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HSBC Credit Card Complaints & Reviews - Delay in statement generation

HSBC Credit Card Contacts & Informations

HSBC Credit Card

Posted:    Hemant Kumar Soni

Delay in statement generation

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
Since statement of my credit card is generated on 16th on every month, so I haven't yet received my this month statement which could be a cause of late payment.

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 19th of Feb, 2007 by   Bonnie SINGER 0 Votes
I am currently still trying to resolve the not posting payment then it was returned so they could say i didn't pay now hsbc sold the account and collectors want over 1.000.00 dollars on a card with only 200.00 credit limit! Yes it was one of those get a visa and they sent me a master card with ridiculously high interest after i started using the card!!! and i couldn't even read the small print because it was fuzzy!
 10th of May, 2007 by   Mary-Lawrence Yanniello 0 Votes
I had 2 credit cards with HSBC. One was just a Mastercard which they closed last year stating due to the amount of credit that I had. I think they are full of it - I hadn't used it in over a year and I think that is why they closed it. And by their actions they confirmed this, because I also had the Best Buy Reward Zone Card which they just recently lowered the credit line stating the same reason, yet I hadn't used it in over 2 years - I was paying it off monthly on a special same as cash, but didn't charge much on it.

And than when my last statement came in they charged me interest on the same as cash, even though the payment was there a week before the final date. I called them and they said that this would be removed. We'll see...
 3rd of Sep, 2007 by   Jasbir Singh 0 Votes
I am holding a credit card of HSBC from last 8-months, from the last eight months i am complaining via e-mails and phone calls to their CC to send the bills. But till dt.03/09/07 i haven't received any of my bills.

After speaking to their manager the problem remains the same.

Then after all my efforts i decide to cancel my account on dt.12/08/07 and i was committed that i am going to receive call with in 3-4 days, but till 23/08 i haven't received any calls.

Then i called up on dt.23/08 at 1604HRS and spoken to mr. Kavel then he committed me that iam going to receive call in next 2-3 days and when i asked for the last request, the response i got that it is in process and i asked i want to speak to some senior person, he puts me on hold for 15-mins and finally he disconnected the call.

Again i called at 1627HRS and spoken to ankita, i asked for the reason why he disconnected the call?? and why i haven't receive any retention call?? she gave me a complain no.2708653840.

So can anybody suggest me what to do....???????????
 25th of Sep, 2007 by   Jason Manley 0 Votes
Got a computer at best buy for 600 dollars. My dad who has perfect credit and many holdings co signed. I have bad credit but was given 4000 dollar limit. I put the computer and 300 in merch on the card. Then i withdrew 400 in cash and they zapped the limit down to 36 dollars shy of my balance.No word about not being able to cash withdraw or a limit. Was gonna pay the computer and balance in 2 months. They left me hanging with a 200 bar tab at abiker bar. My first bill wasn't even sent was due in 60 days. They told me even if i paid all balance in cash it would be 6 months before they would "review" re instating my previous limit...they are retarded...they had my dads cosign for gods sake! I will pay them them minimum forever...or maybe ill just take the computer back after i pee in it!and the credit hit.
 4th of Oct, 2007 by   Koroth Raman Nambiar 0 Votes
August 2007 credit card statement was not received. Based on spent estimate, Rs.34,000/- was paid as exact outstanding information was not sent by the bank throught the monthly statement. It is a regular feature for not getting the monthly statement and any number of calls made to call centres has a stock reply that within the next four working days, the statement will be sent. It has become wastage of a customer's time by calling the call centres on a repeated basis and no worthwhile result is coming out. To my surprise, on going through the Sep 2007 E- statement, finance charges of Rs.886.37 plus service tax of Rs.109.56, totalling Rs.995.93 has been charged for an amount balance remaining of Rs.1439.98.
If the Aug statement had been received, 100 % of the outstanding would have been paid as can be seen from the past payment practice. In trying to call up the senior people, not one is responding and declaring for himself/herself as not responsible for answering.The call centre gives standard answers and no managerial decision is taken. The customers are made to suffer for the banks own fault. Where on earth is a system that charges Rs.995.93 as finance charges for RS.1439.98 kept pending beyond due date which is 69.16 % interest for one month or 829.95% per annum. The bank is advised to withdraw the unreasonable finance charges levied which is totally due to insufficient information from the bank in not sending the monthly statement.
 30th of Nov, 2007 by   stacey 0 Votes
You guys are ridiculous. you won't call to see why you haven't received a statement? You can call you know? There's customer service, people are being paid, good money, to answer your questions. You can call, ask for your amount due and the due date. sometimes mail is returned if they have the wrong address on file. What happened to being responsible..?? You're all so grown up when you apply for the cards or loans but you can't get your shit straight and get on top of your own things?
 20th of Jun, 2008 by   TONY BOYLAN 0 Votes
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 1st of Nov, 2008 by   A.K.Pradhan 0 Votes
Please e-mail following duplicate credit cards monthly statements for the month of September 2008 to Oct, 2008. at the earliest.

credit card nos. 4384599992991330 and 4384599991131342

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