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HR Block, Connecticut Complaints & Reviews - Emerald card

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HR Block

Posted:    Katrina Lesiak

Emerald card

Complaint Rating:  64 % with 11 votes
Contact information:
HR Block
United States
I opted to use the Emerald card for my tax refund with HR Block. Everything was fine, until I noticed that my balance was much lower than it should be. After checking my transactions online, I saw what I assumed to be a simple error on their part. I had purchased two airline tickets totalling $610.80. The two tickets were listed under my completed transactions with two seperate charges of $305.40. The total charge of $610.80 was also still listed under pending transactions and being deducted from my balance a second time.

I called customer service. That was my first mistake. The representative clearly had no idea what I was trying to explain and rather than attempt to understand the problem, she simply told me that my problem would be escalated due to a system error and resolved in a day or two. I had a feeling she was just telling me this to collect my $2.00 charge and get me off the phone and so I called again the next day.

Of course, there were no notes on my file and the representative I talked to simply told me that this needed to be escalate to another dept, blah, blah, blah. I asked the name of the dept - no answer. A file or case # I could refer to - no such thing. How about a supervisor - nope. In the end I was transferred to the dispute dept. After a 20 minute hold, I spoke with a young lady who advised that she not only wasn't the dispute dept but that I had to call another # to get that dept. I called the # and was given a fax # to send a written dispute too.

I am not necessarily aggravated about what I would assume is probably a system type error. I am positively disgusted by the shoddy and miserable service I received. Clearly, if you have a problem this is not the company you want to deal with which is really a shame since i have used them for years. They have not only lost a valuable customer, but a vocal one at that.
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 23rd of Nov, 2008 by   shel 0 Votes
after falling for the convience asspect, my refund which was to take 1 day took three weeks many phine calls and a three hr wait in the office that did taxs. my card had $2.38 on it in july, yesterday recieved a invitation to return to hr block and they would take the -$32. owed to them off my refund.. where did that -$32 come from? overdraft fees! also for netflex charge. never had a netflex account dont even know what netflex is... will not return to hr block or use that type of card again!!!
 30th of Jan, 2009 by   Adolf Schmidt 0 Votes
was suposed to receive my money in one to two days, and just like above it has almost been three weeks!
 13th of Feb, 2009 by   seannyd 0 Votes
The Emerald card is a rip. I had my taxes done on the 3rd. They said I would have my money on the card the next morning. Well...It is now the 13th, and no money. DO NOT use this method of payment. Get the old fashioned check. I am fuming!
 12th of Mar, 2009 by   elliemayfog 0 Votes
The Emerald Card has had my money in pending limbo for over 9 days now I canceled my order with the apple company 9 days ago I called with a customer service representative to the emerald card customer service they were rude and snippy with both of us telling us that the apple company had to fax over a stop form of some sort to them which my apple customer service person said they never ever had to do for any other card ever. They said if nothing was faxed then I wouldn't be getting my pending transaction money back for over 20 days!!! I will never use H&R Block again. My customer service representative from apple had something faxed over to them for me. My customer service representative from the emerald card charged me a 2.00 fee and didn't help me at all. Apparently I'm now supposed to have my money back on the card in 2 days but I'm not holding my breath. Don't use H&R Block and if you do for god's sake don't use the Emerald Card...
 12th of Mar, 2009 by   dodedodedo22 0 Votes
ive had 70$ in thier pending transaction perguratory since the 23 rd...its the 12th now.
 29th of Jan, 2010 by    Mad 0 Votes
The Emerald card is a rip off. Because you can"t get cash off the card, and then you call the customer service line to talk to someone that is no help you. If you are going to want people to open up an account have the person on the other line of the customer service to speech english or what ever lanugage that the person speechs so that they understand one another. I will never use this emerald card again.

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