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Cogeco Cable, Oakville, Ontario Complaints & Reviews - Incompetent loading of on demand content

Cogeco Cable Contacts & Informations

Cogeco Cable

Posted:    ihatecogeco

Incompetent loading of on demand content

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
Cogeco Cable
Oakville, Ontario
I have always been disappointed with Cogeco since moving here from Toronto. I am appalled at how poor their service is and how behind in technology they are compared to Rogers in neighbouring areas.

Today I am posing to specifically complain about their total incompetence in simply loading content for their TMN On Demand service. Content that TMN sends directly to them. How difficult can it be to check dates and load movies?

I have already spent WEEKS talking to cogeco regarding this and still the problem persists. There are many on demand movies that NEVER appear on my list, or they appear WEEKS late only to get taken off within days. There are several films I never have the opportunity to watch because of this problem. Movies that I should have access to since I am paying for TMN every single month!

In addition many new episodes of some series appear late - not just a day but sometimes up to five days! This decline in functionality is extremely frustrating! I was told by Cogeco that they were fixing this problem two weeks ago and it still persists today. I check on the TMN On Demand website for movies that should be available for the CURRENT week to make sure my list is up to date with the one I have and since I've started doing this, it never matches up completely. The reps at Cogeco are unhelpful, assuming I don't know how to use their simple menuing system or suggesting that I am not looking up the correct week on the TMN website (which I am, I always DOUBLE check and for some movies that I had been looking forwarding to watching I check more than once a week to see if it has appeared).

I'm beginning to wonder if the cost and time spent on phone calls is worth the minimal service and massive frustration. I am seriously considering other alternatives and I suggest if any of you have other reasonable alternatives to Cogeco available that you think seriously about them!
Comments Canada Satellite & Cable TV
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 3rd of Nov, 2010 by   Bj03gg 0 Votes
I agree, cogeco service for "on demand" is consistently flawed. New episodes for TMN or HBO series that I expect to be available on Tuesday at the latest appear days later or even sometimes a week late and sometimes even more annoyingly are skipped entirely. If Rogers were available in my area(niagara) I would definately switch providers, but it seems since there is no competition for digital cable providers(other than substitute satalite)below Toronto Cogeco can get away with obismal service.
 10th of Nov, 2010 by   crappyservicebugsme 0 Votes
I have another, similar, problem with their non-service. The cut off my digital TV service because some idiot couldn't read properly, and have only partially restored some of the stations I should be receiving. A month of back and forth useless communication with them, a serviceman visit, and complaints to CRTC has done nothing to resolve the issue. I totally agree, we really need an alternative service provider (Rogers, I guess), especially for those of us who cannot use satellite due to Condo restrictions on their use.
 4th of Dec, 2010 by   crappyservicebugsme 0 Votes
It took over two months, many phone calls back and forth to the President's office, another technician visit (this time more thorough) and a complaint to the area BBB, and finally my issue was resolved. Apparently the issue was a combination of Cogeco changing stuff on their network and the in-compatibility of my then current owned DCT set (2000 model) to those changes. To settle this out, I have received a credit for about $60.00 on my bill, a 12 month promotion "free" box (@$4.00 per month), and after that has expired, they will issue an additional credit of $48.00 to cover the next 12 months of rental as well. It took two months. As well, someone at their end pushed the wrong buttons last night when we hooked up the new box, and so I have a bunch of stations extra for as long as they don't discover their screw-up. :-)

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