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Books-A-Million, Inc.

14151 Steele Creek Rd # 236
North Carolina
United States - 28273-3968

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Books-A-Million (BAM) Complaints & Reviews

Books-A-Million (BAM) - New Jersey, Paramus / Hidden Subscription Fees

Student11 on 2016-05-04
The clerk from Books-A-Million flat out lied to me about the magazine subscription. I asked her if I was going to be charged anything once the trial expires, she said: "No payments at all and if you dont like the magazine, you dont have to do anything at all. It will automatically cancel." How...

Books-A-Million - Tennessee, kingsport / customer service, return of gift

addie64 on 2013-12-26
My daughter received a dvd from Booksamillion from her Aunt. The day before Christmas(same day she received the gifts) we took them back along with a few others she had received that she didn't want. I told the cashier I didn't have a receipt for the dvd but did for the other...

Books A Million - New Hampshire / Poorly trained/rude cashier

Unhappy in Lebanon on 2013-10-17
I took a friend to Books a Million recently. I could not find one computer kiosk to help her find the books she was wanted. After wandering around for over 15 minutes (no clerks to help us) we finally stumbled across one book for her. I decided to buy a world map puzzle - bad decision...

Books A Million - Florida, Flagler Beach / Return

J. S. Lacy on 2013-01-01
A family member purchased a New King James Version Bible from our local Books A Million store. He discovered that he had purchased the wrong version (should have been the original King James Version). When he tried to exchange it, he was refused because he did not have the receipt. He...

Books-A-Million - Georgia, Augusta / good looking bookstore, but a lousy business

Elisha Cummings on 2012-10-02
I wasn't a fan of Books a Million growing up so, I wasn't surprised Books-A-Million went out of business, and was replaced with 2nd and Charles. This place often encouraged job discrimination policies based on sex or race; always hiring & promoting women, who was not qualified to...

Books A Million - Alabama, Huntsville / Return policy

CatCam on 2012-07-11
My teenage daughter bought a book based on the blub inside the cover (50 Shades of Gray). Of course when I saw it, I immediately took it back to the bookstore. She did not keep receipt, so they were not willing to exchange for another. This is crazy. If books are given as gifts when you...

Books-A-Million - Maryland, Hanover / No Holiday Return Policy

J.walsh80 on 2011-12-22
Books-A-Million has no holiday return policy. I tried to return books that were purchased on black Friday as Christmas presents. The official policy is returns are only excepted with in 14 days, no exceptions, regardless if it was a Christmas gift. The response I got was basically "too...

Books A Million - North Carolina, Charlotte / Forcing Magazines That You Haven't Ordered

Feeling Scamed by You on 2011-12-03
While paying for my books I was asked by the clerk about getting magazine subscriptions and I declined the offer. Told the sales person "NO THANK YOU". A couple of weeks later I receive a notice from Synapse Retail Ventures, Inc that they were charging my debit card for 4 magazine...

Books-A-Million - North Carolina, Wilson / Rude Cashier

safuller on 2011-03-16
My son and I stood behind a women at what appeared to be a check out counter for about 3 minutes. We were RIGHT behind this lady. The cashier was looking something up for her I guess, not sure what they were doing. When the lady left. The cashier ignores us standing there goes to ANOTHER...

Books A Million (Bam) - Tennessee, Spring Hill / Return policy nightmare

PreviousCustomer on 2011-01-10
A friend purchased DVD season 1 and 2 of Weeds for me for my birthday. Unfortunatley I already purchased season 1 and 2. I took both seasons to the Books a Million where it was purchased, new in the package and with a books a million sticker on the outside (no receipt though), and asked to...

Books-A-Million / magazines

ciestla on
Bought books at Booksamillion. Then clerk told me I could get three magazine subscriptions free for two months. Presumably this was a reward due to the amount of my purchase. I gave her three magazines from her list. She then handed me the credit card slip to sign. And then another slip to...

Books-A-Million / Frequent customer scam

Melisa on
I am a frequent customer of BAM - I enjoy sitting for hours, working on research and homework, while enjoying a Soy Caramel Frappe. Yesterday, I went in, ordered, PAID in advance (as usual) and then took my seat to set up for the work I would be doing. After a few minutes, the young...

Books-A-Million / Beware

ParK75 on
I was sitting in the floor in the children's section of Books-A-Million in Sevierville, TN this weekend when my daughter says "Gross...why are they licking their privates?" You can't imagine my horror when I realized she had found a Penthouse magazine on the bottom shelf of the...

BooksaMillion.com / Bad service

Tamara on
I order at least one time a year from their website (almost always some Christmas gifts)and have been doing this for years and have always been happy with their service. Never had a problem with any order. My last order was ordered Dec 10th and shipped on the 12th. I think good response for...

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