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Best Buy - Return Policy Complaints & Reviews - BEWARE of Best Buy during the Christmas Holiday!

Best Buy - Return Policy Contacts & Informations

Best Buy - Return Policy

Posted:    Valerie

BEWARE of Best Buy during the Christmas Holiday!

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 57 votes
I purchased a Gateway Notebook for my husband on Dec 9, 2006 as a Christmas Gift. When I purchased it I asked the young man if I could return it.

He said, "yes". I asked if there was a restocking fee. He said, "only if the item had the seal broken." On Christmas day my husband graciously declined my gift, so we decided to return it.

On Dec 29th, I tried to return the notebook and was told it was over the 14 day return policy and I could get store credit. I paid by check and their company cashed my check. I wanted my money back. I was furious to say the least. I, also, called the Customer Service number and was told the same thing. I know they say they have it posted in their stores and it's on the receipt, BUT do you honestly think that at the Christmas holiday customers are reading YOUR store signs or looking at the small print on receipts. The standard customer thinks that you can return just about everything within a 7 day time frame, especially at Christmas time. I think their employees should inform customers of their policy at this particular time of year. Wouldn’t that be a novel thought??

Well I've learned my lesson. I will never make a major purchase at your store for the Christmas holiday again.

I will inform all I can to BEWARE of Best Buy during the Christmas Holiday.
Comments United States Computers & Accessories
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Best Buy - Return Policy - Read the back of your receipt!


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 6th of Feb, 2007 by   Nitin Jaisani 0 Votes
Yes, It happened with me, I bought a camera from Best buy. before buying i asked them what if the pictures doesnt come out good. The guy over there said that you can return it within 14 days. (half truth, he didnt mention about the restocking fee or something). I tired to take the picture out of it and that was the worst camera i have ever seen the night pictures were terrible.

When i went back to bestbuy to return it. They charged me $35 restocking fee on it. When i asked why didnt you say that at front when i was buying it. They said our policy is written on the board and behind the receipt. Now who reads all the boards and small letters in receipt before buying anything. I think the Best buys policy is to play with customers innocence.

From that day onwards I never bought anything from Bestbuy.
 14th of Feb, 2007 by   tony downs 0 Votes
Best Buy refused an exchange of a 360 x box game even with a receipt because of the return time policy... We ended up with 2 of the same game due to a gift... Never opened and only wanted to exchange it for another title of the same value or even more and we would pay the difference...

Never again will I purchase anything from Best Buy...

Terrible customer service and their return policies are borderline fraud if you ask me...
 28th of Mar, 2007 by   Lloyd McFarlin 0 Votes
I agree completely. I just purchased a Sony Vaio SZ430N/B laptop computer for $1899 and could not return it without being charged a 15% restocking fee. This was only two days after the purchased (I'm typing this at 1 week since the purchase). It turned out that the DVD player would randomly become disabled. However, at the store, they put the Top Gun movie DVD in and it played, therefore nullifying my argument. I explained that it happens randomly, just out of the blue, Windows would stop seeing it as if it didn't exist. No luck. The defect has to be proven to them on the spot. Guess the customer's no longer right.

I understand these policies meant to prevent abuse, but c'mon, this is two days after purchase! Expecting someone to pay a fine of almost $300 to resolve this is insane! I will do all that I can to ward as many people as I know away from Best Buy.
 2nd of Apr, 2007 by   Never Mind 0 Votes
Oh yea, its the stores responsibility to read the return policy to the thousands of customer they service every week! Give me a break, read people. You can say your never gonna shop their again but where u gonna shop that lets u return electronics for cash after 14 days? Its your responsibility to read the return policy that is written on the back of every receipt at every store.
 9th of Apr, 2007 by   Perrey 0 Votes
Best Buy or should i say WORST BUY has been known for years to use deceptive and misleading practices when it comes to returns, exchanges, and purchases or their so-called ESP/PSP warranties or improper ways to manage rain checks.

My advices to all who read this is, DO NOT expend your hard-earned money at Best Buy, bestbuy.com Magnolia Hi-Fi or any other entity run by the same organization. Theses crooks need to finally learn how to thread their paying consumers.
 6th of Jan, 2008 by   pj sparks 0 Votes
Never again will Best Buy get my money!! I purchased a 42" Plasma Insignia TV labor day weekend and it was completely shot by Christmas!! Was told to bring the tv back in for repair, but after arrival (30 minutes in one line, told to go to geek squad, which was another 10 minutues) and was told they don't service that size and to go back home and they would send out a repairman. Couldn't get my money back, past the 60 day return policy, tried to get instore credit to upgrade was told couldn't do that either. Waited a week for repairman (very rude by the way) and was told he would have to order a part which would be another two weeks and and then up to another week to schedule another service call. Finally receive a call telling me go ahead and bring the tv back to the store, the tv cannot be fixed and they will give me a new one!! Great right, but wait!! So we load up the TV again, do the wait in line again, etc. and they take the tv and all my receipts and paper work and then proceed to tell me they are out of stock and it would be another week before they would be receiving any and I would have to come back again to pick it up!! I again tried to get a different model, brand, etc, and was told that is against company policy and I would have to just wait. So I sit here now without a TV and they have my money!!

I will do my absolute best to advise all consumers to avoid Best Buy and go to Circuit City!! One person can make a difference!!
 22nd of Jan, 2008 by   Chad +1 Votes
I've done business with best buy for a number of years and have yet to have a problem with their return policies. The policies are very specific, and if you take a moment (that's all it takes) to read the policies you'll know exactly where you stand. I've returned many items for many different reasons and have yet to have a problem. Whenever I couldn't get the full purchase price, it was clearly a matter of me falling outside of their clear policy guidelines. Moral of the story? Never trust some "young man" working for near minimum wage for proper information. Read the policy like a responsible consumer.
 7th of Feb, 2008 by   Pro-intel@hotmail.com 0 Votes
I bought a laptop at bestbuy. It broke and was under warranty, I was very pleased that they did keep there promise and fix it. However it turned out an employee stole my power cable, 150$ later I had one that got fried because it was wrong!
I stopped buying at bestbuy and bought from laptops for less and got it for 80$ with next day shipping. Its still working.
 14th of Feb, 2008 by   Steve 0 Votes
My Wife bought me a Sharp Aquas 52 " LCD for Christmas. TV has an excellent picture but unfortunately the TV died on Jan 27 just before the Super B()wl. I called Best Buy support and asked if my TV was within the return window since I was told by the check-out person I had until Jan31, the support person disagreed. The support person stated it was Jan 15 (30 days from purchase). OK, fine I said. When can I get it fixed? Well, it is still not fixed but that is another complaint.

My wife and I called the store manager and the supervisor hoping to get a replacement before the big game but we were told the same story- "You are outside the return policy window, nothing we can do." The funny thing was the person who initially answered the phone told us the date was Jan31 the same as the checkout person, the manager quickly dismissed this as a mistake.

3k and 3 weeks, later still no TV.

Way to keep us coming back Best Buy. Off to the complaint boards!
 11th of Apr, 2008 by   Kayla -1 Votes
When will consumers begin taking responsibility for their own mistakes? Come on, people! If the cashier HAD explained the return policy completely and thoroughly to every single person, you people would be complaining that they took too long! You're at a major electronics store making a BIG purchase...isn't it YOUR responsibility to make sure you know the ins & outs of this purchase? And if returning is potentially on your to-do list, why would you not take the 30 seconds to read the advertised disclaimer on the return policy? Seriously, people. Grow up.
 18th of Apr, 2008 by   Jeffrey 0 Votes
I had a sililar expierience at Best-buy. My wife purchased a $249.99 item with cash for my birthday. When she asked the salesman if she would get her money back if I wanted to return it he told her yes because it was under $250.00. Well I did want to return it, so when I went to the customer service desk to return it with the receipt I was told they would send me a check in ten days because with sales tax the refund was over $250.00. I was told this information was on my receipt. She received the receipt after the purchase (a little late seeing how the transaction was already made). Why didn't the salesman mention sales tax was counted against the price when it comes to refunds? I now make all my electronics purchases at circuit city wheree if I pay cash they return cash on the spot!!!
 19th of Apr, 2008 by   ODJ 0 Votes
Well I am a Best Buy employee and also a customer service rep. Noone but the customer service reps know our whole return policy. I was a cashier and they never told me any policies or anything so please don't blame the employees. Blame management. I have heard and seen it all with angry customers from "I'm never shopping here again" to "F*** You". Really it's not the employees fault we are following rules given to us. If you guys have any complaints about thepolicy complain at 1888-BESTBUY and they handle it all. You cannot return any form of open media for a refund or exhange it for a different one only a identical copy. All open undefective cameras, laptops, and GPS's have %15 restocking fees everything else is returnable within 30 Days. Open video games and movies are not returnable only exchanable for the same thing. Really as a tip you can use Best Buy as a rental store. If you want to clean your house then buy a vacuum and use it and return it within 30 days, same goes for a TV or anything else. YOU HAVE 30 DAYS!
 20th of Apr, 2008 by   jeff -1 Votes
Really Best Buy's return policy of 30 days, or 14 on particular items like laptops, is more than long enough to decide if you want a product or not. These policies are clearly represented on a giant display at the front of each store. I understand that the OP was purchasing it for a gift, next time bring him in to pick a laptop out. No one forced you to go to Best Buy, they have a more than lenient return policy and it is up to you to understand it prior to making a purchase if you think the product may be returned. It was foolish of you to assume that you could return a product, especially something like a laptop, any given amount of time after the purchase. Get real.
 7th of Jun, 2008 by   HipHopapottimus -1 Votes
If you are complaining about the return policy or restocking fee at Best Buy you either: 1. Don't know how to read the terms and conditions or the giant sticker on most boxes that say 14 day restocking fee/ 15% restocking fee that you have to cut through to open the box, or: 2. You don't know how the return policy of 99% of other retailers work. Also stop complaining if your item stopped working 2 days after the return policy, that's why they offer warranties. If you take a gamble by not buying the warranty and the item stops working, that's your fault not the company that sells it.
 16th of Jun, 2008 by   indie343 +1 Votes
For those of you defending Best Buy here, consider that most of the complaints the consumers are in slightly bent circumstances. I work in a PC retail store with identical policies. It it burned into each employee's head to tell the customer at point of sale there is a 15% restocking fee on all returned items opened. It takes 5 seconds to say this. Best Buy stands by the policy written on a wall. On a wall people!!! Most of the time it is difficult to see with the shelf talkers, merchandise and/or promotional propeganda around it. In some of these cases Best Buy is ignoring Federal consumer protections such as 72 hours for any returns period. Any consumer is protected by Federal Law to return ANY purchase made on significant hardware for 72 hours.
 29th of Jul, 2008 by   Edward Gren 0 Votes
My wife and I purchased a TV, DVD, VHS combination from Best Buy and within 60 days the VHS locked up and the TV power short circuit .I was told that the item I purchased was discontinued and replacement parts were not available and that no other TV, DVD, VHS's were available. I was offered a store credit by the manager, however I still needed a TV, DVD, VHS combination which they insisted they no-longer sold. I told the manager that this combination was available both online and at other local stores and I needed a refund. As I tried to explain "Its My Money Not Yours" and I want a refund because your store credit does not resolve my problem I need a replacement. I have now paid double the original cost. I will never enter this store again and will alert all my friends. I agree with a previous statement this store name should be known as "Worst Buy" not Best Buy.
 7th of Aug, 2008 by   ST2008 -1 Votes
How is it Best Buy's fault that you can't be bothered to read a return policy? The standard customer may not read the return policies, but a GOOD one always is aware of them. Best Buy should not be obliged to read their return policy to you.
 11th of Aug, 2008 by   Sieg 0 Votes
I bought a Casio Exilim as a birthday present for my daughter. Bought the 2-year warranty, also. The month after the original warranty expired, the camera developed display problems. I brought it back to BestBuy and had it repaired. Well, it came back after a week. The problem was still there. I sent it back again for repairs. This time it took them three weeks. certain parts were replaced. Still, the problem was there. I sent it back for the third time. They kept it for about a month. Circuit cards were replaced. Still, no go. The problem was still there!!! So, I sent it back for the fourth time hoping they can catch the problem this time. The repair company sent it directly to me via UPS, with a note saying that they could not replicate the problem!!! This is after they replaced parts on it. Well, as usual, within minutes of usage, my 16-year old daughter complained and showed me that the problem was still there. So, I marched off to the local BestBuy store, this time expecting to have it replaced as stated in their "No Lemon" policy. Well, guess what. The manager insisted on sending it back again to have it verified by the same repair company who could not find the problem in the first place(!!!). I made a video to show the problem to the geek squad guys so they can show it to their manager, and I had hoped that it would convince him that the repairs were not satisfactory. The manager just kept mouthing off that it has to be verified first - so, now I'm at the mercy of the repair company. If they say they cannot find the problem, I would not get a replacement. I guess I will continue playing their game of sending the camera back and forth until one of us gives up - and that won't be me. So much for warranties and policies. I HATE BEST BUY!!!
 13th of Aug, 2008 by   ElleMac +1 Votes
We purchased an Apple computer at Best Buy. We are satisfied with our computer, but are less than satisfied with our experience at the store and will NEVER shop at Best Buy again.

We drove 30 miles to the store to buy our I-Mac. We purchased it and were told to come pick it up in 4 hours because they had to perform upgrades. When we returned to the store 4 hours later, they told us they needed another hour. We returned an hour later, picked up our computer and returned home. We understood time was required for all they did and had no problem. At home, we had difficulty connecting to the internet. The problem was with the computer which meant we had to return to the store. When we explained at the store what was happening, we were told that they couldn’t believe the computer was the problem since they had connected to the internet the day before for the upgrades. After a few minutes of disbelief and making us feel stupid, they tried hooking it up and found that the problem was with the computer and said they would exchange it. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any new I-Macs in stock, although they did have a display model that was on sale for $100.00 less than our purchase. They would get it ready and make the exchange, credit the difference to my card, but it would require another wait period to perform upgrades.

We felt that there should be some compensation for our time, our gas mileage, the hassle and bother and our disappointment at not being able to walk out of there with a brand new I-Mac that day, the manager was quite rude and proceeded to deny any responsibility at all. We have 9 hours, 40 minutes and 240 miles into this process and I am still not sure compensation of some type is out of line. We pointed out to him that they had connected it to the internet the day before, the computer worked there but when we got home it didn’t, so it was possible that it might have been something they inadvertently did. He went so far as to tell us to our faces that they don’t do downloads by directly hooking the computer up, they do it wirelessly, a statement we knew to be false because the other employees we had dealt with assured us that they had directly hooked it up. When he was corrected quietly by an employee, he brushed that aside and said it is just one of those things and that since it wasn’t anything they had control over and wasn’t anything they intentionally did, there was no way he would compensate for it.

A few months later, we had a small glitch with our computer, discovered that Best Buy never gave us our operating disc for the second computer, which is needed to fix the problem. Reluctantly, I called them and of course, we were told that they don’t have it and that they have documentation that they gave it to us, which we know is another lie!!! Now we have to purchase it (direct from Apple, I might add) in order to fix the problem we are currently having. Best Buy has been our biggest nightmare!!!
 14th of Aug, 2008 by   So sad 0 Votes
I can totally see everyones point, and that really sucks. My husband is a huge fan of Best Buy, but luckily I have not made a large purchase there. I was just on here lookin up their policies and found this, so I'm thinking I never will buy anything too expensive. I understand we are respondsible for reading about the policies, but I can not find them for the store online anywhere, so far. (Onl for bestbuy.com) As for reading the back of the receipt, yes we all should I agree, BUT if you have the receipt, YOU ALREADY BOUGHT IT, so doesn't matter at that point!!! I think it's a tough call. Everytime I have been in there, I have NEVER seen the policies posted. I'm sure they're there, somewhere, but if I'm there to buy something, why would I plan on returning it?! If something breaks, especially in a month or two time frame, they should do what they can to make people happy, cuz that product sucks! It's not the customers fault. And they're the ones carrying the product, so they take the respondsibility for it then.

There are too many horrible and terrible people out there who have ruined it for us inocent people who are just tryin to spend our hard earned money on a good product that we want. It's a shame!!

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