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Uverse equipment returns

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United States
Disconnected our U-verse account 0n May 26, AT&T required to send boxes for the return of receivers and gateway but these boxes were not received until late July. The equipment was sent via UPS with tracking number on July 26. Received a bill for missing euipment for a total of $648. Have talked to just about every department at AT&T and they have the record of equipment being received in Laredo however we still have outstanding bill. Don't know what it will take for this correction. Waiting on yet another call back from them telling me what the problem is (August 22).
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 13th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

Can't remove services online... only add them
United States

There's a "link" on their Web site that looks like you can remove services... but all you get is a message stating the page is unavailable at this time. I got the same message a year ago. What kind of company plants a false link on their web page? GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AGAIN
 13th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes

Poor service!
United States

I ordered high-speed internet service from AT&T, was told I would get a rebate, filled out forms, called, and have not received this rebate. I am extremely unhappy with this provider, and as soon as I have time to change I will.
 4th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
This is so true! There is constantly recommendations to use the online service but it is just as poor as the telephone service! I would recommend using an alternative communications service, if available.
 14th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes

dsl modem rebates
United States

My complaint is just like all the other complaints -Avoid AT&T at all costs - they are b*****ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
 24th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes

Rebates not be sent!
405 Park Dr
United States
Phone: 620/277/0306

AT&T not sending rebate they advertised they would for internet equipment. I have sent all info requested. First call I made to them I was told check had been mailed in amount of $79.99 on Nov. 6 and I needed to allow 10-14 days to receive that itself did not make a lot of since but I waited. When I didn't receive anything I called back just to find out they had never mailed it and it was not go out till the next week.
 28th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
I am considering a class action law suit against AT&T for false advertisement. I have been trying to get a $50 equipment rebate that was promised to me over 4 months ago and I am getting the run around. From reading complaints on this site, this is apparently common practice for AT&T.

Are you interested in joining the law suit?
 28th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
Did you ever receive your check in the mail?? I have been getting excuse after excuse from the rewards department and I am highly suspicious that this is a tactic they use in hopes of people forgetting about their rebate.

I am considering a class action law suit against AT&T. Are you interested?
 28th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
I have also been getting the run around from AT&T about my $50 equipment rebate. I am highly suspicious that this is a tactic used by AT&T in hopes that most people will simply forget about the rebate. I will not forget!!!

I am considering a class action law suit against them for false advertisment and fraudulent marketing practices. Are you interested?
 20th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have also gotten excuse after excuse on my referral reward. Todays excuse is there is something wrong with their computer system, for all of Connecticut customers. They didnt know when it will be fixed, but they will call me when it is.....Should I believe this? I started the process in 8-07 and it is now 2-08. I thing legal action against AT&T is a great idea.
 16th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes

Scam and fraud!
United States
Phone: 916-357-5490

Somehow these people have wind of my phone number and are charging me $12.95 per month for a service I don't have and or have no knowledge of. Beware all!
 31st of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes

never received rebate
United States

When we signed up for at&t internet services in august 2007 we were told we would receive a rebate. We filled out form and sent it in, I've called 5 times and have yet to receive it.
 12th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes

Dont want it
17503 hilliard rd.
United States

I do not want it now i changed my mind please dont charge me and nor do i want any info on it just changed my mind.
 12th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
i thought this was a free service please cancel
 9th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes

Unwanted service
United States

I was offered a free ringtone download. When i entered the pin they sent me, i got a message saying 19.99 was billed to my account. I do not want this service. I didn't ask for this service.
 5th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes

United States

AT&T Bundel is/was a joke. ($99.00 For all three services) Try $149.00+ every month. What Liars. I have $50.00 in charges & taxes every month WOW Thats a %50 tax or service fee. That what they offered me.
 24th of Aug, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I disconnected service with Uverse on 11/2/07 and returned all equipment with UPS tracking # confirming equipment was received in Laredo on 11/13/07. I received a final bill in December 2007 with a $0 balance. In June 2008, I received a bill stating they never received equipment. I have confirmation of UPS shipment and called Uverse to report this when I received bill in June. I was told someone would call me back, no one ever did so I assumed the error was found and corrected. Two months later (August 2008), I receive another letter reminding me about the outstanding balance and threatening to charge my credit card. I have made several calls trying to get this straigtened out. It's crazy because I have confirmation equipment was received. Also, why would they wait 8 months to contact me if equipment was not received. So far, no resolution to this matter. Their system is screwed up!
 24th of Aug, 2008 by    +1 Votes
colonsmartcleasner Complaints - froud
Review all colonsmartcleasner complaints
Posted: 2008-08-24 by Mark Keyworth [send email]

Complaint Rating:
I to was a dumy. i was on a survey, took the trial offer and got scamed. there were no phone numbers on the offer but i thought there would be with the trial shippment.NOT, only a web sight. when i went to bring it up, all that would come up was a picture of the bottle of colonsmartcleasner, when i clicked on the bottle it would take me to another sight. i tried several times the same thing kept happening. So there i found a phone number so i called it. they kept saying they had nothing to do with colonsmartcleasner.needless to say i was very angry.then i thought well when it comes in i would just put on it return to sender and wait for a refund. well it never happend... my bank said they couldnt do anything for thirty days from the day i sent it back. so i waited filled the dispute and waited four days for the results.. well then i get the results from my bank... NOT HAPPY my bank sends me some copys off the internet from colonsmart stating there is only one way you can receive a refund.you have to follow four steps. one of thoughs steps are they do not except Return to sender packages as a way for refund. what they dont say is that package i sent back is theirs now and you get nothing for $88.98.now it said nothing about ANY policys when i ordered the free samples.and when i got the free samples it had nothing of any policys either. so im out the money and the FAKE product(COLONSMARTCLEASNER). OH DID I MENTION YHE PRODUCT DID NOTHING... I TOOK THE SUPPOSEDLY FREE SAMPLES AND HAD NO REACTION !!! if there is anyone out there that can help me get my money back.i would be very happy... oozman.com@live.com TO EVERYONE------ STAY AWAY FROM COLONSMARTCLEASNER !!! THERE A RIPOFF !!!

1 minutes ago by Mark Keyworth [send email]
i forgot to mention the paperwork my bank got off the internet was dated july 10th 2008 REVISED. this was 2 mth. after i sent mine back. when i got my (FREE) sample.i couldnt get on their web site to cancel nor did they have a phone number... COLONSMARTCLEASNER IS A RIPOFF...
 4th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

Stop subscription
4558 Freiday Lane
United States
Phone: 928-377-2588

I would just like to stop my subscription, I was under the assumption that it was free, I have only downloaded 1 ringtone and have been charged for 2 months.
 4th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

Unauthorized payments via AT&T
2315 9th ave # 5
United States
Phone: 510-763-2847

This is an unauthorized payment that has been deducted via of my phone bill AT&T. I advise you to cease taking money form my AT&T account for I did not authorized these payments.
 7th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I had AT&T U-verse for about 2 months when I decided I would be transferring to a new apartment in my complex. When I called to transfer the service, they said that they do not "transfer" service, and that they would need to create a new account with all new equipment, and send back the old equipment. They said they would send shipping boxes and UPS labels for the old equipment in 14 business days after the old service was disconnected. That was March 31st.

The installation this second time around was absolutely horrible. The installer left wires hanging out of the phone jacks and never put plates over them, ripped up my carpet in my bedroom, and put a whole in my wall to run the phone wire from my bedroom to my living room, and said he would be back the next day to finish things up. He never came.

I called AT&T to report the damages to my walls and carpet, and to let them know that i had not received my shipping boxes for the old equipment. They said they would "note my account" and that I wouldn't need to worry about getting charged for the equipment since I called. 2 weeks later I called to let them know I had not received the boxes, nor had a technician been scheduled to come repair what the first installer had left. Of course, they did not have a record of the call I had placed before, but not to worry...they were definitely making a note of this and the shipping boxes were being re-shipped. And on and on this went.

So on July 24th, I finally received my shipping boxes and and UPS shipping labels. I returned my equipment and have my UPS receipt.

Today is September 7, 2008. I recived a bill from AT&T for $649.52 for non-returned equipment. I tracked the order, and AT&T received my equipment on August 4th. I had a sick feeling this was going to happen. Today is Sunday, and of course there is no one to speak with regarding this matter until Monday, which I will have to take care of at what, and I have a feeling this phone call I make is not going to be pretty.

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