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ATT, Jacksonville Complaints & Reviews - Automatic Renewal Falsified

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Posted:    mtk501

Automatic Renewal Falsified

Complaint Rating:  17 % with 29 votes
Contact information:
Miracles Salon
9551 Baymeadows Road Ste 8
United States
This company AT&T states that we had an automatic renewal. We did not. We signed up for regular phone / internet service in 2005 when we first opened. We changed nothing since that time. An office in Atlanta, Georgia, claimed they were AT&T (formerly Bell South) and claimed only they were the ones to handle our contract. We contacted AT& T after receiving a phone call to renew the contract for another three years. We told them we were not renewing the contract. We would only deal with month to month. The woman faxed a document saying she needed to have it signed in order to cancel. We signed and then faxed back. She claimed later it did not go through and needed to fax it again. Again we followed directions. Later at the end of this year we called to disconnect. This same agnet /office then claimed they had a renewal. We went through this several times. I then noted why would they have notes on our cancellation if it was automatic. It was noted we were canceling. We now have a large bill from AT&T for $1663.31 A total fabrication. They cancelled the phone line then went on to say the bill is for canceling in advance. Please advise.
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 15th of Jan, 2010 by   maruf83 0 Votes
January 15, 2009

I too have the same problem, I also sent the form by fax to not renew my one year business landline phone, I did

that in September 2, 2009. I was told by an ATT rep in October 2009 that was my ending month that my contract was

finished and I could cancel without penalty. I switched to a different company and was disconnected on November

17, 2009 from ATT. As it stands I was told the wrong information by the ATT rep as my contract does not finish

until December 9, 2009. So I received a bill from ATT of $922 for early cancellation.

I have called to get the issue resolved by stating to reps and supervisors that I am willing to pay the

undiscounted rates for the remainder of the contract which is 22 days before the contract expired, I said I am

willing to pay $200, usually my bill should amount $160 after I make calls to get credits and corrections.

As of now they are not willing to work with me in that respect so now I expect to be inundated with collection calls in the future. Because I will not pay the whole amount I will pay that partial amount.

January 2, 2009

I am a small business owner that Had AT&T LANDLINE service for two phone lines and dsl for approximately one year

as I was under contract to do so (since October 2008) I was billed during that time. In the course of the service I had cramming done to me by

AT&T for each billing period.

AT&T put in a third line, changed my high speed internet plan from the standard speed 1.5mb to 6mb, put a monthly

$25 international plan (I exclusively use domestic calls only), put a $10 detailed calling feature (I had unlimited

domestic calling), all of this was done without my consent and without my authorization.

Every month when I got the AT&T bill I called for the removal of each of these charges and AT&T obliged or


I had enough.

Nearing the end of the contract I called ATT in July to receive the non-renewal form it was sent to me by fax, i

confirmed my last month was October 2009 with At&T.

I sent in the paperwork by September 2 2009. I called ATT and asked repeatedly have you received the

paperwork, is my last month in October 2009. I asked if I could cancel without penalty and they said YES

everytime. By mid-November I had switched to another phone service called Nuvox, I thought I was done with ATT

when they sent me a FINAL BILL which also had errors which I called and got fixed.

However, January 2 2010 comes around I receive a REVISED FINAL BILL. The bill shows that I did not meet the

conditions to cancel the service. It says recovery of discount for commitment not met for At&T Exclusively 40 Prog

12 Mo Term its a TOTAL of $922.41.

I was livid. I have since called ATT and they are saying that I did not send in the non-renewal paperwork

correctly. That I did not give them 60 days notice. I told them that I called repeatedly to their offices, I

asked if the paperwork was in they said YES. I told them that I tried to do everything truthfully and that this

bill was completely egregious. I thought I did everything within the requirements.

As of now I have no real resolution I am not willing to pay this bill. I was never late in paying this account. I

thought I was sticking to the one year term, I did not break that beforehand. I think the representatives were

being deceptive with me in providing information or not giving me complete information. I really need help with

 2nd of Feb, 2010 by   leslie8878 +1 Votes
I am having the same problem. What was the end result of this?
 5th of May, 2010 by   petreminder +1 Votes
I have a similar problem. I had a 3 year contract, but did not realize it had an auto-renewal clause. I cancelled after 5 years. I got a bill for $960. I tried to get them to allow me to reinstate my service - which she said I could do, but it would not eliminate the $960 penalty. I'm not paying. I've filed a compalin with the BBB in Atlanta and with my state Public Service Commission. I've already been turned over to a collection agency and had a call today from someone else wanting to speak to my payroll dept. about wage garnishment. What they don't know is that I'm a company of 1 and my weekly paycheck is $0.00. I'll be glad to give them whatever percentage of that they want.
 11th of Jul, 2010 by   davefashing +1 Votes
I signed an agreement with AT & T (then Bellsouth) in August 2006. At that time I told the representative I would not agree to the automatic 3-year renewal option. I was told simply not to initial the auto renewal clause in the contract - so I did not initial.

I recently cancelled my AT & T service and they are attempting collect a $625 early termination fee. They are stating that even though I did not initial the auto renewal clause, I signed the contract so I agreed to the auto renewal clause. If the customer is agreeing to all the terms of the contract - why have certain clauses that require the customer initials?

Has anyone else had this problem with Bellsouth/AT &T and if so, how was it resolved.

What consumer governmental agency oversees AT&T . . . FCC?

Thanks -
 25th of Sep, 2010 by   aleluns +1 Votes
I have had a similar problem. I was contacted by Bellsouth (I actually think it was someone they contracted with as an agent) in 2005 about switching my phone service. I agreed and I was faxed 3 pages to sign and fax back, obligating me to a 3 year contract, none of which had any information about an automatic renewal. In June of this year I canceled my service and was then told that there was an automatic renewal clause and I was responsible for over $500 in early termination fees. My account was turned over to collections and I was contacted by the collections company. I got an attorney involved and she contacted AT&T. They emailed my contract that they had on file to her and she discovered that the contract that they emailed back was 6 pages, which only 3 had my signature and my company fax stamp where it was faxed back. The page that had the automatic renewal clause is one of the missing pages and required initials at the bottom. There was some initials there but they were not mine. Due to a home purchase, I have several documents on file at the courthouse with my initials on them that where done before 2005 and those on the contract were not mine.
This is fraud plain and simple and there is probably a class action suit that could be started if enough people have been swindled by AT&T and paid out early termination fees. On one of the pages of the contract that was sent to my attorney (also one of the pages that I didn't get originally), I was also to be contacted about the upcoming automatic renewal beginning 180 days prior to contract expiration, but I never was. If I had been contacted as per the contract (even though it was fraudulently initiated), none of this would have happened.
I am filing a complaint with the FTC, FCC, BBB, and anybody else I can think of as well as possibly sue them in Atlanta, GA where they are a registered agent to operate in GA.
 14th of Mar, 2011 by   Lauren Hughes +1 Votes
This is such a SCAM!!! I've been suckered in too...can't stand sending them any money now...Small business owner gone MAD!
 28th of Mar, 2011 by   Tina O +1 Votes
I am having the same problem. Not sure who to contact. I had an office that I had to get a business line for and agreed to a 3 year contract. After about a year I had to close down the office and moved the business line to my home phone where I kept it in place for the remainder of the contract. Now I have switched to another company and I am getting an early termination fee charge because they automatically renewed my contract. The whole reason for having a business line instead of a residental line was because of their contract! Like the person before me, I am MAD!
 16th of Aug, 2011 by   Chazy +1 Votes
Well at least I'm not alone. I was so happy my 3 year contract was over because AT&T was ripping me off. Comcast recently offered the same service (2 lines and faster internet) for half the cost of AT&T. So I just found out my contract was auto- renewed 8 months ago! How do I protect/defend my credit from a monopoly-AT&T?
 16th of Nov, 2011 by   tam1234 0 Votes
Same thing here. How could this possible be legal?
 16th of Nov, 2011 by   tam1234 0 Votes
Anybody here that is interest in participating in a class action suit please comment.
 28th of Nov, 2011 by   treybo 0 Votes
Dealing with the same problem. This can't be legal. The rep says they print the renewal notice on the bill that is sent out 6 months before the contract expires.
Basically, if you don't see where they bury this in the bill, then you will automatically renew for 3 YEARS. WTF?

I got the rep to send out the reminder notice. It is written in #8 of the contract that AT&T will send "reminders" starting 180 days prior. The rep says they only sent that one notifications. If I read it right they are required to send "reminders", meaning more than one. I wonder if this makes they contract void.

AT&T might be losing all of my future business because of this. It seems like a dirty trick. I would prefer not to do business with a company that would try to trick its customers by providing very poor notifications.
 29th of Nov, 2011 by   Tina O 0 Votes
I filed a complaint with the FCC and AT&T did not like that. They got back to me right away and we came to an agreement regarding the bill. Hope this can help.
 4th of Dec, 2011 by   tam1234 0 Votes
Thank you for the info and feed back. I am trying to port 3 numbers without damaging my business. Now that I understand how At&t conducts business I am even more motivated to leave. They are now saying that I am only obligated to keep one line with them. I also got them to admit that I now am month to month with my internet. That was like pulling teeth. I will file with FCC but I am moving cautiously.
 4th of Oct, 2013 by   Bare Sole Sandals 0 Votes
AT&T is trying to extort $610 from us for cancelling a 3 year contract 5 years later - why? It automatically renewed after 3 years for another 3 without our knowledge! Please support our petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/at-t-stop-charging-for-service-not-rendered-under-deceptive-automatic-contract-renewals-6
 20th of Nov, 2013 by   ChadEverett -1 Votes
My wife literally just got off the phone with AT&T while I looked this up. We were told nothing about an auto renewal. After we received the warning that our contract was ending we called and told AT&T we were canceling unless they could meet Comcast’s current price (when we opened our business Comcast was not available in our area). They tried to work the price down but could not meet the number discussed so we informed them we would be canceling. We received a few more phone calls from reps trying to get us to stay but still could not come within $100 of Comcast’s price. None of those 4 employees ever warned us we would be hit by a hidden fee for canceling. Now 1 month later we get an outrageous bill for early cancelation. These people should be ashamed; this is ridiculous and should be illegal.

Chad Everett
Small Business Owner
Magnolia, TX
 20th of Nov, 2013 by   Champion of Logic 0 Votes
"We were told nothing about an auto renewal."

It is explicitly stated in your service agreement that you agreed to.

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