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Dish Network


False advertising, wrong billing, poor customer service

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96% 444
I had a similar experience with the Dish Network. The salesman for Dish told me we had 60 days to cancel with no fees, after we mailed the equipment back we got a bill for $400. Several years later and supposedly a little wiser we hesitantly decided to try Direct Tv. This time i made sure to ask all the right questions about billing and cancellation. I was promised a 30 day trial period no strings attached, the salesman even told me they knock off another $10 from the bill if you pass a credit check.

Direct tv was installed on a friday in march-07. We signed up for the plus package- 185 channels/hbo & cinemax free for 3 months for $44.99, no dvr included. The following monday we received a bill from them for $59.99. I called to question and correct the amount. I had to speak with several people getting different answers and reasons about the bill amount. When i mentioned cancelling the service i was told i would be fined because i exceeded their 7 day cancel policy its not 30, then i was "accidentally" disconnected.

When i called back after jumping through several hoops, the next person tells me its not 7 days, you only have 3 days to cancel from activation, then i was "accidentally" disconnected again.

Several weeks later we get a second bill for $59. Now we owe them for 2 months and we've only had service for a little over 5 weeks. Several days later they shut off our service.

During this experience with direct tv i've learned several facts:

1- customer service is lousy, they are either all stupid or they are all lying about everything.

2- direct tv will terminate your service within a 40 day period or sooner if a single bill is not paid, even a new customer.

3- in order to get the advertised package prices, you need to mail in a rebate form that takes 6-8 weeks and no interuption of service to qualify. This redemption can be ended at the discretion of direct tv at any time which can send your bill back up.

4- the installer doesnt have you sign anything. Your first bill is considered your contract with the terms of agreement and is also your redemption form to get the rebate for a lower bill.

5- direct tv's billing is pro-rated, this fancy word means your actually paying ahead for the service before you use it instead of after.

6-after your service is shut off, they will obviously call and try to collect the money, but they will also try to get you to cancel so they can add another $300 to your bill.

My best advice to anyone thinking about ordering directv is not to do it. They smack of false advertising and hidden details and poor customer service. If you already have directtv, do not cancel the service because they will bill you $300 or more on top of the monthly bill you owe. Your actually better off just not paying the bill... this way if they shut your service off, and you dont cancel, they cant even ask for the box back.

If your service is shut off, make sure you unplug the box right away because they can actually keep billing you month to month. This is because they dont actually kill the signal to the box, you still get a couple channels, but the only thing you can really watch are pay per view and the 24 hour ad channels.

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 2nd of Jul, 2007 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Unable to switch to another network
United States

The Dish Network is my complaint.

The Dish Network service to my apartment was installed today.

My complaint is that I didn't have Black Entertainment Television (BET) as a part of my package. I had MTV, MTV2, and VH1. I now know that is costs up to $12.00 more for a package that includes BET.

I have tried switching to Time Warner, but was told that because this apartment has a contract with AT&T Dish Network they can't service me.

I spoke to a representative from this apartment complex (about alternate service) and was told I had to have $10,000 worth of renter's insurance and any equipment (from another satellite provider) can not touch their building.
 13th of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Told it was Direct Tv doing an upgrade on system
United States

A man called my son,on the last part of June,and told him since we had been such a good customer over the last 4 years we could get an upgrade which included a D.V.R. and another room hook up for free. So my son agreed,and the man ask for my credit card which I do not own,so then he ask for my S.S.#,and my son gave jt to him,since it showed up on his cee phone as Direct TV. So on 7-3-07,I was not at home when they arrived, when I did get home there sat a van with Dish on the side of the door. The man had already had everything hooked up and ask me to sign this paper showing jt was all done,without thinking I did. So I then ask him if the 2 cable companies had merged as 1 since it showed on the caller I.D. as Direct,he then said no ,it sounded like I had been scammed. So I then came in & canceled the Dish Svcs. The lady said at midnight it would be shut off, & it was not. So I called again & told them about the problem,and several times after. Then a man called me from Mo. and had another man on the phone with us and said since I canceled before 18mo. I was responsible that was the law in Mo. which is what he went by. I told him I canceled it on the same day as the svcs. I already had a cable co. So it went on for a day or 2 I called this 800# again & was told that my acc. would be cleared on 7-19-07,and it was not. I am on a fixed income & have seizures ,had a heart attack so I would greatly appreciate it if this matter could get resolved & my acc. cleared for my credit as well. And I mailed all items back to you as well and would like to be removed from your mailing &calling list for now & in the future. Thank You, Barbara Pilant.
 9th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Overcharging and no customer service at all!
United States

Last month I had to have a tech come out to my house,but they said I wouldn't be charged for that. Guess what, my new bill has the 49.99 on it. All last month i tried to get dish to change this no response at all. But i am not paying that at all, just going to send in my monthly payment. I did away with my hd package, but they are charging me for that 6.00 dollars. This company is very fraudulent, is there something we can do about this junkie outfit?

Plz advise smb!
 12th of Oct, 2007 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Fraud membership!
United States

Few days back i received a call from an agent, who said he works for Dish Network. He gave me a very attractive offer and I readily agreed to make a deal and switch to Dishnetwork. I also made sure with the agent that there was no Contract associated with the deal.

Now that everything is set and when i see my first statement, it is like a shock to me, It is 3 times more than what i was offered. I cannot contact the agent any more, (Number disconnected), and Dishnetwork does not have any information of the agent. Now i am under contract for 18 months with Dishnetwork so i cannot cancel the deal otherwise they are going to charge @240 for cancellation. So i am in a trap and will have to pay bill which i never can afford. I wonder if these agents are appointed by Dish network themselves to trap simple people like us.
 21st of Nov, 2007 by    +2 Votes
After many issues of bad service, I discontinued my subscription with DTV, I was forwarded to a resolution specialist who calculated my final bill, and I received the bill, paid it, marked my check final payment. I continued to be billed, with each bill, I called waited 10+ minutes to tell a representative that I was no longer a customer, mailed each bill back with that notation, I final go a disconnect notice and a final bill and have been dealing with DTV and all regulatory agencies for 2 years. Basically DTV is exempt from any and I mean any type of control, they have no assets in most states, and you can't even sue them in small claims court. As a consumer you are totally at their mercy, and they are very poor business folks, with schemes to take advantage of the consumer with no regulation.
 20th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Do not owe this money!
Dish Network
United States

I moved in march 2007 leaving a forward address. On dec 4th i received a notice stating i owed money for the remaining time on a two year contract with dish network. I was told the time was for balance of april 2007. My service with dish network began in august 2004 (approx 2 1/2 years). I indicated that i did not owe this money and that when i spoke with dish network to discontinue my service due to relocation and to end it on a billing cycle i was told no problem since i had already paid for that months service and there would be no additional charges. I informed this to gc services and they said i would be turned over to a collection agency in two weeks. I said i would get back with them in a few days (after i check my records for dates). I have not been able to reach them on the 800 number in the letter due to offices being closed. What's up with this? I have tried all day during regular work hours and on a weekday.

I do not owe this money, nor will i pay this money.
 29th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Ripped off!
Dish Network
105 SHEPLER RD. # 30
United States

12/29/07 first off all, dish network called us 2 and 3 times a day for 3 weeks and wanted us to hook up with them, so we did. They told us over and over and over again. That they would give us a package deal that all we would have to pay was $49.99 for nov. and then pay$ 44.75 every month after. Well on the 11/02/07 they took out off my account $49.99 pos 11/02/07 19:07 9601 s meridiandish netwo 800-333-3474 co11/05, thats whats on my statement. They called us on 12/28/07 and said we owe a bill for $125.00 THEY GAVE US EXCUSES!!! My husband said we didn't get a bill and i am not paying till i get one , so next day we get this bill. I believe were getting ripped. Charges from 01/04/08 - 02/03/08 thats not even here yet! Sccount summary, previous balance $ 64.89 current charges $80.98 adjustments - $20.00 taxes 0.72 cents. This is for NOV. DEC. and we paid $49.99 IN NOV, its hard to paid bills when your on disability and trying to make ends meet and then they want you to pay 2 months ahead off time i don't think so (not right) then my aunt iris Harvey not a happy lady. Tells me that she ref. me and some one else to get dish network and they would send her $50.00 per household.
 29th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
Did you try to call them to say that you can't pay for two months that you can only pay for every month? You should explain your situation & how you only have so much money & cannot afford to pay for the service for two months in advance. They should allow you to pay every month instead of every two months.

 1st of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
We need a CLASS ACTION against Dish Network.

I just had some horrible experience on New Year day of 2008 after receiving my statement of Dish for December 2008. It is a long but very frustrating story. Let me start from the statement of November 2008.

I received November statement with $21.95 charge for PPV (pay per view). I called Dish right away regarding this charge. Same old story as you all know: Dish was not going to refund me. The caveat here was that I recently purchased an international Dish package for my in-laws who live in a room with a dedicated TV (blue remote control). They do not even understand English. They were trying to learn how to use the remote control and I thought they probably mistakenly push some buttons that cause me $21.95 in November.

Okay, let’s move on. I called the Dish and was taught how to set password to lock it up. I set up everything in my green remote (The main one as I only have one receiver but 2 remote controls) and I even asked the tech people who told me that as long as I set up lock in the main (green) remote, my blue remote should be locked too automatically. Sounds settled?

Not really and even worse, I got the bill for this month (December) and have again extra charge of $52.95 for PPV. The funny thing is that all 5 PPV movies were charged at the same day. I called Dish on this New Year day and they basically would not refund all. After talking with the supervisor, I realized that I can use remote control and website to log in and look for PPV purchasing activity. To my very surprise, it turned out that there is a total of extra $142 to be billed in next cycle. There were 7 PPV of $11.99, 6 PPV of $8.99 and 1 of $3.99. The funnies thing is that all of them are charged between December 27-30. It seems even funnier that I had ordered 3-4 movies, even the same one in 2-4 hour of period. However, Dish is not able to refund most of them. Dish really wanted me to believe that I watched 5-6 movies in 3-4 hours period. They even told me that I could order a lot and watched them later one by one-pretty smart for Dish, Ah? Sure, Dish wanted me to believe that I am pretty retarded. Basically Dish will make me pay a little less than I would have to pay if I would elect to terminate this contract-smart ass, Ah?

It turned out that I have a pre-teen who likes to hide in another room and change TV channels in grandparents’ room to surprise them. Sure kids are naïve and I probably have to pay for the price. The reason why I am upset about Dish is that they want me to believe that someone has ordered half dozen movies in the same day while some of the movies are even identical. Sure they want to act as a smart ass. I have never ordered any PPV during my 1.5 years with Dish. Suddenly I paid more than $200 in the last week of 2007 for all the PPV movies-Merry Christmas-Dish Network! Someone needs to see a psychiatrist!!!

It turned out that when I locked the green one last time after I had to pay for the first PPV, I had actually NOT done anything on blue remote which was the problem causing all my PPV fees. I called the Dish today and another tech told me some extra fact. Old dish remotes work that way. As long as you lock up the main green one, your blue one will be locked too. Then Dish heard some complain saying that customers want 2 remotes locked separately since they want the main one in living room locked but the private one in bedroom unlocked-well, makes sense too.

What I have complained to Dish is that their tech people whom I talked to at the first time insisted that I should be okay with only locking up the green one since the blue one will also be locked by default action of the green main one. I asked Dish to search phone record of that conversation but they said they do not have it. That is why I am saying they are a big fat liar by not telling the technical truth of their remote control. The bad thing for me is that this international package is not available in other carrier. Otherwise I would dump Dish tonight.

BY ALL MEANS, I would like to hear from other Dish customers so we can try to ask for a class action against Dish. I am also going to report my case to local newspaper, media, business bureau and government. Meanwhile I will call Dish time by time and tell them that I am spreading this piece of “Good” news for them until they stop those bad business practice.

PLEASE SAVE ALL YOUR STATEMENT and we will have some fun with Dish.
 3rd of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
Someone use my name to obtain service and all we get the run around from dish network. They are terrible to deal with. Do not due bussiness with them.
 14th of Jan, 2008 by    +1 Votes
Direct TV is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my 65 years of life. They are liars, their customer service absolutely s*cks, and they are in business mainly to cheat their customers.
 17th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Complaints not allowed!
Dish Network
United States

I had a really bad experience with Dish when I moved my service to a new house. I won't go into the details, but it took 4 tries for them to get things working - for no good reason. I called to make sure that I would not be billed for the week that my service was unavailable. I was told that the bill would be the same as it is always is. I asked how this could be possible, and then the operator said that I wasn't charged for the move, so it all kind of worked out anyway! I pointed out that it was his company's policy to allow one free move a year, and I asked him to explain why that would have anything to do with paying for service that I did not receive. He had no reasonable explanation but I was going to be billed anyway. I then asked if I could be transferred to someone to register a complaint. He asked if everything was working properly at this point in time, and I said yes - it is now. Then he said "well there's really nothing to complain about then, right?". At that point, I hung up. After missing work so many days and going through so many calls to be told this by the agent on the phone is simply unbelievable. When a company does not even want to hear about a customer's negative experiences, I know there will be more of them to come. I know compared to others, I'm getting off easy, however, I'm very much looking forward to the end of my contract.
 13th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Terrible everything!
Dish Network
United States
Phone: 513-248-8558

I have been reading complaints on here about dish for the last 2 yrs & I think that I have experienced everyone of them. This is the only leverage that I have found with Dish: contact their Consumer Protection Agency. For IL. it is:

Governors Office of Citizens
Assistance 222South College rm 106
Springfield, IL. 62706

This is an older book that I got this info from, so call & verify info & then send letters. When they didn't refund my $100 I had to go after Envoke which did their refunds, They quickly got me my money to me, & Envoke told the Indiana A.G. that Dish were conning people & that they were no longer processing their refunds because of this. For some strange reason Dish doesn't want the Attorney General looking at them. If they have ripped you off please send the A.G. a letter, what do you have to lose & if they get enough letters, maybe they will do something. Also if they have removed money from your account contact their State Banking Authority should be able to get the info from your bank.
 26th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Absolutely horrible customer service
Dish Network
United States

I had to call up Dish network so many times to get a connection, that I lost track of it. Infact some colleagues at my office thought, I was attending interviews!!

After getting in touch finally and getting someone to come by for an installation, a no show and the person had the audacity to state that no one was at home, while my wife was waiting for them for the whole day!!!! On contacting customer service, I was told they would re-schedule it!!! WOW!!!

When the person did come by 1 full week later, he mentioned that the apartment did not have grounding!!!! So, he could not set this up, as per Dish Network Guidelines!!! Then he did suggest using one of the local retailers who would be able to install even though there was no grounding.

I spent enough time on the phone, to get this retailer to come by and do the installation!!!

Finally after all the things were in place, the first bill was wrong, overcharging!!! Called up the Customer Service, and they made the adjustment.

Second month, the same bill, with a 'Past Due' notice!!! They had the audacity to put the adjusted amount as the amount not paid!!! On speaking with the Customer Rep, unapologetic, brash young woman, she was considering waiving my 5 $ late fee!!! and the wrong charge!!! She still gave me a wrong amount owed.

Upon calling back immediately and talking to another Rep, the person mentioned that the 5$ late fee has been waived, but the 'wrong charge' is still owed!!!!! After some explanation, I'm told that the adjustments have been made.

Tell me, how much of bad service is acceptable???
 6th of Mar, 2008 by    +3 Votes
DirecTV told us that we would get several channels that we cannot get. In ninety days, we have had 8-10 days that we did not get a signal and could not watch TV because it rained or was cloudy or snowed. The service is unreliable. When we asked if we could get out of the contract, they told us we had 3 days, but if we would pay $400 they would let us out of the contract. DirecTV has no honor or it would let dissatisfied customers out of a contract with they do not deliver the services they promised.
 7th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes
We ordered a dishnetwork package11-26-07, they came and satup the system as promissed, but it didn't work, we could not receive all of the stations. The repairmen returned on two different tries, 11-30-07 & 12-01-07, but could not get things right. We called Dish Network and canceled our service on 12-02-07, and they said ok, and they would send us boxes to return the equipment back to them. They did and we returned all the equipment they asked for by UPS. On 12-17-07 we received a letter form Allsat Collections, stateing that we owed them $295.00, and that if we did not pay them they would turn this over to a collection service and ruin our credit. they had no number to call so we emailed them and asked what the charges were for and got no answer. We tried to call Dishnetwork and they told us that we owed them nothing and refered us to Allsat, and gave us a phone number to call. we called Allsat and after beening switched from one person to another, which took over a half an hour or more, were told that we had to pay the amount asap, when we asked what the charge was for we got no answer only sent to another number until the line went dead. We tried serval times calling the number over and over again getting the same result, a dead end line. I wrote the company and told them since we had not used the system, were unable to receive any tv and had already sent Dishnetwork back all the equipment and that Dishnetwork said we owed them nothing, we were not going to pay them anything.
 9th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - What they advertise is not what is on the bill!
Dish Network
9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
United States
Phone: (800) 333-3474

My issue with Dish Network is regarding their deceptive advertising. My service is great. But I just can't get Dish Network to send me a correct bill with the rate they advertised and promised. I call and call. I've written several letters, including one to Echostar Communications Corporation, Chairman & CEO, Charles Ergen. But they never respond to me in writing. They won't even send me a form letter. Their customer service reps are based in India and barely speak English. They say the problem will be resolved on my next bill, but my next bill is always for the wrong amount. This has been going on for month after month after month.
 16th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Terrible experience!
Dish Network
United States

My dishnetwork had a problem w/o connection, special in az experienced thunder storm, sometime in a NBA ALL STAR. The channels are death... later I call for support, went through all process 45 min. Cannot resolved so she said sent out technician W/O charge, but next month it on the bill $29.00. Go online upgrade program from family to 100 programs, it no warning nor tell me to call the customer service to remove the family programs get charge extra for $19.99. This is a classical trick to exploited customer. call them they refused to correct the $19.99 and $29.99 charge.

The customer service people are very intelligently denied and threatening me to cut the network and sent to credit report. After read up the dishnetwork customers, see to me the credit report and dishnetwork working very close to destroy our credit. We are the victims of a giant billion companies.

I feel hopeless but have to pay and pay for the contract total $250. What a!!!
 10th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes

Dish Network - Saying you have not returned boxes and charging your card!
Dish Network
United States

I quit Dish Network and sent back their boxes. I was warned by UPS that I had better have my tracking numbers or they would charge me. They sent a letter that they were going to charge me and I called and gave them the numbers and they found the boxes. Said I would have my check back in two weeks. instead in two weeks they charged my checking account almost four hundred dwellers, when I called them they said they would put it back in 7 to 10 day. We are senior citizens and don't have that kind of money, their attitude is to bad. Don't ever do business with Dish TV.
 11th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
I think, overall Direct TV does a good job of providing the programming as advertized. My complaint with them is outsourcing their customer service to the Phillipines. I think if you choose to outsource, then outsource everything, including the sales. They don't because their sales would drop dramatically. Just like DELL, wonder why their outsourcing has been cut back?

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