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GE Online Service Rooms to Go Complaints & Reviews - Saturday payment considered late payment

GE Online Service Rooms to Go Contacts & Informations

GE Online Service Rooms to Go

Posted:    Grumpy123

Saturday payment considered late payment

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
Contact information:
GE online Service
United States
My due date fell on a Saturday. Their online payment service doesnt allow you to pick a date in advance for payment to post. So I usually pay either the day before or on the due date. When I logged into my account to make my payment GE had already tacked on a 39.99 late charge. According to their statements and the payment FAQs as long as payment is received by 5:00 it will be posted that day. I called GE and was told they dont accept online payments on Saturday or Sunday. I've got past payments that have posted on Sunday. They went ahead and removed the late charge. However when I got my statement this month I owed the minimum plus the late fee. Finally got thru to a supervisor and was told that they cant correct it. That they dont accept payments on Saturdays. But they do on Sundays? Go figure. She told me to pay the minimum + the late fee . Am filing a complaint with the company and the FTC. So buyers beware make sure you pay GE online services Monday thru Friday.
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 25th of Sep, 2009 by   donttrustrooms2go 0 Votes
I had a similar situation last month when I paid my payment at 9:00 pm Eastern time via their website. When I received my bill for September I was charged a late fee of $39.99; even though my confirmation stated my payment was received and applied on the same day. When I called Customer Service, I was told that because my payment was made after 5:00 pm it was not credited the same day. I explained to him that my confirmation stated my payment was applied the same day and the website did not indicate a certain time frame to make a payment to be credited the same. I told him I wanted the late charge removed and if he could not do it I needed to speak to someone who could. Needless to say it was removed...so Grumpy 123 try again!
 3rd of Oct, 2009 by   Smnelles 0 Votes
They suck.

I bought furniture through Rooms To Go, and now I want to pay my balance. Rooms To Go says they can't help me, and GE's website or phone system will not work unless you have your credit card...well, I haven't been sent a statement yet or a card, so I do not have the fucking number. So I just wasted an hour fucking around with the website and phone system. These guys suck ass! And I probably won't buy from Rooms To Go again.
 24th of Oct, 2009 by   F**GEMoneyonline 0 Votes
This place sucks like everyone else says! It seems that they can take your payments online, and they send you a fast email saying "SUCCESS" but when the payment is not accepted after they fact check it (or whatever) and it's denied, they NEVER send a "you payment failed" which is easy for them... then they tack on all these charges! The reps on the phone are ok, but when you see the shit on paper, it all goes out the window! You still get charged! Schemers... they a friggin automated machine calls you every day to get instant payment now "it's free" but does that clear up your credit? Hell no...they frigging charge you another arm and leg for more late pays... NEVER deal with Lenscrafters again, I'd rather buy those cheap glasses that cost 10 bucks! Aholes!!
 31st of May, 2013 by   GEbad 0 Votes
They are crazy and my fiance is Indian from India, she came here at 13 and speaks perfect English, she sounds like a california girl. She was totally annoyed with customer service on the phone. She said they spoke poorly in both Hindi and English. It was a nightmere and now we offered to pay the full balance this month 2400, in return we asked they remove the one late payment they put on her credit report because it is holding us back a whole 40 points!! The guy tells us oh well in 30 days we will let you know. Crazy!!
 17th of Jun, 2013 by   duke6021 0 Votes
I had an account with a $5, 000 limit for the past 7 yrs. I paid off the account 2 yrs ago. Never had a problem with them. I recently moved & charged $1600 on my account. During the moving process I never received a statement. When I called to make another purchase I was told my credit had been withdrawn because I didn't pay my last payment of $51. I explained to them that I didn't receive a statement & would pay the $51 now over the phone. Was then informed that I could make the payment but it would take 6 months of on time payments before my credit limit would be restored. TOTALLY RIDICULIOUS!!! Told them to cancel my account & will now take my business somewhere else!!!

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