took out another payment for 6 months after trying to cancel two months prior. After speaking to two reps from the company, they were not...

Match.com / My account was blocked for no reason, no refund was issued

aedam on Jul 17, 2016
I enrolled to match.com on and off for years, the last time I enrolled my account was blocked, my current email is still blocked, I reached out to the customer support, they confirmed that my account was blocked but did not specify why, they said that once i agreed with their service...

Match.com / Cancellation membership with prior notice/explanation

Gigi19 on Jul 12, 2016
TOTALLY CHEATING WEBSITE!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! They charged my credit card account $77 and cancel my membership without any notice! I requested to know the reasons of account cancellation and asked for a refund but the reps never tell me the reasons except they receive a validity-issued...

Match.com / Charged my Credit Card For 6-Month Subscription Without My Authorization

Royallgal on Jul 8, 2016
I was searching Match, com to see if there were any "new" profiles. When I did this the subscription page came up and then it instantly went to "congratulations! you have reactivated your membership". There was no credit card info and I did not give my consent or authorization. They...

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