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Ford Premium ESP Extended Warranty



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Ford Motor Company
United States
Ford should be jailed for this scam esp extended warranty. I bought a brand new 2008 f - 150 during that year. At the time, i told the salesmen i intended to keep this truck a long time. He talked me into the esp and maintenance package and rust proofing and all along assured me that for 5 years, the only thing out of my pocket would be the monthly payment and gas. I have gotten my truck serviced every 8000 at the dealer. My truck now has 67000km on it and last week, the steering shaft broke on it. Apparently a full sized pickup designed for offroad capabilities can't handle round town regular driving. To my surprise, the dealer told me i would have to pay $600 to get my truck back and that my part wasnt covered under esp. I looked at my brochure which clearly states steering linkages are covered, but still they wouldnt cover it. This is fraudulent. I gave them $2000 for a useless extended warranty and am still paying for repairs. How can they get away with this. Since last week, i have heard so many similar stories from others. It's all bad enough that these trucks are having such major issues with so few kms. One guy sitting next to me at work had his tranny go at 64000 and another had his engine go at 67000. Those guys were lucky to be covered under drivetrain, but still had a runaround to get repairs. Fords are literally disposable trucks sold cheap with the intent that the buyer will always buy a new one every 3 years. Dont even get me started on the resale value on the f*cking thing, after last week, i put it up for sale for less than book value and i have not so much as had a nudge. I will never buy a pos ford again. And i will be sure to tell all friends, coworkers and family to never buy one.
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 18th of Oct, 2006 by    -1 Votes

ExtraCare Account - Site login problem
United States

I have the message "Your extracare account information is incomplete." I visited the website that was on the receipt but there is nowhere to log on to view the account and make revisions to it. Where do I find this information please.
 10th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I bought a Ford Extended Warranty. Had and issue with the care requiring the radiator to be replaced. Even though it is covered they denied it saying the other issue caised the radiator to go bad. Now I go to replace my brakes and mechanic realize that the 'struts' are leaking. He calls Ford and they punched in my VIN and tell mechanic that my car dont carry struts it carries shocks and they are not covered.
How can they seel me a warranty for struts when they know my car dont carry them? Why do they sell warranties when they know they will find every reason not to pay them? This is the biggest scam I have ever encountered and from a recognised company. All the parts that are warrantied rarely go band and from investigating once your claim goes over $500 they send a rep out to make sure they dont have to pay. Someone need to do something about this issue.
 7th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
The ESP Ford warranty is a scam. I paid over $1600.00 for an extended 25000/ 3 year ESP warranty on my 2005 F250. (I have 45000 miles on the truck now) Last week I noticed a leak at my differential cover. I took it into the local ford dealer in Parker, AZ and they said it wasn't covered by the warranty because the part needed to fix it (silicon gasket in a tube) is not considered a part, so there is no warranty on it.
If that is not a rip-off I don't know what is. If Ford is using silicon in place of a gasket it should be covered under warranty as a gasket.
I think they are low underhanded cheats for not covering this rear end oil leak.
I love this truck but it is the last Ford product I will ever buy.
 22nd of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
FORD ESP is TOTAL SCAM. My rad went and transmission went (both ARE covered under the ESP), however, the crooks as American Road Insurance Company (Fords ESP company) denied it. I am suing Ford. THeir CEO will be getting papers in the next week. They deny the claim and peope have to suck it up.
They are a complete fraud. They fiugre that people will not, or dont know how to, go to court to fight the claim. I am taking this to them. They are no better than US Fidelis (extra warranty provider convicted of fraud).
 6th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Thanx for allowing me to review your complaints. I am holding an ESP brochure for my 2010 ford Explorer . After reading all of the comments, the brochure is going into the trash. Y'all saved me a few bucks and a bunch of headaches.
 6th of Nov, 2011 by    -1 Votes
In 1985 I bought a Chevy cargo van. Very good vehicle however, at 112, 000 miles the engine developed hydro-compression. I sold it as is. In 1991 I bought a(1989) Chevy Astro van with goodies. This was the best riding vehicle I ever owned. I could drive it for ten hours straight and not tire. Well, guess what happened at 113, 500 miles. You guessed it. Hydro -compression. I liked this vehicle so much that I had a factory rebuilt engine installed. The vehicle ran fine until 112, 345 miles and I had the same damn thing happen again. This time I called the Kidney Foundation and they hauled it away. The moral of this complaint is this: Don't ever buy a Chevy 4.3L V6 engine unless you can get a 150, 000 mile warranty on it. I sure do miss that old Astro Van.
 14th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Ford ESP is a rip off. Earnhardt Ford sold me an extended warranty for $1800. The warranty says it is good for 75, 000 miles. My vehicle a 2008 Pontiac Torrent had 19, 300 miles on it when I bought it. The person righting up my contract checked off a new plan. I assumed that it was a new plan, since I was just getting a vehicle. The warranty was new to me. Turns out the warranty was for 75, 000 miles. This gave me 5 years to drive on average of 11, 140 miles a year. That is impossible in Arizona. Arizona is very wide spread. Took my car in at about 92, 000 miles. Needed work on turn signal and door actuator hardly anything to do with miles on the car. No bull is their slogan. Sounds like a lot of bull to me. I hope the $400 they saved by ripping me off was worth a family worth of customers.
 10th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Please copy all legal responces to geob8475@me.com.
 26th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thanks, was getting ready to purchase a ESP warrenty on my 2005 Sport Track Explorer for around $1800.00 which has less than 35, 000 miles on it. Had to have the seals replaced in the 4x4 transmission back in Janurary 2012 because of leaks at my expence $450.00. Guess I'll start a repair fund instead.
 29th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
My Ford was wrecked (totaled) with over half of the extended warranty ($2100) remaining. I never had a claim. I received $245 credit. Bernie Madoff must have thought this up. Save your money.
 2nd of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
Bought ford ESP premium warranty. Took 5 mins for the sales person to sell the warranty to me. Navigation system mechanical failure(covered by the warranty) and FORD is keeping my car for 4days now to get the inspection done. WITHOUT approving me rental. DON'T BUY THIS. The ESSp will do their best to screw your life over and make you feel miserable if you file a claim even though it is clearly listed on the brochure that it is a covered item.
 17th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thanks to all of you for saveing me $2440.68 on my 2012 Escape for this ESP ( BS ) Plan !!!
 22nd of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
Noticed issues with first oil change on new car. Too much red tape and RUN I repeat RUN from ESP plan offered by Ford dealerships. Got feeling if first oil change would become such an issue that these people would make dealing with legitimate claims supposedly covered under extended warranty a real nightmare for the consumer! A real ripofff.
 22nd of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
I'm glad that I don't fall for any of that BS that these clowns at the dealerships dish out. BEWARE !
 28th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
SCAM, SCAM, SCAM! Technically extended warranty re-sells the original manufacturer warranty for used cars...
RUN FAST AND RUN FAR FROM FORD!! Our 2008 Ford Escape's transmission died at 77K!!! no other junk dares to die at 77K.
RUN and get anything else on wheels!!!
 11th of Apr, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Thanks for all your comments. I am staring at a $1367.60 Ford ESP plan for my 2010 Ford Escape, which will soon fall outside the limits of the 3-year manufacturers' warranty. Now that I know what you all have experienced with your ESPs, I am going to toss this ESP brochure in the trash and thank my lucky stars I didn't blow my money on it. Thank you.
 29th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
I own a 2007 Ford focus hatchback. Bought brand new in the beginning of 2008, purchased the extended warranty plan up to 5 years or 75, 000 miles. 2012 I'm not sure what happened but my car just took a noise dive.. everything all at once starting with my motor mounts. Mind you my car a t this time had only 72, 000 miles on it. This part is on me, I brought the car to a trusted mechanic, over looking my warranty. Of course you can only buy the part's from Ford cost about $645.00 to fix. My mechanic didn't drive the car after replacing. Car still had problems Brought it to Ford... this is where the fun begins. Car wasn't tracking well and noises coming from the front end, and yes i paid to have my tires rotated and balanced before bringing to Ford. They reminded me of my warranty I was stoked! Got me a rental and kept my car. Called me later that night asking me if I was sure my car was doing the things I said. I replied yes I'm sure! They said well does your boyfriend hear the noises too? I said yes he does. They asked me to come down the next day and drive with one of there technician's, which I did. There technician said I was just real sensitive to my car and he'll take a look and tighten thing's up for me. Car was at dealership for a week and a half. Finally get the call it's done cost a $100.00 deductible. I drive off feels exactly the same. So I take it back to them, they get me another rental. They have it for three days and replace one lower tie rod. Another $100.00, I ask there rep. about my engine mounts, if there is any way I can be reimbursed for them since I have the warranty, he says he'll check. I leave car feels the same. It's so noticeable to me I feel uncomfortable even driving in good weather conditions. It rain's I had to drive my car going 30 miles and hr. On the freeway. with my hazard lights on because I could hardly keep my car from swaying. So I think could it be tires I buy new tires $645.00 for good-year weather something tire's. They of course balance and align them for me. Car drives better but still the problem. I was balancing my account's when i see 2 charges on my credit card from the rental company for the 2 rental cars Ford was to pay for. The next day I call Ford they tell me to call the rental place, I do. They tell me to call Ford, Ford never told them they were paying for my rental. I went down in person. They offer no answer's about anything my car, the motor mounts, the rentals i was wrongly charged for. They say i have to talk to the guy who does the books. I do. He pretends to call Corporate about mounts says call back in an hour. It has been a month since the first time I had asked. Anyway two weeks after that. I get reimbursed for the rentals. took them 1 1/2 months to get me my $ back. My car is still not fixed. I take it to a different dealer. Let me say that this was the latter of the two places. My car is still not fixed has been 3 months since my first visit at Ford. Some how I got a parking ticket that ended up costing me $194.00 dollars, and it was almost sent to collections. Cause I didn't know about it. They got grease all over the interior of my car, blew my speaker's, drove a whole tank of gas out of my car, to the point of the gas light being on. Told me that they had to detach my car from it's sub-frame not covered under warranty, to align it properly. Left my window down in a rain storm. Also didn't pay for the rental, they agreed to pay for had my car almost a month. Never fixed the problem, Which is the shocks and the struts, ya know part of the suspension which is what i had originally brought it to them for. I no longer have warranty car is at 76, 000 +. My point with this little story is yes the warranty is a scam, It does you no good if the scammers at Ford refuse to honor it, use it to trick you, tell you it's stuff that's not under warranty, etc keep you coming back for that $100.00 deductible. I say boycott Ford altogether. My car is worse now then when I brought it to them in the first place.
 29th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Thank you for sharing your horrible story of disgust with Ford and their warranty shenanigans. I was originally tempted to buy an extended warranty, but after reading enough stories like yours, I decided against it. My warranty is over at the end of July and I'll just pay out of pocket for any needed repairs after that. However, doubtful I will take it to Ford for repairs or maintenance, that's for sure.
 19th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I've had the opposite experience and am GLAD I bought a ESP. Bought a 7 year 75K ESP from Ford dealer in 2006 for $1850 when I bought my new F350. Have used it twice - once for $1200 A/C and just a few days ago (a month before the warrantly expires!) for a $3K repair. Both times I paid the $100 deductible and that was that.
 19th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I just got off the phone with ESP person. First she tells me that the 125, 000 miles is from date of purchase...so it's not a true 125, 000 mile warranty. Because the first 36, 000 is the manufacturers warranty. Then she tries to sell me the highest gold or whatever it's called warranty for $3100...then she tells me that if I don't buy it by October 2nd ford increases the price of the warranty's every year on that date...man i'm glad I read all of these complaints...I have a 2013 Escape and i'll just take my chances and pay out of pocket expenses on it after the warranty runs out.

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