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, Edgewood, New Mexico Complaints & Reviews - Dispute bill

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Posted:    Shanna Cook

Dispute bill

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
Contact information:
Direct tv
3 Falcon Ct. West
Edgewood, New Mexico
United States
I was charged a 400.00 disconnect fee when I cancelled my tv service with Direct tv. No one ever informed me when I was cancelling that I was under a contracted. I later found this charge to my account and called to ask why. They informed me that I had a NEW two year commitment because I received a new DVR when my old one was struck by lightening. I then informed them that NO ONE told me of this commitment and they then told me to send a letter the the bill dispute department and said there was no number to reach them.

I want EVERYONE to be aware of this fraud and be careful when signing with Directv. They will CHEAT you!!!
Comments United States Satellite & Cable TV
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 5th of Jan, 2009 by   slmarcott +1 Votes
i got the same charge today!! and i asked for an address for the dispute center and they said its on the back of my bill well guess what its not!! I would never recomend them to anyone, i didnt sign any contract, i didnt get any of my local chanels and they came to my house three times to fix it, my dvr never worked properly, and when i called to complain the lady accually swore at me! i would never refer them to any one i have a 400 bill which they took out of my account but im glad i have nothing to do with that awful company and service again, when i called to disconnect they wouldnt even disconnect my account they shuffled me around person to person, i talked to 10 different people i bet just to cancel, they must be hurten for buseness or something, i dont even know why i went through them in the first place when dish network has cheaper packages.
 9th of Jul, 2009 by   raq +1 Votes
Yes i a gree direct tv is a big rip off if i dont have tv i will do without before going back to direct tv they charged our account 300 without telling us and then we had to pay a no bounce fee so i will warn people stay away from direct tv
 9th of Jul, 2009 by   raq +1 Votes
direct tv is a big scam they charged our account 300 dollars because we disconnect our sevrice and tel us we had 180 days to pay it and take it out of our account without telling us they will pay for it what goes around comes around stay away from direct tv if that was the last tv on earth i will do without tv
 3rd of Sep, 2009 by   jon damon 0 Votes
I have been getting charged a monthly bill after being told there was no line of site and they couldn't hook me up, called supervisor told them to suspend my service and have been getting billed since now it is over 1, 000 $ ridiculous
 28th of Sep, 2009 by   dont go with DTV 0 Votes
I sent this to Direct TV e-mail

Direct TV has deducted from my account $1, 095.56 for services and equipment.
my husband called in July and said this will be the last month we will be using DTV. So we just last week received the boxes to return the equipment and now you have gone into our account and deducted that amount. I called this morning and talked to a Carms who put me on hold for a long time waiting on a supervisor than came back on posing as one and hung on me after I asked her for both the persons ID # I am not sure how legal this is I have never signed an agreement with DTV. this deduction is causing me to have several overdraft fees. This is bad business. you need to go to medlawplus.com and check out all the complaints you have. This would be a good story for Ken Amaro in Jacksonville. I am not sure how legal an unsigned agreement is but I will look into this with my attorney.

Sharon Raffaniello
 21st of Dec, 2012 by   Jen Pelzer 0 Votes
Directv deducted $614 from my account without authorization to do so. I tried to cancel my service with them but they swore I had signed a contract. Their explanation of a contract was the paper that I had signed when the service was installed. I asked for a copy of the paper that I had signed since the installer did not leave a copy with me, they said that they didn't have a copy of it and directed me to their website. I don't understand how such business is legal when there is no signed paperwork anywhere to back this up! I would strongly recommend that NO one uses this service! They are out to take any and all money they can from you! Their service is beyond unsatisfactory and their business ethic is far worse than any company I've ever worked with before!
 18th of May, 2013 by   Vicki Mathey 0 Votes
My complaint is we were moving. Directv wasn't going to move us unless we pay $200. So we cancelled their service. Told them do not take money from our account after this last payment. They "put" it in the notes and said that wont be a problem. Well very untrue. They took money left us with a balance of $0.00 in out account. Not once or twice but three times. Leaving no money for food or gas for the week!! Each time calling and telling them they have no authority to take money as it is now illegal to do so...I had to go to the bank to have them dispute this! So the only way to have them NOT take money is to change my bank info...REALLY???
 9th of Jul, 2013 by   beckers48 0 Votes
i also have a problem with dtv they charged my acct 710 dollars and i have never had dtv and my bank is trying to tell me its not considered fraud how can this happen and it not be fraud
 9th of Nov, 2013 by   longleglucy 0 Votes
i was charged for 6 years for a box that I didn't even have in my possession, but was being charged for it.the box was still activated, but not in my home.when new ones were installed 2007, the installer kept one of the boxes in which never was installed, but I was paying for it.contacted a agent about this, and I was told that I was being charged for it for the 6 years and I wud receive a refund, called dtv back, but there is no information of it.I told the agent the devil is a damn lie today, u will not get over on me and think u are goin to get away with it.by any means necessary, I will handle my business.I have been a customer for 14 years.they will not cheat me and get away with it

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