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Posted:    aunthairmen


Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
the hardees commercial of the harlot dressed in a slezy dress, setting on steps with her legs apart, her breast showing and eating a burger like a man is the trampiest commercial i have ever seen. it is pretty
bad when you have to use sex to sell hamburgers, we will chose
mcdonald's everytime over hardee's. no wonder our country is looking
more like sodom and gomorrah. what is next? God help us! this company has no shame.
Comments United States Fast Food Restaurants
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 14th of Apr, 2009 by   Donna Steinshouer -1 Votes
My husband and myself were appalled at the Padma commercial shown on a prime time baseball game. The lady in the commercial demonstrated behavior that should have nothing to do with eating a hamburger. It appeared to belong on late night or adult only shows. Please consider the influence that this type of commercial has on our young men and women and the disgust it promotes in senior citizens. Your are no doubt decreasing your business with this type of commercial.
 14th of Apr, 2009 by   Kim -1 Votes
I agree with the above comment regarding the woman eating the big burger.
Please consider taking the very provocative and inappropriate Hardees commercial off your cable network. I, as well as others who are truly offended by a woman sexing up a hamburger, am banning Hardees food altogether. In addition, I find myself turning the television off so my 8 year old daughter will not see it. However, it comes on prime-time (when the news is on) and it is hard to catch it in time. PLEASE provide good customer service by taking this commercial OFF THE NETWORK!!! Thank you for your time.
 29th of Feb, 2012 by   ttanner -1 Votes
Last night on 2/28/2012 while watching a family show called "American Idol" a commercial was aired from Hardees that was advertising a new thick-burger sandwich. The commercial was unaccepted to viewers especially to the young viewers. The commercial was advertising sex not a sandwich and fox59 should have know better. The woman on the commercial was showing off her boobs.
 29th of Feb, 2012 by   matlock1981 -13 Votes
It's not the tv channel's fault...contact the Hardee's complaint dept. and voice your opinion. Just because the tv station broadcasts the commercial it doesn't mean that they're responsible for it.
 30th of Aug, 2012 by   kdub1 -1 Votes
tired of disgusting commercials pushing sex for gross food
 30th of Aug, 2012 by   gatortracks -1 Votes
The food does look greasy but the girls are way hot.
 5th of Apr, 2013 by   KAF57 -1 Votes
Disgusting and demoralizing commercial that has NOTHING to do with hamburgers except to degrade women as objects. I will NEVER chose to eat at a Hardees or Carls Jr. again. WRONG WRONG WRONG
 17th of Mar, 2014 by   AnnaRud -1 Votes
I am thoroughly disgusted with these commercials! It's borderline pornographic! What has this country come to?!
 26th of May, 2014 by   time4change14 -1 Votes
Tacky and TASTLESS. Respect women and kids and keep your trash off family T.V
 6th of Aug, 2014 by   nohardees -1 Votes
I am so sick of the smutty hardees commercials!!! I will NEVER eat there again!!!
 15th of Aug, 2014 by   sswartz 0 Votes
Hardees...lets show some class and quit splashing sex all over family time TV. I'm careful with what I choose to watch and am not at all impressed when you force feed my family crap like this. Here's a thought, try selling your food for its quality and your service, not by sex and porn. I'm so done and will not be darkening your doors...

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