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Directv Complaints & Reviews - Problems canceling service!

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Posted:    Valerie

Problems canceling service!

Complaint Rating:  94 % with 48 votes
Signed up for DirecTV at the San Diego County Fair under a 1 year promo contract, canceled service after 14 months. Now they are stating I had a 2 year contract and owe them early cancellation fees, even though I have in my possession a contract stating I was under a one year contract. They still will not acknowledge they are wrong and have sent my account into collection.

Never use DirecTV it will be a big mistake, stick with cable.
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 12th of May, 2007 by   Meg Cross 0 Votes
I have been a DirecTV customer since about two years after they started the company and had always been very satisfied with their service until now. I signed up for HD service and received an HD receiver. Number one, HDMI does not work on receiver; #2 receiver goes out at least once a month and takes me over an hour to get working again. When I called DTV, they offered to send me new receiver (mind you, I paid $200 for the receiver), when I received replacement receiver it was refurbished. Their customer service lies to you - oh and by the way, I was never told I had to have 2 year contract when I signed up for HD, and I never signed any contract for the HD that I remember .. now they want to charge me a $240 cancellation fee.

I am done - I have changed to DISH Network
 22nd of May, 2007 by   Joe Goodman 0 Votes
DirecTv did the same thing to me as to the two reviews I see above. I fulfilled my contractual obligation. When I was on a month to month basis my leased DVR failed, they shipped me a refurb, picked up the old one, then later claimed that I had agreed to a new two year contract. I talked with 3 DirecTv employees and wrote a letter. Then I had my attorney send a letter. They still don't get it. Now I've filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Texas Attorney General. MY ATTORNEY SAYS SHE HAS RECEIVED SEVERAL CALLS COMPLAINING OF THIS SAME PHANTOM CONTRACT ISSUE. DirecTv claims they told me about it. I'm very anxious to hear the recording. They are welcome to bring it along to small claims court. WHERE ARE THE CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS WHEN WE NEED THEM??? C'MON GUYS!
 24th of Jun, 2007 by   Jillian 0 Votes
I had the same thing happen to me. I had a faulty HD receiver that I purchased over a year ago. I called and they were as nice as could be and told me they'd send a new receiver since they've had problems with this model. I received it, set it up and called to activate. All was well, until I called for another reason and was annoyed so I mentioned that I would just cancel since my contract was up Jan 2008. That's when you told me it was extended until Mar 2009 because I received a new HD receiver. I was livid, this was the first I heard of this. I spoke to about 10 people and nothing can be done. I put in a complaint with the BBB and was basically told too bad. They said I received a confirmation letter that stated there was a new 2 year contract. Well, I have the letter and it doesn't state it anywhere. I told them to send the faulty receiver back and take this one and I'll wait until my original contract was up and again no. I'm going to cancel and fight the fee. We'll see what happens. Class action? I'm in.
 2nd of Jul, 2007 by   Randy 0 Votes
My free satellite receiver (H20) burned up and smoke was billowing from the unit. Thankfully it happened when I was at home. A fire could have resulted. After researching the H20-the unit suffers from overheating problems. Obviously I don’t want the same receiver with the possibility it could catch fire or burn up again. Directv explains that the Tivo model is the only other HD receiver they have other than the H20. I respond by saying OK I’ll add Tivo service to my bill if you can send me the Tivo model. So not only I’m I staying a customer, but I’m going to pay you more money a month for expanded service. Directv says I have to pay 200.00 for the Tivo unit. I am flabbergasted that your faulty equipment burns up, has a bad track record, and you will not replace it for free. Finally after getting nowhere I said that if Directv would not send me a new unit and give me some customer satisfaction that they could just terminate the service. Prior to this I was a premier customer and never had a problem. Directv had a chance to make the matter right and provide service to the customer. Instead they tried to squeeze a little more money out of the consumer for their error. To make matters even more frustrating you apologize and agree that the early termination is indeed wrong and will be waived and proceed to send it to a collection agency. I spoke with several managers who said it would be taken care of and it never was. Also wrote the billing dispute a letter. File with the BBB!
 2nd of Aug, 2007 by   James Collins 0 Votes
I had a simular situation with Directv. We have had Directv service for over 10 years, and started have picture problems about a year ago. They came out 3 times and never resolved the issue. I thought it might be the television, so I purchased a new one, but the problems continued. I finally gave up and decided to cancel my service. They then informed me that I had to return my recently purchased receiver. They went on to say the equipment was leased. I explained the equipment was purchased at Best Buy, and I had the receipt to prove it. I told them there was no lease agreement discussed with the purchase, and never one ever discussed the possibility of us entering into a lease agreement. They didn't care and informed me, they did not require their customers to sign lease agreement and it didn't matter whether I was told it was a lease or not, they expected their equipment back, or I would be charged $420.00 for the receiver. I have spoken to at least 4 different people, but to no avail, this group could care less about making it right for the customer. Now I am left to file complaints with everyone who will listen, including the BBB and all email complaint avenues.
 17th of Sep, 2007 by   Amy 0 Votes
Anyone want to start a class-action, I'm in, too! This "verbal contract" stuff is crap! And DTV should be held to a certain standard, too, contracts aren't just one-way!
 24th of Nov, 2007 by   Ron Gerrans 0 Votes
I had similar issues here recently. Had been a DirecTV customer for 3+ years. Went to upgrade my dish so that I could get local HD through my current receiver vs. my over the air antenna. Instead of just upgrading the dish, they offered me a full dish and receiver upgrade. I like many here do not remember any discussion of a 2 year contract extension. Then the first dish the installers put in was faulty so I only got partial signal but they did activate the new receiver. After a week of waiting for them to replace the dish, they did so and the new dish got no signal and I lost all service. They wouldn't resolve this in a timely manner so I canceled my service and was told that since the new receiver had been activated I was now under a 2 year agreement and was charged a cancellation charge. Not sure how they can consider the contract fulfilled on their side since the new service was never fully up and running, but they consider it so. In addition, they have informed me that they consider the new receiver a "leased" receiver and while I'm happy to return it, they have my old receiver which I purchased from Best Buy so I'm asking for it back (I'm sure I won't ever see it) along with the OTA antenna that was attached to the old dish that their installer walked off with.

I escalated the issue to their billing department and am being told that they won't reverse the charge. I was planning on disputing through my credit card and BBB but it sounds like from these are dead end channels. I'll probably just eat the money and file a complaint through the BBB so it's at least on record, but don't really want to deal with collections. Was considering maybe small claims court to see if I can at least force them to spend more in attorney fees then the charge, but not sure if I can file in local or would have to file in their state (need to look more closely at the T&C's).

So short of it is they have lost a loyal customer who pointed multiple people to them who will now point them away (meaning they will loose more in revenues then the $300 cancellation charges...) If anyone does start a class action, please contact me as well.
 9th of Dec, 2007 by   Jennifer Johnson 0 Votes
I signed up with Directv in March 2007. I was told it was one 1 yr contract and I was quoted a totally different price. When I got my 1st bill I called to complain about my bill. I had talked to a supervisor named Oscar on the Red team in Texas. He gave me a $20.00 credit per month for a year. He documented it in the notes. After 6 months I got a bill with no credit. I again called Directv and they basically told me that I cannot get that promo anymore, even though I was promised it and they saw it documented in the notes on my account. They said he should have never promised me that. I wanted to speak to someone higher up because I couldn't believe it. The supervisor said she had filled out a complaint action request form and that someone would got back to me within 24 hours. No one contacted me, so I called back. I got a real snotty supervisor. She too, said that there was nothing she could do. I told her that I would be contacting Time warner cable to get new services and that I would call back to cancel. This supervisor turned off my services right then and there. I had to call back once again and spoke with another rep that did apologized and said that he would cancel out too if he was me. Finally when I did cancel I was told I had a 2 yr contract and that I owe an early termination fee for 1 yr and 5 months. I am currently disputing that 1 year of fees. I have e-mailed the Better Business Bureau and two heads of Directv. I have NEVER in my life had such a bad experience with a company. I will continue to tell anyone who is thinking about Directv to "STAY AWAY!"
 20th of Dec, 2007 by   Mo Kayno 0 Votes
Have you thought about contacting your state or federal Representatives? They can make laws that impose penalties on companies that carry out frauds like this. If the Attorney General's office does not have a law that it can prosecute a business under, its hands are tied. The Better Business Bureau is fairly useless--the companies pay to belong.
 2nd of Jan, 2008 by   steven budziak 0 Votes
I have posted a comment here a few months ago about DirecTV problems I have encounted when I terminated my service , I had a HD DSL receiver that I bought at Best Buy when I purchase my plasma HD tv they told me it would be better if I purchase it there they would take $200.00 off the price of the tv ,the receiver cost $300.00 plus tax , so I did when the receiver came in ( it took 2 weeks ) I was told to bring an ID or drivers license with me , I figured it was so nobody esle could say it was theirs , well when I got there and the salesmen had me sign a slip of paper again I figured it was proof that I received the item, I had DirecTV since 1991 I swap out the receivers myself call it in and yes I had HD tv it was great but than started to have problems with the picture 6 months later , there was a deal with verizon FiOS so I gave them a call and decided to hook up with them anyway when I called DirecTV to cancel all hell broke lose they said they wanted the receiver back and I owed them $185.00 for early cancellation fees because I didn't keep the service long enough , I said WHAT ! they said it was a 2 year agreement and that I only had it for 11 months they never said it was a two year agreement and if I don't send that receiver back I owed another $ 450.00 I talked to everyone there and it didn't help, I told them theirs no way in hell I was going to send them my receiver that I paid $300.00 for back to them for nothing , they said we understand but its a rental after a month of arguing I decided to call Best Buy and they told me it was a rental that DirecTV owns all their equipment and the paper I signed was the agreement after the 2 years the unit is yours I guess anyway they sent me the box and I sent the receiver back and paid the $ 185.00 I owed and that took awhile to all get cleared up I finally got a statment showing I owe $0.0 . The problem with DirecTV is lack of cummunication with its customers most can't speak good english and I sure don't even mention the two year commitment , in the past they would tell you several times and I thought that once your a customer for more than two years you don't have any more commitments and you can cancel at anytime I was wrong. ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT...
 6th of Jan, 2008 by   Phillip Zagotti 0 Votes
I contracted with Direct TV to come out and do a installation for a system with a DVR. First, the Direct TV tech did not show for two scheduled appointments, (I should have canceled the service then). Finally on the third time someone showed up and installed the TV boxes and used the old dish on the roof from the previous home owners. After a few hours of playing around with the system I noticed that I could not record anything without having to watch it too. I scheduled another appointments for the tech to come out and do a proper installation and once again they did not show. I scheduled one last appointment and the day of the appointment I received a phone call form the service tech saying that because my home is a two story house they could not do the installation.

I want to take a moment out here to state something. If the tech had told me that the company did not do two story installations when they finally showed up on the third appointment to do the original install I would have never entered into the agreement. I am under the personal belief that if the service tech who did the original installation knew that a DVR system was being installed and did not do the cabling installation correctly and then enter into a contract for a service that he knows he has not set me up to receive represents the elements necessary to prove fraud.

After calling the corporate offices and talking to a manager I was told that I had two options. They could give me a $75 credit and I could get another company to come out and do that actual cable installation or I could do it myself but that Direct TV does not do two story homes in Houston TX. I informed that manager that he had two choices either someone comes out and install the system per the agreement or they cancel my contact. The manager then proceeded to cancel the agreement with me over the phone.

I know I will have to fight them when they try to charge me a early termination fee but I think I will cancel the credit card I used to set up the service just to make sure they don’t rip me off.

Long story short if you are thinking about going with this company DON'T.
 9th of Jan, 2008 by   RRixby 0 Votes
They are Idiots, and their pals at Ironwood Communications in San Diego. Read my fiasco:
I purchased a Directv contract three weeks ago Carlsbad, CA Costco Kiosk. The two people there advised me to purchase an $89.00 HDMI cable set, that I later discovered I did not need for this new service hook-up, so it was returned. They arranged an appointment date for Saturday, 12-29 at 1:30PM. A technician from a company called Ironwood Communications arrived at 11:30AM and was the only nice thing about this whole ordeal (even though he was not at the appointment time of 1:30PM). Unfortunately, he had to reschedule for the following Saturday, Jan 05, 2008 for 1130. We were called by Directv on that date, stating that the technician would arrive "between 11:30 - 2:30PM". No show. We were called again be Directv stating that the technician would arrive "between 5:00 - 6:30PM". No show, no call. We waited until midnight and went to bed. I called Directv Sunday, Jan 06, 2008 at 9:00AM,complaining and asking for a technician to come today, since our entre weekend seems to be occupied with this project. She offered me the following Wednesday or Saturday, take it or leave it! I called again and unwound the sales contract. I sent complaint e-mails to Directv and Costco, neither of whom have replied. It seems you neither company expect more for their members, or prospective clients. I am glad I found out before they did the install, locking me into an 18 month contract! Ironwood Communications also did an install at another house I had in Encinitas, CA several years ago. I ended up with $4500. in damages from leaks caused by broken roof tiles. The only peopl ever on my roof was the 260 lb installer. Something else you will get for free with your "package deal".
 16th of Jan, 2008 by   robin 0 Votes
I have subscribed to directv for about 4 years. I purchased my hd receiver from costco. But when i told them i wanted to cancel the directv service, they told me i have to return the receive to them which I own! Has anyone experienced this? This is not right!
 21st of Jan, 2008 by   Joe Smith 0 Votes
I too "purchased" a DirecTV receiver from Best Buy, in Oct. 2006. Nowhere was this receiver listed as leased. Not on the outside of the box, not on the materials inside the box, not on the Best Buy receipt. Wasn't even told a lease was being set into motion when I called to activate the receiver.

Here's a website of a law firm that is investigating DirecTV receivers "purchased" from Best Buy. They are seeking our stories:

 25th of Jan, 2008 by   Babetta Brothers 0 Votes
In August of 2007, we began experiencing problems with DirecTV’s service and equipment. A DirecTV representative instructed us to go through several procedures and discovered that the receiver was bad. She said she would ship a new one at ‘no charge.’ Once the new receiver was installed, we still experienced problems. Next, the DirecTV representative dispatched a repairman to resolve the problems. Again, the DirecTV representative insisted there would be no charge for a service call.
On the next DirecTV bill there were charges for the new receiver, shipping and the service call. After many phone calls the bill was down but still not right and no one would honor the ‘no charge’ agreement all of the DirecTV representatives had stated would take place. Needless to say, after countless phone calls, arguing with so many DirecTV representatives to no avail, we chose to cancel the DirecTV service.
It took even more countless phone calls (being told the return box was shipped; oh, no it wasn’t; yes it was…etc.) and 3-4 weeks later, DirecTV managed to send a return box for the receiver, remote and card. We returned their equipment the next day, in a timely manner.
This nightmare grew even worse. Our bill is now $147.86 and for what…canceling the DirecTV service? According to DirecTV representatives, we are ‘new customers’, i.e.: once we activate a new card we are ‘automatically’ agreeing to a NEW contract. Never once did any DirecTV representative tell us this, is that stated in any of DirecTV’s printed material or on their web site. The real kicker is, (1) we have been DirecTV faithful customers for approximately five years so this isn’t a ‘NEW’ service; (2) we have never signed or verbally agreed to any contract and (3) never once has any of DirecTV representatives implied or stated by activating the new receiver and/or a new card would we be agreeing to a new contract.
It is our firm belief that we are not under any actual or implied contract with DirecTV, we have returned all of the DirecTV equipment, have paid in full all monies owed DirecTV and having been a customer in good standing for many years we are under no obligation or contract (implied or otherwise) to pay the $147.86 for cancelling the DirecTV service.
Can anyone suggest where we should go from here?
 14th of Feb, 2008 by   Claudia Willard 0 Votes
It's almost like they are trying to hold customers hostage. What recourse do we have? If you are on a fixed income, having to pay an early cancellation fee could be a big problem.

I got DirecTV from a package through Verizon, but I have to deal with DirecTV seperately and was told I might have to pay that fee. I never signed or even saw this supposed contract. If I did, I would never sign it.

I want to go back to cable. Unfortunately my cable wires have disappeared!! When I mentioned this to someone at Verizon, the woman said the cable company will have to re-install them!! What?? As I said, they are trying to hold us hostage. There must be someone or some place that can help us.
 9th of Apr, 2008 by   Max 0 Votes
On 4/7/08, I called DIRECTV to cancel my account and much to my surprise, I was told that I was still under contract. The rep stated that if I cancelled my account, a cancellation fee would apply. I was told that my contract was extended for 18 months, starting last December. He stated that I would have to pay $20 for each month of the contract, that was not completed. In my case, that total would be $280.00. My first issue is that last December, I called DIRECTV because one of my standard boxes was malfunctioning (through no fault of my own). The rep stated that it sounded like a manufacturing defect. She said that she would send me a replacement box in the mail. Now, I pay for the Protection Plan for all of my boxes, every month. So if anything went wrong with any of the boxes, I'm entitled to a replacement box, with no cost to me. So THAT coupled with the fact that I wasn't signing up for additional service or boxes for a different room, there was no reason to extend my contract. My second issue was that the rep NEVER informed me that she was extending my contract. Had I known, I would have continued to use the defective box, seeing as how I was considering leaving DIRECTV for Verizon anyway. Under NO circumstances would I have agreed to extend my contract. I was told that I should email DIRECTV to dispute any cancellation fee that I may incur. I sent an email to them, only to get a response saying that when I agreed to have them send me a "replacement" box, I was agreeing to an extended contract. Apparently, ethics have gone down the toilet with DIRECTV if they have to stoop to this level to maintain customers. I am disappointed at their lack of integrity. I will bite the bullet and pay the cancellation fee. For it is a small price to pay for ending my business with such an unethical company such as DIRECTV. I hope Verizon claims ALL of DIRECTV's customers.
 15th of Apr, 2008 by   Cathy 0 Votes
Like many others, I was a loyal customer for atleast 5+ years, and I decided to go to Best Buy to purchase a HD reciever. I was told they were out of them and I should contact directv to purchase one. I called Directv and was told I was purchasing one and I asked if I had to have another contract, and was told "no". I later discovered that I "apparently" agreed to a lease and another 2 year contract. Why would I think that I am not purchasing a reciever when I own 2 others, and why would I think that I had another 2 year agreement when I was told no. I am trying to dispute this with Directv, but am givin the runaround. They are probably going to send my bill to collections, I have tried to dispute this as well. I don't want to send a reciever, that I thought I owned, back to them until they can prove that I agreed to lease it, and not buy it, and pay an early cancellation fee until they can prove that I agreed to this. I use to think this company was a good one until now, they do not care about the people, just their profit.
 21st of Apr, 2008 by   Michelle 0 Votes
I have read all of your complaints and I have to agree, Directv is a terrible company with poor customer service. I have been a Directv customer for over 3 years, however I have to pay an early cancellation fee because I upgraded to HD less than 2 years ago. I think it is unfair and I shouldn't have to pay for a service that doesn't work. I have a 3 story home and the satellite is on the roof. Every time the wind blows the satellite goes out a alignment and I have to call Directv for a service because I can not realign it myself. Whenever I place a service call, I specify that the technician bring a 40 foot ladder because the standard sized ladder they usually have with them is not tall enough to reach my roof. And of course, the technician always shows up with the shorter ladder and can't perform the service. I end up waiting an additional 2 hours for another technician to show up with the 40 ft. ladder. (I'm not sure if Ironwood Communications handles all of Directv service calls, but they are the company who does repairs in my area and they are worse than dealing with Directv, if you can believe that!). I'm tired of being without tv and tired of waiting around for Directv to show up so I am sucking it up and paying the early termination fee. I would discourage anyone from subscribing to Directv- they are a rip off!
 20th of May, 2008 by   Josh 0 Votes
Im glad to see Im not the only one with this issue .. I had their service for a total of 4 days and I cneclled and they are still trying to charge me the cancellation fee. I got to the point I emailed the CEO about this and Im waiting to hear back now that it is on my credit report

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