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First Convenience Bank


Outrageous Fees

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First Convenience Bank
United States
I have been banking with First Convenience Bank of Killeen, TX now for a few years. The ONLY reason I have chose them as my bank, and have not switched banks is because I became a single mother at age 18 and have acquired enough debt over the years to now have bad credit.
First Convenience Bank is the only bank that I am aware of that will give you a bank account with bad credit. That is why they are always referred to as the Wal-Mart Bank, or the Poor people’s bank.
I am still a single mother and still living hand to mouth. Last year I made roughly about $15, 000. Yet, last year I wound up paying over $4, 000 in bank fees. I have had to have a bank account because jobs I work at tend to not provide live checks and only provide direct deposit.
Over the last 2 years I have given the bank about $10, 000 in bank fees. Because I am stuck in a bad situation. No other bank will take me because of my poor credit, believe me I have tried. And I need a bank account for my direct deposits.
The reason why I have been paying so much in bank fees is the bank holds every single withdrawal/check/debit for 72 hours and reorders them in order from the largest to the smallest. They give you overdraft protection which allows this to happen.
About a year and a half ago my account went $700 in to the negative and I have not been able to catch up ever since then.
Every paycheck I get I go above positive again, but I have to feed my kids and I have to pay my bills, so I am forced to use the overdraft protection, and they reorder everything from largest to smallest in order to collect the most amount of fees possible, and then charge me $2.50 a day every day I am overdrawn, which is most of the month.
I literally give them between $200 and $600 a month in bank fees. I don’t know what to do anymore. I called the customer service center and not only the reps, but also the supervisors are rude, condescending, and insulting. They have extremely poor customer service.
I go to the bank branch and they flat out lie to me about policies and practices. There have been many times when I was sitting down with a bank branch representative and have customer service rep on the phone at the same time and they will tell me two conflicting things. This bank is very evil and incredibly inhumane. They would rather my child starve to death then not collect their $500 a month in bank fees.
The holding and reordering of debits to my account is not only wrong and poor business practices, but it also seems very immoral to me.
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 9th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
My car insurance company debited more money out of my account than I was aware they were going to. This overdrew my bank account by $170.00(including overdraft fees and returned check fees). I intended to pay this back in a couple of weeks until I discovered they were charging me $2.00 a day for a "Negative Balance Fee". I thought this was outrageous! When I called to cancel the account with the offer to pay the original $170.00 I owed they told me they could not cancel an account with a negative balance, and even if I paid the original overdraft I would still be negative because of the extra charges. Until I pay the unfair charges they will continue to charge me $2.00 a day for up to 90 days at which time my account will go into collections. They are now calling my place of employment daily (even though they have my cell phone number) asking me when I can make a deposit. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS BANK! I only signed up with them because they were in a convenient location.
 10th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Watch out for banks like this.

OD/NSF fees are the # one money maker for banks. They prey on people like you and hope something happens so they can ding you.

Go to a credit union. They usually have better programs.

If you get a chance, take our survey...

 11th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
Just wanted to let ya know you're not alone. One thing you might consider doing is getting like a visionprepaid card or something and start having your check direct deposited to it instead and although you'll still be charged 2.49 a day for being in the negative with first convenience you can at least maybe avoid the 35 dollar overdraft fees and get the balance paid down. i dont know how long they'll keep the account open without money coming in and it being negative but if you eventually paid it off they'd prolly let you start over with a new account. 2.49 * 30 = 74.70 but Im sure you pay a lot more than that in overdraft fees each month. I had a visionprepaid card for my direct deposits before i got a bank account and one nice thing is they dont let you go in the negative you can only spend what ya have. good luck!
 24th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
This is a ligitimate complaint against 1st Inconvenience bank. They are a second chance bank for anyone who is unable to open a bank account anywhere else. This bank takes advantage of desperate people in need of a checking account and use shady practices to steal their money. I dealt with them for a short period of time, but I was not in need of a "second chance" bank so I closed the account as soon as I realized that they were trying to steal my money. My mother also opened an account with them soon after I did, and left for the same reasons. Unfortunately, my sister was in need of a second chance bank account and opened an account with them. I tried to warn her, but she was in desparate need of a checking account. She is now fighting with them to prove the outrageous overdraft fees she is being charged. She was told that it would take 5 business days to get back to her with an answer. Her account is overdrawn, so there have been no recent transactions. Now here's where it gets ugly; they are charging $2.95 per day for every day the account is overdrawn. These people are crooks!!
I worked in the return items department at a bank for 2 years, so I know how it should work. I know that if a cash deposit is made before the books are closed for that day (usually before 2 PM) then that transaction should reflect immediately. This is a very corrupt bank.
 14th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I mistakenly withdrew $400.00 at the ATM machine thinking that my Social Security Direct Deposit was in my account. Social Security deposits funds into my account on the first of each month, however, this past month my funds weren't deposited until the second of the month.

The bank charged my account $104.91. At the same time a check came in for $5.00 and I was charged $34.97. Another check came in for $125.00 and I was again charged $34.97.

I was unaware that the ATM machine allowed withdrawals if there was no money in the account to cover it.

The bank explained that I have overdraft protection. Who is being protected? Certainly not me.
After arguing with the bank supervisor, she agreed to allow me only $88.00 in bank fees.
Wasn't that kind of her?

I don't know who to report this to but I am closing my account ASAP
 9th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I opened a checking account and specified that I wanted no overdraft protection. I was assured that I did not. My concern is based on the fact that I buy a lot of small dollar items (books, cds etc.) on Amazon and between the charges and the Visa holds it is difficult to tract. In the second week post opening an account I was charged over $1, 100 dollars for overdraft fees on total charges of less than $100. We I went in an explained that they represented to me that I had no overdraft protection, I was told that it applied to checks only and not the associated debit card. I was deceived and effectively robbed.

I have written the headquarters in Killeen and not even received the courtesy of a response. My advise to anyone who will listen is to avoid First Convenience Bank at any cost.


Thomas R. Parker
 11th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of you. This bank is horrible. I can't believe they are and have been in business for as long as they have. Well if I was stealing all my acct holders money I would be in business too after all these years. Let me just say " I just Quit working there" after I found out what type of bank this was and how they operated The managment at the branch I was at is so bad I have never in all my years working come across such management. Male manager sleeping on the clock in the back room on the weekends because he went out and partied. Smelling like booze and smokes. What kind of employment lets their employees work for a company and do these things " oh thats right First Inconvenience Bank". Blows my mind. Every branch makes up there own rules as to how they get customers. I thought if a customer needs a bank they go to a bank they have researched and get an acct there not get smotherd by employees to open acct. This bank needs to be reported to the FDIC! Good luck to all of you hope your able to cancel your accts otherwise they will be charged off and be reported creditors.
 21st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes

First Convenience Bank - Continually break banking regulations
First Convenience Bank
United States

I hate 1nb. I had a check that someone altered and they refused to investigate or contact the police. They continually break banking regulations.
 21st of Jan, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I am shocked at this bank and all the stories this is horrible!! I work for and market MB1
which is Mobile Banking LLC- We are a second chance banking which is FDIC insured and we offer the following:
In Chexsystem ok
Bad credit ok
Mastercard debit card with account
Checking account / w checks
Mobile Banking FREE
Online Banking FREE
Online Bill Pay FREE
Costs nothing to open account
Overdraft protection FREE,
No ATM Fees with us
Direct Deposit FREE
all for only 19.95 a month- we will send you the info kit to get started, we have
started a pilot program and we are not the horror story you read above.
For more information and to get your Second Chance Banking account and kit send to you
email me at Second_chancechecking@yahoo.com
Nicolette- there are options .. !!!
 21st of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes

First Convenience Bank - I am completely dissatisfied and will rid myself of them as soon as possible
First Convenience Bank
United States

These people prey on those that have no other banking choice. I definately think they should be held accountable just like the 'big' banks on the amount of fees and daily charges that they can charge. I am completely dissatisfied and will rid myself of them as soon as possible.
 6th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
People, every bank has fees and First Convenience Bank DOES NOT take your money because they want to. Every one should manage their money and keep up with all the transactions, payments, purchases and anything else each one fo you do with your Debit Card or checks. If you know you have NO MONEY in the bank, why would you try and swipe your card and see if it "works" and try to buy or pay for anything when you KNOW YOU HAVE NO MONEY! You make yourself negative and you get penalized for that. First Convenience pays larger transactions first because it makes sense that larger purchases are always more important than $1.00 or $2.00 dollar purchases. Use Online-Banking, use a register book, ask for a print out at a location, KEEP UP WITH YOUR MONEY! I don't understand why people think the bank is going to make all the work for them. It's not the bank's fault that merchants don't submit receipts the same day you swipe your card, specially car rentals or hotels, they ALWAYS hold your deposit and it may take up to 14 days to release the funds, and they should awalys let you know before you let them use your card to hold out that money. I've been with First COnvenience for almost 3 years and have NEVER received a fee of any type, I've actually received credits in my account like $9.99 for having direct deposit and I've referred about 10 of my friends to start a bank account and my branch has given me FREE checks and $7 dollars per person. I write down every single transaction on my register book even if it's a soda for $1.50. I only spend between 15 to 30 minutes balancing my checkbook and comparing my transactions with my online transactions and that has always helped me not go negative. I take care of my money and I do not want the bank to get rich off of me, so I do manage my account any way I can. Any time I have to physically go to a location, I ask for a print out and I also compare that to what i have written down. I don't have to keep every single receipt, but I at least write anything every night and that's how I manage MY MONEY. Don't be lazy and use a register book, it really helps. Oh and for that girl, the single mom, the bank offers a Fresh Start Loan that I know you will get approved and will be able to get a loan for the higher amount that you've been negative in the last 45 days and you can get your full payroll checks instead of part of it covering the negative balance and having to overdraft again, and they give you 6 months to pay off the loan, which I think it's a great thing in cases like yours. Don't whine and cry about bank fees, like i said before, ALL THE BANKS HAVE FEES and if you don't keep up with what you spend, YOU ARE GOING TO GET A PENALTY FEE. Just think about it, if you deposit $50 dollars, spend $30 for gas, $15 for lunch, why would you TRY to withdrawal $20 dollars from the ATM when you know you only have $5 left???? Believe it or not, that's what most people do. Don't give away your money to the bank.
 14th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
first convience bank is the worse bank i had ever open an account in. I never had a problem with any bank everytime i ran out of money I couldn't get nomore i know I should keep up with my account but who does thats why i had choosen not to get checks and yet this happened to me I have no money I had direct deposit and supposely overdraft protection and my account is still negative but nomore direct deposit for people that live off of our check that really put me in a bad spot never again will I bank with any bank all they do is have hidden charges and ugly surprises that are no fun!!!
 14th of Jul, 2010 by    +2 Votes
this bank stills money from accounts by overdraft fees
 23rd of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
ripoff bank stay clear put money on hold at gas stations for $50 to $75 had 47.00 in bank purchased 7.80 for gas can to mow my lawn over drafted my account will not refund my money when i clearly had funds to cover 7.80 in gas a bunch of crooks beware
 14th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
We need to do a class action lawsuit and get our money back like what just happened to Wells Fargo in California and the judge ordered the bank to refund fees to customers totalling over 200 million plus! Who's on board?
 17th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
First Convenience Bank is the most terrible bank that has ever come into dallas. They quickly sent me a card, and told me to throw the other one away, which I did. So I have not used my "card" since receiving it, and now II have over 200 dollars in bank fees from fraud, which they told me that they were "deeply sorry about, but since I threw away the wrong card" there was nothing they could do about it. And I don't know who they think is capable of paying over 74 dollars a month in fees, that won't even go towards your balance. I'm a real person with bills to pay, and paying them off all at once means my kids don't eat. this is a corrupt bank, any suggestions?
 22nd of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Well to I.Keep.A.Register, you couldnt be more wrong about what you just wrote. I have had this bank for three years now, I had heard bad things about it but never experienced any of them as it was my second bank account. My husband and I share an account with USAA and we each have our own separate account, him with Fort Hood National Bank, and I with First Convenience Bank. Its the same bank only he has military benefits that First Convenient Bank customers dont get. Well about a month ago, right before my husband left to NTC in California, he had me stop at the atm and check the balance on his card. He had like a dollar in his account. Ok no problem. Then just over this last week, I went to my bank and deposited 220 dollars so I could purchase my husbands birthday present. I was assured that since it was a cash deposit it would be available that day. So I come home get online and try to purchase his present. Doesnt work. I go online and my deposit isnt there. I call them and they say it wont hit until tomorrow. Uh ok well thats telling me 2 different things. Annoying but no big deal. Next day, Thursday, I purchase his present and went and purchased 10 dollars in gas. the present was 208 dollars. should have left my balance at 2 dollars exactly. I get online today to see if the money had been taken out and haha surprise!! I have 2 DENIAL FEES...Are you kidding me! I got denied because they told me the money would be ready to use immediately and it wasnt! I have never ever seen this EVER. I call them and they tell me that they have denial fees and everyone does. NO EVERYONE DOESNT. I have never had my card denied with this bank before but they tell me that the fee will be applied even if the denial isnt because I dont have money in the account. If there is something wrong with the machine your running the card on, or something wrong with the strip and your card gets denied you get charged the fee. Luckily the bank computer made a mistake and charged me twice and refunded 2 dollars and made my account not negative anymore. Had remained negative for 5 days that would have been 2.49 every business day. SORRY EVERY BANK DOES NOT CHARGE BS FEE LIKE THAT MR. I.KEEP.A.REGISTER. I should had money in there based off of what they told me. And that is a BS fee.
Then I go back and look at my husbands account and his account has been closed. Turns out, when I went to the ATM to check his balance...they charged us 2 dollars just to check the balance at an ATM. Put his account negative so they closed his account. Imagine that, they cant charge him the normal fees because he is military but they didnt hesitate to close it because of there charge. It may not be the 100's of dollars these people have been charged but the point is that those are ridiculous fees and yes they are robbing people for every little thing they can get away with. AND EVERY BANK DOES NOT DO THAT BS!

Suggestions are to go to credit unions, you dont need good credit and they generally dont charge fees as they are owned by people...kind of like co-ops. Check into a credit union.
 29th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I can finally say "I'M DONE WITH THIS SECOND CHANCE BANK." This bank gave me this worst customer service i ever encountered with a bank. I opened an account with this bank a year ago because i was forced to close my account with my previous bank. I was unable to open an account with any other bank because i owed a debt. I took care of those issues and I'm determined not to let it happened again. Proud to say I'm a new customer with Bank of America.
 20th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Since our time my mom who I’m her caretaker & myself at First Convenience Bank we have had our share of banking concerns all that have been professionally resolved.

I basically bank at the same center located inside Kroger’s Food Store in Richardson, Texas on Buckingham & Audellia Road.

But, recently I had an incident that really angered and frustrated me greatly due to an error on one of the teller’s part, the solution offered by both the banking center’s manager and customer support group.

On Thursday, October 7th, 2010 my wallet was stolen. Immediately following the theft I went to my usual banking center, explained my situation, requested possible account protection solutions and requested my mother’s bank card which was the only bank card issued on this account be closed asap!

I was informed by the Asst. Manager that my account would be fully protected in case anyone attempted to do banking transactions in person with or without identification. I felt better knowing that our pictures pop up anytime an inside transaction occurs.

I was also informed by the teller who took my mother’s bank card that she had closed it and re-issued another one to be mailed. I was also issued a temporary ATM card.

On Friday, October 8th, 2010 I called the automated services and discovered that a automatic debit scheduled to be debited from my account on October 8th was pending.

Once the bank opened I went to the bank, spoke with the branch manager and discovered that the teller NEVER closed the card. In fact, she re-issued me, not my mother, anew bank card and left my mother’s card opened which allowed the automatic debit to transact.

The manager closed the debit card and re-issued my mother anew bank card. Well once the card was closed I discovered via automatic services on Saturday, October 9th, that the money had been forced back into the account which was fine due to the fact, I had contacted the company that was to receive the payment and made new arrangements for them to receive their money.

I withdrew the money in the amount of $330.00 on that Saturday morning in order to pay the company owed. From Saturday October 9th until Tuesday, October 12th, my balance via automatic services as well as various ATM bank ledgers showed a clear balance without any pending debits. In fact, during that time I showed a clear $33.00 balance until that Tuesday, October 12th when I withdrew $20.00 and had an additional $2.50 ATM charge.

On Wednesday, October 13th, to my shock and surprise I called the automatic services and was informed I was in the negative by $574.00. I was outraged by this overdraft. I went back to the banking center, spoke to the manager, revisited the situation I explained to him on that Friday, October 8th and asked that something be done about ALL of those overdrafts on my account due to a error initially initiated by the teller (her failure to close the bank card although she assured me she did)!

The manager informed me that he was not able to deduct such large amount in overdrafts fees and would contact the district who in return would contact me. As a courtesy he gave me a ATM transaction booklet and told me to keep better records of my account although this error started with his teller!

Well the manager nor the district contacted me. Only a few overdrafts were deducted and I also contacted the customer support group only to receive a “run a round” explanation but no satisfaction!

I had to pay all of the remaining overdrafts on a ERROR THAT WAS NOT MINE! I did what I was held accountable to do once my wallet was initially stolen only for First Convenience Bank to make matters even more unpleasant!

I was not aware nor did the manager explain to me that although he closed the bank card and the money was forced back into my account that the transaction would still go through! I would never have withdrawn the money from my account had I known that the bank would honor the withdrawl although the card had been closed!

What made matters worst, there was never an apology from the teller or the manager for poor customer service that cost me SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS! Especially from the manager who had to correct the error and I pointed out the teller who initiated the error!

This bank is a DEATHTRAP for those who really need a second chance in banking! I hope many will read this and ESCAPE while you can!!!
 30th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am having the same problems, I had money in the band and my direct deposit paycheck was pending at midnight. They withheld my paycheck so they could overdraft me. When all is said and done after them lieing to me and telling me they would take care of it and dont worry. I was soon told they would do nothing for me and now I am over $700 in the hole with them. I told them I was going to report them and I will not pay them because they made the mistake I took them off Direct deposit and and now being told they will not help me untill I set direct deposit back up.

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