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Century Link, Kingwood, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Century Link Rip Off

Century Link Contacts & Informations

Century Link

Posted:    Ron - Kingwood TX

Century Link Rip Off

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 65 votes
Contact information:
Kingwood, Texas
United States
Century Link, formerly Embarq, is the worst company to do business with. I have had phone service with the same company for 13 years. I missed last months payment and they shut off our phone, dsl and email accounts. The payment was a oversight and sent a check 4 days before the new due date. Century link is a total rip off and I would recommend using a different company for your phone service. Or better yet - start hitting these over prices telecommunications companies were it really hurts and go cellular. Heck I have not even used my home phone in years. Also, I have 3 business lines with them and 2 dsl accounts. Guess what, come Monday morning they will all be switched to a different company!
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 22nd of Dec, 2009 by   CenturyLinkJoey +1 Votes
Ron, sorry you had trouble with CenturyLink service. I'll be glad to help you out. Can you email me the account numbers that are involved? Thanks. I've helped others here on Complaintsboard.com. My email address is Joey@CenturyLink.com.

Joey H.
CenturyLink Customer Outreach
 28th of Dec, 2009 by   Cialynne1 0 Votes
I can't wait until my service contract is up with Embarq/Century Link in February 2010. I have never had worse service or worse connectivity than I have had here, except perhaps with Direct TV, but don't get me started on that rant!

I will be switching back to Time Warner as soon as my contract with this company ends. I should have known better really.. They change names every 2 years or so.. I wonder why that is? Do they think that Sprint vs. Embarq vs. Century Link's bad repuation doesn't follow them regardless of how many times they tryto get rid of the bad reputation that follows them like the plague. I can't wait for Februraly
 29th of Dec, 2009 by   MamaSigrist +1 Votes
I completely agree with both composers. When we started noticing irregularities on our bills we thought it would be a great idea to go with Brighthouse for services that included phone. The phone service was a nightmare. Now, we are cellular based and only use the cable company for television and internet. It's a crying shame that these companies are allowed to get away with charging escalated prices and can't maintain a business without having to go through a name change, merge or go through a corporate buyout.
 12th of Feb, 2010 by   Jeanne in Missouri +1 Votes
I have just had a round with CenturyLink about my bill. Last month I 'bundled' my phone service with DSL computer server service. It was supposed to by $46.50 a month with no extra charges. The 15.00 for unlimited long-distance was to be included..I knew there would be some left over from the month before charges. My phone bill had gone up a few dollars when Embarq went to CenturyLink...according to them it was just a name change not a buy out...but the service has gone from bad to worse and so has the bookkeeping and billing...when I opened my bill this month: $293.06!! When I tried to reach someone to find out about THEIR mistake..I could only Chat on-line with a woman, I guess, the name was Markeisha...she said I had been billed for long distance and some other charges. She gave a $144.85 adjustment plus $19.60 for taxes towards my account..( printed out the Chat) Leaving $128.67 bill. The funny thing (but I'm not laughing) my bill before was for only local...was $13.52. I got DSL so I could help with my son's business..I'm on disability..I had taken long-distance off and got a cell because it was cheaper. The unkind woman I talked to last night said that she didn't care what I was told it will be $66.00 amonth plus...and that I am under a year long contract which 'Edith' who signed me up didn't mention. After reading all the stuff today about them being a ripoff. I talked to someone else and said that that for this to be a binding contract it would have to be recorded and I wanted a copy of it sent to me immediately...she then looked at my account again and she said there had been a mistake and my bill would be $46.50 a month. I asked her why when I dialed Edith's extention that it didn't go through she said it was no longer a working extention...I told her that I hoped next month if my bill wasn't $46.50 that she would still be there.!!she laughed...but not much!
 15th of Feb, 2010 by   PattiM +1 Votes
Hello Joey,

I will be cancelling all services with Century link as of tomorrow. I have also notified the VP Kristen McMillan and left her a lengthly message for her to return my call. I began with Century link back in late September. Was promised one monthly fee of $113.56 that would never be raised.

The second bill I received was in November at a whopping total of $202.00. I called up only to find out they were charging me installation fees for the Dish Network who by the way does NOT charge any of their customers installation fees, plus they proclaimed just because it was the state of Nevada they could charge any fees they liked.

Now of course these were never mentioned to me when I signed up. Well the next bill was $247.00. Mind you I was up to date on all of my payments and disputing the January bill since the idiots did not remove the phone service I cancelled January 7th 2010 nor did they remove the bundled Dish Network service I cancelled in late December.

Then they continued to tell me I had a previous balance which I did not and I have the proof with confirmation numbers and a bank statement that clearly shows all my payments to Century Link via debit card, yet Century Link is too stupid to record everything they do on the computers?

To make a long story short as of tomorrow I will never use Century Link again for ANYTHING. I have found another ISP and believe me it isn't Cox cable either. They are right in line next to Century Link.

I will be blogging about my bad experience with Century Link as well as convincing people NOT to use them. So hopefully with a bit of luck I will shut them down at least here in Las Vegas where we do have other options.

It might serve the company well to remember how to treat customers in a respectable manner and record every transaction on the computer when they are supposed to. I for one will not allow anyone else to go through what I did for the past three months. It was pure Hell.
 18th of Feb, 2010 by   Ripoff customer +1 Votes
CenturyLink is a very poor quality phone company, definately no customer oriented.
 21st of Feb, 2010 by   bludevll +1 Votes
Yes I agree with all about Century Link ripping people off. I was told and it was agreed upon that I would get bundle pricing for phone, internet and dish for 104.00 a month minus all taxes. Bill should be around 115.00 a month out the door...NOPE not even close try 178.00. They installed a DVR receiver and now charge me 6.00 a month that was supposed to be free for12 months. I can't downgrade the DVR receiver without paying them 100.00 to downgrade. I had to commit to 24 months contract with dishnet and was told that my price would be locked in, try again. They've had 2 price increases on February 1st. I've been told by 2 century link customer service reps that Dish would charge me $17.50 a month for every month left on my contract to break and another told me dish would charge me $15.00 dollars a month for every month left. WHICH IS IT????? Yes my century link pricing on internet and phone are correct but they are partnered up with Dishnet which is the crook and criminal. I will be going back to comcast real soon and can't wait. My recommendation is not to do a bundle with Century Link at all. I've spent a better part of a Saturday on the phone wth Dish and Century and still haven't heard back from a Dish supervisor.
 2nd of Mar, 2010 by   Sick of Ripoffs +1 Votes
Century Link Seems to be doing questionable practices when it comes to collection. They are phishing for Social Security Numbers from individuals filing bankruptcy from their attorneys without their knowledge. When you call CenturyLink, they demand your social security number regardless of whether you have had services or not, and you cannot contact the Bankruptcy Services at CenturyLink P.O. Box 7971 Shawnee Mission, KS 66207-0971 which is really located at on Sprint Street in Overland Park, KS. Their Fraud division and Security divisions demand your social security numbers also, even if you have not had business with them.
 16th of Mar, 2010 by   CenturyLinkJoey 0 Votes
Just wanted to send out a note to everyone on this thread. I apologize for any and all trouble experienced. My team is more than willing to investigate your individual issues and do what it takes to satisfy you. You can email me directly at Joey@CenturyLink.com or our team at Reachout@CenturyLink. Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with our services.


Joey H.
CenturyLink Customer Outreach
 7th of Apr, 2010 by   Matthew Wisconsin +1 Votes
I have to write this from my cell phone. Why? Because every week for the last month thwere has been an outage all over Wisconsin. I run a BUSINESS. I have a website that needs to be updated constantly, but I can't because random outages make it damn near impossible to do. I don't pay 250 bucks a month to stare at a screen that says I can't connect. Embarq and CenturyTel (my old isp) merged, and this is what I get?!? Seriously, for the last 4 YEARS before this merger, the connection was on 24/7, and the ONLY time I ever had a problem with a disabled connection was when I forgot to plug my wireless router back in after moving locations. This is complete and utter failure as far as service goes. I am seriously considering cancelling this month. There are faster speeds available at a lower price that are FAR more reliable. Looks like I'm going to have to go through the hassle of switching phone numbers, email addresses and whatnot. If that's what it's going to take, I suppose that is what I have to do. VERY disappointed in this company. Thanks for nothing, you have lightened my pocket for the last time.
 7th of May, 2010 by   Fr Franz +1 Votes
CenturyLink rates are exorbitant when compared to ATT or Verizon. Anyone who moves out of an urban area or one served by either ATT or VZ, you're screwed with higher rates and inferior service. I checked, it would cost more than $70 a month to have only dsl. The excuse is one has to have a phone whether its used or not.

It is possible to have only dsl. Some phone companies just don't want to let this happen.

Also, why the monthly charge for a dsl modem? I can easily buy one for much less money.
 2nd of Jun, 2010 by   vegasjay +1 Votes
This guy Joey tells the truth and can help you. We had a major issue and he took are of it.

He is a very helpful guy in a sea of bad customer service over at CenturyLink.
 13th of Jun, 2010 by   tired of scamming companies +1 Votes
We have had problem after problem with our billing and services and they even had the nerve to cut off our services for no reason leaving us with a reconnect fee. We paid our bill last week and received another for over $300.00 for next month, . Its bull!!! And they profit off the reconnect fee which it was not suppose to be disconnected anyways. They froze our email accounts and said they did not know why it was froze. They had no reason. I think they are scammmers and they think people are dumb enough not to catch on. Guess what century link times are tough and every penny is squeezed these days so people are paying closer attention. Your services suck! We are really considering our options right now and finding better service.
 25th of Jun, 2010 by   Betty B. Burton +1 Votes
When I signed up with you I had all 3 (phone-Computer-TV) on one bill for about $112.00 per month. Since you split, my compter and phone are almost $100.00 and my TV another $60.00. That is about 1/3 of my income. First of all I do not need 3way calling-busy redial-call return-annoying call reject-call forwarding-caller ID-call waiting. I need the internet and a phone line to call family... Speaking of the INternet, it takes me from 15 to 20 minutes for the internet to come up so that I can use it. I just wrote my checks for my bills, but I will expect a credit of at least $40.00 on my next bill because of the poor service. If I do not get some releafe from these high bills, I will be going to Comcast with all 3 services for under $100.00 per month. Betty Burton berascal1505@grics.net --- I expect an answer to this...
 25th of Jun, 2010 by   Betty B. Burton +1 Votes
Sorry wrong email berascal81810@grics.net Betty Burotn
 16th of Aug, 2010 by   eebdoow +1 Votes
I totally agree with Ron, I have had century link DSL for less then 1 month. They lie, cheat and who knows what else! It's been 5 weeks and I still do not have DSL working. They send technicians out that are phone guys, not DSL techs. They give me a monthly rate that has changed and then surprise me by telling me I'm on a three year contract. Every time I call support I have to go through 3 levels of morons to get to another moron to explain myself for the 10th time. As of today I still do not have a working DSL line. Unfortunately Centurylink is my only choice and I am stuck. I guess that's why they really don't care about customer service.
 18th of Aug, 2010 by   johneechimpo +1 Votes
I agree that century link is a bad company to go with . When I called them to get service I told the man on the phone that my husband does construction and probably wouldn't be there long so we needed somebody that would makes us have a contract. He said they didn't, he also never said anything about a canceling fee. Well my husband had to move to a different place and they already had internet so I canceled the internet with C-link . Well the bill came and we've been charged a $100 cancelation fee . I called to talk to them and tell them it was a error and they told me they couldn't take it off (hows that for no customer service, why even call yourself that !) I even went to a manager who said the same thing . They said it is on my account that the lady (when canceling) told me there was early termination fee, which is a flat out lie! . Anyway they wouldn't help me so now I have to go to their complaint dept. so they can do a "investigation" and the best part was that I didn't know about this bs until after we had them start another account for us and he is supposed to be leaving there in 2 weeks so they are gonna try to screw us again ! They suck !
 18th of Aug, 2010 by   CenturyLinkJoey +1 Votes
Just wanted to send out another note to everyone on this thread. I apologize for any and all trouble experienced. My team is more than willing to investigate your individual issues and do what it takes to satisfy you. You can email me directly at Joey@CenturyLink.com or our team at Reachout@CenturyLink. Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with our services.


Joey H.
CenturyLink Customer Outreach
 23rd of Aug, 2010 by   Margaret2303 +1 Votes
Horrible TV and Internet Service, Many customer service calls and emails.
Waited home today for yet another CenturyLink Service Call. No service
all weekend...
Brad (repair tech) got the service back and about an hour after he left my home, TV picture frozen again and
no sound. Ready for a new service company...
The most horrible service of any company in any state, I have lived.
When I phoned back today to report the guy just left, and I have a frozen TV screen and no sound.
Tom, from tech repair service told me to do my own repair, to disconnect 2wire box again. (No Way)
Only thing they do well is pull out the $244.27 payment each month from
our bank account.

Margaret Belcher
Columbia, MO
 24th of Aug, 2010 by   CenturyLinkJoey +1 Votes
Hi Margaret2303,

I just sent you an email. I'd be happy to look into the issue for you. Just send me back some details if possible. Thanks.

Joey H.
CenturyLink Customer Outreach

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