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Diamond Resorts International Complaints & Reviews - Contract Release/Cancellation

Diamond Resorts Contacts & Informations

Diamond Resorts International

Posted: 2011-05-31 by    del doc

Contract Release/Cancellation

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 40 votes
Contact information:
Diamond Resorts International
United States
After 5 years of trying to get the dates/locations we wanted and seeing increased maintenance fees, we finally got out of our contract with Diamond Resorts International. Contacted their Loss Mitigation Department and filed a Mutual Release & Termination of Vacation Owner Agreement. It costs $250 per contract for the 'transfer fee'. It's cheaper than going through TimesharesOnly and it actually works. The whole process took about 60 days.
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 24th of Jun, 2011 by   madasheckinmo +1 Votes
Your comments are sincerely appreciated! I have had the same problems with getting dates/locations I wanted and fees have gone up significantly each year. I would appreciate knowing: Did you contact the Loss Mitigation Department by phone or by email or letter? Did you file the Mutual Release & Termination of Vacation Owner Agreement or did you have an attorney do this for you? Was the cost of $250 per contract for the 'transfer fee' a fee that you paid to Diamond or another party. Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope to have a reply from you soon.
 28th of Aug, 2011 by   cpet 0 Votes
I am interested too. We bought our timeshare in 2000 when it was owned by Embassy, and we were happy. Then Sunterra purchased and really had no problems. Now with DRI who forced us to convert to points by claiming we would be shut out of reservations if we stayed on weeks (ie, we would only be able to exchange thru RCI). Well, now that we are on points, we can NEVER book at our resort. I just tried. Paid my maitenance fees early and everything. 12 months out and still no availability??? I SMELL A RAT! I am so frustrated. When we were on weeks, we could call 6 weeks out and get a room, and we are in Hawaii!! Now we can't ever seem to go there. It has been 2 years and we have been shut out of our home resort. If I just wanted the points I would have gone to Myrtle Beach or Florida where they are cheap. Our maitenance fees also doubled when DRI took over. I want out too. Please explain the process you went thru. Mainly, the questions madasheckinmo posted above and what the contact info is for their Loss mitigation Dept.
Thank you sooo much for posting.
 28th of Aug, 2011 by   CDV 0 Votes
I need to get the hell out of this as soon as possible. We fell in the same trap 2 yrs ago. I can take it anymore. I spent hours and hours every time I tried to book a resort. You will never get you want. But they are available to rent. This whole thing is POS. I am feeling extremely frustrated, stupid and dumb falling into this kind of trap. Jesus!! This is really hard earned money!!! I should have saved for Kids education. Any please help us getting out of this, by providing the information needed., especially what is it I should be aware of while talking to the loss mitigation dept.
 27th of Sep, 2011 by   Vacation Owner 0 Votes
It really sucks that American consumers first get screwed over by unscrupulous TS comapanies and Sales scammers, then you have to pay some other scqammer to get out of the scam you got yourself into. (generally these secondary scams are run by the sales scammers that lost their jobs or quit the TS sales scams and most of them have no problem scamming the sames folks all over again.

It takes a real special person to be able to sleep at night and go to work everyday knowing you are creating misary in the lives you touch daily...

Good luck with these smo's

 27th of Sep, 2011 by   ct49ers 0 Votes
walk away from your computers, friends on fubar are not friends. Would they drop everythig to help you with something? real friends would and you physically interact.
 13th of Oct, 2011 by   Frontal Labotomy 0 Votes
Well this is a 'turn-up' for the books.
It appears that many members of the British DRI Protesters group - http://drip.enjin.com - have emailed Stephen Cloobeck regarding the exhorbitant maintenance fees and their inability to pay. Cloobeck has emailed them back to tell them that " I will revoke your membership. You will be able to reinstate at any time in the future. My apologies for your stress. My offices will send out the paperwork. Wish you would contacted me sooner".
It makes me wonder if this has all come about because the protesters group has pushed the BBC into featuring Diamond Resorts on its programme 'Rip Off Britain' in November ?????
 17th of Oct, 2011 by   Talman 0 Votes
I would suggest that it has everything to do with that! Cloobeck and Duffy are finally beginning to realise that they cannot bully and threaten everyone into submission!! This is their pathetic attempt to circumvent the Rip Off Britain programme and they are trying to find a way to shut the DRIP site down and make them go away!
 25th of Oct, 2011 by   consumers should be protected 0 Votes
I purchased my original timeshare from ILX in Sedona, Az. The maintenance fees were $700 per year. They were bought out by Diamond Resort International and low and behold--$1600 per year maintenance fees. We had tried to sell the timeshare several times while it was ILX and found it was worthless! Now it is even more worthless. When DRI took over ILX, I called and tried to give them back the timeshare. They said no! I asked to speak to several levels of supervisors, all of whom said they had no buyback or deed back programs. I called and tried to deed back the timeshare twice. After reading the posts above, I just called DRI's Loss Mitigation Department and spoke to Ann. She told me that DRI ended the mutual deed back and release program 5 weeks ago. When I complained that I had twice called to try to deed back my timeshare, she basically told me I was lying because they had no record of my calls! Now the only way to lose the timeshare is to not pay the maintenance fees. I told her what they are doing must be illegal, and she told me it is not. Bottom line, the management can do whatever they please. Where is the US Attorney General on this issue? This is fraud. I wish an attorney would start a class action lawsuit. If so, I'm in.
 28th of Oct, 2011 by   Vacation Owner 0 Votes
Now we need to get the US folks together in one accord and occupy DRI. Lets get some press on this side of the pond to cover this scam (good luck with most networks covering this as it has too many political ramifications) It will need to be some Glen Beck or FOX network this is a big black eye fo the CORPORATION for TRAVEL PPROMOTION. One of Obahma"s pet projects.

Dufster hope you took my advice and packed a bag for your trip. i'm sure your slice of the pie is enough to get you through. Let's be honest that is all you really were looking for anyway, right?

THE BIG PAYOFF / Ripoff is more like it in my humble opinion of course...

 20th of Apr, 2012 by   E M B 0 Votes
About 10 minutes ago, I called the Diamond Resort International Loss Mitigation department (although, while I waited on the phone, it said it was the 'Collections Department'. I too asked for a deedback, as we have paid off our morgage, have paid our maintenance fees for this year, and haven't booked anything for this year. The woman on the other line also said that 'they are not doing deedbacks at this time'. I asked what our options were because we've tried to sell to a 3rd party and we simply cannot afford the maintenance fees this year. She told me that I had no options. I am absolutely livid. I refuse to have this bad choice on our part put a giant ding on our hard-earned good credit. What do I do?
 4th of Jun, 2012 by   Vacation Owner 0 Votes

Just keep making lots of noise both online and in letters to FTC, Attorney General Nevada and where you own your Timeshare, The BBB (mostly useless to complain since you can "buy a A+" rating, but still complain anyway), and any place else you can think of that will continue to keep Diamond Resorts International Complaints at the forefront of other consumers and hopefully the media will finally pick up on the fact that Diamond Resorts International uses unfair business practices to continue to FLEECE it's membership and resort owners. Currently there is a class action lawsuit for which owners at Poipu in Kauai are automatically joined be they owners or Club members. If you do not own in Kauai then it is a waiting game. But do not sit idle make some noise.

This is of course only my opinion of what can be done, for what ever it might be worth...

Concerned Vacation Owner

Progress Always
 6th of Apr, 2013 by   K M Scott 0 Votes
EVERYONE! Write the President, your U.S. Congresspeople, and the Attorney General’s Office! LIFETIME CONTRACTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!!

Sign my petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/president-obama-u-s-congress-u-s-attorney-general-allow-timeshare-owners-to-get-out-of-their-lifetime-contracts#
 27th of May, 2014 by   BobbiUtah 0 Votes
We FINALLY got to our timeshare in hawaii and got screwed again! they told us about a new Diamond Sampler program and of course you pay for it, but we were told that we could use this anywhere we wanted to. Then they rush you thru the contract signing so fast you don't know what you're signing! We were told we could still use our Interval International to go to Mexico and that was a lie. I've been told I can't get out of the Diamond Sampler b/c it's not a timeshare. What can I do??

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