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Family Dollar


Terrible place to work in

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Family Dollar
Springfield, Ohio
United States
I am a current assistant manager with a family dollar store so I can't include too much info. Believe me, if I could work somewhere else I would. Which is sad because I have almost 16 years experience with this company. I have even been a manager before. However, the way things are done at this company is unreal.

First there is the payroll issue. They expect you to be able to get a ton of things done in one day even though you are there by yourself till 12 some days, have to give your cashier an hour break and have to stop and straighten at 4. That only gives you maybe 3 or so hours of actual work time. And they expect ppl to support their families on 30 hours a week if you are an asst... and maybe, if you are lucky, 15 a week if you are a cashier. Starting pay for a cashier where I am is only 5.85. You can't support a family on that. The only ppl that can work for that is teenagers and we can't hire them if they are under 18. They give you these hours and then tell you also that it is against policy to have another job.

As assistants they try and give you 35 hrs a week, but then if you are lucky enough to get a pay raise they cut your hours down to 30. Secondly, there is the company policies issue. Which is a big one. Write ups in this company are a joke. NO one is threatened by them because you get one, you sign it, it then just goes in your folder and no where else. Policies are broken in my store every day and nothing is done about it even though complaints are made to the DM almost on a daily basis.

There are so many things, I could go on and on. I have been left in the store with no employees all day and no one cared. They expect you to work like dogs and they treat you like crap. If you are below a DM, they could care less about you. They have no respect for you at all. I am a very hard worker, matter of fact, I am depended on in my store to get most of the work done even though I am only an assistant.

This company needs to start thinking about the people that are in the stores every day, making the money for them and start showing them respect.
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 30th of Sep, 2008 by    -2 Votes
dude i've been a asst manager for family dollar for three yrs and first almost everyone at my store has second jobs
it's no issue and to me it just sounds like you needc to shoot around your DM and contact your RVP or even loss preventions if the inventory is becoming a issue but i do feel ya on payroll and long days with a lot of work with no help but this job is only as bad as you let it be
 8th of Mar, 2009 by    +3 Votes
 30th of Mar, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I was an assistant manager at Family Dollar as well. Of course I was an hourly paid employee, but I would work from 80 to 120 hours a week and I wouldn't get paid for it, I'd only get paid for 30-40 hours. I would work all day from 6 AM to midnight and wouldn't get one lunch break. I had maybe 5 minutes to use the bathroom the whole day, and I had to run there and back. I never got lunch. Much of the time I worked alone.

When I complained to the company about not getting paid, and submitted a bunch of proof, the company ignored me, siding with my manager. I advise anyone considering working for this company to not do so, and anyone currently working for this company should quit pronto.
 23rd of Apr, 2009 by    +3 Votes
Have any Family Dollar employees heard stories of age discrimination?
 29th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have been a manager with Family Dollar for 2 yrs, but have been in retail for 30 yrs. This is without a doubt the WORST company I have ever worked for. I have never been able to stay at the "salary hours" of 52 a week, never less than 65, according to dm its my "time management". Never had this problem before. And health...was in excellent health before, now have serious back problems, am on more pain meds than have ever taken in whole life. Had to go over payroll budget a few weeks in row, DM told me to go on short term disability or suck it up, whatever it took to get under budget. It would be so easy to quit this place and never look back, but...I am single and have bills like everyone else. Am trying to find something else, or going back on disability. Actually pray everyday they will close the store (bad economy, sales down, etc...)
 30th of Jan, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I agree with you all but like everyone else I too have to work for them because of the insurance...I hate this job everyday but I love the customers...
 14th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
The Family Dollar I work for is also a terrible place to work. The manager is rude to most customers. She has made racist comments about people. She treats her employees like crap no matter how hard they work for her. Nothing is ever good enough for this manager. I put in for 2 days off a whole month in advance for a Dr's appointment and even brought back an excuse. She got so mad at me that she took away my hours for an entire week and would not let me work. She then told me when I came back the next week that I would be given less than 15 hours. She knew that I have one disabled child with cerebral Palsy and two other children with health issues. She also knows that I have a father that is disabled and at times I have to help care for him. Even though I have these issues I have managed to only call in twice and I have been there for seven months. All because I asked off for a Dr's appointment(by the way a month in advance). She is basically trying to make me mad enough to quit. I have heard her say things about other employees that she tried to get rid of, such as, " I will work them like a dog this week and make them want to quit" She has also done this to me. When she wants to get rid of you she will make you miserable. I was her most loyal employee and when she found out that I had sick children she turned on me. I do believe that this is against the ADA( Americans with Disabilities ACT) She should not be allowed to do this to employees and it needs to be stopped. She is discriminating against people and their families with disabilities. I wonder if she knows that this is illegal. DO NOT WORK HERE! It is in Toccoa GA
 19th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
dont get injured on the jobbecuase they dont know you after it happens.i have spent 116 hours in a store in one week.im a salaried manager.the company thinks we are all garbage, all they want is there money.its time the state wage and hour take a look at the companies practice.this is slavery all over again.there are a lot of employees filing lawsuites against the company for overtime.check with your state wage and hour.
 2nd of Jun, 2010 by    +2 Votes
AMEN!!! I worked at Family Dollar for 3 years, my manager on several
occasions when I didnt drive to work as well as she, she would have me call one of my family members to go to the bank to get change for petty cash. This went on not on a weekly base, but at least once or twice every other month, including my own father. Two weeks ago I opened the store and she closed the nite before, petty cash was short when I counted it 3 times, she called I told her and she didnt seem concerned. She had a cashier with NO vehicle to come in that morning for me so I could not leave to go get change so I said I can send my of age son, she said ok. Ten days later, I was terminated for sending a nonemployee of Family Dollar to the bank for change. On discharge papers, said I broke
company policy!!! She APPROVED it, but she was the one who fired me!!! POLICY... WHAT A JOKE!!! ONLY TO THEIR CONVIENCE!!!
 8th of Aug, 2010 by    +3 Votes
was a manager for this company for 10 yrs i got used and abused with no payroll and they expect miracles. the previous president of the company believed mgrs. should have a smidgin of time to spend with thier families the new regime is all about the mighty dollar. the grass is much greener on the other side. no doubt i am so much happier now and actually work just my 45 hrs a week as a manager not 90 plus because of no payroll. the company has a lot of learning and growing to do. i dont know how the law hasn't hurt them more than just one mgr. law suite i wish i had jumped in on that one now. the mgrs. should not be classified as management they are just glorified cashiers and stock people with the title manager so family dollar can "legally" work them 90 plus hrs a week. i do not recommend them to work for at all. i use to love the company. but the past few years have sucked. glad i'm gone
 16th of Aug, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I started a campain called "Family Dollar is not Friendly" I do an invitation to look at my blog for info about the way this company it's violating the FLSA, if someone feel to be working to many hours, as store managers needs to sweep, mop, clean restrooms, unclog toiles, unload the truck, process freight etc. check my blog
probably doing something together company will stop expoiting it's workforce.

 30th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes

Family Dollar - Used offensive language
Family Dollar
United States

I was very offended by the conduct of a cashier at Family Dollar Store on Jefferson Paige Rd in Shreveport La. The cashier was verbally attacked by a customer and unfortunately responded in kind using language that was very offensive, that was both vulgar and obscene. I like shopping in this store as it is well organized and always clean and well stocked, but I will think twice about taking my children in this store. When they are with me I will go elsewhere. Had I not spent some time making my selections I would have left them and walked out. The manager did not appear until the confrontation was over and I know she could not help but hear as the store is not that large and the cashier and customer were very loud. I wish she had shown up sooner and stopped the barrage as it was personnel in nature and appeared to be a continuing argument from the day before.
 30th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I hope the employee learns to use more appropriate language and the customer gets banned from the store.
 20th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I work as a CSA for family Dollar, and let me tell youthis! This company is a freaking joke! Here they have these positions created, but we are there not to watch the customers, we are there to watch the employees! We had one incident where the Asst. Manager got into a fist fight with a customer, she threw the first punch, and they have done nothng about it. Nothing like feeling like a criminal when you walk through the doors! Never in my life have I been made to feel this way. Now they are installing all this expensive equipment and for what??? To watch the employees???? Hundreds of dollars walk out the door everyday here, from customers, and they do nothing about it but if you're an employee they will take the time to prosecute! Family Dollar needs to get real! They suck to work for, and want you to devote your life to them, if you have a family outside the doors forget it! and what's up with this toys for tots shit! Only monetary donations accepted??? why so they can put it into their accounts??? They have never been community orientated before why now??? Look at the thousands of dollars they throw away on stuff some kid or person who needs it could use! It's the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life! I am currently looking for a new job and it won;t be with Family Dollar ever again! Like I said as soon as this equipment is installed they said they would offer me another store or another position but screw them, I would never be an asst again, the pay sucks and they work you to death and give no cares about your health or your life outside the doors of Family Dollar. Kiss my ass, and step up and run your company like it should be ran! Otherwise shut your feaking doors! I guess it's ok to cold cock a customer now, cause they aren't going to do anything about it!
 4th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I work in a Family Dollar as an assistant manager. We get paid peanuts and are expected to push stock out within 24 hours (yeah ok), work insane shifts, no lunch breaks, often times double shifts, and god forbid you call in sick! I haven't yet, but have seen the shit the managers give anyone who dares be ill! Yeah...show up barfing then they get yelled at for everyone else getting sick. They have very strict policies, but do not inforce them until they want to fire someone or someone robs them! They expect total loyalty yet do not give a shit about your non existant home life! The owner...Howard Levine is off in the bahamas laughing his fat rich ass off about us working like slaves for him to buy his hookers! I am still employed there, but as soon as I find another job I'm the hell out of there! The customers are rude and smell like ass and steal whatever is not tied down, the cashiers are illiterate shitheads who feel that management have it soooo easy! They have it easy... work about 32 hours per week and don't have to deal with corporate (which is a freakin joke) about stupid shit! FAMILY DOLLAR is a heap of shit company period!! The DM's make less than a mechanic. I hope they get a union. That would fix their asses! They are soooo afraid of that! Gee...wonder why? BITCHES!!! Oh...and their clothes??? Most come with JcPenny, Kohls etc... labels on them! WTF is that all about? Shopping at the Salvation Army now for stocking clothing??? The only thing family about family dollar is that the "high ups" bang their sisters!!! '
 13th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
See what I mean when I said, Family Dollar hire only rude and nasty people. What a shame.
The same kind of treatment here.
 13th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
If you a nice person don't work for them.
They won't appreciate any way
 13th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Family dollar is nasty w/ employees and customers.
 1st of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I am a middle age female that has a College education and experience and let me tell you Family Dollar is by far the worst company I have ever worked for, I have quit better jobs then this, Family Dollar treats their employees like shit.(please excuse my language) but its the truth. I have been with the company 2 yrs now and as an asst. mgr. for the past yr and a half, and within this time I have only recieved a 10 cent raise Once (no joke), they have no fair pay policies in place, its just what ever they feel like giving you no matter how hard of a worker you are or how long you have been with the company because it doesnt matter to them. Im expected to do Mgrs duties, yet I make 15 cents more than a cashier and 40 cents less then the the 2nd asst mgr that hasn't been with the company as long as I have, nor knows or does half of what I do and has less experience in retail... I have pulled to many double shifts to even mention and ran other stores in absents of mgr's. (hows that for graditude?). and dont you dare go over 40 hours or you will have to fight for your over time "thats if you even make 40 hours even after pulling a dbl shift" ( and yes I am "full time") ... Breaks and lunch breaks! what are those? seriously you dont get them... And dont you dare get hurt while at work because they dont give a crap they want that work done NO Matter what even if you are alone all day or you will never hear the end of it and threaten to get wrote up or worse (an attitude from hell from your Mgr or DM), .. write ups! what a joke, they sit in your file "if " your mgr. likes you, thats if you even get one, but heaven help you if your mgr doesnt like you because whats good for the goose is not good for the gander, I have seen and heard of all the under handed things Mgrs and Dm's get away with, and if you complain? ..LOL dont bother because you will be the one to get fired for any reason they can come up with being truth or not which in most cases are not or they are blown way out of portion ..80% of the people that get fired from this hell hole can sue the hell out of this company but yet they dont bother... You are expected to give them every inch of your being.., blood, sweat and the skin off your ass with nothing in return not even a thanks for your hard work...It doesnt pay to be a good employee at Family Dollar because the better you are the more you get shit on. working for Family Dollar is Literally Hazzardous to your health, since I have started working for this company I developed anxiety and panic attacks which usually kicks in almost daily shortly b4 my shifts start..not to mention the back problems you end up having due to the lack of proper equipment, they make you take all these common knowledge safty tests but yet do not provide proper epuipment to do your job...This is a warning, if you value yourself stay away from Family Dollar if at all posible
 7th of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I have been an "ASS MAN" Assistant Manager for Family Dollar for almost a year now and every single word of this statement is TRUE! I also have a degree in acounting, alot of experience in management which in this shit hole is non exisistant! Management skills that is...just ass covering and brown nosing to get a quarter raise! Wahoo!! I'm up to $8.75 an hour! F**k that! My kids make more at freakin' McDonalds!!! The more you do is just that...the more you do period! No compensation, no breaks or lunch breaks, I had actually been an "acting manager" minus the manager pay of course for 3 months as my manager had went out on medical leave, but prior to her so called accident, she had not worked her minimum 52 hour work week...I DID and she would never show up for her scheduled shifts leaving me to work doubles all of the time...also NO BREAKS and pulling a straight 14 hour shift? Do you know if you get hurt on the job after hour #12 that workman's comp does NOT even pay due to the company putting you at high risk of injury etc...so the company must pay 100% if you are injured after the 12th hour? Oh...trust me! Bringing ANYTHING to your manager or District manager's attention will put you on their shit list! I am considered a "tattler" now due to serious issues I had brought to my DM's attention...excessive deposits left in safe from the lazy other assist I work oposite of to flat out verbal attacks from my manager who by the way...I went to loss prevention on her dumbass for "stealing company time" by working 25 hours a week getting paid for 52 hours while I worked it and ran the store for her as she made get this shit...(yeah I went on the port hole and looked!) a take home slary pay of $1980 every 2 weeks! She was the DM's favorite? Things to make you go hmm... She is now suspended indefinately due to my report (deposition taped and interogation over it!). It comes down to this at this shit hole!!! If you are a favorite of the upper management you literally get away with anything you want to and they set YOU up when it's aired out. They have excessive rules which noone follows, make you work like a dog yet dogs have an easier life! god forbid if you have a child! You're screwed... I have 50/50 custody of my son and agreed to work ANY shift and hours on my weeks off from him..have also covered other stores without management all of the time for these asswipes and now they promoted a cashier to assistant mngr who cannot work mon thruough thurs nights due to school so...now they are messing with my custody literally since I have to have my ex keep my son overnight on my weeks to get him to school! Not to mention the rash of internal thefts we've had in our division! YESSS... managers STEALING large deposits! To fix that they gave all of us a 25 cent raise, but cut our hours? Hello... They only due background checks on management period! Ex... They hired a cashier/stock boy with NO background check and he kept propositioning me (yes HIS boss) so I went to loss prevention regarding this embarrassing issue beings he's also a male and he ran his background checdk only then and guess what? He had a double identity and was jailed! Good job!!! They are too lazy and cheap to run background checks on new hires..cashiers who when they promote..if they make it that far without robbing us blind...they run them upon promotion to management. MOST get fired due to felony vackground! NICE...have us working with criminals! I am soooo looking for another job everyday on my minumal time off...yeah..I work only 34 to 40 hours, but they schedule you so you do not have a life! Don't even think about dating if your work for this shit hole...who wants to see someone who can only go out on like wed nights and be up at 5am the following day and if you ARE in a relationship? HA! Expect THAT to end due to never being around or a scedule change (yep...policy says can change your shift mid week with 48 hour notice, but they DON'T tell you!!!) it's up to you to check your schedule daily because management can't set up a schedule let alone run a store! Speaking of which...I had gotten stepped over by get this...a CASHIER who got the store I ran and whom I trained and still do from another store...yes... I was transfered due to abuse from miss evil who came back part time to run her store and wanted me out! Your only hope is getting fired to collect unemployment, but THAT never happens there unless you rob them, , PEROID! I too have been put on medication for anxiety...it's a common prerequisite to working at this hell hole oh and exedrin migraine is another hot item! Oh...trust me...I am gonna be suing this shit hole once I get any other job. I already threatened that to corporate...which by the way are a joke in itself too! The alert line private?! HA! They called my DM that very same day to tell him! I can't eat (nausious), have nightmares, had 2 mini strokes and have severe anxiety that also kicks in just before clock in time! I drink alot now, cry and have have meltdowns at work! Before I leave..which I am determined to do so and work anywhere else...I WILL be calling corporate, my DM's boss etc...and give all the details of all of the cover ups! They took my life away so I will take their jobs away on my way out! Karma can be a real bitch and so can I. This is by far...the worst company I have ever worked for! I hope to God they do get a union in there!!! Won't they be totally F**ked!

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