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Comcast, Dublin, California Complaints & Reviews - Unfair billing

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Posted:    Pissed off Comcast customer

Unfair billing

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Contact information:
Dublin, California
United States
I signed up for the Triple Play Starter Plan. Two Comcast technicians came and installed the service (cables and modem for digital voice and internet). One or 2 days later, the phones went dead. I called Comcast and they sent a technician, who came and replaced the modem with another one. For this, they charged me 27.99. Why should I be liable for their non-working equipment! This service should not be chargeable.
I made a mistake by switching from ATT to Comcast. As soon as this damn 1-year contract is up. I'll be going back to ATT. At ATT, whenever you call, they have someone from here to talk to you and readily remove the charge when you protest. Comcast instead routes your call to a call center in India, where the phone person always claims he can't do anything about anything.
Comments United States Unauthorized Charges
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 24th of Nov, 2009 by   rsh58 0 Votes
On October 30, 2009 I had a Comcast service man come to my house. I specifically requested he check Comcast line coming into the house because I was having speed problems. When I made the appointment I asked the rep on the phone if there was a charge for this service. She said No, and he would tell me before he did anything chargeable.
After checking outside the service man told me the line coming in was ok and the problem was inside. He offered to check and I asked him if there was a charge for that and he said no. He checked to the modem and said that it was probably bad.He also said he could not check anything else without charging for it, and he left.
I replaced the modem and some other parts and that fixed the problem.
Two weeks later when my bill arrived, low and behold, there was a
$35 service charge on the bill. I called and the girl I spoke to said there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor and received the same answer.
Apparently, they lie and will do anything for a couple more bucks. The worst of it is we are trapped. They have a monopoly.
Can anything be done about these people?
 25th of Jul, 2010 by   soularsun 0 Votes
Yea, i just got comcast set up about a month ago and when the bill came in it said there was a $37 re-connect fee


How can i re-connect if i just switched??

And so when my husband called to tell them to take it off they say - if you signed the release for the connection to be set up then you have to pay the charges

So i guess we're stuck paying this - i really need to check up on the service agreement - maybe my contract isn't that long?

Also, I'm paying for 20 mbps and i can't get it to go any faster than 10.39 mbps - i keep calling the customer support and they fix it FOR THE MOMENT
Literally, within 12 hrs it goes back down to 10 again

also, i'm wondering - does geeksquad have some sort of agreement with comcast? when i go to geeksquad it says i'm running at 15 mbps - but when i go to speedtest.com i get 10 mbps

i'm guessing speedtest is right and geeksquad is wrong because i can't run the internet on my computer and netflix on my xbox at the same time

This is so ridiculous - i HAD ATT and it was only running at 5mbps on speedtest but the problems i had were less and i ran the same 2 things in my house

Now they say they'resending a technician on Monday - i got a call today confirming that we'll be here
BUT the automated message said that they will call again tomorrow to confirm - and if i miss the call or something and don't confirm...then no one will come and they will need to reschedule

This is beyond understanding - what ever happened to good reliable service when i'm paying good reliable MONEY?!?!
 24th of Mar, 2013 by   PheliaJ 0 Votes
When everything went digital com-cast sent out a letter to customers stating twe would need their adapters installed by a certain date or would not be able to get reception. Letter stated you would be allowed 1 main box and 2 of the smaller at no additional charge. I am not sure of the time frame probably about 3 years ago. They sent me the stupid boxes and I installed. Much to my surprise my March bill was charging me for two of these adapters. Letter clearly stated there would be no charge for these I personally think this is illegal your letter to me was a contract and now you are failing to honor that contract. Am seriously considering going back to the old fashioned antenna

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