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Ally Bank Complaints & Reviews - Danger deposits

Ally Bank Contacts & Informations

Ally Bank

Posted:    Carl

Danger deposits

Complaint Rating:  82 % with 34 votes
Contact information:
Ally Bank
United States
Got online to open an account and filled-in all my personal info(ss#, address, & PIN) only to have the information disappear and I had try again. After 2nd try and still taking me back to the personal info page(now blank), I called the 800#. When I reach someone(it sounded like the Philipines) she couldn't see my information using my last 4 #s of my SS. She asked for the full SS# and that is when I decided it is not worth the risk and hung up the phone. This old GMAC bank is like their cars...just not up to par and not worth the drive!
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 8th of Sep, 2009 by   skier777 +2 Votes
That's too bad you have a bad experience. I love Ally, and have had a great experience with them.
 3rd of Jan, 2010 by   Deforest Bragg -2 Votes
You at Ally Bank that thought up these ads about children are sick.

Deforest Bragg
 4th of May, 2010 by   CrazyComplainersDriveMeInsane +1 Votes
Hmmm... Funny thing about your complaint is that all of Ally's employees are in N. America. The only one not in the US is in Cananda which makes sense seeing as they also provide accounts in Cananda.
 15th of Jun, 2010 by   charles320 0 Votes
Kind of makes you wonder if the person was on the TRUE Ally Bank site.
 18th of Jun, 2010 by   justice86 0 Votes
lol its because you entered the information wrong or did not fully complete the app. and obviously if the information dissapeared the bank rep. would not have your info. Sounding like she was in the phillipines doesnt mean you were calling that country and is irrelevant to your complaint(it makes you sound ignorant). I had the same problem at first but being computer savy, i figured it out. So my advice to you is to learn how to use a computer better and if your real complaint is about calling a person with an accent dont live in a nation that houses people from every nation. Oh and ps my chevy truck is running perfectly.
 26th of Dec, 2010 by   Avoid Ally! 0 Votes
My question would be “Do I feel Ally is a moral and ethical bank who are good for the USA?” My answer would be “Absolutely not!”

The US Government gave 14 Trillion dollars to GMAC Mortgage in bailout money when the Fed declared them a bank to qualify them, even though they were not a bank. GMAC Mortgage never repaid those bailout loans and are now 56% owned by the US Treasury.

After the Government bailed them out, GMAC Mortgage foreclosed on more homes than any other mortgage company, resulting in plenty of wrongful foreclosure lawsuits against them. No one bailed out the US Citizens, and Ally Financial proved to be an “Ally” to no one when they robbed the nation from the top and bottom.

During the Mortgage Crisis which they were partially responsible for, GMAC Mortgage were unable to properly answer their phones and rushed to hire a completely untrained staff who remain poorly trained to this day. Customers waited months for customer service. Most either got none, or got service so poor that it may have been illegal.

Suddenly they have decided to rename themselves and to take advantage of their “bank” status with online bank accounts.

Your money will be FDIC insured, but will your conscience allow you to lend your money to the people who are more responsible for the collapse of our economy than anyone else?
 24th of Nov, 2011 by   kitcatx0x 0 Votes
I have been with ally bank for almost a year now and I love there bank . I have never got charged any kind of fee for them infact they pay me every month cause I use ATMs that charge me a fee . Which ally rebruises me every month for . =) to be honest I dont know how people deal with all these gready banks trying to get rich off of you ! I <3 ally bank .
 25th of Nov, 2011 by   charles320 0 Votes
Please keep the comments coming. I am currently looking at Ally Bank for my new bank (along with looking into others) and I appreciate what I am reading from the TRUE users of the bank. I am tired of Bank of America robbing us with charges coming out our ____ for any and every little thing any more, it would be comfortable to have a bank that understands AND PRACTICES customer service rather than customer stealing.

Again, thanks for your posts.
 16th of Apr, 2012 by   Bruce S. 0 Votes
ALLY just plain sucks!! If you get your money back you should consider yourself VERY lucky. They'll send bank check to ANY address someone gives them and then will send you an email telling you that your ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CLOSED!
 12th of Jan, 2013 by   DD ac 0 Votes
Bank of America Lost my Money. all i got back from them was $400.00 dollars.
Ally bank I submitted the application then i got a Email to call them. I did the connection was bad it was from overseas maybe India with bad English.
then i call again they said fax us you ID to confirm your Identity (It was a US number).
so I did twice and it has been a month and no answer. I went to there web site online chat they said they can not help me. that I need to call in. something is not good about this
 26th of Feb, 2014 by   Tiger 2014 0 Votes
I love Ally and had no Problems in getting an account on online and My money is safe for me its works
don't know why every one can't learn just too take time out to breath of fresh air.
and get to know your New Bank and love it for the way they are.
 21st of Nov, 2014 by   alargnahs 0 Votes
Ally told me it would close my account if I did not provide a physical street address. I value my privacy, and I have a post office box which receives all my mail. This is a common practice in the United States and has been so for a very long time. Anyway, I told Ally to go ahead and close the account. There was no attempt to transfer me to an account recovery specialist, no understanding of privacy; it was goodbye to the customer, full stop. This is a despicable bank. That must be the reason why so much official effort is being made online and elsewhere to portray Ally as "number one, " as if this bank is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, it isn't really.

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