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NetZero Complaints & Reviews

Netzero / Interenet fraud unauthorized use of card

Reviewer19413 on 2015-09-15
My husband is a senior citizen he only gets so much a month on social security. My husband purchased internet from net zero. They lied all the way around. Social security said they took almost two hundred from his card. They promised they would put it back they lied. They put thirty some...

Netzero - California, Woodland Hills / Scam Company

Jay Tee on 2015-08-03
NetZero is really in the "scam industry, " as they have no product or service to offer or support. They charge in advance for antiquated, defective, worthless equipment and so-called "service" that they already know can never be obtained with their antiquated, defective equipment. They are...


JacksonHeight on 2015-05-14
NetZero mail application so clogged with advertisements that it is often virtually useless. Crashes, freezes, delayed response again and again due to ad scripts taking up all bandwidth on page. Complete waste of time, unsatisfactory service. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH NETZERO...

Netzero - California, Westlake Village / charged service I never asked for

Roaduck on 2015-03-07
I applied for internet service giving them my credit card info. Then after searching the internet, I found out they were using mobile data as their connection and I was limited. This is not what I asked for. I cancelled the account a couple hours later by going through a lot of transfer...

Netzero - California, Woodland Hills / Ripped Off

Toy Poodle on 2015-01-16
I told the agent January 8, 2015 that I needed internet service for school use. She asked if I would use a laptop. She said 2000 megabytes would be fine for school classes. I received the NetZero mobile broadband stick January 12, 2015 and have only used it two days and already my account...

Netzero Broadband Mobile - California, Woodland Hills / Ripped Off

Toy Poodle on 2015-01-16
I am a student and needed internet service for online classes. I purchased a mobile broadband from an agent who told me that 2000 megabytes would be fine for what I needed it for. I ordered it January 8, 2015 and it arrived January 12, 2015. I have used it for about two days and now I...

Net Zero Internet Service / Still charging fees

RTMoody on 2013-12-09
I am really getting irritated by this fraudulent company! I got their dial-up plan for 9.95 a month starting with their "FREE" 30 day trail and said that if you cancel before 30 days you wont be charged a thing but you have to provide you credit card number to them in case you want to keep...

Netzero / Today I received another bill from them…

Wald on 2013-06-21
I cancelled Netzero service last summer. Every time I tried to cancel this service, they would give me 3 months free. I finally had enough and wanted to be rid of them. When I called, they said everything was fine and I was good to go. Today I received another bill from them…

Netzero Wireless / Today I got a collection notice!

vampyrotto on 2013-05-08
I cancelled NetZero Wireless services last summer. Every time I tried to cancel this service, they would give me 3 months free. Finally I had enough and wanted to be rid of them. When I called, they said everything was fine and I was good to go. I would receive no more bills from them. Today I got a collection notice!

Yahoo, Google, Bing, Aol, Earthlink, Netzero, Newser & All Media, Internet And All Networks! - California, Sunnyvale / SLANDER AND HARASSMENT!

Nckchie George Winkler on 2012-12-08
Attention all networks Yahoo, Google, Bing, Aol, Earthlink, Netzero, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, newser, USATODAY, COMCAST, Conan Obrian, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Rush Limbha! This Message Includes All Internet and networks worldwide! A PUBLIC WARNIG! SLANDER, DEFAMATORY LANGUAGE, HARASSMENT...

Yahoo, Google, Aol, Earthlink, Bing, Netzero.com / Fake news stories, fraud, scam, and abuse!

FIGHT AGAINST CYBERBULLYING!!! This is a complaint I am filing in general against internet companies that does nothing to remove negative reports put on you from someone else and then the innocent party that did not write these demfamatory, slanderous reports gets blamed, wrongfully accused and...

United Online Collections (Netzero) / Fraudulent bill

kannk on 2011-10-05
I recently received an alleged "bill" from United Online Collection (Netzero) for $19.90. This statement said that my "payment" was past due and if I didn't pay it within a certain length of time, it would be turned over to a collection agency. Here's the problem...I do NOT have...

Uol*netzero - New Mexico / Fraud

Lbsimoes on 2011-06-20
I don't know what kind of company is this, but I was charged $14, 95 in May and in June without buying anything. I can't find a number to call neither the exact name of this company and my bank says that I have to contact them to cancel it, not the bank. Please let me know what...

Netzero - Colorado / Very Bad Experience

Bonya on 2011-06-10
Don't subscribe!!! Save you PC! It seems -you might "Save" money (they charge lees then Comcast) - but - Service is very bad. I subscribed for DSL - for few days I had pretty fast connection but - they just "spread out" with viruses and my PC lost all my software, pictures, work!!! And...

Netzero / hassle to cancel free trial

catchick30 on 2011-06-10
Well as I sit and fill this complaint out I have noticed... I Can NOT find an address on ANY correspondence, and also, I'm seeing where the only phone # provided is "for a nominal fee" - Guess I will also head over to BBB to file a report there. I signed up for the free trial, my...


krispychick on 2011-05-30
I was visiting my sister in Florida who had just purchased a new Dell computer. I put the computer together for her and wanted to connect to the internet and set up email for her before I left to return to PA since she is not computer literate. I installed NetZero on her computer and then...

Netzero / Not recommended

Raymond on 2011-05-03
I cancelled my account with NetZero about two months ago, or so I thought. I was looking at my account today and noticed that they had billed me again. After a long process of trying to get through to them via telephone, I cancelled again. They said that they cannot return the money they...

Netzero - Arkansas, Bentonville / Still charging me

Defgurl on 2011-03-29
I signed up for NetZero, but realized later that I wanted to cancel it. I called and cancelled the service and I thought all would be well. It wasn't. About a month later, I began seeing a charge of $4.95 being drafted from my account from NetZero. I've tried numerous times to get this to stop but it has not stopped.

Netzero / Fraud

Dbg on 2011-03-15
I have never had any kind of an account with Netzero.. Somehow they started charing me from one of my checking accounts $4.95 a month. I have argued with them for five months (when the charge started) the only feedback I continue to get is "We have no record of your account".. "Well, no...

Netzero / Reviving an old account and billing!

MNCabingoer on 2011-02-02
Got a call from NetZero recently, asking for payment on a bill for $49. This came as something of a surprise, since we hadn't used NetZero as our ISP since 2003, and it was the free version of their service at that time. They apparently reactivated the account and tried to bill it in...

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