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General Motors


Bad service

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General Motors
100 Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan
United States
I apologize if you are not the correct person to write to, but after the 6th phone call, and with the representative knowing how upset and

disappointed we were with the way we have been treated, it wouldn�t surprise me if she gave me an invalid name or address.

Just when I think Customer Service can�t get any worse �our daughter had some trouble with her car, a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am (VIN:


Roughly 1 month ago, which is how long we have been given the run-around, our daughter took her car for a minor repair. They did an inspection and

told her that the front hubs needed to be replaced. They said it would be covered under warranty, so our daughter authorized them to replace them.

When we received the bill they said that it WOULD NOT BE covered under the 60000 mile GM Major Guard warranty. They said the warranty company said

it was already replaced under warranty and therefore would not be covered again. If a part fails, and is covered under warranty, it is because

that part is not supposed to fail that quickly. If it fails TWICE then to me that is even more reason to cover it, and to me indicates a problem

with the design, the parts, or the previous repair. They said I should call the warranty company)

(Phone call #1)

I called the warranty company, and they agreed that it should be covered by someone, but NOT THEM, and that it was replaced in Feb. That means the

parts failed in 7 months! They offered no assistance.

(Phone call #2)

I stopped at the GM Pontiac dealership where we usually take this car for repairs. They verified that they did the original warranty repair, on

Feb 18th 2008, and also agreed that since it was only 7 months ago that it should be covered (by someone other than them), and gave me a GM

Customer Assistance phone number (800-222-1020).

(Phone call #3)

I called the GM Customer Assistance number. They did the same research into the history of the car, but they said that I need to talk to �GM PP�

but not really sure what they job is.

(Phone call #4)

I called GM PP (800-631-5590) who also did some research, and eventually said that it also is not their problem. They said that I now have a �file

number� 71-672110219. They said I need to talk to GM Motor Division (800-762-2737). Again, he also told me that this should be covered warranty

expense, and that the GM Motor Division would provide me instructions on how to get the reimbursement.

(Phone call #5)

I called the GM Motor Division. After putting me on hold twice to do her own investigation, she told me that �it would be difficult for her to get

us a reimbursement�. In her words, �it is a covered expense, but not one that we can reimbursement for�. I asked her what that meant, she had no

understandable answer.

I asked her who I need to talk to - to escalate this short of the BBB and the State�s Attorney Office. She would not give me the name of any else

in the office she was in, but gave me your name/address.

(Phone call #6)

We are being given the run around. Our daughter is in college, so the cost of this type of expense is difficult for her. She was told it was a

warranty expense � she was misled, I am being lied to. The five (5) people I spoke to said it was a covered expense, but repeatedly that they were

the people that would pay for that expense.

Bottom line � our daughter is going to college in IL, and I am in MI, and she gotten taken advantage of � big time!!

Bottom line � the car is within the 60000 mile warranty period (which should cover the repairs), the parts failed within 12000 miles (which should

cover the repairs), and yet our daughter is out ~$270, since everyone I spoke to is just passing us around !!

This is ridiculous, this is unacceptable, so if there is anything you can do to help it will be appreciated.

I attached the repair bill in the hope that this provides some clarification.


A week later I received a phone call from GM Customer Service, which was even more irritating and disappointing than response that I got from the

original phone calls.

I received the follow-up phone call from Customer Service. They said that they had contacted our dealership and the service shop where our

daughter had her car repaired, who agreed that the hubs needed to be replaced, that it was a serious repair which needed to be fixed, and that the

car should not have been driven. They all agreed (Customer Service, GM Major Guard, the Dealership, and the Service Shop) that it is a repair that

would have been covered by the extended warranty, and would have been covered by the 12 month warranty for any such repairs (the hubs were just

replaced 7 months prior).

But despite the warranties and that the seriousness of the repair, Customer Service told me that they will still not honor the warranty, because

our daughter should have known that towing was included in the warranty, so she should have known to have the car only towed to a GM Dealership.

She is a student away at college, how could she have known that or even been thinking about that.

Why didn�t the repair shop know that?

When the repair shop called GM Major Guard to verify the warranty, why weren�t they told that either it had to be at a GM Dealership, or that it

would not be covered?

We were told that it was covered !

Our daughter is being taken advantage of !

I think this is ridiculous. Everyone I tell this story to thinks this is ridiculous. I have never heard of any warranty abuse like this before.

With this type of Customer Service it is no wonder that sales of US cars are so low, and are continually declining.
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 14th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
IN 5 attempts GM cannot fix the air conditioning in my 2006 Pontiac Solstice. They have no idea what is wrong! They offered to replace the car with a new one but the dealer (Sunshine Pontiac, Albuquerque NM) said I didn't have a case (gave them the number) then said they didn't want to get stuck with a broken car!

GM said go to another dealer (Performance Pontiac of Santa Fe, NM) and speak with Mr. Bacum. I called the dealer but Mr Bacum hadn't worked there for over 3 weeks and they didn't know anything about my issue.

I turned it over to the State Attorney. GM is now researching. Yea, right. They continue to try to screw me because they don't really care about customers, only money!
 5th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
Please let me know where you get with this. I also am having some major issues with GM. I bought a 2004 GMC Envoy in April of 2007 which I believe was a flood vehicle. GM up to this point has not offered to do anything for me because I purchased the vehicle used, but it is so rusted there are pieces falling off, literally. I have replaced the spare tire release mechanism, speedometer, all 4 brakes, rotors, and tires, secondary air pump (was filled with water), tie rod, wheel bearings, and most recently the muffler and part of the exhaust system. It is sad to say that I will steer away from the American made vehicles in the future!
 6th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have a 2006 Chevy Uplander. The trim that runs down each side of the vehicle has (rusted/discolored) from one end to the other on both sides after only 2 years. The vehicle has 50, 000 miles due to the distance to my work. The dealership (Fox Chevrolet in Timonium Maryland) and GM refuse to fix it unless I pay $200.00 towards the cost because the warranty is up. This is not a moving part and is obviously a factory defect for this to happen all at once after only 2 years. If this had been a moving part I would pay for the replacement but this is something that was a problem from the factory. I asked my contact at GM if they consider this acceptable after 2 years. She said it is out of warranty (hiding behind the warranty instead of doing right by the consumer) and they were being helpful by only charging me $200.00. I contacted GM twice in writing about this and each time it took over a week to talk to someone. When you call you get an answering machine message where they claim they will return the call in 24 hours. You better be sitting by the phone at their convience or you will miss the call. Must be a lot of problems if it takes that long to return a call. This is my fourth GM vehicle in a row and my last. When I explained how many vehicles I purchased from them it did not seem to matter. I have had other problems with this vehicle with the steering and with the brakes. I mistakenly thought customer loyalty meant something but not to GM.
 11th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
This complaint is ridiculous. This is another example of today's customer attitude of self-entitlement and placing blame on others for their inability to educate themselves or use common sense.

Being a student is not an excuse not to understand your warranty. Your daughter should have read her warranty manual and if she had questions, any certified dealership could have assisted her.

NO auto maker is going to pay an independent facility to do warranty repairs their own dealerships could have and would have performed. The warranty is with GM, not an independent.

Common sense dictates here. You would not purchase something from Walmart, take it elsewhere for repairs and then expect Walmart to reimburse you...you return the item where you purchased it...DUH!

I am not a fan of GM, neither am I a fan of stupidity and blaming someone else for one's ineptness.

Holding GM responsible because your daughter is a student is the most ridiculous idea I have heard yet. Would it make more sense that auto makers stop selling to students because in your opinion, they are unable to grasp the warranty concept?

 29th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Sir ! I bought GM Cheverlot Optrapetrol version in 2005 and it's engine has seized after doing only 40, 000 kms, in fact there was engine problem at 10-12 thousand Kms but the dealer/ service station said that since it had come on record, there was nothing to worry and in the eventuality of engine failure the company shall take care of the same.Again6 months back it had again engine problem but again the dealer said they had repaired the fault.Finally the engine gave up owing to inherant fault in the same, now I have been told that the ac's compressor has also seized to work, six month back it had malfunctioned but the gas was filled and it started working ok. We have asked the dealer and the GM staff to repair the fault free of cost but they do not listen, no wonder GM has gone Bankrupt anybody who belies the faith of the customer will surely go bankrupt The repair bill is amounting to about 1000 euro ( INR 70-75 K) shall never buy GM vehicle in future, I advise all customers to avoid buying the same.
 8th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
GM customer service

GM customer satisfaction

I am writing this to advise you of how disappointed I am in my recent purchase / lease of a 2010 Camaro.

On or about Oct. 29 2009 I had filled out multiple free on line quotes for a 2010 camaro.

Oct. 30 I had received a phone call from Nate Williams a sales man from Miller Chev. asking about my recent inquiry.

I had informed Nate that I had done my home work to purchase this type vehicle, I needed to put $10, 000.00 down to get a payment of $400.00 per month with 6.25 interest rate thru my bank, VT Federal Credit Union worked out to $418.ish per month. Based on a $35, 000.00 2SS

Nate replied if he could put me in that car for what I wanted to pay would I buy it, I said yes.

Made arrangements to go to Miller on that Saturday Oct.31

So on that day my cousin and I went to Miller.

After about 3 hrs Nate and I had an agreement of $6, 000.00 down, $411.00 per month on a lease for 39 months and I could buy the car at the end of the lease for $18, 500.00

We shook hands I gave the dealer $1, 000.00 deposit and would return in about 1 week with $5000.00

On Wednesday Nov.4 I had left a message on Nate's voice mail that I had the money in hand.

On Thursday Nov.5 I spook with Nate and told him I had the $5, 000.00 and would be there to pick up the vehicle, Nate replied everything was all set.

My cousin and I had arrived on Friday Nov. 6 the finance guy brings me into his office and says he couldn't do that deal because my credit score was to low.

So I reply oh no here it comes. He says no no this is what we will do, buy the vehicle $6, 000.00 down $574.00 per month. I refused, he says wait buy now don't pay for 45 day's and refinance in the spring. I told him that there wasn't any way I was leaving there with a payment like that forget it.

Then he says wait we will try the lease again, says worst case $455.00 per month $6, 000. down buy the car at end of lease for residual value of $18, 230.00. This guy has me worried I'm not going to get the vehicle so I agree.

I take the vehicle home and 2 weeks later Nov.19, I receive a call from Nate says they had forgotten to collect $945.00 less a $15.00 error in the paper work, first month and security deposit, and also they needed to change a mistake on the fee for over mileage from 15 cents to 20 cents per mile.

I replied that wasn't the deal we had discussed. Nate replied that it had to be paid, I was quite ticked off, I could not talk about it and told Nate I would call him another time on the issue.

That afternoon when i had gotten home from work I had called GM customer service, they told me that it was a lease matter.

I spoke to GMAC they had told me that they had not received the contract yet and would have to honor what was on the contract.

So at this point I didn't really know what to do. I put in a call to the general manager at Miller Chev and left a voice mail stating there were some errors on the contract.

So on sat. Nov. 21, I put a call to Nate, no answer leave voice mail stating maybe I need to give the vehicle back.

A couple hrs later I receive a call from a representative of the dealer, not sure who it was

So this guy says if I don't pay now it will show as default, also says sure I can give the vehicle back but will show as repossession.

So now I feel I'm stuck and agree he says drive down next week and he will wash and change oil plus fill the tank. This is a 1 and a half hr ride for me.

So I am still frustrated and upset don't want this car anymore its a big head ache. Nov. 24 09:50 I place a call to GM I don't want vehicle anymore, not happy with car, not happy the way it was handled. Get response that they cant do anything, I reply I want to talk to manager. Manager redirects my call to headquarters for the 60 day satisfaction guarantee, they will investigate and call me back.

Nov.25 Miller Chev calls and wants to absorb the $900.plus and make it right.

I state I want to give the vehicle back and I had spoke with GM. this rep from Miller replied the did not participate in that program and GM or some one had called Miller.

Dec.1 I agree to Miller to absorb $900 plus and they will send a driver with papers to sign. I inform that I get out of work at 16:00 and need to leave for home promptly.

At 15:40 no driver, I call they say we decided not to send because it is a 110 mile drive 1 way. they didn't even have the courtesy to call and let me know.

Dec.2 driver shows with new contract with old date (Nov.6) and registration form to sign. I sign

Ok here's the kicker. Dec. 7 receive a call from Miller saying the needed me to sign a paper that had been signed in the wrong place and want to send a driver, I agree

This driver shows up with another contract, another registration form and a bill of sale or something. I'm going over this contract and the residual value is different. I happen to read line 9 about my option to purchase at the end of lease for $20, 348.80. I call Miller and spoke to David, he gives me a song and dance about they are loosing money on this car just so they can keep my payment at $455.00, not counting the $900 plus they had absorbed.

So they down right lied about me buying this car at residual from the beginning, they baited me and took advantage of my good nature and trust. I believed in what they had verbally told me. And by the way the 3rd contract still had the Nov.6 date here it is Dec.7 I signed contract but dated Dec.7

They also told me they had sent the first contract to GMAC a couple weeks after purchase, as of Dec.2 GMAC still had no record of this transaction. I had to send my first payment to KY. with the last 4 of my SSN and the VIN # . I was afraid I would have been late on my first payment, not a very good start.

I believe if they were loosing money just to keep my payment as it is, they had no intention in leasing me this car at the original quote of $411.00 per month.

As far as the residual of $18, 230.00 to supposedly buy the vehicle at the end was to deceive me and I wouldn't find the truth for 36 months.

If i were to conduct myself in this manner at my job, I probably wouldn't have a job. I feel I was manipulated and deceived.

This is my first brand new car, let alone a muscle car I will keep untill I die at the tune of $40, 000.00. I grew up in the 70's, This was supposed to be a dream come true. that got ruined

This should have been one of the most exciting purchases for me to make, but no it's been frustrating, tiring and the most down right sucky experience I have ever encountered with a vehicle purchase. Also not to mention after the sale they don't return your phone calls unless they want something.

I bought a used 1998 Monte Carlo in 98 with 18, 000 miles, from Handy Chev. in Saint Albans VT. I have 240, 000 miles on it now, They had given me what they said they were going to. best car I have ever had. I was a Chevy guy my whole life. Now I guess maybe I should have bought a Mustang or Challenger.

To think I defended GM to Volvo, Audi, VW and others, to people that put down American auto's, Buy American I say, that's the thanks I get. I get to tell these people about my experience. You know if you get a good deal somewhere, you tell people. If you get a bad deal you tell even more. This is an outrage, a complete lack of respect.

I bought a 2003 Harley Davidson in 2003, $21000.00 they to gave me what they had said, no surprises. I have kept a log on this experience so i would have back up. I will keep a copy of this in the Camaro file I have.

I will probably send a copy of this to my congress man and higher up since not only my purchase dollars help you but my tax dollars as well.

copy will go to better business burial, chamber of commerce, the state house, VT. and NH. White House . I will send this to the news papers in VT. NH.

Thanks allot Miles D Sweeney VIN# 2G1FT1EW1A9145312
 10th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes

General Motors - They refused to help me
General Motors
United States

GM even has a Bulletin on this problem so they are well aware of it but refuse to help out people with camaro/firebirds. From 1999 to 2002 GM change the adhesive they used on the roof of these cars and that caused the paint to bubble as the sun light hits the car the adhesive comes through the paint which makes the car like really bad. I have talked with GM and even though they know this was a problem they refused to help me so from this point going forward I will sway anyone and all family members from buying any GM cars.
 13th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Only vehicles which VIN number is included in the special coverage will be assited. You have to be within time and mileage parameters for GM to cover it. Youre complaining because you want a free repair... like everyone else
 7th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes

Saturn / General Motors - Scam
Saturn/General Motors
United States

Ongoing transmission problem which was swept under rug for many years and it has cost thousands of owners to replace transmissions at own cost. Saturn/GM notified customers of problem conveniently after the 5 yr. ownership expiration, while still under the 75, 000 mile window. This has been a hardship for me as I'm sure for thousands of Saturn owners. I will never buy a GM car again. Obvious why they needed a bailout. They charged $2, 500.00 to replace transmission they should have replaced @ no cost.I have a reference number, should you wish to verify as well as all service records on this automobile.
 13th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

General Motors - Poor prodict
General Monors
United States

Have you had the unfortunate experience of owning a 1998 Chevy Blazer. I am having the switch replaced for the 3rd time in two years! It's almost a $600. dolar repair. Can there be that many faulty switches?? My wipers work occasionally but not in the middle of a blizzard or rain storm; endangering my life and other drivers on the road and this is not considered a Safety Hazzard enough to have a recall? After researching I've found this is a consistant problem! How many deaths have to occur before "no visibility" is considered worth a recall. I've replaced just about everything you can replace @ just over 100, 000 miles now and it started long before now. Give me a Toyota anyday. I will never ever buy a GM built product again; nor do I put any faith in the NHTSA. I've seen compliant after complaint regarding the faulty windshield wiper system for Chevy Blazers and still nothing is done. I expect older cars to need repairs but the faulty windshield wiper occurs in all years of the Chevy Blazer. It's unacceptable to put lives in danger and if you cannot see while your driving--no one is safe!
 14th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
The Chevrolet S-10 Blazer is a money pit in the 1st degree. Numerous switches and modules fail at record rates and are very expensive for new ones from the dealer. I have owned 2000 and 2003 Blazers. The 4WD control modules in the passenger side kick panel are notorious for failure due to moisture accumulation. Also a vacuum switch located in front of the center of the fire wall needs to be replaced frequently. I didn't have the 2003 Blazer long enough to start poring money into it but once the 2000 Blazer got over 70, 000 miles on it the problems started appearing. Stay away from these vehicle when used car shopping by all means along with it's replacement the Trailblazer.
 2nd of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I had taken my car for a service, an Opel Astra 18 16V to the General Motors, Southgate branch. I had taken it back to General Motors 6 times. First it was the cam belt that needed to be replaced, then they said it's jerking because of the spark plugs which was changed 3 times, the car then had no power and was still jerking. Finally after the 6th time taking it back. It seems to be alright now. I will never ever recommend General Motors to anyone, nor will i be using them in future. Their service was disgusting and clearly their mechanics have no clue what they are doing.

Mrs Beverley Morrison
 17th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes

General Motors - Injector Repairs
General Motors
United States

After all injectors were replaced under warranty with my truck having only 45k miles; turns out now with 80k miles the injectors are failing again. My local dealer has said GM will not cover these repairs. I find it absolutely unacceptable that after an incremental 40k miles that I should spend $5000 dollars to have the dealer replace them. I have a letter that references over 33 different service tickets on my truck. I am asking those who read this who I should send my letter to at GM and all service ticket attachments. HELP !!
 15th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
To summarize, my son was driving this truck on an unobstructed, flat road during clear weather and had a flat. When the flat happened, the side curtains from both the passenger and driver sides of the truck deployed. The vehicle did not roll and there was no other damage to the vehicle. In fact, the same tire that had the flat was repaired and put back on the truck 2 days later. We took the truck to the local dealer here in Iowa City, Iowa (Billion Auto), a very large GM dealership. The head service technician stated he had never seen anything like it and stated it was clearly a mechanical failure. Our insurance agent with Geico stated clearly this was a mechanical failure and wouldn’t ever be covered by any type of collision or accident coverage. She stated the experts at GEICO have been doing this for years and all confirmed the same. The 3rd party inspector that GM sent to inspect the truck even stated that he felt the airbag sensors had been calibrated too sensitive which is what triggered the irregular and incorrect deployment of the airbags. But, when I finally got a copy of the report that he submitted, pages were missing and all the pictures that he took were not included.

When I called the GM CSR “Lynda” and went through the process of reporting it, setting up the inspection and got the initial denial from her, I ask to be directed to a supervisor. I was directed to “Pat”. Pat turned out to be incredibly non-responsive, leaving me only one voicemail after dozens of calls. Her only voicemail stated the truck “went into a ravine” and “rolled over 56%”. None of this is true and none of that could ever be interpreted from the report. Yet, when I called multiple times and left multiple messages asking for returned calls and the final one where I threatened legal action, I still got no return call. All I wanted was reasoning on how she could ever interpret from that report that my truck went into a ravine and almost rolled over. There is no physical damage to the truck other than what was created when the airbags deployed and tore the overhead cover on the inside of the truck as well as locking the seatbelt mechanisms.

When this happened, my initial concern was there is something wrong with the airbags either in this particular truck or in that model and we are not safe driving it because the front airbags could arbitrarily deploy and injure me or my family. Now, because of the lack of response, refusal to share the entire report, obvious avoidance tactics, incorrect and abrupt assessment of the incident and outright ignorance of this situation, I feel GM and its employees are trying to hide this and sweep the whole incident under the carpet.
My position is that GM incorrectly assessed this situation. I also assert that “Pat” has proven to be a poor representative of GM and needs more direct training on her position.

GM should pay to fix this obvious mechanical failure in this vehicle. I want a response to this and GM’s final stance on my vehicle after looking at all the evidence, talking to the appropriate parties, listed below and then assessing the situation. Anyone can clearly see this is not the result of a “partial turnover”. Such an assessment is dismissive and avoiding in nature.
Jerry Forrester
Case #711152338319
VIN #1GCRKSE35BZ267374
 4th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
I went through St George's Chevrolet to purchase a 2007 Silverado ext can 4x4. They took all my information to finance the vehicle which means we have a pending condition that if financed I will buy the vehicle. If not approved for financing then I don't purchase the vehicle. I have owned 9 chevy products and definitely will never buy another one. The financing was approved and they sold my truck I was getting financed for. There customer service sucks and there sales consultant should be locked in jail for the lies and taking information on credit and screwing customers like he screwed me. This is the worst dealership in canada and I will say please no one buy anything from these crooks as they are thieves and liars all of them. They lie. I have all the emails that we spoke to prove this all. I contacted gm to complain and I haven't heard nothing since. I lost all hope from gm I am a ford buyer sad to say fr this day forward. I hate gm and am trading my two in to ford as I am disgraced to drive them
 7th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
I took my daughter, who is in the Army National Guard and a member of USAA, to Tim Lally Chevy (OHIO) and they refused to honor the military discount as well as the USAA discount for a 2015 Impala lease. The manager stated that their price was already low enough and he said that deal is from GM and that they were Tim Lally Chevy (Confused me with that one) . I spent almost an hour with those guys and got the complete run around. Here is a link to the vehicle http://www.lallychevy.com/VehicleDetails/new-2015-Chevrolet-Impala-LS-Bedford-OH... I purchased a new chevy from them before and I have bought other GM cars and this is what we get in return?

I understand that all GM discounts can't be used together but I have not read anything saying that the dealership does not have to honor what we requested.

The manager even had the nerve to say they treat all customers equally and I had to ask him, What's the purpose of having a discount for military members if, according to him, everyone already gets good prices from them?

I truly make an effort to buy American and I teach my kids the same but this make me want to take her to KIA.
 10th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
I have had to replace my ignition switch for the second time in two years. Any car I've had I've never replaced the ignition switch. On top of this they charged me for it
 26th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
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 26th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
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 26th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
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