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Borders Books, Chicago, Illinois Complaints & Reviews - Kobo eReader

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Borders Books

Posted:    Areva

Kobo eReader

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 10 votes
Contact information:
Borders Books
2817 N Clark St
Chicago, Illinois
United States
I bought a Kobo eReader after being assured that it works with any ePub book, whether you purchased it at Borders.com or anywhere. After many back and forth calls with the Kobo company, I cannot use my eReader to read ePub books (in this case downloaded from gutenberg.org). I attempted to exchange my eReader for a Sony but was told they do not accept electronic exchanges. I told them my Kobo does not work as advertised and as I was assured by the Borders staff in the store. She would not let me return my device. I called Kobo. They told me that I needed to call Adobe (Adobe Digital Editions) and open up a help desk ticket. They told me I had 'run out of authorizations' and that was my problem. I called Adobe. This was not the problem.
I was also let to believe that Kobo is supported by Borders and felt assured that the device would work. As a long term shopper at Borders, I will never return there. I will only shop at Amazon.com or independent bookstores. Sorry Borders, but you shouldn't push a device that is so poorly supported. This is bad business. Also, it is bad business to do this to a long term customer.
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 8th of Aug, 2010 by   glassycreek 0 Votes
i had the same problem with my kobo. i was told that my kobo would accept any pdf and epub file and i can't get any epub and pdf file from anywhere else other than through the borders store. i tried returning the thing but they said since i downloaded some books from the borders store into the kobo they cannot give me my money back. now i have to wait till tomorrow to see the manager. wish me luck but i am pissed off.
 9th of Aug, 2010 by   Chillytraveler 0 Votes
I too purchased the Kobo only to have problems with the adjusting the font sizes of an epub book I downloaded from the library. I was assured by Kobo Customer Service that the firmware upgrade would fix this. Well what they didn't tell me was that I'd have to wait an additional 2 weeks for the firmware upgrade.

I patiently waited and finally was able to download the firmware upgrade, which was not an easy upgrade by any means. After the upgrade, I can't even open any epub documents from any sources. I once again contacted Kobo customer service and the agent was quite snippy. She said that I'm not the only person in the US having this issue and that my complaint would be 'escalated'. Well it's been 2 1/2 weeks and I'm now past my deadline to return this ridiculous, rushed to market gadget.

I'm planning to make a visit to my local Borders and request a full refund (for the gadget and 1 book I purchased but haven't read).

I also have another serious complaint. I purchased a book directly from Kobo (instead of Borders) and I can't even open it! Apparently, only Canadian users can buy books from Kobo.com. Also, Borders doesn't even have all of the books available on their website, that you would find on Kobo storefront and Borders is often more expensive.

If Borders doesn't take this ridiculous thing back, I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau. The Kobo is not living up to its promises made in advertisement.

In the meantime, I'm just calling it quits and purchasing the Kindle. I've dealt with Amazon for year and they always stand behind their products and service. I've learned my lesson.
 30th of Jun, 2011 by   TDSimmons 0 Votes
I bought a Kobo through Chapters in Canada and am having similiar issues and problems. Unfortunately is not owned by either Chapters or Borders but they sure got snowed by this completely unprofessional company. The issue with downloading books from other publishers and with totally unprofessional responses and a website that looks like a Grade 12 project that got a D are commonplace with this company.
 30th of Jun, 2011 by   glassycreek 0 Votes
well heres another problem that comes up after this. its keeps breaking down and i had them send me another and the same thing happened again, the screen became static and froze. no tramua. the they send me another but wouldn't send me my money back, so i gave up and my cousin asked for it, i told yes but warmed her that it'll break easily and told her mother too so she wouldn't get in trouble, well it broke before they even went back home and that was the third and she tried hard to be nice to it as much as possible. the thing is crap don't buy it. i have a kindle for awhile now its way better, hasn't break and it may not accept epub but it accepts alot of other file formats. and its still working.
the kobo just got thrown into the recycle didn't want to go thro the whole cycle of shipping it and waiting for a whole month to bring me back a kobo that'll last maybe a month.
 14th of Jul, 2011 by   jmasiakos 0 Votes
I purchased a Kobo reader in January 2011 from a local Borders. It was working fine for about six months. One evening in June I went to turn it on and the screen was all messed up - grey lines and frozen. There was no trauma to the device. I reset it several times with no luck. I called Kobo. They offered me a replacement which I accepted. Not surprisingly after about 1 week of using the replacement the same thing happened. Again there was no trauma. The screen was fading in and out. I emailed Kobo on June 29th requesting a full refund. They responded today (7/14) offering another replacement as a courtesy and said that the warranty does not cover screen damage. I responded demanding a full refund and that I would not accept another replacement. Lets see how long it takes them now to respond.
 13th of Feb, 2012 by   Lynne Boehlke 0 Votes
I used a gift card to purchase a book from the kobo store it took my money but did not download the book, Do I have any recourse??
 19th of Dec, 2012 by   c eastaugh 0 Votes
bought a book from kobo download was about 15% of book e-mail to kobo re subject was informed that it was a small book i argued said it was a wlbur smith book of 600 plus pages i received 102 pages reply stated i was mistaken she had reviewed the book and it was complete therefore i would not get either a refund nor a re-issue of the book .since then they refuse to answer any of my e-mails ifind this the most degrading customer service i have ever received but rest assured enyone who mentions kobo to me gets a very good reason not to buy kobo the worst buy in canada i have ever encountered, the worst customer service, the worst piece of electronic junk on the market

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